Friday, August 4, 2017

Statue of Limitations

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In a truly delicious exchange in the White House briefing room, CNN "reporter" Jim Acosta proved himself to be a complete and utter ass when attempting to challenge Trump senior policy advisor Stephen Miller on proposed changes to our immigration laws.

Miller basically mopped up the floor with the self-righteous and thoroughly ignorant Acosta, and if you haven't seen it you really need to click that link.

The revised immigration policy would give preference to applicants who can speak English (ie, assimilate) and who have actual job skills beyond the ability to breed. In an earlier time, this would have been called "common sense."

But the thoroughly offended Acosta angrily maintained that poetry trumps policy (no pun intended), citing the Emma Lazarus poem "The New Colossus" which is found at the base of the Statue of Liberty and, as we vaguely recall, proclaims that the really best immigrants are tired, poor, wretched, tempest-tost (sic), disease ridden (sick), drug mules, potential terrorists, rapists and pedophiles. All of which leads us to guess that Lazarus was no stranger to the bottle.

Acosta did not, however, seem to have a problem with the fact that the poem can only be read by those who speak English - whom we'll continue to invite through that golden door.


You're welcome. And yes, that's really her.

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  1. Wow. Busty. More "Casual Fridays", please!!!

  2. WoW Cardiac response unit may be needed..............Stunning to say the least ----warn me next time so I have my nitro close by....
    I am not normally such a sexist pig (through no fault of my own and no matter how hard I try) and definitely not a breast man but that girls beauty is simply stunning......Amazing.....

    Ahhh ....... yeah....back to ....?.... oh affairs......ahhh....uhhmmm.....

  3. Velveeta Processed Cheese FoodAugust 4, 2017 at 3:16 AM

    They need to put shock collars on those "reporters."

  4. Did anyone notice there is no stars and stripes behind Busty (and I mean BUSTY!) in the casual friday pic? I had to cover her pic before I noticed! Hubba!

  5. An American masterpiece! And the Miller cartoon is one of the best ever!


  6. IMHO Acosta will not want to hit the re-play button on utube fifty times on that one. I could not believe that he made such an as- of himself on national TV. Well....maybe. Not surprised that you got a good cartoon out of that one though!

  7. If I were Mr Miller, I would have had security escort Mr Acosta from the building for the social crime of innane interrupting.

  8. Great one Doc -- took me a few minutes to get back to the cartoon but one of your best.
    I truly can not imagine what urinalist school is like but highly educated, literate, familiar with grammar and English apparently are not in the mix.......

  9. You'd think after all the bad press CNN has gotten and hopefully eroded Credibility, that their "reporters" would lie low for a while.

  10. That Busty is a genuine hottie.

    And that's a great cartoon, Stilt. Gotta give it up to Sean Spicer's spot-on tweet: Hey, @CNN Jim Acosta will be late getting back to the office. He's stopping by the doctor to have Stephen Miller's foot removed from his ass. I might have to make that my new screen saver.

  11. I never realized cartoonists were such a babe magnets.

    Anywho - I thought the Acosta unmasking (as an idiot) was great. We need to see more of that. Eric Bolling was unmasked also - now I don't watch Fox Spews, but I did read that he didn't like it, that it took away from discussing the actual policy..

    In reality, these self important news jerks need to be taken down a few notches...

  12. A perfect example of how it's virtually impossible to discuss rationally with progressives ANYTHING they disagree with. Acosta is more intent on arguing pontificating and interrupting than entering into a logical discussion on U.S. immigration policies. What a narcissistic FLAMER!

  13. You sure know how to hire talent, Stilton! I also recall liking the rest of the article before I got VERY distracted and forgot! LOL! Best wishes on your renovation and holding onto your sanity!

  14. Jim Acosta is only the latest example of how far the MSM has fallen. If I were a "journalist" (as they still call themselves) or a journalism student in one of our esteemed schools of advanced learning (read, "Harvard, Brown, U.C. Berkeley, et. al.) I would never admit it. But then, I would never be hired by any of the MSM outlets in the first place. Unfortunately, I still live in Kalifornia, where such luminaries as Jim Acosta also live.....and thrive.

