Monday, December 16, 2019

Bottom Feeder

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Soon-to-be Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has just debuted a fresh, new, youthful countenance which is pure nightmare fuel. In perhaps the least-subtle plastic surgery we've ever seen, Hillary appears to have had silicone breast implants crammed into her cheeks - making them bloated and disquietingly smooth when framed by her heavily wrinkled face.

Although to be absolutely fair and journalistically responsible, we don't know that Hillary had plastic surgery done. We suppose it's possible that she took out her teeth to pleasure her husband ("Is it okay if I think of Monica?") and he got so carried away with slamming her face that her air bags deployed.


stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, thunberg, time, person of the year, face

We normally scoff at the idiotic choices made by TIME magazine (not that it is still a magazine) for their annual "person of the year" issue, but for 2019 they almost got it right.

Not by selecting Greta Thunberg, the spoiled, hectoring, self-important brat of privilege who thinks she's going to change the world by skipping school and being a complete pain in the global ass. But we think TIME almost got it right because the real "person of the year" should be that vicious, angry, "please punch me" snot face that has become the new Guy Fawkes mask worn universally by liberals.

This sneering display of disdain for the rabble, so perfectly mastered by Ms. Thunberg, has also been seen on the pusses of nearly every prominent asshole on the Left. Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Peter Strzok, Alexandria Ocarina-Goretex, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, James Comey, Ilhan Omar, the full roster of Democratic presidential candidates, every Democrat who attempted to destroy Bret Kavanaugh, antifa, college students, liberal professors, the entire on-air lineup on MSNBC and CNN, and far too many more to mention.

It is the face of whiners and those who hate. The face of those who resent the need to work or exercise personal responsibility. It is the face of unearned superiority and unmerited self-love. It is the face of the power-hungry and the heartless. It is the face of bigotry, prejudice, and the deeply embedded belief that all people are not created equal, which is why the ivory tower class feels compelled to tell the peasant class what the hell to do with their insignificant and annoying lives.

So TIME swung and missed again this year. But maybe they'll get it in 2020, when the "person of the year" will be all of those grief-stricken faces that we'll see when Donald Trump is elected to a second term.


  1. Two faces that only an axe handle could love...

  2. Perhaps the well-aimed application of a coal shovel would be in order to detune her rabid animosities......

  3. TIME has ceased to be relevant for how long?

    As I learned from one of my high school teachers, LIFE was for people who couldn't read. TIME is for people who can read but cannot think.

    There's a South Park episode that comes to mind that reminds me of Greta.

  4. And people say Hillary isn't going to run! HA! Botox is the ugly serum of the rich and powerful progressive left.

    Greta needs to be slapped silly. What a useless POS.

  5. Stalin was a Time Person of the Year. So was Hitler.

    Now they've gone and put the most famous member of the Klimawechsel Hitlerjugend on the cover.

    I'm beginning to see a pattern.

  6. I showed my husband a side-by-side photo of Hillary! from the U.K. Daily Mail. It was the first time I ever felt sorry for her - what horrible results!

  7. Well-written, Stilt. Well-written.

  8. Greta might learn some respect for her elders if someone slapped the taste of lutfisk out of her mouth when she starts to rant.

  9. As for the butt cheek implants, Even ol Bill wouldn’t hit that.. Great job Stilton..
    ~Pissed Off Old Guy..

  10. Well over 5000 trees are cut down each year to produce the paper for magazines like Time. This does not include those sacrificed for newspaper production.
    Way to help the environment, Greta.

  11. Fortunately I've been finishing my first cup of coffee on Monday morning just prior to reading this much anticipated blog. Otherwise I would be wearing it and searching for another laptop. To be fair to Shrillery...but never mind. She doesn't deserve fair. The first time I saw that photo I thought there had been a misprint. Maybe a face transplant? What she needs is a heart transplant since she has never had one. Maybe AOC will donate hers; she's already donated her brain.

    Ms Thunderberg is yet another example of clueless youth being used by environazis and other communists to harangue everyone else while displaying their own blatant hypocrisy. I'm getting tired of responsible, experienced people sitting politely by, waiting for these idiots to wise up. It's time for some of them to get slapped upside the head with a large carp.

  12. Stilton, you're a very sick man. I'm a big fan!

  13. To me, it appears her face is growing breasts. Yes, it looks very strange.

    Greta - are you still here ? I think you already made your point dear. Act quickly and get that book deal before something else becomes the 'shiny new toy' ...

