Friday, November 2, 2018

Skinny Dips

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With Halloween so recently in the rear view mirror, it's not surprising that some high-profile racists are allowing their masks to slip enough to show the more than skin-deep ugliness underneath.

CNN's Don Lemon, about whom it can truly be said "when Life gives you Lemon, take Life outside and beat it senseless," just declared that when it comes to terrorism, absolutely no group of people should be demonized. Except White men, of course, because they're "the biggest terror threat in this country."

To prove this, he cited statistics of killings by alleged White terrorists over the past 20 years or so, with the total number of victims being approximately the same as any 3-day weekend in the conspicuously non-White environs of Chicago.

Meanwhile, bitter clinger Hillary Clinton was being interviewed about civility in politics (because who could possibly be more of an expert?) when the program's host briefly confused Cory "Spartacus" Booker with Eric "Fast & Furious" Holder. Hillary helped the host over this embarrassing gaff by quipping of the Black men, "they all look alike."

The audience and usually volatile media outlets just laughed it off because, darn it, racist comments are funny when they come from screamingly liberal Democrats! Who can forget Senator (and former KKK member) Robert Byrd's heartwarming description of the working class poor as "White niggers?" Or Joe Biden's amazement that candidate Barack Obama was "articulate and clean," or Harry Reid's marveling at Obama's pleasingly "light skin" and ability to speak with "no Negro dialect, unless he wanted one."

Oddly, screaming Progressives can always get away with this kind of blatant racism, while those who show the least inclination to conservatism will be cast into the fires of Hell for saying anything, no matter how innocent or well intended, which can be construed as being racist.

As a case in point, Megyn Kelly has just been canned from a $69 million contract for mentioning casually on her morning show that it used to be okay for White kids to dress up as Black characters when she was a kid. When corrected, she apologized fully and sincerely and wanted to open a dialogue to help all sides express their views and perhaps find greater understanding between the races. But nooOOooo. Instead she's been thrown under Rosa Parks' bus and had her journalistic career ruined, not because of an act of hate speech, but because of an act of the far less acceptable honest speech.

Somehow, the word "hypocrisy" just isn't enough to describe the despicable double standards of the race-obsessed on the Left.


Speaking of things that make us feel like projectile vomiting...

Don't forget to turn your clocks back on Sunday so that you can screw up your sleep cycles, enjoy seeing midnight blackness outside at around 6 pm, and enjoy all of the gut-wrenching effects of jet lag without actually having to go somewhere potentially fun.

If Trump would promise an executive order ending Daylight Saving Time, we think he could pretty much lock up the midterm results he (and we) are hoping for.


  1. You've heard of Meadowlark Lemon? Don is his cousin, Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs Lemon!

  2. @Mike: I'm sure Meadowlark is doing 20,000 RPM because of his cousin's antics...

  3. In recent days I have become involved in a battle of wits with an unarmed "progressive" on FaceBook, to the point where I have others asking why I don't just unfriend the moron. My reply is that I am enjoying the pointless challenge too much, and in fact have ramped up my conservative rhetoric just for his sake. Today's Hillary and Lemon topics just have to be my next salvo.
    I love Daylight Savings Time as we here in Arizona never mess with it, so all my relatives and friends elsewhere have to do the math to figure out just what the hell time it is where I live.

  4. I have long thought of Don Lemon as the biggest rascist on tv.

  5. The hypocrisy on the left has become so blatant that when I bother to watch TV news (FNC only) I end up laughing out loud. The proglodytes they choose to interview are SO stupid they're funny. I just watch a little in the AM to see who got shot or what blew up.
    Thanks for the heads up on DST fall back. They never seem to announce it anymore so I forgot.

  6. Don who? ..never saw him ....... other than for comedic entertainment value it does not sound like I have missed much....

  7. It really is good to live in Arizona and not have to deal with the insanity of Daylight Savings Time (unless you happen to reside on the Navajo Nation). What fevered mind ever thought it was a good idea?

  8. Its a good thing the south zone of Texas has opening day tomorrow. I was going to be getting up early anyway, might as well enjoy it.

  9. @Mike aka Proof- "Don Lemon" sounds like a mafia Godfather who sells bad used cars.

    @M. Mitchell Marmel- And those in the cemetery swear they can hear "Sweet Georgia Brown" being whistled...

    @Geoff King- I rarely mix it up with liberals online these days. You have to educate the hell out of them just so they can potentially understand your brilliant point. The work/reward ratio just isn't worth it.

    And I salute the great state of Arizona for skipping the Daylight Saving Time fiasco. I don't care if we're "Springing forward" or "Falling back" - the change costs me sleep, makes me sick to my stomach, and out of sorts for weeks.

    @Vegasray2014- It's a tough competition, but I think he just pulled into the lead.

