Monday, March 19, 2018

Getting Into The Weeds

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Some people may wonder, "what is the deeper meaning of Earwigs?"

Simply put, the deeper meaning is that we don't want to just post a picture of an "Out to Lunch" sign when the news muse has forsaken us. After all, people make a significant effort to visit this site, frequently wearing their Sunday best and giving extra attention to their personal hygiene. And so we just wouldn't feel right about giving you nothing but an IOU (unlike the government types who have emptied our entitlement "lockboxes" and filled them with chits. Mostly of the bull and horse variety).

Earwigs began many years ago (predating Hope n' Change, Johnny Optimism, or our awareness that "blogs" would someday be a thing) when we acquired access to a motherlode of antiquated clip art on one of those new-fangled shiny CD things and decided to use some of the images as writing prompts.

The process was to select a not-overtly-funny piece of art (we like a challenge) and then try to generate as many punchlines as possible in order to stretch our creative muscles.

But apart from that pragmatic exercise, this is still what passes for fun in our head. We get a happy little shot of dopamine every time an unexpected punchline suddenly pops into existence (we don't write them so much as wait for them). We're hooked on absurdity, and there's no 12-step program.

Although if there were, the steps would probably look a lot like this:


  1. George Harrison's latest reincarnation isn't going quite the way he wanted...

  2. And here I thought the squealing noise when driving the mower over them flowers was a bad belt was only faire ..what a relief......

  3. Those are the shoes I would like to have if I ever get behind some of my elected officials but especially the hildabeast.

  4. Carla's waxing technician was aghast when Carla came in for her Brazilian appointment.

  5. Things are slightly different at the San Francisco Hare Krishna Temple...

  6. • Nate, Pollen Nate
    • Horticultural appropriation
    • Prepare to be arrested for posting pics of naked little girls
    • Anything else I could add would just be flowery prose

  7. That guy took more than 12 steps.

  8. On the gif file...

    Many a time Her Majesty's government has regretted the austerity program that resulted in the shutting down of the Ministry of Silly Walks.

  9. @Readers- I love the comments and captions above! They've provided a lovely distraction from the task that kept me busy yesterday and continues to do so: figuring out my damn taxes. Trust me, anyone who spends as much time kicking government rear end as I do wants to be really, really, careful about avoiding audits.

  10. Did my taxes 'for free' a couple of weeks ago, TTax, through the bank.
    In fact, I've received both Fed and state refunds
    All for the low, low cost of having one of my disposable email addresses sold to the known world. Thanks, Intuit!

  11. I'll make you day a bit brighter. I did my taxes a month or so ago using TaxAct which I have used for years with no problem. Well, they are in the envelope with a check ready to mail when the wife tells me to have our son to "look at them". So, when he dropped my on a Sunday, I picked up the envelope and told him to look at it. He did so I told him to go tell his mother he looked at our taxes.