  14. Regarding Greta, there is no more perfect rebuttal than this:

    Pure brilliance!

  15. Let's summarize the two cartoons in one phrase, which applies to both 'ladies': "Climate Face".

  16. Hillary should have had the upper-lip 5 O'clock shadow removed from her upper lip while she was at it. It would probably not have helped; her testosterone injections will keep her in excess body hair. As a result, I predict a rise in Gillette's stock and news reports of Hillary's visits to men's restrooms.

  17. As for little Greta, I would opt that she thinks that euthanasia stands for the Peace Corps in China. Another 16-year-old with a 3-year-old mind.

  18. Brilliant summation of the disease that is liberalism. Unfortunately it's a self-inflicted condition that only occasionally receives a miracle cure.

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  20. @Anonymous just above: I just went to that link in reply to Greta but could not stay with it yet this morning. Maybe later; but thanks for providing it. (2) @ Stilton: It looks like you were just kidding. You've been able to keep up news pretty well. Glad you're back as that must also mean your daughter is on the mend. (3) Greta causes a lot of thought; and your take on "faces" is well-formed. It causes a lot of thought.

    I've not paid much attention to Greta; only know she "presents" very poorly. On the other hand she is said (if true) to have a form of Autism. She seems to be a sincerely frightened young woman who has given up hope. And THAT is a shame; or yet another fraud. I've worked with youth for much of my life in well-known character & leadership development programs. On one hand Greta is the type of kid we'd like to reach out to; but now I would not want to have anything to do with her, or her parents. It seems she is more a victim wo is being used and promoted rather than a leader. I should watch this topic more closely and in doing so may learn more about myself. Less about environment, but more about youth & families we try to help.

  21. If you look up the term "useful idiot" in a lexicon, you'll find a pic of Greta.

    I actually feel sorry for her....she's being exploited and used by her parents/handlers and may never realize the damage that they did to her.

  22. Hillary's going for the Elizabeth Warren "I have high cheekbones, therefore I'm an Indian" look, I think. As for Greta, I think she should learn to walk backwards.

  23. Greta: Proof that even the ugly need their 15 minutes of fame.
    Hillary: Was that an actual picture? I thought maybe it was photo-shopped.

  24. Great post today Stilton. Hillary is simply so grotesque and vile inside and outside, that I prefer to ignore her. The Greta phenomenon is disturbing in that vast swaths of "adults" apparently give scientific credence to the scripted rantings of a 16-year old. Seriously? Where are her degrees in atmospheric physics, or thermodynamics, or even a high school diploma for that matter? I'm sorry, but the emperor has no clothes and anyone who can't see that should be so ashamed that they self immolate.

  25. The photo of Hillary is her body double.

    That was the gal that exited Chelsea's apartment in NYC after she had her episode, remember? The body double's face has been enhanced but the rounded hi-ball cheeks are not Hillary's cheeks.

    Neither is her teeth (or earlobes). Look at other similar photos. Hillary has been replaced. I know. I met her on several occasions years back & have old photos. A recent one from 2 years ago at a local book signing event shows a different woman.

    Just Sayin.'

  26. The Clintons are political herpes. You never know when the next outbreak is going to appear.

    And I'm pretty sure that Hillary hasn't pleasured her husband since at least the Bush (41) era. If she has, then I have even less respect for her than I do now, which I am not sure is even possible.

    TIME's High School Dropout of the Year: If Greta is in fact a "complete pain the the global ass", then it's only because the global ass has let her climb on in. As I've said from the beginning, the only reason that Greta gets airplay is because she channels the Progressive Marxist/fascist narrative on climate change from her parents/handlers. Nothing more. But even before TIME magazine canonized her, her act was wearing thin. She jumped the shark with her "How dare you!" admonishment of the globalists who already see themselves as the drivers of the clime syndicate, and her little "against the wall" faux pas was just another demonstration that she has no more awareness of history than she does climate science, or anything beyond the script prepared for her by her handlers.

    And right-on with "It is the face of whiners and those who hate...". Beyond their desire to dictate how the world and your life should be run, (and making a comfortable living doing it) they have nothing to offer society. They create or invent nothing. And they've confused their own hate as a mandate to demand that you oblige their dictates.

    They'll have to excuse my response to "get bent".

  27. Well said. And all this renewed attention to Hillary's face (like anyone could give a shit); and other minor but "viral" topics: Never forget about possible distractions. These SOBs could be wanting us to focus on such things. When it has to come out into light, I believe they know the impeachment hoax will collapse. What to they have then? They may be up to something else, like setting up for cheating the election.

