Wednesday, October 11, 2017

State of Insanity

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Say what you will about California, but it's unquestionably our nation's greatest, most fertile, and consistently reliable source of really bad ideas.

As a case in point, Governor Jerry Brown has just signed a law which eliminates felony charges for those who do not tell their sexual partners about having the HIV virus before unprotected sex, and also allows those carrying the virus to donate blood without making staffers aware that they've just collected the equivalent of Typhoid Mary in a bag.

In California (and isn't it funny that, following those two words, we could basically write anything and it would be believable?) it will now be only a misdemeanor for those with HIV to lie about their status and have unprotected sex, even if it's their actual intent to deliberately spread AIDS.

But surely no one would do that, right? Wrong. Not only is it done, but it's so common that there's actually a name for the practice of deliberately infecting others: "stealthing." And in California, this despicable and potentially deadly act will now be on a legal par with littering.

And as far as tainting the public blood supply with HIV, all we can guess is that Californians will applaud the new diversity in blood products which previously were unlikely to kill you.

Theoretically, this is supposed to be a great blow against homophobia (no pun intended, but geez - it was unavoidable). But to our way of thinking this insanity is nothing less than granting rights (and sanctuary status) to a deadly virus while denying rights to potential human victims.

In other words, business as usual for California.


Hillary finally weighs in on her big donor...


  1. I'm scared.
    If I knowingly mix Rat Poison in your oatmeal and wait for you to die horribly, it's premed murder and I die by injection..., is this a great country or what?
    I can premeditate your horrible death by knowingly introducing HIV into your body and watching you die horribly and it's a misdemenor!
    (I once got 3 weekends in jail in Orange county for possession of now legal cannabis...maybe they'll give 4 weekends and a lecture?) ...
    The new Cali murder weapon available soon in YOUR neighborhood...guaranteed HIV tainted blood filled forensic evidence to tie anyone to the crime!
    Divorce just got real dangerous!
    Not so funny, but ...really?

  2. The name I use for CA is, The State of Assorted Nuts.

  3. Any chance of The People's Democratic Republic of California seceding the Union?

    1. Actually wish they would. Doing so would change greatly the balance of power in the House and even the keel in Presidential elections.

  4. So we have now gone from "Stop calling us fruits, fags, and fairies" to a never-ending celebration of a tiny LGBQ-WTF minority whose primary goal is to re-landscape the American sexuality.

    Is this a great country or what.

  5. @ Barry and Fish Out of Water: I wish CA would secede also. With it out of the union, we would be rid of.....Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein, Jerry Brown, and a whold S---load of so-called celebities And, hopefully, they would lose Federal funds which would save the rest of the US a ton of money. Then CA would have to pay for their pet illegals with their own money and since the middle class (backbone of any society) seems to already be exiting the state, I guess the celebs will have to foot the bill.

  6. Although California is a neighboring state, I have always avoided it like the plague. Now that may no longer be a metaphor. Hell, a large percentage of consumer products have, for years, stated that ingredients were "known to cause cancer in the state of California". Yet another reason to avoid tge place.
    Here in Northern Arizona, Californians have earned a bad reputation by simply moving here. The result of which is a much higher cost of living and idiotic liberal philosophies being thrust upon us.
    I would vote for the Border Wall running along Mexico and then continuing up along the Colorado River, and eventually making it's way to Canada.

  7. PS: I forgot the loss of legal blood poisoners (HIV). All in all....good for the US.

  8. My best friend in Colorado is a retired doctor, and he told me that without exception the FIRST thing a homosexual will do after being diagnosed with AIDs is to go to a "bathhouse" and have anonymous unprotected sex with as many as he can! The self-destructive lifestyle of homosexuality is bad enough... Hep-C and physical abuse already skew the statistics dramatically, but the mindset of death is so prevalent that it extends to sexual premeditated murder!
    It seemed obvious to anyone who was paying attention the LAST time "Moonbeam" was governess of Californicate that he was a "rump-ranger/butt-pirate" and inclined to do those things that would ameliorate any consequence to homosexuality... I mean DAMN... he was so queer that he turned that cute little Linda Ronstadt into a lesbian!

