Monday, April 29, 2019

Whined and Dined

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"Alex, I'll take "Things That Never Happened" for $1000."
The annual White House Correspondents' Dinner was a bit different this year. Rather than hire a liberal comedian to attack Donald Trump, the president of the Correspondents' Association, the pretentiously named Olivier Knox, decided to go for laughs by painting himself and other (ahem) "journalists" as victims.

"Journalists in the Trump era are under physical threat," Knox moaned to the crowd, no doubt referring to all of the beatings, lynchings, and beheadings of reporters in Trump's America which have, oddly, not appeared in the news. Assuming that Jussie Smollett wasn't doing an undercover assignment for CNN.

Yes, Trump has complained about fake and biased news, but is it his criticism of the media that's making them look bad...or their actual performance? We're pretty sure it's the latter, with a particularly ugly example being this cartoon recently run in the international edition of the New York Times...stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, white house correspondents, dinner, mickey mouse, enemy of the people, synagogue, shooter, NYT, fake news, obama, trump

Subtle, huh? The President of the United States is a blind man being guided by Jew-dog Benjamin Netanyahu wearing a Star of David on his collar.

But surely no real harm can come from publishing such an inflammatory image, right? Surely no one, two days later, would shoot up a synagogue in California after posting a manifesto saying that President Trump is a "Zionist, Jew-loving, anti-White, traitorous cocksucker." Except that's exactly what happened.

Direct cause and effect? Probably not. The news media's nonstop anti-Trump attacks and anti-semitic cultural gestalt? Without question.

And to further hammer home this appalling reality, following the synagogue shooting, CNN fielded a discussion panel that decided that Donald Trump wasn't actually sincere in condemning the attack and the shooter. An accusation plucked straight out of their collective asses.

This is fake news. This is why actual journalism is all but extinct. And this is why we have a very specific suggestion for what the White House Correspondents should eat at their next dinner.


stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, white house correspondents, dinner, mickey mouse, enemy of the people, synagogue, shooter, NYT, fake news, obama, trump


John the Econ said...

It's all about them, isn't it? Hey, at least it beats the laugh-riot that was abortion jokes, right?

As for the New York Times where nothing is accidental, that cartoon really does feel like a flashback to 1936, back when the Times actually did side with actual Nazis.

At least they didn't refer to the victims at the synagogue as "Passover Worshipers".

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

One must admit that the bastinado does seem like a tempting choice for some of those alleged "reporters"...

Dan said...

And the Pope gives half a million to the soon-to-be-illegal-aliens massing in Mexico. Gah. I'm beginning to wonder he might be an Antipope. Or that the Holy See is sede vacante.

(Oh, by the way, Constant Comment e-mail arrived right on time around 1:05 AM EDT.)

Fish Out of Water said...

As John the Econ put it, it's all about them. The question is, when did it start to be that way? When Cronkite declared on TV, that after beating back Ho Chi Minh's pipe dream of the Tet Offensive, that the U.S. had lost Vietnam?

One thought. Especially of Trump is reelected, the WH 'correspondents dinner could just fade away into the irrelevance this quintessential swamp event deserves.

I highly doubt the wannabe mass shooter reads the NYT. Still, one starts to wonder if it will also soon update and republish the Poison Mushroom? And remember, the NYT also found no evidence of Stalin's deliberate starvation of the Ukrainian people, and got a Pulitzer for it, which it has still never returned.

As for yet another anti semitic horror over the weekend, its notable that the craven coward fled when faced with return lethal force. Notable that a freshman member of Congress from Minnesota and Michigan have been silent so far. The other, AOC immeadiately politized the tragedy by taking up the braying for gun control .

Oh and BTW, still haven't heard back from the WSJ over the post of mine it took down last week.

Bruce Bleu said...

