Friday, August 30, 2019


James Comey has been found guilty of violating FBI policy, violating his terms of employment, misuse of confidential official records, and violating pretty much every standard of professional ethics known to man.

So of course, the lanky sumbitch is apparently not going to be charged with anything because, as Jeffrey Epstein so recently reminded us, it pays to be on Hillary's good side. Or, considering what Comey spent much of his career covering, her backside.

This lack of justice, and our desire to start Happy Hour a little early, is why you're getting this Earwigs cartoon today...

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We recently discussed our dissatisfaction with movie theaters, but now we want to address a problem with watching movies at home: too many of them stink.

Mrs. Jarlsberg's favorite movie is "Die Hard" (it's also her favorite Christmas movie), but there just aren't many slam-bang, good guys versus bad guys, high stakes actioners for us to watch. Or are there?

That's where you come in: in the comments section, give us some suggestions of "Die Hard" type movies that we've been missing (or might just want to see again). We've enjoyed things like "Cliffhanger" with Sylvester Stallone, "Breakdown" with Kurt Russell (excellent film!), and "Air Force One" with Harrison Ford.

The movies don't have to be particularly current nor high budget, but they do need to be emotionally engaging and eventually show good triumphing over evil.

In other words, NOT a movie about James Comey.


  1. Peppermint - Jennifer Garner. A great revenge flick. Maybe a sequel for it to come sometime - I hope.

  2. Try a Tom Cruise movie, “Edge of Tomorrow”.
    Funny, lots of action, ugly bad guys, and it’s a love story for The Missus.

    You can thank me later!

    Lars Howen
    Fairhope, AL

  3. Speaking of Kurt Russell, Big Trouble in Little China is a hoot! Lots of action too. The John Wick films with Keanu Reeves have turned out to be surprisingly good. Want scary dystopian, the Hunger Games are well done. I don't much care about plots at times, but they were reasonably well done and not changed from the books too much.

  4. IF I may- there are a few movies that I have found quite goo,d although of course, tastes vary. But two of my favorites, which I have watched numerous times, are the 2003 version of Zatoichi- the Takeshi one. He does the very best Zatoichi,imho- and near the very end, the almost Busby Berkley dance number is awesome! In that same genre, sort of, is the Tom Cruise "The Last Samurai" which is not only very well done but incorporates a tender love story which impressed me because there was no nudity or sexual element- and a happy ending. The remake of the Magnificent Seven starring Denzel was quite good, but then, for me, anything with Denzel is great- his Equalizer movies were top notch. I could go on but will try to stick with just these for the moment, but if there are an genres that you especially like, please share, and I will happily offer anything else I have seen. Since my wife passed, I got rid of cable TV and went with Roku, and there are tons of free or low cost movies that I watch.

  5. I've enjoyed the 3 "Taken" action movies by Liam Neeson and the two action thrillers, starring Denzel Washington, Equalizer and Equalizer 2.

  6. Velveeta Processed Cheese FoodAugust 30, 2019 at 1:33 AM

    Another Cruise flick: Collateral. Cruise is the bad guy this time, Jamie Foxx unlikely hero. Also, you get Robert Duvall. Speaking of Duvall, Second Hand Lions. Not a shoot-'em up, but a couple of tough old codgers anyway.

  7. The Art of Racing In The Rain. Beautiful, poignant story with great acting, directing, scenery and soundtrack. Nothing blows up! LOL!!

  8. Still...I AM partial to Robocop!

  9. Comey-tose...not to be confused with Cuomotose

    Point of note: This recent report was only related to Comey's memos / Classified Info issues. The IG still has a separate investigation into the full-o-shit FISA evidence. Then there's still the John Durham investigation.

    Chances are they just don't want to charge prematurely now, and risk having some 9th Circuit-type wacko toss future charges on some bullshit claim of double jeopardy.

    Just my two shekels.

  10. Very very predictableAugust 30, 2019 at 3:33 AM

    I believe it is just the old 2 tier justice system working overtime as usual. Especially as the IG does not want to see his suicide note that has been penned for him by Killery for picking on one of her witless protection team.

    Lets see, he broke over 50 rules and laws = very bad.

    He was part of and is still protected by the most powerful AND destructive army on earth - Killeries and pants around ankles Bill's Angels = not enough evidence to convict or at least not enough for the IG to sign his own death certificate.