  28. @Rod: Again. You left out that terminal word. What we should worry about is success, not the cheating itself. That's kind of a given; it goes with the (D)...

    @Jim Irre: Sure. However, I like Kevin Jackson's take at TheBlacksphere: The woman who couldn’t defeat then politically-unknown Trump when she had the entirety of the Fed conspiring to defeat him now believes she can do it. I’m not buying it.

    @M. Mitchell Marmel: I love it when your comment comes first; you have such a facility for summarizing! Two faces that only an axe handle could love...

  29. Some friends (that prefer to remain nameless) and I believe that Epstein's testicles were used for this new look. It explains her constant giggling every time she looks in the mirror.

  30. SHrillary: sadly there are some things that, once seen can never be unseen. Who can now sleep at night with the memory of that ghastly image in their head? Thanksalot Stilt!

    Greta: a charming gal I'm told though I've not yet met her. I would take her to the prom if I could find a good fitting anti-environment suit. You know, to protect me from the toxins.

  31. @M. Mitchell Marmel- Your comment reminds me of (ahem) DEMOCRAT Lester Maddox, the Georgia Governor whose campaign gave out ax handles suitable for beating black people (only he didn't call them that). Surprisingly little has changed since then.

    @Regnad Kcin- I'm imagining a highly satisfying cartoon-style "WHANGGG!!!!" sound.

    @Fish Out of Water- Yeah, TIME ran out of time quite awhile ago.

    @Jim Irre- Hillary is totally running. I've never doubted it, and have said as much here all along. As for Greta, I certainly don't want her slapped or punched, but she could sure as hell use a reality check.

    @Mike- TIME has previously stated that they're not naming the "best" person of the year, but rather the one who had the greatest effect on the world. How a kid skipping school made the "top billion" list is baffling, let alone naming her to be the most consequential person on the planet this year.

    @Bobo the Hobo- You're obviously a kind person. Things will have to get a LOT worse for Hillary before I feel an iota of sorrow for her.

    @Jack- Thank you! Granted, I threw subtlety to the wind today...

    @Anonymous- While I'm against slapping children, I've got to admit that I loved the lutfisk reference!

    @Pissed Off Old Guy- Bill might hit it in the dark. Or through a glory hole. Hey, I'm just trying to be charitable here!

    @Geoff King- I don't think there even IS a paper version of TIME anymore and, frankly, I care so little that I won't even Google it. Still, TIME is wasting pixels that could have been distributed to the poor.

    @Snark- Yeah, I was thinking that the Hillary/Baby Butt Cheeks cartoon might elicit a spew or two out there. It even made ME laugh, and that's rare. And I agree with your suggestion that little Greta is overdue for a Carp Diem...

    @Beckwith- Technically, that makes you an enabler.

    @Anonymous- Yep, definitely cheek-knockers.

    @Anonymous- Nicely done!

    @Joe Jetson- Yes, there was definitely a "face" theme happening today. Might as well blame it on the climate...

    @Alfonso Bedoya- Hillary DOES seem to have some mustache stubble going on. And you make me wonder if she really MIGHT be getting testosterone injections? And yes, little Greta is an annoying nitwit. Have you ever seen her questioned when she's not reading from a prepared speech? She's a mess.

    @Ken C- We could sure use that miracle right now, couldn't we?

  32. Thundermug and buttcheeks are just too much for this old world to put up with. Mother gaia is gonna hawk up a lung and spatooie both of them into outer space.
    As Bugs would say: BonVoyagee!

  33. I thought the photo of Hillary was a bad Photoshop job. Imagine me finding out it was real. The comments left by the people admiring her new visage we're quite vomit-inducing. comments like she was born with natural skin but only needs a little help. Got to be kidding me..

  34. @Rod- You bring up a couple of great points about Greta Thunberg: she has asperger's syndrome, which is more or less high-functioning autism. The condition makes it hard for her to read the emotions of others, or respond to them appropriately. Now let's add in the likelihood that she's genuinely terrified, because so many voices are telling her that everyone on Earth will be dead in 12 years. Imagine what a nightmare it must be to believe that, and simultaneously seeing the people around you NOT panicking and changing our energy systems.

    These conditions give me genuine sympathy for Greta, but not quite enough that I won't continue to point out that she is an annoyance - albeit one created by those who would use and abuse her. It is they who have stolen her childhood - not those of us who are legitimately working on a cleaner, greener world while also keeping current systems running to keep people clothed, housed, and fed.