  9. @Gee M- Your rat poison analogy is right on target. Why not make it a misdemeanor to poison the water supply, or fire a gun randomly into a crowd? I'm genuinely slack-jawed about this.

    @Fish Out of Water- I think that needs to go on California license plates.

    @Barry- Every time I hear the possibility of California seceding, it seems like the idea is cheered most loudly by states other than California. Personally, I'd be happy to see Trump's border wall extended enough to protect the rest of us from Californians (albeit allowing time for the good folks in California to migrate elsewhere).

    @Bobo the Hobo- In general, I consider myself a Gay rights advocate - but only when the "rights" are ones that are sane. When the HIV virus is granted more rights than innocent human beings, there's no way I'm onboard.

    @Judi King- It will never happen, but isn't it a beautiful thing to think about?

    @Geoff King- In my part of north Texas, we've had an influx of Californians who have relocated with big tech firms. They are not an asset.

    @Bruce Bleu- I have Gay friends, including some with the HIV virus, and I doubt they went on an infectious rampage after receiving the news because they're not monsters. That being said, deliberately trying to infect others does happen and it should be treated as a serious crime.

  10. I wonder what the penalty would be IF someone were intentionally infected with the AIDS virus and took revenge by, say, killing the perpetrator?
    The method of killing should make no difference. Knife, firearm, tire iron, baseball bat, or virus. So each should be misdemeanors.
    Following that line of thought murder should no longer be anything greater than a misdemeanor in califoricate in the future.

  11. Outside of the fact making knowingly giving someone HIV a misdemeanor is insane; does no one remember the tainted blood problems from the 80's? Factor 8 and the AIDS deaths of hemophiliacs ring a bell?

    I can't imagine what in the world "Good" these changes will do. It's out and out insanity. They're trying to "Win Points" with the gay community and all he's going to do is kill untold numbers of people.

    Maybe it's OK since it's just HIV and not AIDS??? All I can say is, I've watched someone die from AIDS. It's a horrible death and not one life is worth the "Feelings" of anyone.

  12. If California did secede from the union it would go the way of Venezuela in less than three years. I lived in CA when moonbeam was gubbinor the first time ... during the MedFly adventure. He almost bankrupt the whole state with how he handled that particular problem. And, speaking of what Bruce Blue said, look at his chosen successor for who the next gubbinor is.

    And, finally, I had a step son who was into drugs; unprotected needle sharing. And yes, he died a sad death from AIDS. Perhaps moonbeam will need a transfusion and then ...... happy thoughts. Just glad I am in hillbilly land now. And, speaking of hillbilly land, we can clear brush from around our buildings without the government telling us not to. That way, when we have a fire our homes won't go up in flames like in California. (My nephew just lost all in that northern CA fire).

  13. Lately I've been hoping Califruitcake would have The Big One and fall into the Pacific. We have several immigrants from there in our neighborhood and you're right Still, they are definitely NOT an asset.

  14. All the more reason for society to start practicing abstention before marriage and exclusivity afterward. With the virus possibly infecting the blood supply we are going to have to test everything all the time. Maybe the JWs have a point in this regard. Think of it this way. What a tragic irony it would be for a wounded warrior to be brought back to health from grievous wounds suffered on the battlefield, fighting for us, only to contract HIV from tainted blood and die a horrible, lingering death. We're going to have to reinstate blood tests as a requirement for marriage licenses, too.

  15. I've been saying for nearly 30 years that HIV/AIDS is not a 'medical' issue, it's a social one. We've known what causes it and and how to prevent it since what, 1980? W/O an active and effective campaign to deliberately infect new 'victims' it would literally have died out. But I guess Gay Lives Matter was not a thing, BITD. And perhaps some angry gay militants trying to 'get back at straighty' or something...