  11. Hmmm. And here I thought the banner for today's installment might be 'Comey, Comey,Comey, Comey, Comey chameleon, you come and go....'

  12. There was a 2 detective movie that I believe that one of the heros was defusing a bomb under the seat of a caddy convertible between the legs of a mobsters pretty blond girlfriend. After the bomb is defused the hero states that she really should wear panties..

    Guess his eyes were watering from the smell..

    What was the name of that movie??

  13. you like action? try "the raid". one of the best ones I've seen in awhile is "once upon a time in Hollywood" even the mrs liked it and she's more of a "downton abbey" girl

  14. John Wick 1, 2 and 3
    Anything with Jason Statham
    Layer Cake, a lesser-known Daniel Craig movie

  15. Are you aware of TUBI?

    I get it as an "APP" on Comcast. It's thousands of free movies. many suck, but there are some really good films.

    I've enjoyed the Luke Goss films. He kills ALL the bad guys, violently.

  16. I'm surprised "Man on Fire" (Denzel Washington) is not listed above. Has everything for everybody. Was the film that made me a Denzel fan for life.

  17. Man on Fire - Denzel Washington ---- Me and Mrs Rem watched this last week .....

  18. The Missing - Tommy Lee Jones - A good western

    I am Laughing my ass off ...... two votes for Man on Fire at exactly the same time from two different people .....I agree with you Beckwith : )

  19. Btw, ya'll do know the Comey,Comey,Comey, Comey chameleon landed a 'teaching' gig at The College of William and Mary?

    Ok, he won't be in court to defend himself. Like Nixon decades ago, reminds me of a mob howling for the pound of flesh (or fish,as Archie Bunker put it). As emotionally satisfying the thought of him, or the venal, vile pathologically troubled and twice rejected democratic presidential candidate, being lashed to a trumbrel and paraded up Constitution Ave to Capitol Hill, while the assembled mob throws cabbage or whatever else at them may be, is it really worth the distraction and diversion of effort, attention and resources?

    Let him and others slowly sink into oblivion.

    As girls 'action' movies, 'Action ' like sex on movies has become so egregious that it is either near comical or just plan boring.

    Two of my faves off the top of my head have neither: A Man for All Seasons' and The King's Speech'. But if pressed for a memorable action movie, Akira Kurosawa's 'Ran'.

    As for

  20. Absolute Power with Clint Eastwood and Murder at 1600 with Wesley Snipes are a couple of movies I have watched several times. Good plots

  21. Two movies I will stop and watch regardless whatever is going on at the time: Patton with that incredible performance by George C Scott and The Train with the legendary Burt Lancaster.

    Awesome work by all involved.

  22. Shooter (2007) -
    This movie is even better if you have read the Bob Lee Swagger book series

    1. Agreed. In the movie they updated it and threw in some Hollyweird leftist garbage, but I own a copy and watch it at least once a year. Technical stuff was pretty accurate, and Walberg did some sniper training to prepare. His instructor said he shot pretty well. He was also great in Lone Survivor. They even got the scope reticles correct, which is rare.

  23. What boggles the mind about Comey et al, is they Still retain their Security Clearances that were supposed to be withdrawn when they left their jobs. Why they still have them is unknown, no one seems to give a rats ash and this should have been taken care of the day of dismissals. And no, he will not be brought to justice and neither will a lot more of those scum.
    Movies? Ah, yes. Having a lot of spare time on hand, I watch a lot of movies and I have seen almost all mentioned above. Right now, the three John Wick movies are three I can watch over and over as the choreographed karate scenes are outstanding and in #3, some dogs just flat steal the show. But to add, I enjoyed Red and Red 2 with follically challenged Bruce Willis and I also enjoyed his Die Hard sagas. Some John Travolta and Russell Crowe movies.

  24. Sir,
    13 Hours comes strongly recommended. Also Replacement Killers, with Chow Yun Fat in what I believe was his first movie in NA. Obviously the Matrix Movies, perhaps The Colony if you want something a bit creepy. I can also suggest Shoot Em Up, with Clive Owen and a marvellous performance by Paul Giamatti. The gunplay is not to be believed...

    We have been very selective over the years. I am a firearms enthusiast, so I recognize proper gun handling from not. For example, watching Predator is a bit painful, with all the -from-the-hip stuff going on. On the other hand, Replacement Killers (cited above) is an excellent example of where the director got it right (Mr Fat uses a Beretta 92F, and if you count the rounds, there is a mag change where there should be. Wonderful). I would also strongly recommend Equilibrium with Christian Bale and Sean Bean. Really great visuals and strong gun play, with some memorable close-quarters fighting... enter The Gun Kata!