    @Judi King- When I see the foam-flecked haters being interviewed on mainstream media, it doesn't surprise me that so many people have such distorted ideas about what's happening in this country. And I often wonder how many of these apoplectic spokespeople are actually that stupid, and how many are just throwing out red meat for the paychecks.

    @REM1875- You're missing nothing by not having Don Lemon in your life (or head). He's a hateful idiot.

    And yes, despite the terrifying terror risk presented by White men, they seem to be Mr. Lemon's preferred partners in the boudoir. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.

    @jpb252- As Lefty Lucy once said, "If we can turn back time by resetting our clocks, why can't we turn back global warming by resetting our thermometers?" It makes the same amount of sense to me.

    @Anonymous- I'm a little vague on which opening day you're referring to (hunting, perhaps?) but applaud your ability to get up early and enjoy it - a pleasure I've never known, nor ever expect to.

  10. After seeing the heading I really, really wanted today's post to be about Ms. Ross. Oh well.

  11. What is funny is on a local channel we get the old Rowan and Martin's Laugh in. Yes the humor is more to the liberal side but they on a regular basis hammer both sides. I just wish that todays entertainers/comedians could even close to doing the same. They have a funny section called news of the future of news from 20 years in the future. Just remember this news would have been from roughly 1989 and some is so close to reality with other parts still being in the future.

    As to what TrickyRicky said I wouldn't have minded a post of Lefty Lucy. Ah perky little liberal girls. Yes I am a moderately dirty old man.

  12. I will say nothing about don-the-lemon as my blood pressure is too high as it is. Well, OK, one thing; It's folks like him that make me think that a civil was would not be a bad thing........ 'Nuff said.

    Now as far as daylight savings time: does that mean that daytime will now have less calories? And when I get up at 2AM to turn the clock back it will be 1AM. Do I do it again at 2AM? And when do I stop? Perhaps when it gets to 1953. President 5-star General Dwight David Eisenhower would not have put up with all the bull poo poo.

    There, now where did I put my 180 proof aged moonshine? Aged since last Saturday, that is. And, I found a site that shows Miss Busty Ross look alike types ... well, kind of. 'Nuff of that.......

  13. Shoot, had thought there'd be sureptious photos of Busty, or Lefty

    Seriously though. Given the near religious war like tenor of the times we live in, have either Busty or Lucy gotten hate mail, etc., for appearing on the blog?

  14. Busty and Lucy should be pitted against each other on a regular basis.
    I'm thinking mud wrestling would be a good venue.

  15. Ms. Kelly doesn't need your sympathy. I'm sure her severance package will be orders of magnitude greater than our lifetime earnings.

    Also, if the left didn't have double standards, they'd have no standards at all.

  16. It is hard to stomach the hypocrites on the left with their everybody is a racist, homophobe etc that want to kill everybody not of their ethnicity or beliefs. It is so wearing and hopefully it will mellow down Wednesday but I am of little faith.
    Your first cartoon is dead on. Then there is blaming President Trump for Barbara S. getting fat, which I cannot understand. But, I digress as these people do not want to get along whom without their hate-mongering have nothing to say. Can anyone remember the last positive thing one of them said? Lastly, the old white guys whom they despise are the one they set up a country where one can express political differences, unlike countries where it's a daily occurrence of hearing of murders of journalist, police, protesters, etc. You gals try this in Middle Eastern countries or China or other non Republic country. Good luck with that.

  17. Unfortunately, the president cannot change DST by executive order. Why not? Because it's embedded in law.

    260a. Advancement of time or changeover dates
    (a) Duration of period; State exemption During the period commencing at 2 o’clock antemeridian on the second Sunday of March of each year and ending at 2 o’clock antemeridian on the first Sunday of November of each year, the standard time of each zone established by sections 261 to 264 of this title, as modified by section 265 of this title, shall be advanced one hour and such time as so advanced shall for the purposes of such sections 261 to 264, as so modified, be the standard time of such zone during such period; however,
    (1) any State that lies entirely within one time zone may by law exempt itself from the provisions of this subsection providing for the advancement of time, but only if that law provides that the entire State (including all political subdivisions thereof) shall observe the standard time otherwise applicable during that period, and
    (2) any State with parts thereof in more than one time zone may by law exempt either the entire State as provided in (1) or may exempt the entire area of the State lying within any time zone.

    That said, we can all write to our state legislators and have them put our state out of DST. It's a state choice.

  18. Oops. Left out that this is 15 USC 260a.

  19. Irony impairment, CNN style. If Don Lemon was the slightest bit smarter, I'd call him a tool. But he's barely sentient. He was hired because he's checks off a lot of boxes off on the Progressive Values Totem Pole and he's just smart enough to read stuff off a teleprompter.

    I wonder how Lemon's white boyfriend feels about this?

    Meanwhile, CNN's ratings continue to sink below those of Spongebob. The reasons why are obvious.