    Anyhow, b/n this stupidity and the murderous illegals, we can perhaps look forward to a depopulation of perhaps 50% over 20 years? That will be a political boon to the country, I'm sure.

    Also, look to 'rich' Californians to be contributing $$$ to the development of synthetic blood...

  16. @American Cowboy- Excellent point!

    @Tots- The reasoning, as I barely understand it, is that deliberate transmission of HIV had felony status in California, but deliberate transmission of other life-threatening illnesses was a misdemeanor: ergo, the disparity was homophobic and unfairly demonized those who are HIV positive. To which I say "bullshit." If anything, bump those OTHER diseases up to felony status!

    I'll also point out that those who are most likely to be injured or killed by this lunacy are Gays who have sexual partners that lie about their condition. I'm not sure how being against Gays losing their lives makes me homophobic.

    @Fred Ciampi- I'm guessing California would collapse in WAY less than three years.

    My genuine sympathy for your step son - AIDS is a bad way to go. I lost two people at my workplace, a married couple, because he got AIDS from a bad transfusion in the hospital, then passed the infection to his wife. I attended her funeral (she was the second to go) and I wondered what would become of their children. So I take this idiocy pretty seriously.

    So sorry about your nephew's home - those fires are nightmarish.

    @graylady- I won't wish California into the sea, but I would like them to get a little sense shaken into them.

    @Boligat- I agree with everything you're saying.

  17. @Pete (Detroit)- Sad truths. And if synthetic blood IS developed, the government will probably mandate that it's 10% ethanol.

  18. Are the several states going to have to embargo California-origined blood now?

  19. "As goes California , so goes the nation"---NOT ANY MORE !!!
    Bad ideas have found their home and are welcome to dwell all along the coastal area......
    Course for a small donation the 'red cross' will make sure that blood get's spread across the rest of the nation....

  20. I still believe this medical obummerscare medical snafu is a plan to get the healthy 18-40 y/o
    who don't need the insurance to part with cash for aids fostered in the 80 and 90s and now that aides is not so deadly they just can't let go of the idea all that cash they don't have for the next political vote buying scam...

  21. In Re Whynestain, Why now?
    To distract from this - clearly there were TWO guns firing from different locations in Vegas, but for some reason, 'officials' don't want 'us' to know that...

  22. Leave it to CA to replace perceived HOMOphobia with a very real HEMOphobia...
    After all, not like they're about to succumb to hepatitis, e.coli, cholera or other poo borne diseases...

  23. Ok, not sure what happened - that link is interesting, but here's the one I wanted..

  24. Hopefully this same law doesn't protect the HIV infected from financial consequences and liability for knowingly infecting others.

  25. Look at it this way: The social injustice of AIDS is that those of you who do not have it get to enjoy otherwise good health, while someone else with AIDS does not. So wouldn't it be more "fair" if everyone had AIDS? It's the democratization of disease. Everyone should have it, because then it would be "fair" and we'd all be on a more equal footing.

    Does that sound insane? Well, considering most of the rest of the California Progressive agenda it really isn't all that much.

    For example, while decriminalizing the intentional transmission of a known deadly disease, California is focused on solving other big social injustices:

    New California Law Allows Prison Time for Workers Who Use Wrong Gender Pronoun

    "Under the law, long-term care facilities for the elderly in California are not allowed to take certain actions on the basis of one's sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or HIV status, including referring to a patient by the wrong name or pronoun."

    So if you're a health care worker in California and accidentally call TrigglyPuff "Miss", you may find yourself in hot water, if not fined and jailed. Considering current trends in immigration where a large percentage of people who will be working in these professions will be from cultures who aren't particularly fond of the alt-binary-sex world, that will be interesting.

    So let's review: Knowingly spread a fatal disease, no big deal. Use the wrong pronoun, fines and jail for you. Now do you understand why I fled that place?