  25. @ Fish Out of Water, W&M honored Comey with a gig teaching ETHICS, of all things! In the interest of PCness, they also saw fit to replace The Tribe's time-honored Indian mascot with a griffin, of all things. My alma mater will never see another dime from me.

    The 1991 flick Point Break, with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze and loosely based on actual events, also excellent. The recent remake not so much.

  26. Bond movies, love the action and special effects, dialogue,and eye candy aren’t bad either. Only Sean Connery or Danial Craig bond movies, other Bonds are hypo plastic.

    Running Scarred with Billy Chrystal is fun.

  27. The 300
    The Patriot
    Top Gun
    Art of Racing in the rain
    Passion of the Christ

  28. Movies I enjoy with some action scenes that are secondary to a good story: “The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean” and the “Wind and the Lion”

  29. It's a major surprise that nobody has yet mentioned the many Dirty Harry movies with Clint Eastwood, or the outstanding adventure movies that star John Wayne. I particularly like the Movie The Fighting Seabees, the film that encourage me to be a professional Seabee once I was eligible and old enough. I bought this film in both black&white, and then colorized. Both are memorable.

  30. Death Hunt - with Lee Marvin & Charles Bronson
    Shout At The Devil - with Roger Moore & Lee Marvin
    Breakheart Pass - with Charles Bronson & Richard Crenna

    And the best for last:
    The Sand Pebbles - with Steve McQueen, Richard Crenna et all!

  31. Has the Mission Impossible series been mentioned?

  32. tom selleck stars in a superb series of movies...there are 9. named after his character, the jessie stone movies are addicting. l.a. detective divorces wife,...gets alcoholic and in hot water-takes a job as police chief in a small seacoast town in maine.
    i also recommend his awesome "western", quigley down under, right up there with die hard (alan rickman is the villian).

    2 guns...denzel, marc walberg, edward james olmos...great movie.

    blood diamond...leonardo decaprio.

    great wall...matt damon. non-stop action in gorgeous color.

    hacksaw ridge...Andrew Garfield. end to end thrills, great (and true) story.

  33. No one enjoyed Tango and Cash or Robin and Marian w/Sean Connery and Robert Shaw?

  34. Try FLAWLESS, a diamong heist with Michael Caine and Demi Moore. A morality play with some real surprises. It makes my top ten

  35. "Under Siege" with Steven Seagal, Gary Busey, Tommy Lee Jones, Erika Eleniak. You can't go wrong.
    Some others I enjoyed: "Red Dawn", "Top Gun", "An officer and a Gentleman", "Swamp Fox", "Brave Heart" . You get the idea, military themes...

  36. Speaking of older movies you may have missed...

    Ice Pirates
    Buckaroo Banzai
    My Best Friend's a Vampire
    The Stuff

  37. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the US version with Daniel Craig &/or the Swedish trilogy is pretty good. Get the trilogy box-set, it's cheaper than buying them separately.

    The Coen Bros remake of True Grit is a winner.

    John Wick is not the boogeyman, he's who you call when you want to kill the fucking boogeyman.

    I enjoyed Swordfish too.

  38. I suggest patience. This is the prelude to the shit storm that Comey -and perhaps Brennan, Clapper, McCabe and (dare I say it) Obama are about to sail through. There is no reason to instigate charges for piddling crimes early, they can come if the weasels are able to wiggle out of the real criminal charges. Barr is thorough, methodical and precise. Unlike his several predecessors, he uses the judicial system rather than the media to prosecute his targets. This is going to be a long, drawn out delicious drama to watch and like a great movie, timing is critical. These cases are too important for the soon to be indicted to cop an Epstein. There is at least as much at stake, not just to a few individuals but to many denizens of the swamp that the lower tier would be sacrificed in a heartbeat. Arkancide? How about Obamacide? So leave them to twist in the wind for a while, not confined to a convenient cell without functioning cameras. And just in time for the next election for the populace to wield a big broom and backhoe to sweep congress clean and drain the swamp for real. I'm going to stock up on popcorn, butter and beer. This will be at least as entertaining as ACC basketball!