    As for humorless Hillary's lame attempt at humor, she again demonstrates that it's yet another thing better left to the professionals. The joke itself was hardly anything to get particularly excited about, except for the fact that had any non-Progressive said what she did, there'd have been gasps and Kavanaugh-level hysteria to have that person permanently removed from the public sphere. But once again, we get a great example of the benefits of being a Clinton, which means never being held accountable for anything.

    As for Megyn Kelly, I really couldn't get that excited about that either. There's no denying that her response was tone deaf and as a highly paid media professional working for one of the most Progressive media outlets in the country, she certainly should have known better. The danger of playing in the viper pit is that it's more than likely to get bit. But unlike most of us who have to live in the real world where such allegations would likely send us to the poor house, poor Megyn gets to walk with $69-million. I'm not shedding any tears for her.

    What do all of the above have in common? They remind those who lack any Progressive religious fervor that the left openly despises everyone who does not conform to the Progressive narrative. Today, if you aren't one of them they're just calling you names. What will they do if and when they get real power again?

    One of the best memes I've seen lately shows a picture of Trump that says, "In reality, they're not after me. They're after you." He's right.

    So what's the next shoe to drop before the midterms? Only 4 days left. I can't believe that after all the October Surprises of the last month (that not only failed to derail Trump and "the red wave", but most likely energized it) that there's isn't some grand finale scheduled to hit on Monday.

  20. Because I was at our more rural cabin last night I was able to watch Trump's stop at Columbia MO regional airport from start to finish with live... BIG DIFFERENCE.. not "adjusted" TV coverage by the local non-urban, not national reporters but instead by local ABC TV station and local reporters. Then was able to see what survived the night and how it was covered by national and again locally about the same event. IE after overnight Politically Correct editing; again: big difference.

    I can tell you that both parking lots at the airports were packed, the large lot at a neighboring industrial complex was also packed, and folks were parking vehicles along the roads and walking in from as much as four miles out. And they were fired up. So was Trump. He was sometimes obnoxious Trump as usual but IMO not "crazy". He was not pulling punches either; just telling it like it is. I was not able to see what came out to the nation, but I hope a lot of it got out. By next morning there was broadcast time to nationally run a video & voice clips about an same anti-trump gathering of about 100 people at the court house back in downtown Columbia and of Ophra Winfrey going house to house in Georgia. Real important is all that you know. Meanwhile Trump had blown his oposition away the night before.

    Sorry, no time now.. but I hope to write that up a bit better sometime.

  21. How ‘bout when Ron DeSantis was racist to say “monkey it up?”

  22. Every time Hillary opens her mouth, I'm SOOOOO glad Donald Trump is president.


  23. No matter what, the dummytaards never stop their unending senseless rants and spewage. No lie is too big, no exaggeration too incredulous in their twisted minds. They need to be called out and held to account for all their blithering droolage. Come Tuesday night I hope to watch all their heads collectively explode in blazes of glorious cranial shrapnel as I toss back copious amounts of adult beverages. No more crickets, the day of the locust is at hand.......

  24. Speaking of exploding heads, all may now be aware that another rapr accuser of now Justice Kavanaugh, a Judy Munro-Leighton, age 70, a longtime Democratic "activist " from KY, has also been referred to DOJ for making false statements. Interesting, doing a Google search on this person shows that neither, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNBC, MSNBC, NYT or the WaPo have yet to run a story on this.

  25. "No more crickets, the day of the locust is at hand......."
    Regnad Kcin, that is a GREAT line!

    @Fish Out of Water, nice to see the DOJ doing its job instead of O'Bummers bidding,
    or, maybe worse, Hitlery's.

    1. @Valvenator: As much as the news made part of my day, simply referring a case to DOJ doesn't necessarily mean they'll move forward to prosecute. Still, I at least wouldn't want the threat of being hauled into federal court to answer some possible awkward questions appealing.

      But thinking more, these false accusers didn't just decide to make these out of their own view of love of country; something had to be in it for them had their actions brought down Kavanaugh. So who/whom promised them what. And do they realize they may take a fall for whoever pulled the strings?

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  27. @fish: Never underestimate the power of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  28. I'm just catching up on my email after a week in the Aloha state...specifically Maui.
    Talk about a mixed blessing, Flying home in a metal tube for five hours is miserable, but less so on Hawaiian Airlines. Even the cheap seats have more leg room than other airlines and they even provided a BBQ chicken sandwich along with other treats and drinks. but it is still five hours in a metal tube.
    We arrived back in LV at a little after midnight Friday and got home after 2AM. But because of the time difference, we were still at 11PM Hawaiian time. Then on Saturday night/Sunday morning the time changed again, so I'm not sure if it made the transition easier or worse. I only know that because I'm retired, I go to bed when I want and get up the same.