    @Anonymous- I'd like to think that sometime in the future, Greta will realize what her handlers (including her parents) did to her. And I hope she can recover from the enormous blow that realization will represent.

    @Linda Lee- Thank you! When I'm honked off, I get a little extra momentum in my writing.

    @John Holton- Now that you mention it, Hillary's new cheekbones DO put Warren's to shame. Maybe that was her plan!

    @Anonymous- Greta isn't ugly when her face is at rest, but it sure gets ugly in a hurry when she's triggered. Regarding Hillary, there are multiple photos of her at a gala (where the picture I used was taken) - so it appears to be legit.

    @TrickyRicky- Those who idolize Greta couldn't understand actual climate science if they were beaten over the head with it. Rather, their decisions are based on feelings and passions. Both of which qualities can be readily found in an emotionally unstable teenaged girl.

    @Anonymous- I'm skeptical about a Hillary body double, but "skeptical" doesn't mean I think it's impossible. And here's a thought: if a double's vocal cords were operated on to better approximate Hillary's voice, mightn't that procedure make the recipient subject to coughing spells? Just wondering...

    @John the Econ- You've used the "political herpes" line about the Clintons before, and it's always on target. And I think you're right that Greta has jumped the shark. Her latest faux pas was a doozy - sending out a picture of her sitting in wistful exhaustion on the floor of an overcrowded train. Only it was revealed that the photo was staged, and that she and "her team" were all actually seated in first class. They should, indeed, all "get bent."

    @Rod- Well, Hillary's bizarre kisser DID keep me from talking about the impeachment shenanigans today, so maybe I've fallen for the Left's plot to distract me.

    @Pat Cummings- My money is still on Hillary running. Well, not ALL my money, but maybe $15 - which is enough for a jug of Clan MacGregor. And yes, M. Mitchell Marmel sets a pretty high bar for the rest of us to shoot for here in the comments!

    @WDS- I've been feeling cocky about the "baby butt cheeks" gag all day, but now I'm kicking myself for not making the joke revolve around Epstein's testicles. Oh well, perfection is the enemy of the good.

    @Studebaker Hauk- That really IS a terrifying picture of Hillary, isn't it? As for Greta, I suppose it's possible that she looks human when she smiles. I'm not going to Google for that image though, as I don't want my computer tied up with that long a search.

  35. @Susan Fineman- And still at the low, low price of absolutely free! How do we do it? The secret is volume! (Seriously, thank you!)

    @Sortahwitte- Your comment is sheer poetry.

    @udaman- I couldn't believe the picture was real either, but I couldn't find anything to suggest it wasn't. And yes, various outlets are fawning over her "eternally youthful" look. Yikes!

  36. That photo of the most unqualified, unfit and unworthy POTUS candidate since Henry Wallace, if there were spirals on the cheekbones, think that monster could pass for a movie villain in a old horror movie (was it Saw?).

    To anonymous who posted the link. Excellent, excellent piece. Anyone can wail and criticize, bit my answer is, 'Ok, then what's your idea?' and as the opinion piece points out, she has none save to revert back 2 or 3 centuries. Greta is but the latest in a long, sad line who have swallowed the Rousseau bullshit (Pol Pot too can be counted as one) about the 'State of Nature' and then wreak havoc on society. Have always thought how much better history and humankind might have been had he just kept his trap shut.

  37. Hilly the Puppet. All that's missing is red bulls eyes on the cheeks.

    They say she looked 'radiant'. Fooled by a mask.

  38. @Fish Out of Water, @Unknown: Hey, you guys totally called it! Complete with collapsed sub-nasal structures, freaky surrounding wrinkles, and dead eyes...

  39. don't give a hoot what she sports for a face. it's her ambition that shows thru the mask and that is what is truly ugly. ambition for power is the best of reasons to never give power to anyone.
    OTGH, POTUS Trump is akin to the man who was standing at the fence, getting ready to cut it and straighten out some bastards; who then made up his mind and did it when he saw no one else step up to the task.
    Picture the country with eight more years of barry-esque rot controlling our lives.

  40. greta is the face of today's liberal socialist. greta's talking points and talking style is the definition of liberal thought and deed. my way or die, in effect.
    Ever been to Sweden? I remember leaving it very fondly. More than a few Swedish families have their gretas; almost a growth industry. anytime it gets warmer than 0degC, they come crawling out of the woodwork. it's probably been a while since her family has been in Sweden. I doubt they would survive if they confronted one on one the immigrant population in Sweden with the talking points they have given the rest of the world.