  39. Thank you ALL for the list of good movies and Stilt for asking the question. Very useful; especially now.

    Let's not overlook the earwig. Some Zingers are there to start and here's a movie historical:
    Lawrence was in desert garb but at HQ they thought he was two sheets to the wind.

    I had just commented on Comey when got back to a computer last night. IMO they are all protecting each other, as none of them want all the truth to come out in trials. It's very troublesome.

  40. Paul Newman in "Harper" 1966. Great comedy/action plot with excellent cast. Newman plays Lew Harper, Private Investigator, trying to find a missing person in the seedy underbelly of 1966 Los Angeles. Lots of action and Newman dryly delivers great one liners. Highly recommended.

  41. What? No mention of Tombstone?? Kurt Russel, Val kilmer, Sam Elliot, Bill Paxton
    Why, you ain't no daisy, you ain't no daisy at all!!

  42. Best shoot 'em up ever... Last Man Standing, Bruce Willis. Music score is great, too.

  43. Submitted for your consideration:

    The Hunters - Robert Mitchum and Robert Wagner

    Firebirds - Tommy Lee Jones

    Men In Black I, II, and III

  44. May I suggest the two Kingsmen movies to add to the list? It is important to watch them in the order of release...

    I also wondered why no comment on Google's policy-change statement. Isn't Stilton's Place frequently both "dangerous and derogatory"?

  45. Magnificent 7 remake w Denzel
    Enemy of the People w Gene Hackman (any flick w Hackman such as French Connection and The Firm)
    Equalizers (both) Denzel again
    Late John Wayne ... for the humor & The Shootist for the best acting of his career.
    Some Clint Eastwood, such as Absolute Power and Josey Wales
    Cape Fear (Robert Mitchum version)

    However, as you noted, not much current stuff. The last action movie I really enjoyed was American Sniper w Bradley Cooper. He really nailed Chris Kyle story, IMHO. 6 Kleenex ending. Not so dependent on CGI crap for thrills.

  46. I forgot to mention 3:10 to Yuma - esp the Glenn Ford version but the Russell Crowe one is good as well.

  47. The Siege, Air America, Six Days/Seven Nights (kind of an action/humor/romance with Harrison Ford & Anne Heche - GREAT movie!) are some of my faves.

  48. Olympus has Fallen.
    London has Fallen.
    Just out in theaters: Angel has Fallen

  49. Another vote for Bullitt. Best car chase ever.

    @Rod- Very well played Lawrence of Arabia earwig. Bravo!

    BTW, Lawrence of Arabia is on the big screen September 1 and 4 courtesy of TCM....

  50. The Marvel movie that started it all...Ironman...Good vs Bad vs Worse...Lots of stuff gets blown up, and a nice redemption story thrown in too...

  51. @Anonymous...the Hackman (and Will Smith) movie you allude to is Enemy of the State. Just to clarify. Good flick!

    My list would include:

    Edge of Tomorrow
    Terminator 1 & 2
    Jack Reacher
    The Bank Job
    007 Casino Royale
    007 Sky fall
    First Blood

    Yippee Kai Ay Mother............ ;)

  52. Ditto Equalizer and Shooter Hunters books are great too
    9th Gate Depp
    Mule Clint
    Enemy Below Great old sub movie
    Predict Irishman when it gets released Also great book I heard You paint houses
    Jason Bourne series
    Yellowstone 2 seasons Costner and a great cast
    Lillyhammer with little steven some pretty funny stuff Great Sinatra My Kind of town...

  53. Law abiding action-revenge-against-the-system movie ever!
    The Mummy

  54. The Leone Trilogy
    The Train
    The John Wick Trilogy
    The Outlaw Josey Wales
    Most John Wayne films, but especually
    The Searchers
    Rio Bravo
    The Horse Soldiers
    Sons Of Katie Elder
    The War Wagon
    El Dorado
    True Grit
    Big Jake
    The Cowboys
    The Mountain Men
    Man In The Wilderness
    Man Called Horse
    War of Arrows
    The Lethal Weapon Franchise (Hold your nose when Glover's on screen)
    many, many more

  55. While "The wind and the lion" is an all-time favorite I'd have to say that "Secondhand lions" is one of the most under-appreciated movies ever.