  15. I had a rough time watching the video when he just kept saying, "Jim... Jim..." It was as annoying as it sounded. These reporters (swallowing down gag reflex) really think they are smarter than a 5th grader when, in fact, they couldn't compete with a fifth grader on the study of government and immigration. Glad the guys liked the cartoon today. Yes, she is an eye-catcher. Have a great weekend, all.

  16. After watching Acosta I have further proof that the devolution of reporters is happening at a faster pace than the rest of the human race. And Miss Ross is very distracting, and I need a good distraction, from time to time.

  17. Personally, I don't think the exchange changed Acosta's opinions at all. It was clear that he wasn't listening, and is also clear that he is too closed-minded to see the exchange as the intellectual thrashing it actually was. The only thing keeping CNN alive at the moment is George Soros' money...

    Almost couldn't write that. Had to get a mop for all the drool on my keyboard...

  18. Well that Betsy is full growed and haired over, to say the least.

    Now as for the ass-whipping administered to Acosta and immigration per se. Maybe, just maybe we, the U S should copy some of the rules/laws of Australia, Canada and Israel with reference to allowing immigrants in their countries. The very reason such lax rules are in the U S is to provide a broader base for the Libtard Democraps and Progressive/Neighborhood Organizers to sway elections for the benefit of the "entitled masses" and the disdain of those paying the bills through taxes.

  19. After 8 long years of languid journalists worshipping at the feet of their Messiah Obama, then to be shocked into reality by the Donald Trump administration, you can expect more of this from the likes of the Jim Acostas of that world. I realize journalists are supposed to ask hard hitting probative questions of the administration and I'm not opposed to that, although they abandoned that during the wretched Obama years and would have during the historic Hillary years, but when did it become acceptable to lecture, nag, interrupt and generally make an ass of yourself? It's not and that's why no one finds the MSM credible anymore. They have an agenda to push and carve their "journalism" around that. Anyone notice they are singularly uninterested in the real scandal involving Wasserman-Schultz and the criminal Pakistani IT guys? Want more Trump? That's how you will get him reelected.

  20. If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?
    What a lovely young lady, and I'm sure you enjoy having her in your life!

    Yo, Jimbo... more people in CHINA speak English than live in this country...
    What a buffoon!

  21. That's more like it. Thanks Busty and Stilton!

  22. I have not watched the video yet (verboten at work), but will certainly watch later, at home. In the meantime... Just a guess, but I'm betting the moonbat network (Facebook) is rife today with posts of how badly Acosta beat down that Nazi, Miller, and exposed him for the flaming racist he is. I'll ask Mrs. Muenster; she regularly trolls a few of our liberal acquaintances' Facebook pages.

    And thanks for the gratuitous swimsuit photo! I love casual Fridays!

  23. Okay,
    the sic/sick thing made me snicker.
    Well played, sir, well played.

  24. I've been busy AND avoiding; had not seen the exchange between Miller & Acosta; thanks for making it easily available. Does the tolerance for Acosta's rudeness mean there is no way to turn some microphones off when it's needed? I'm with Graylady; would have the motor-mouth mouth ejected long before that ended.

    And my goodness, Busty or whoever she is... is a really attractive woman. Wow.

  25. Gaaaa! I just Googled “busty ross.” That is the nickname for Gilbert Baker; the guy who invented the rainbow flag. I like your Busty Ross version much better, Stilton.

  26. Busty's welcome to hang out on my private island anytime. (OK, I don't really have a private island, but a guy can dream, can't he?)

  27. "...tempest-tost (sic), disease ridden (sick)..."

    Brav-o, Stilton. Your wit is sharper than a razor.
    I am not worthy of your superior Wit!

    And, OF COURSE Busty doesn't have the flag behind her when she's Friday Casual - she's in Hawaii. Where else?

  28. "It shows your cosmopolitan bias." It's all about you, isn't it Jim Acosta?