  41. What might they be up to now? Remember when in his first inaugural speech Barry O. said he intended to move the office of Director the U.S Census from within Department of Commerce to to the White House? Did he ever do anything that was not political?

    Ten years later, the U.S. Census is NOW advertising for 2020 census workers. How many conservatives already with good paying jobs do you think they might sign up? What might cheating Democrat & radical liberal census workers be able to do?

    This is just one topic that comes to mind; and I don't have the mind of a persistent cheater. Is anyone paying attention?

  42. Greta's latest faux pas: Greta's staged tweet of her travelling with the luggage just further confirmed what I've suspected all along: Greta is a puppet. I doubt she's even behind her own Twitter account. Whatever her affliction really is, I suspect that it makes her easily programmable for on stage performances like a Teddy Ruxpin, but she is totally incapable of meaningful interaction.

    I actually feel sorry for her. Her handlers are the evil ones.

    And the people who fall for her act are just plain stupid.

  43. Hmmm.... My brother emigrated to Sweden in the early 70's (he likes that socialism crap I guess) and his son has Asperger's. Is it something in the water? In the food? Or maybe just the way they're brought up? The kid was spoiled rotten as a child and never, EVER punished for bad behavior. Not that Asperger's isn't a real thing, but wouldn't you think a person's environment would possibly have a huge influence on one's ability to function in society? How many Asperger's sufferers are among us who learned how to deal with it and live so called normal lives? In Sweden, they are given a lifetime of coddling and a somewhat lucrative income provided by the taxpayers.

    Do I feel sorry for Greta? Yes, it was not her choice to be like she is. But her handlers and the socialist dumbasses who created the "Swedish Utopia" need to have their asses kicked for parading her around like P.T. Barnum freak.

  44. I started to add this to my "Greta" far above but it got dropped. The other memo was long anyway. Here's some personal observations about Sweden: I've traveled there for industrial purposes. A large offshore oil & gas quarters/ offices/ control rooms/ etc. 3-story building was contracted to be constructed there. Many of their industrial factories & fabrication yards are well-designed, impressively equipped, clean & well organized; & they do high quality work.

    This was in the Gothenberg area and points north. A youngish professional man maybe ~30 was my host for the plant visit and a a couple of evenings out. Nice fellow. He had a new car (don't remember what, likely a Volvo or Saab). He was somewhat apologetic about it; saying it was a gas-guzzler but he liked the performance and felt like he earned it. Conversion to our units showed he was averaging about 26 or so MPG, and that was ~25 years ago. Gas guzzler.

    Similar efficiencies abound. Commuter Rail, Bus, & Bicyles are all over the place and the overall system is safely designed for them all to work together. Consider Americanized in-fact world-wide IKEA: They produce a lot of things & systems that are space saving and international, with compact packaging & graphic assembly instructions I first learned about IKEA when we had a company apartment in Aktau, Afghanistan and EVERYTHING in it was from IKEA; from the all furniture to the kitchen stuff, to plates, silverware, etc.

    It's a beautiful country; and I was not interested nor focusing on their politics. We had a big important job to do and they did it: well, on time & on budget; and were a pleasure with whom to work. And I must say their reputation for beautiful women is correct as well.

    To the point: It's a somewhat different culture, and that to which Greta T. is accustomed.
    I think that also figures into all this a little bit.

  45. To Rod: About the Census, you may not be aware there are some who are barred from working for the decennial Census. Among those who cannot be employed are, all elected officials. Also those employed by the judiciary.

    Now on to the creeping coup d'etat. To perhaps lead into tomorrow's post, the unthinking, rabid mob of "progressives have already made their next moves.

    First they've signaled that the Senate trial will not be "fair" - a clumsy preemptive move to taint and delegitimize the expected Senate trial before it happens. Second, they've signaled that assuming they retain control of the House, they will impeach and impeach and impeach again, gambling by that time they'll have control of the Senate and then hold a "fair" trial.

    What the President should do in 2020 is to thank Vice President Pence for his work and take a poison pill running mate, say Nikki Haley, the message to the berserker "progressives" being even if you do succeed in impeaching and convicting me, look who'll step into my shoes.

  46. @Fish-- Maybe Pres Trump can appoint Joe Biden as ambassador to Ukraine. That'd be a fun Senate confirmation event. Then, just before they vote on it, just tell 'em Psyche!