  56. A Boy and His Dog
    The Thing (1982, with Kurt Russell)


  57. Zulu - Great movie with early (1964) Michael Caine and great British Military Story.

  58. All good above,
    Quickly before I go to work,
    The Man Who Would be King
    Where Eagles Dare
    The Battle of Britain
    Pacific Rim
    Ronin Best car chase scenes ever, many racing drivers doing stunts, especially with a BMW weaving through on coming traffic doing about 70 mph
    Cowboys and Aliens
    Jack Reacher
    Of course Avengers, Gardians of the Galaxy etc.
    Wonder Woman, (Wow) Blues Brothers, and BB 2000, amazing band towards the end

    Many more, but no time now...

  59. Want a good series to watch? Justified, with Timothy Oliphant and Walton Goggins.

    You're welcome.

  60. I am trying to contain my rage that all of these criminals like James Come,. Hillary Clinton. Husein Obama"s administration are above the law. I am using every means I lawfully possess to call out this disgrace. I am tired of this and I am not going to take it anymore without shouting to every representative I can get to!!!!!!

  61. I agree with @Velveeta Processed Cheese Food, Second Hand Lions is another absolutely great movie! very entertaining.

    @Unknown's Robocop is good, but has to be the original.

    At lot of Clint Eastwood or "The Duke", of course.

  62. The only recent movie I've thoroughly enjoyed was Hacksaw Ridge. Not that much action initially, but when it gets there, it's intense.

    All time favorites:
    In Harm's Way - John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Patricia Neal, George Kennedy, and the US Navy
    The Great Raid - B movie about rescuing the POWs at Cabanatuan, Philippines
    The whole Harry Potter thing - not shoot 'em up, but lots of action and humor
    Big Jake
    Rio Lobo
    Rio Bravo
    The Sons of Katie Elder
    Hatari! - Also not a shoot 'em up, but boy, is there action and humor
    Donovan's Reef - Fists fights mostly, but lots and lots of humor
    The Longest Day - all start cast about D-Day
    The Comancheros
    North to Alaska
    The Horse Soldiers
    Dark Command
    The Searchers - Probably Wayne's very best performance
    The Quiet Man - best onscreen fist fight EVER
    Rio Grande
    Fort Apache
    She Wore A Yellow Ribbon
    Sands of Iwo Jima
    They Were Expendable
    Back to Bataan
    The Fighting Seebees
    Tora! Tora! Tora!
    To Hell and Back - Audie Murphy plays himself doing what got him the CMOH
    The Eagle Has Landed - Michael Caine and Donald Sutherland
    And, of course Zulu!

    Worth a look:
    Casablanca - the action is mostly psychological, but I do love Captain Renaud's openly admitted hypocrisy.
    Flying Tigers
    The Right Stuff - different kind of action, but it's totally cool
    The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
    Brannigan - John Wayne and Richard Attenborough are hard-nosed cops
    The Undefeated - John Wayne totally keeps a straight face through Rock Hudson's laughable "Southern" drawl
    Pearl Harbor - I just fast forward through all the romance crap to the attack, then the Doolittle Raid. Those parts are fabulous.
    Harry Brown - Michael Caine is an elderly ex-serviceman and widower, looking to avenge his best friend's murder by doling out his own form of justice.

    There are so very many more out there, none very recent, though.

  63. @Anonymous Tango and Cash is another funny one, got to say!

  64. Velveeta Processed Cheese FoodAugust 30, 2019 at 11:01 AM

    Having slept on it, I'd like to add the Boondock Saints flicks, and Guy Ritchie's stupid British criminal movies (stupid criminals, not stupid movies), i.e. Snatch, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Rock and Rolla. Crime Spree is another good stupid criminal movie.

  65. I just recently watched a film called Escape Room. It was released this year. It doesn't have any big-name stars but it kept me on the edge of my seat and had a great twist.

    I hope that bastard Comey gets comfortable thinking he is untouchable. I think that Barr is softening him up for the kill. I hope he gets a lot of scalps, up to and including Obammy. In my opinion, Comey was the genesis of the whole Russian collusion hoax. This needs to be exposed.

  66. Velveeta Processed Cheese FoodAugust 30, 2019 at 11:36 AM

    Having actually thought about it, there's no Duvall in Collateral. I was thinking of Jack Reacher, which is pretty good. I think they've been recommended, but the Denzel Equalizer movies are good. Training Day with Denzel is intense. He plays a bad guy in that.

