Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Brew Ha Ha

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In an interview speaking with the distinguished African-American journalist "Charlamagne tha God," Joe Biden quipped that "if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."

Even for Biden, this was an impressive accomplishment: using only three words, he denied the existence or significance of biological race, suggested that Black Americans are still wholly owned and controlled by Democratic slavemasters and, just for good measure, used "ain't" because he apparently thinks African-Americans are too dumb to understand correct grammar.

To date, none of the African-American women Biden is considering for his VP candidate have voiced any problem with Biden's insulting remark. But then, maybe they "ain't Black" except when it can be used to their advantage.


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  1. Sagginwobbles? My cultural anthropology class pinpoints them as Bewbsafloppin!

  2. After the re-revised box art was released, Land O' Lakes Butter sales shot through the roof.

  3. Must admit I'd not thought of this for my funeral but it seems OK. It's a lot better than being pickled, dressed in a suit & buried in a box. Already have the canoe as well; will have round up the pall bearers.

    1. I'm going for a Tibetan sky burial, seems like a good time.

  4. The IKEA comment resonated with me, haha!

    As with AOC, making fun of Joe is just tooooo easy.

  5. Stilt, that’s the best laugh I’ve had all week - thank you!

  6. If we had ice, we could have cold beer...if we had beer.

  7. Mike aka Proof, It illustrates why, when the explorers discovered the above ground toilet facilities and nearby water feature, the natural moniker for this place was "Lake Tittie-caca".

  8. Are those electric eels by any chance?

  9. Joe Biden reminds me of Tim Conway's old geezer character on the Carol Burnett Show....only funnier.

  10. Stilt, Since Joe Biden is the quintessence of the Democrat party, can your fertile (albeit bizarre) mind create an ostinato panel that sums him up? I will concede the task is daunting, but the results may be spectacular!

  11. Sure that's the sagginwobble tribe and not the Fagawi Tribe Johnny Carson spoke of 'til the censors "suggested" he refrain from so doing?

  12. Thanks once again Joe for reminding us again just who the real racists in America really are, but that you and your fellow white Democrats consider African-Americans wholly-owned by the Democratic Party. As @Stilton says, quite an accomplishment in only 3 words.

    And once again a Democrat talks down to a whole race of people with poor grammar.

    It's all just another example of how the Democrats don't just want to take America back to the early 19th century ecologically and economically, but socially and culturally as well.

    Caption: I got nothing.

  13. @ Sergio, is the Fagawi Tribe considered cousins to the Hellawis?

  14. @Bobo and @ Sergio: The Hagawi Tribe in "F Troop" started out as the "Fagawi Tribe" until Standards and Practices nixed the idea... ;-)

  15. Wow. I'm getting the NASA big launch willies all over again. They're just anow at T-24 min, still on Go AND fueing but weather could still scrub it for today. The all day TV coverage has been the most ever. Fantastic project between SpaceX and NASA. Good luck to them all.

  16. Okay, you win, Stilt:
    • Squaws who could no longer pass the 'pencil test' were exiled
    • At the age of twenty-three, Princess Wyayahta was being moved over to the MILF area
    • Chief Lame Joke had specifically requested googley eyes on his casket
    • The Purdue Fraternity Council convinced the Purdue Sorority Council that tops transmitted covid-19
    • Hurry up, she said, the Governor's husband wants his boat in the water this weekend
    • etc.

  17. True story: my family was originally from Italy and we were stationed at Aviano when my parents came over for a visit to see their new grandson. Dad carried the baby in a backpack carrier while we visited the ruins in Pompeii. Locals had not seen that particular way of carrying a baby and were fascinated. One little girl asked Dad if we were Indians because of the carrier. When I translated her question, Dad burst out laughing and said, “Tell her we are Indians; we’re part of the Wop-a-hoe tribe”

    To this day, I tell people I am a proud Wop-a-hoe

  18. My wife, Sioux, and I are both of native heritage. We however, don't take ourselves too seriously. I had a bumper sticker made that says: Proud Member of the Hackasaw Tribe.

  19. I'm still trying to find out what a Charlamagne tha God is.

  20. "I ain't no ways tahrd".
    H. Clinton

  21. And on the peaceful shores of Lake Superior ......... (but ready to flee if the violence escalates)

  22. Further thought on this illustration: Assuming the wrapping is placed up there by the ladies forming a pyramid; is this the origin of the term Breastworks? They already look pretty tired from lifting the boat.