I'm 68 now, and have been paying attention to politics since 1959, and in ALL that time I have never seen a presidunce such as lamont insane obama, where the "news" organizations would twist themselves into pretzels trying to put a positive spin on the ASININE things that poseur said and throw their back out contorting in order to kiss his worthless ASS... but enough about "fashion maven" magilla obama who was likened to Jackie Kennedy, (hell, not even Jane Goodall would have said she was pretty)!
I would like to spend just a moment in a parallel universe where Dan Quayle said "corpsemen" THREE TIMES, "inter-continental railroad", or gave a 21 minute speech that was SEVEN MINUTES SHORTER after the "uhs" and "ums" were removed and see what is reported about it! Donald Trump was not my first choice, but even Alexandroid Occasionally-Conscious looks intelligent compared to lamont, (off teleprompter)!

Fred Ciampi said...

If it were not for the internet there would be no news sources that tell facts and not raging bullshit. And even then, we have to use our level minded intelligence to sort the flyshit from the pepper.

Bill from Wood-Ridge said...

Dear Stiltonian,

Thanks for getting my week off to a rollicking start as always. This piece got me had President Trump, the Nazi, managed to keep his death camps and annexation of Ontario and Baja California out of the news. He's like so diabolical.

Bill from Wood-Ridge

Fred Ciampi said...

Oh, and another thing; "The New York Times, all the news that's fit to line your bird cage bottom with".

rickn8or said...

The New York Times Isn't that the newspaper with more staff than circulation??

TrickyRicky said...

One has to wonder who within the ranks of so-called journalists will actually report the biggest story in a half-century, when the floodgates open and the attempted coup d'etat orchestrated by the Obama administration can no longer be ignored. Anyone? Buehler?

Are there any more Sharyl Attkissons out there?

puyalluppete said...

I had to share A Branco's latest concerning the NYT's cartoon.

Stinking Bishop said...

In order for these "journalists" to be in a place where their lives are actually in danger, they'd have to go to, oh, say, Cuba.

Except that these guys' lips would be firmly attached to Castro's butt.

james daily said...

There is an adage among married guys that it is easier to get forgiveness than permission. By interpolating this to the NYT, someone consciously inserted this cartoon into that worthless paper of record and knew they would have to apologize in due course. This is not the first time but it happens over and over with this President. The cartoon of the President is not only sick but the author is really in need of a history lesson Israel. Most do not know this but Benjamin Netanyahu entered politics after his brother was killed freeing the hostages in Entebbe. His brother was the only Israel casualty of that operation.

There is good news in that a sitting Judge has been indicted for assisting a criminal illegal alien to avoid ICE agents and "Kim Foxx, Chicago's top prosecutor, has just been subpoenaed to appear at a court hearing regarding her handling of the Jussie Smollett "attack." These two are very important in sending a message to the enforces of our nation's laws should not be trivialized.

Colby Muenster said...

Oh yes! I do long for the days of real journalists, and I'll even lump Fox News in with the rest, although they aren't out there whining like two year olds about how mistreated they are. Considering journalists are human beings, and therefore will never be totally non-biased, there were always slanted things reported by the media, going back to the beginnings of media. But these infantile turds nowadays? Crimony! The mask is not only off, it's been crushed, shredded and tossed into a furnace.

@Bill from Wood-Ridge,

Then there's Trump's secret, hollowed out volcano and sharks with lasers on their heads. Bwaa-haa-haa...

Colby Muenster said...

And another thing... Remember all the times choom gang Barry whined about Fox News? He had ONE news network criticizing him. Trump has all BUT one, and sometimes not even that.

Shelly said...

My daughter's in-laws were visiting last week from Long Island and yes, they are Jews. They were full of tirades about Trump gleaned from their cable news network of choice, CNN, and the pages of the New York Times. My daughter and I met all the propaganda with verifiable truth, such as the real story about Charlottesville. They didn't want to believe it but they are intelligent people so maybe some of our efforts broke through the liberal cloud. However, the NYT cartoon was apparently a bridge too far. They immediately cancelled their subscription. Maybe there is hope for the brainwashed masses after all.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- Are there any White House correspondents who actually do anything than attend briefings and accept handouts? The only news "broken" by correspondents consists of gossip and lies. And for this, they throw themselves a banquet.