    Somebody mentioned "The Great Raid." I was looking forward to that when it came out, as my father was peripherally involved in it (part of the force that went behind Japanese lines to meet the returning Rangers and prisoners. He was a battle-field commissioned weapons platoon leader). I was disappointed in the made-up love love story they grafted in. The book(s) it was based on are great.

  67. A couple of actioners I really liked, recently, were "The Accountant" and "Heat" (a classic!). I also hear good things about "Renegade Force", which is essentially one long gunfight between an off-the-rails SWAT team, assorted scumbags and the FBI HRT team.

  68. --Thin Red Line (1964). First war movie I ever saw where they showed getting wounded as painful.
    --Boondocks Saints. Mindless trash, but I liked it so much I re-watched it right away.
    --Deadpool and Deadpool 2. More mindless trash (and quite tacky dialogue), but funny.
    --Iron man, some of the other Avengers movies. Who needs a plot? Just bring the popcorn. (I do ignore some of the overdone CGI junk.)

  69. JOHN WICK! Okay, but puppies...he loves 'em.

  70. "The other handmaids tried to tell Martha that her hat needed starch after washing."

    OK, I'm showing my nerd side, but most of the Star Trek movies are action packed and fun (exception: Undiscovered Country = stink, stank, stunk). Ditto ideas above on Denzel, Bond movies that don't have Roger Moore, most Bruce Willis dying hard stuff, and John Wick. Having read all the Reacher books, I refuse to watch those movies because Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher is the worst casting mistake in history, and I can't believe Lee Child allowed it to happen.... twice.

    Comey will get his in the end I think. The IG report that just came out is just the tip of the iceberg I believe, and some comments that AG Barr said make me think he is going to make sure Comey, McCabe and others fry for their misdeeds. I'm not naive enough to think it will filter up to O'Liar and Shrillary, but one can dream.

  71. HACKSAW RIDGE by Mel Gibson. One of the best war movies ever.

  72. Many of those mentioned are also favorites of mine also.
    Some others
    Lone Survivor
    Unforgiven, though not always fast paced.
    Not an action movie, but for us WHO fans a must have, The Kids Are Alright.

  73. Just last night I re-watched The Rock, filmed in 1996 with Nicholas Cage, Sean Connery, and Ed Harris. I forgot how good it was.

  74. @Readers- Holy cow! Thanks for all the movie suggestions! Some I've seen, many I haven't, and I've written down the whole list so I can start requesting titles from our local library!

    I can't respond individually to all the great comments above, but I'll mention that the movie with the bomb disposal guy working between a woman's legs is (I think) "Blown Away" with Jeff Bridges and Tommy Lee Jones. Pretty good movie (if you can accept Tommy Lee Jones as an Irishman).

    Regarding the James Comey brouhaha, I keep telling myself that this initial report was no big deal and that the REAL hammer has yet to fall on all of these a**holes. But some days it's just hard to keep the faith. Still, if it ever happens I'll be dancing in the street!

  75. THE EDUCATION OF LITTLE TREE I thought was awesome. Very little gun play and car chases though. If you haven't read the book - you are missing out.

  76. My favorite movie is Secondhand Lions (2003). This link goes to a YouTube with the Official Trailer. I’ve always liked Robert Duvall, Michael Caine. This movie is a “story about what makes a boy a man and what makes a man a hero.”

  77. The Hell On Wheels series, I thought was very good. But, it may only be on Netflix. And, I will no longer subscribe to Netflix. But, it is an action series for sure!

  78. Chuck Baker (Macon)August 30, 2019 at 1:32 PM

    I'm a big fan of the Firefly series (short lived on Fox, but excellent) and the follow up movie Serenity.

  79. Comey: Like with Epstein, absolutely no surprise here. Just more proof that the swamp is still alive and well. Justice for thee, but not for he.

    Earwigs: A young Sheev Palpatine prepares to seduce a young Goldwater Girl to join the dark side.

    The Man Who Would be King, Where Eagles Dare, and The Battle of Britain are some of my favorites.

    I might add, The Longest Day, The Great Escape, and of course The Dirty Dozen.

  80. Ah, yes - the defense against the mind-bogglingly stupid Bug Bladder Beast of Traal. You put your towel over your head, because the Bug Bladder Beast thinks that "If you can't see it, it can't see you!!

    (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy reference there...)

    My favorite movie is a bunch of shorts, usually gunsight cameras showing the US Military smoking a bungs of raghead Taliban. Happy endings all around!