    It's my prediction that in less than a generation after western Europe is thoroughly overrun by Islam, it will be white Europeans fleeing here as persecuted "refugees". I wonder how the Progressives will feel about that? Think they'll be so welcoming then?

    Another example of why Grumpy Cat has better ratings than CNN.

    Busty: As long as there still American's like Busty, I know America can survive.

  29. Hey, Stilt, how about a REALLY casual Friday ? My blood pressure has been too low lately and the paddles take too long to recharge.......

  30. Video - Diamond and Silk: The more hate, the more Trump educates

    ps. would you consider adding CC to your blogroll?

  31. Regarding Ms. Ross, in the immortal words of Ralph Kramden, "HOMINA HOMINA HOMINA!!!"

  32. As Mark Steyn pointed out on Tucker Carlson that night, long before the "poem plaque" and long after, the name has always been "The Statue of Liberty", NOT The Statue of Immigration.

    As for Asscosta, he should mark that day in his diary as being yet another instance of why,at one point, and hopefully again soon, the White House press briefings were conducted "audio only". When Acosta was whining, ""Why are the cameras off, Sean? Why did you turn them off? Can you just give us an answer to that? Can you tell us why you turned the cameras off?", if only Sean Spicer had the balls to point at Acosta and say "Ladies and Gentlemen, 'Exhibit A'."

    If Acosta is going to continue to audition for Hollywood, perhaps he should GO TO Hollywood to audition.

  33. @Section147 & Mike aka Proof- Or perhaps just casual "days with an a in them"?

    @REM1875- You're not being sexist, you're being observant. Besides, it's Busty's mind we've already come to love, right?

    @Velveeta Processed Cheese Food- Good idea! And let the American people activate those collars via remote control if a certain degree of stupidity is reached on-air.

    @Jim Irre- On casual Fridays, we sometimes work outdoors to be closer to the margarita machine.

    @gregbudell- Hey, we strive for excellence.

    @chef621- Some news stories, like THIS one, are just low-hanging fruit for humorists like me. But it really did show astonishing ignorance on Acosta's part. Does he really believe that no one overseas (except Brits and Australians) speaks English? Has the man never made a call for tech support and found himself in New Delhi?

    @graylady- I'd like to see that happen. Freedom of the press does not rule out appropriate decorum.

    @REM1875- This Acosta moment beautifully exemplifies the fact that these reporters don't really think about what they're saying. They're all impulse and emotion when they should be incorporating history, broad generalized knowledge, and analysis before opening their yaps.

    @Fish Out of Water- You'd think that, only I'd bet that this exchange was spun entirely differently on CNN and similar places. "CNN Reporter Makes Hateful Trump Immigration Spokesman Squirm" or somesuch.

    @Bobo the Hobo- Great quote!

    @Tracy Evans- I don't watch Eric Bolling, he grates on me. Which means when Fox took off "The Five" to inexplicably give Bolling his own show, I stopped watching both shows. My primary source of actual news these days is the Wall Street Journal (and damn it, we STILL haven't been given a cause for Joseph Rago's untimely death).

    @Roger- You're absolutely right. "Reporters" like Acosta aren't gathering facts, they're pretending they're in debate class - and hoping an outrageous performance will outscore an intelligent one.

    @Geoff King- The phrase "set phasers on stun" should be used whenever Acosta enters a room.

  34. @Phil D- I'm hoping that in time, our intern Lefty Lucy may learn a few things from Ms. Ross.

    And Monday sees the beginning of the "demolition" phase of the remodeling (though it won't END on Monday). I'll do my best to stay in good spirits. Like scotch, for instance.

    @Alfonso Bedoya- These people aren't journalists in any meaningful or traditional sense. They are entertainers and pot-stirrers, more interested in generating ratings and web hits than reporting on anything meaningful.

    @Sandy Link- I agree that it was tremendously frustrating to see the way Acosta wouldn't simply shut up and let Miller answer. I think they should keep a tally of every interruption and count it as a "question" in determining how long it will be before CNN gets called on again. (And by the way, I'm serious about that)

    @tennmike1953- Despite all the joking, I really worry about what the death of real jounalism means for our country. A vote is a dangerous thing in the hands of the chronically misinformed.