And the New York Times really crossed a line with that cartoon. Not that they weren't already hateful bastards.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- I had to look up "bastinado." I found the definition in the footnotes. (grin)

@Dan- I am in no way anti-Catholic, but this particular Pope is pretty darned annoying.

@Fish Out of Water- To be clear, I don't think the synagogue shooter was inspired by the NYT. But I do think the climate of anti-Trumpism and anti-semitism contributed to his delusion that he might not be out of his freaking mind. It's a dangerous game that the media is playing.

@Bruce Bleu- Yeah, Barry was something special. I'm hoping beyond hope that he'll soon get his ass dragged before a committee taking his sworn testimony about the Trump-Russia fraud and the use of our intelligence agencies to subvert the election system.

@Fred Ciampi- Exactly. These days, we all have to sift through what's out there and then use our heads to try to discern what is likely true or false. Sadly, those younger than us don't really have the tools and experience to do that.

@Bill from Wood-Ridge- You're right; I keep hearing that Trump is doing horrible things day after day, but I never see specifics (other than torturing the Left with a growing economy). To hear the Libs tell it, there's blood running in the streets and lynchings from every tree. And it's all lies.

@Fred Ciampi- I wouldn't even subject a bird's ass to that rag.

@rickn8or- Quite right. Though even with all that staff, they apparently didn't have ONE person who questioned whether or not a cartoon attacking Jews was inappropriate.

@TrickyRicky- And does everyone remember what happened to Sharyl Attkisson (who, happily, is still reporting)? Though hardly a conservative, the Obama administration didn't like her reporting for CBS. They remotely hacked into her computer while she watched, and it was later discovered that they embedded classified documents on her hard drive where only they would know to look in case they needed an excuse to arrest her. That's terrifying, and Obama and company still haven't answered for it.

By the way, isn't it interesting that having classified documents on a personal hard drive would be a crime for Ms. Attkisson but not Hillary?

@puyalluppete- Great cartoon. Branco frequently nails it.

@Stinking Bishop- It really honks me off for these whiners to complain about being unsafe in Trump's America. Where is the evidence of any action against these bold journalists? Self-serving liars.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@james daily- The cartoonist was clearly not trying to make any particular point other than his own anti-semitism. The fact that the NYT selected the cartoon for international publications shows that this cartoonist's hateful ignorance aligns with their own.

And yes, it's good news that the anti-ICE judge and Kim Foxx are in legal trouble. We need a lot more of this (showing those in "law enforcement" that they're not above the law) and I hope AG Barr will be gifting us with more examples soon.

@Colby Muenster- I think Fox News is still pretty solid with their reporting, although their editorial shows are all over the place. I'm always interested in hearing what Greg Gutfeld and Tucker Carlson have to say. As far as other outlets go, I can't take them for more than a minute or so. I'm not getting any younger, and my heart can only take so much.

And if Trump does have a Bond-villain hideout, I'll bet it's spectacular!

@Colby Muenster- Barry Soetoro, that literal sonofabitch, tried to declare that Fox News wasn't a news outlet at all and ban them from the White House. It didn't work, but it shows what a lowlife scumbag he was (and is).

@Shelly- I believe that there are a LOT of good people on the Left whose minds could be changed IF they briefly opened themselves up to questioning what the mainstream media has told them (and, importantly, hidden from them). I'm glad that your family members cancelled the NYT subscriptions. Now try to start them on 5 minutes of Rush Limbaugh every day... (wry grin)

Elbarto said...

That New York Times editorial cartoon wouldn't have looked out of place in a 1938 edition of Der Sturmer.

Dan said...

If Trump's Bond-villain hideout is spectacular, I'm sure Barry Soetoro's is faabulous!

james daily said...

Before reading Rod Rosenstein's resignation letter, put on your high waders.

Fish Out of Water said...

So the Gray Lady is getting some overdue blowback. But wonder if those responsible for this outrage have been told to clear out their desks and escorted out by security?

Anonymous said...

Real Journalism is currently in prison in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for the follow-up Mohammad pot-bellied pig cartoon....