    Comey needs to wear cement overshoes and go walking off a long pier.

  81. No doubt Where eagles dare. In harm's way and Midway classic war films
    And my deserted island pick Blue Max George Peppard Can't believe I forgot that one

  82. Shoot Em Up

  83. On Movies some lesser known worthy views:

    - Ronin
    - Subway (way crazy car chase)

    On Comey - don't think he will escape his day of reckoning. Perhaps someone will think he has "earned" his pass by telling tales?

  84. Don't forget about Open Range with Duvall and Costner. If you are in a mood for unfettered violence and a bit crudity there are the Dead Pool movies with Reynolds. There is also a British movie called Snatch and no it has nothing to do with porn. For silly humor there is the first of the Smokey and the Bandit movies. The Shadow even though Alex Baldwin is in it. For classic war movies there is The Great Escape, Where Eagles Dare, The Battle of Britain and Kelly's Hero's. As an add on don't forget Quigley Down Under, Ronin, Blazing Saddles and V for Vendetta
    If you care to add old tv shows there is the Justified series with Timothy Oliphant adapted from some Elmore Lenard's books. To say nothing of the Have Gun will travel, the Unit, Wild Wild West tv series.
    You could easily kill a day or two watching even a tenth of the suggested in these responses, enjoy.

  85. Aleta Battle Angle - no Comey's no SJW bullcrap

  86. Two excellent sleeper Fred ........definitely worth seeing

    Anonymous Fred said...
    While "The wind and the lion" is an all-time favorite I'd have to say that "Secondhand lions" is one of the most under-appreciated movies ever.

    Shout at the Devil - one of Lee Marvins last and with Roger Moore ......Loosely based on actual events in Africa during WWI............. Hard to find but worth it !!!

  87. try the stand by Stephen King 6 hours but worth it

  88. One more and I'll stop...
    The Harrison Ford Clancy movies..
    Clear and Present Danger and Patriot Games.. Wow!!

  89. My wife isn't into action movies much, but we did both really enjoy the "Kingsman" movies -- and they *must* be watched in order. We both felt that they were what the 007 movies used to be like, before they got all PC.

    Would also recommend the first "Matrix" movie. Haven't seen the others, so can't say about them.

    "Pacific Rim" is a great turn-off-your-brain-and-just-enjoy-the-action flick -- giant robots fighting giant monsters; what's not to like?

    We also really liked "Alita: Battle Angel" and "RED". The two "Hellboy" movies are fun, the first more than the second.

    An odd, but satisfying movie was "Six-String Samurai". An overlooked movie I can recommend is "John Carter of Mars".

    The two "National Treasure" movies are fun and action-filled, with no blood. If you're in the mood for Nicholas Cage, then try "Ghost Rider".

  90. King Rat, starring George Segal, based on James Clavell's book about a Malaysian P.O.W. camp during World War II. I still periodically reread the superbly written book. Also the Aussie flick Breaker Morant.

  91. I never tire of watching The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. starring Humphrey Bogart and Alfonso Bedoya ("Badges? We don't have no badges. We don't need no stinking badges!"), with cameo appearances by writer and producer John Huston and Robert Blake as lottery ticket-hawking street urchin.

  92. There's no triumph of good over evil, but Michael Douglas in "Falling Down" is worth a couple of hours. Quite a study on changing times and social fractures.

  93. Btw, I seem to be improving at identifying traffic signals, hills and mountains, and bridges in the Prove You're Not a Robot screenings.

  94. Zulu for Rorke's Drift, Zulu Dawn for Isandlwana, Kurosawa's Seven Samurai.

  95. Too Funny Video: Mark Steyn Cracks Tucker Carlson Up Talking About Joe Biden Telling False Story

  96. I kinda liked "Hacksaw Ridge" for the story, but the really BAD mistakes made it hard to watch: nobody has EVER joined the army, gotten a uniform, and THEN gone to boot camp. Also, I can guarantee that that cargo net would NEVER hang on that cliff overnight, much less for days on end, with the Japanese army at the top. That was just stupid. Who let Mel film that??

    A recent movie I never heard of until I found it at the library is "Free Fire". Talk about a shoot-out...

  97. "It" by Stephen King, the first one. The book was terrific too.

  98. "A woman, a noddle shop and a gun", it's Chinese so you might want to watch it with the sound turned down.