    Hillary's Big Donor Problem: Believe it or not, even the sycophants at the Clinton News Network were taken aback by Hillary & Obama's silence on Weinstein. No question about it that it's a touchy issue for this crowd, since everyone knows that this kind of entitled behavior is the norm on both coasts. Without the Weinsteins and Hollywood, there would have been no Clintons or Obamas anywhere near the White House. And yet, with the Hollywood crowd comes the Hollywood sleaze. That's why the transparent misogyny of Donald Trump was not the factor the left assumed it would be. Not only had we'd already seen worse with the Democrats, we watched them repeatedly excuse it. Condemning Weinstein should be easy, except it then begs the question of why you were either ignorant of his behavior, or tolerated it.

  26. Something just occurred to me, does O Care mandate regular testing for HIV during routine annual checkups which are mandatory? If not, why not?... Never mind, I know why.

  27. Red Cross donated blood tests for HIV antigens as well as other infectious diseases. Hospitals in my city also do the same.

  28. Everyday, I hope more and more for the earthquake that finally makes Cah-lee-phone-ya its own platectonic plate. And every day, it seems they give me more reason to hope. I hear it's good to have hope...

    @Pete: I like that conspiracy theory a whole lot more than the one that says this is the reason for Holder's "chin up and hold fast" tweet to the deep staters. Having a weapons sting go south is far more palatable than having your own government massacring its subjects - er - "citizenry" in order to press some agenda.

    @John: NAILED it! I was planning to post regarding the "gender pronoun" law as well. They are more loony Rocket Boy.

  29. @Fish Out of Water
    I refer to CA as the Granola state: the land of fruits, nuts and flakes.
    As per Stilt's suggestion, I think that would look good at the bottom of their license plates.

  30. Speaking of the horrible PC situation in CA; before I escaped to Hillbilly Land I was an engineer at an aerospace company. One fine day I held a door open for a female person. I know she was a female person because she had big tits. She was also a manager for the HR department. She said rather gruffly "I hope you didn't hold the door for me because of my sex". I replied just as loud "No, I held it because of your age". She didn't like me very well after that.

  31. If it hadn't been for the "JUST FOR FUN" part I would have believed that to be a real Hillary quote. You sure you only made it up?

  32. Oddly enough, the fruitcake behind both of those bits of legislative insanity is one and the same guy. The state senator from San Fransicko.

  33. So let's see---some homosexual person(s) gave blood that killed Arthur Ashe, Isaac Asimov, Ryan White, @Stilt's co-worker, and undoubtedly many more... and the Demo_Rats in California don't see a problem? They care more about the "feelings" of a bunch of trouser pilots than the health of everyone else? How is it possible to be so messed up in the head??? All we can do is hope the people who made this insanity happen suffer from the consequences of their stupidity.

  34. I'd suggest a new state slogan for them. "California! Because reality is just too damn real!"

    Mexifornia's continued foray into the deep reaches of Moonbatland boggles the mind. I know some conservative types in the northern part of the state that are continually dismayed at the total idiocy going on in Sacramental, and points south. I tell them they should just get the hell out, but dammit, it really does suck for them. They should not have to leave their home state to escape the lunacy, but probably have no other choice this far down the tubes.

  35. "In a statement Tuesday night, the Weinstein Co. board of directors strongly denied that it knew about Weinstein's behavior."

    So let me get this straight: The Weinstein Co. board of directors has been continually signing off on 6-figure payoff checks to cover for Harvey's antics for decades, but they didn't know about it? There's a criminally incompetent board of directors if I've ever seen one. Hard to see how any organization other than the government could stay in business neglectfully signing checks like that.

  36. John...please do NOT post obvious facts, that only makes lame but reasonable-sounding excuses impossible to put forth.
    I recall Rosie O'Imbecile stating (on The View) "I've never seen steel that could be melted by fire!", referring to 911. Possibly they use magic incantations to form the steel in foundries? LOL.

    I can only assume, being kind, the BODs assumed they were standard Mistress biggie?

  37. Gee M, someone should have told Rosie that steel is a lot like butter in that it softens before it melts.

  38. Re: "he was so queer that he turned that cute little Linda Ronstadt into a lesbian," Linda always did travel to the beat of a different drum.