    @Emmentaler Limburger- You're right that Acosta wasn't capable of understanding the dressing down he got. I believe he thought that when you can cite The Statue of Freaking Liberty that your argument is unbeatable.

    @Walter L Stafford- We absolutely need higher immigration standards - and additionally need to point out to the Lefties that the reason we need the legal immigrants to meet high standards is to help balance out the illegal immigrants who too frequently bring no standards at all when hot-footing it to sanctuary cities and public payouts. If we build that damn wall, maybe we can start allowing more "wretched refuse" through the front door again.

    @Shelly- When you think about it, most of these "journalists" spent the previous 8 years covering up for the Obama administration and avoiding meaningful questions. Zero curiosity or questions about "Fast & Furious," the Clinton Foundation, Tarmac meetings, "more flexibility (with Russia) after the election," the Iran Deal, and...and...oh, damn it, don't get me started! (wry grin). These morons have hidden truth rather than trying to evoke it for nearly a decade. No wonder they're clueless.

    @Shonkin- She's got a beautiful mind, alright.

    @Pete (Detroit)- She is the definition of professional competence. Also she can discern the subtle nuance in my voice to determine whether I'm requesting coffee or "coffee."

    @udaman- Just don't tell OSHA or they'd declare Miss Ross a potential workplace hazard.

    @Colby Muenster- I haven't sniffer around much, but I'm SURE this stupid episode will be portrayed as a victory for Acosta by many. I've already seen a lot of tweets from morons who apparently believe the Statue of Liberty wrote that poem.

    And wait - a "gratuitous swimsuit photo?!" There was nothing gratuitous about it! And moreover, her swimsuit is a lot skimpier.

    @DougM- You have discerning taste in humor, sir. That was actually a fun bit of wordplay for me, too, which simply presented itself when writing. A lot of times, I don't feel like I make up the jokes - I'm just the first to read them.

  35. @Rod- I'd like to see a rule implemented where these "reporters" can be sent to a penalty box for being assholes. NOT for asking tough questions (which should never be confused with stupid questions).

    @Colby Muenster- There are a couple of other folks out there sharing Busty's name, but she's the real McCoy. Accept no substitutes.

    @Wahoo- Oh, you don't want a private island. Al Gore assures us that they'll all be underwater by 3pm next Thursday.

    @igor- Well, she's not really in Hawaii. We have a wall-sized poster in the coffee lounge.

    @Dwan Seicheine- Sorry, you're going to have to report to HR for a sensitivity class. Arrive early, it's going to be crowded.

    @John the Econ- I don't doubt that you're right that we'll soon be seeing a wave of white flight from what used to be western Europe.

    And yes, Miss Ross gives us all hope to go on.

    @Regnad Kcin- Perhaps you're referring to "Swimsuit Saturday?" It could happen someday, I suppose...

    @commoncents- I always enjoy Diamond and Silk! And yes, I'll look into adding CC to your blogroll (and you can look into adding Stilton's Place to yours - grin).

    @JustaJeepGuy- Sometimes no other phrase will do.

    @pgm1972- Brilliant point from Steyn! And personally, I'm ready for the cameras to be turned off at these briefing sessions. Let them use chalk artists the way they do in courtrooms; it might cut down on the grandstanding.

  36. Stilton...right now, no one watches Eric Bolling, since he's been suspended for inappropriate behavior. Apparently, sending pics of his junk to co-workers. Good call!

  37. I always thought, and still do, that Lefty Lucy could be another buddy Busty! Continue with your training sir!

  38. In re: Busty Ross.


  39. If the young lady ever decides to make a good-will trip to China, she can save some serious money here:

  40. @Anonymous, it's my prediction that in the wake of the Islamic takeover of Europe, it will primarily be white former-Europeans wanting to flee to America. It will be interesting to see how the open-borders types will be responding to that refugee crisis.