  99. Two Steve McQueen movies:
    "The Sand Pebbles" - a US gunboat & crew fighting in 1920's China.
    Probably McQueen's best movie.
    "The Magnifisent Seven" the original with McQueen,Yule Brenner et all

    Also "The Emperor Of The North(Pole)" A lot of action & hand fighting
    Robert Aldrich movie with Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine and Keith Carradine adout hobos living & riding the rails in the 1930's

  100. Some of my favorites you might enjoy:
    3 Days of the Condor
    A Lonely Place to Die

    Hope you like them.

  101. Kelly's Heroes - great cast, great story

    Robin Hood with Errol Flynn - The only one that doesn't screw up the story.

    Magnificent 7 with Yul Brynner. Much better than the remake, because who can afford a Gatling Gun. Whole premise of M7 is the town is poor.

    Young Frankenstein.

    5th Element

    The Professional

  102. Fury
    Eli - not fast but Denzel is hypnotizing
    The Matrix
    Inglourious Basterds

    That being said, I want strong beautiful men doing glorious (good or bad makes no difference) things in my movies

    Meritorious mention for TV series- Justified. My first dedicated binge

  103. 1. Casablanca
    2. Gettysburg
    3. Fail Safe
    4. Judgement at Nuremberg (1948 trials, not the 1946 ones)
    5. Enemy at the Gates
    6. All Quiet on the Western Front
    7. Kingdom of Heaven
    8. Memphis Belle
    9. A Christmas Carol (Alistair Sim or George c. Scott versions)
    10. No Time for Sergeants


  104. Some of my favorite least the ones I can remember off the top of my head:

    Saving Private Ryan
    Red River
    Dancing with Wolves
    Field of Dreams
    Open Range
    All About Eve
    Hamburger Hill
    The Sand Pebbles
    The Graduate
    The Godfather (I, II, III)
    The Sandpiper
    Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe

  105. Check out Yellowstone with Kevin Costner. It's a series. Two seasons so far.

  106. One more;

    Gotta add "Dirty Harry." No pussified guys in this Clint Eastwood film classic.

  107. ...except for the mayor, the police chief and the nutcase played by Andy Robinson.

  108. Correction: Walter Huston won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, directed by his son John Huston. At least I got Anfonso Bedoya right.

  109. And for just kick-back relaxing, "The vessel with the pestle holds the potion with the poison while the chalice with the palace holds the brew that is true." Danny Kaye - The Court Jester.

  110. A little sleeper, Sahara, based on one of Clive Cussler's books (one of my favorite authors) in the Dirk Pitt series. It's on Prime right now. Mathew Mc, Penelope Cruz. Lots of action, great story line.

  111. The difficulty with prosecuting Comey for violations listed in the IG Report was that the ones I saw listed were violations of FBI policy which are ultimately approved by the FBI Director who was Comey.

    There have been some excellent movies listed here are some that weren't or were only mentioned once.

    Apollo 13 with Tom Hanks is excellent for those times when death and destruction aren't desired.

    The Serenity and the Firefly series already mentioned are excellent if you don't mind space ships instead of cars or horses.

    Braveheart and The Kingdom of Heaven if you are in a sword and arrow mood.

  112. I would second the movie "Shooter" with Mark Wahlberg; one of my all time favorites.
    Shawshank Redemption is one of the others, however it is not a roisterous action packed movie.

    Other action type movies would include:
    Post apocalytptic- The Book of Eli; The Road; Mad Max (Road Warrior, and later Max movies not so good).

    John Wick movies a bit too violent without much in the way of meaning. However both Jack Reacher films(despite Tom Cruise being who he is) are remarkably good.

    Enjoy- the good news is that there is a world of wonderful film out there.

  113. In Order of Disappearance (2014) Stellan Skarsgard.

  114. "Where Eagles Dare," A superb Alistair Maclean novel, made into a movie with Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. The last scene alone is worth the price of admission!

  115. Broken Arrow. Travolta/Slater. Hubby and I have watched it many times. Favorite quote "please don't shoot at the thermonuclear weapons" LOL

  116. I could name several, but rather than water down my recommendation, I’ll suggest one excellent movie...”The Professional”...Gary Oldman is excellent.

  117. Spy Games with Robert Redford & Brad Pitt

  118. Try Soldier. Loved Red Rock West which is more a film noire movie but great nod to the past. Try Retroactive for a great science fiction time travel flick with a great plot.

    I love The Drop, a real sleeper.