  23. @Rod: I'm pretty sure placing the canoe was done at peak high tide...

    because a rising tide lifts all the boats! (pa-dum, psshh)

  24. Over the last year or so, I've noted many organizations in a seemingly coordinated-spontaneous organized effort to fight the biggest scourge of the land, white supremacy, which is the left's code word for "white male conservatives".

    To understand how pervasive this threat is to peace and order in America, do recall that several years ago there was a national white supremacist rally in Washington DC that attracted almost enough attendees to fill a minivan.

    So while the left equivocates white supremacy with the existence of Donald Trump, the Democrats offer up a candidate who actually sees non-whites as political slaves to a party he's fronted for for decades. And most of the same people who bemoan the existential threat of white supremacy will mindlessly vote for him.

    The real White Supremacy: White guy telling black guy that not voting for white guy means he's not really black.

  25. @Mike aka Proof- Actually, the Sagginwobbles live on flat ground, but the Bewbsafloppin live in mountainous terrain.

    @M. Mitchell Marmel- Hey, I'D buy more damn butter!

    @Rod- In Japan, there's such a thing as "funeral strippers." Though the whole nudist colony sky boat thing seems cooler.

    @Brie Camembert- Making fun of Biden IS easy, which is why I felt I owed everyone a bit extra with this post.

    @Bobo the Hobo- Happy to help!

    @Jess- The glass would be half-full...if we had a glass.

    @Alan- I can't find any flaw in that logic.

    @Bruce Bleu- I will never be old enough not to snicker at the word "Titicaca."

    @Matthew W- In this case, "priceless" means I give this stuff away for free (grin).

    @TrickyRicky- Well played, sir. Pick any prize from the top shelf!

    @Geoff King- Now that you mention it, I can see the similarity!

    @Frizchen- I think Biden himself hit the ostinato button when he recently declared, "I'm going to beat Joe Biden." How can I improve on that?!

    @Sergio- I think things were more fun when TV folks had to be sneaky about making such references instead of just blasting us with casual obscenities.

    @John the Econ- I am so freaking offended by the casual racism that is part and parcel of the Democrats' worldview. They apparently think the problem with Slavery 1.0 was not enough "good massahs."

  26. When oh when will folks of color finally realize exactly who it is who wants them kept poor, misinformed, and dependent. And if you don't vote for them, you ain't black? If I was black, that would drive me to supporting Trump quicker than you can say, "F**k you Joe."

    I'm hoping and praying that this launch and many more will be a big fat black eye to the Russians, who have been sticking it to us ever since Obammy cancelled the shuttle program. I'm hoping it's a go on Saturday, so I can watch it live. Go SpaceX!

  27. And when the Russians want to use SpaceX I hope they will stick it to them big time. With a huge tariff on top of that. Spasiba.

  28. @Bobo the Hobo- My mother used to read "Hints from Hellawis" in the newspaper...

    @M. Mitchell Marmel- I seem to remember hearing that!

    @Rod- I'm very excited about the launch, but damned if I'll watch one live again. Too damned scary - especially since not much has gone right in 2020 so far.

    @DougM- I can always rely on you for snappy captions. Albeit not bra-snappy in this case (grin).

    @Bobo the Hobo- So you were once a Wop-a-hoe papoose?

    @Birdchaser- Actually, Tibetan sky burials are pretty damn cool. Not that they'll ever catch on here! And yeah, it's pretty hard to take a guy seriously who calls himself "Charlamagne tha God."

    @NVRick- Yeah, but she should be tarred...

    @REM1875- Stay safe!

    @Rod- I think you may be on to something there.

    @Pat Cummings- I'm pretty sure in this case it would be peek high tide.

    @John the Econ- Just to be clear, it seems that Democrats (at least the leadership) believe that Black Americans really are inferior beings, and need to be treated like children. How they get away with that is something I never expect to understand.

  29. @Colby Muenster- I agree on both points.

    @Rod- Works for me!

  30. How they get away with that is something I never expect to understand.

    Oh, I understand it completely: Their accomplices in academia and the media repeat and reinforce the narrative which makes them feel good and morally superior, and much of the "black leadership" makes very comfortable livings abetting it all.

  31. "Speaking of witch"... how come somebody doesn't immediately think the next comment is about shrillary? No, no... speaking of Injuns, we can know that Fauxcahontas is one because she drives a Siouxbaru!

  32. Not what I was looking for, but 'ducking' "nipple song" revealed THIS oddity..
    Errr, Enjoy?