Monday, May 4, 2020

Nyuk, Nyuk - Who's There?

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It's now all but certain that the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19 did not originate in nature, but rather escaped from a laboratory doing nightmarishly dangerous experiments in Wuhan (Chinese for "Whoops!").

If you want the whole story (and you should!), we recommend going to this link for a detailed, accurate, and fascinating 40-minute presentation about how this happened and why it's almost impossible that the civilization-busting virus originated anywhere else.

In the report, you'll learn about the Wuhan lab's experiments designed to produce "gain of function" in bat coronaviruses. Which is to say, enhancing the qualities they already have (infectivity and lethality) and giving them new qualities they didn't previously have (jumping to humans). This is the well-documented research the lab was doing at exactly the same time SARS-CoV-2, by wild coincidence, allegedly developed spontaneously all by itself in a way never previously seen in nature, in a wet market just 300 yards from the lab's front door. Or more likely, the back door.

Granted, this new information doesn't really change much other than to confirm that the Chinese government, with their secrecy and lies, screwed the world in much the same way a toothless hillbilly psycho corn-holed a squealing Ned Beatty in "Deliverance." And of course, the information also gives us a new empathy for all of those angry, torch-wielding peasants in Frankenstein movies who knew that there were some things Man was not meant to tamper with.

But this is our reality now and, as our good friend Johnny Optimism reminds us, life goes on...

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  1. Or as the COVID Sith Lord, Darth Fectious, might say: "May the Fourth be with you!"

  2. Playing a trumpet through a mask should produce some interesting sounds. Not music, just sounds. Funny, though ... the same thing happens when you try to hold a conversation through a mask, especially from six feet away. Not conversation, just sounds. Our masters do find interesting ways to keep us from communicating with each other, do they not?

  3. Since Sinko de Mayo is not celebrated in Mexico any mexicans wishing to celebrate will be 'forced' to come to the United States ....... putting a whole new meaning to the word 'forced'....
    Looking for any reference to it under 'famous French defeats' is also a daunting time consuming task not to be taken lightly.

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  5. Dang it! I goofed up my post!

    Today is Star Wars Day (May The Fourth be with you). Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. Combine the two and the next day is (wait for it) .....

    Revenge of the Sixth

    We now return you to your regular cup of coffee (smh)

  6. I emailed my congressman and asked that our country require that everything sold here be labeled with country of origin. I remember that before obama everything that was sold in the United States of America was labeled "Made in *****". I don't know about everyone else out there but approximately 98.6% of everything I purchase that was made in China only lasts for a short while. The list includes outdoor lighting, rain gauges, computer, clothing, and much, much more. Much of our food comes from China as well ... and there is a difference. Dog food has poison ingredients, childrens' toys have lead based paint, I could go on and on but my pen is running out of ink. Semper fi to one and all. Don't forget to write to your congress human.

  7. Cinco de Muerte! It's to die for!

  8. I'm pleased that Johhny, despite all his underlying conditions, has not succumbed to the dread Pirate Roberts... er, Corona Virus.

    I also learned this morning that regular (as opposed to kung) flu deaths annually are not actually counted in the US. Nope, those numbers come from a model! Every year, the CDC et al. sit down and ponder, "How many people will die in the US and its protectorates this year?"

    Then they shake the Magic 8-Ball and the answer de l'année floats to the window...

  9. I read, back in February, how the virus was genetically deconstructed (probably by using CRISPR) and it was found to have a binding site in one of the strands that is NOT naturally occurring in nature....... and that a SARS gene was introduced at that site. I won't go into details, I don't remember the particulars, and, interesting in itself, the article is no longer available at the website (coincidence??).

    So, NONE of this is news to me, but to The Great Unwashed Masses it's pretty much "news" because an awful lot of people aren't coming clean about this stuff. Further, they are lying their asses off about most aspects of it. And the Libtards are taking full advantage of it, probably to see what the Masses will do (or *won't* do!) when the Gubmint should be told to "go to hell, and take your flying monkeys with you"...

    Fun times, Stilt. Fun times.

  10. Pick your theory:

    A) COVID-19 was a genetic weapon intentionally deployed by the Chinese communist government upon an unprepared world to cause international social, economic and political chaos.

    B) COVID-19 was an experiment in a lab that accidentally got loose, after which the Chinese communist government lied about it while closing Wuhan to domestic travel, but allowing international travel to continue thus allowing the infection to spread across the globe.

    C) COVID-19 was the result of animal-to-human transmission in wet markets that had been known for decades to be biologically problematic, and yet the Chinese communist government that has no problem clamping down on other unapproved behaviors in China allowed these markets to continue operating unabated. After discovery of the disease, the Chinese communist government lied about it while closing Wuhan to domestic travel, but allowing international travel to continue thus allowing the infection to spread across the globe.

    You can pick any of those you like, but the common denominator remains that the Chinese communist government is evil.

    Happy Cinco de Masko.

  11. "You can pick any of those you like, but the common denominator remains that the Chinese communist government is evil."

    Bingo John. The common denominator says it all. To paraphrase an illustrious former high government official "What difference, at this point, does it make how it started?"

  12. @John the Econ,

    I sort of lean towards "B", but I figure the much more sinister choice "A" is a real possibility. Either way, these bastards need to pay... big time. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but wonder just how involved some powerful Democrats were in all of this, and how soon were they involved. They are obviously milking it now, but was there involvement back in 2019? Earlier?

    We have the power to force companies to manufacture in the USA. Mrs. Muenster and I actively avoid food grown in China, and now will do the same for other items as much as possible. Might be tough to do that with anything electronic, but I think we all need to try. Hit those jackasses in the pocketbook!

    Could you re-post your "May the fifth be with you" cartoon tomorrow?

  13. @M. Mitchell Marmel- Yoda man!

    @Phoebe- I just got back from the store (a rare thing these days) and was experiencing muffle-speak firsthand. I imagine when perma-masks are introduced (just change filters) they'll have a tiny microphone inside to better transmit our voices. And you know, I really should patent that idea...

    @REM1875- I think that search you mentioned is like looking for a specific Wang in the Chinese phonebook.

    @Bobo the Hobo- Well played! The farce is strong with this one!

    @Fred Ciampi- I really like that idea. I don't want to buy Chinese anything anymore. Those bastards broke the world.

    @Fritzchen- And killer margaritas!

    @Pat Cummings- Johnny will not only be fine during this crisis, he may eventually emerge as our boy king. And great point about the "regular" flu deaths. By actual count (and not models), Covid19 is knocking off at least 10 times as many people. Bad data makes for bad decisions, and we're currently drowning in both.

    @Anonymous- I remember talk about that, but there's been a crossfire of talk every which way so I didn't know what to trust. I do trust Dr. Chris Martenson, who I linked to, and he laid out the case with documentation, reason, and no apparent agenda. So I'm convinced that stupidity, sloppiness, and hubris created this mess...but have little hope that any of those conditions will diminish in this dystopia.

    @John the Econ- I'm going with choice B, but you make a great point: China screwed everyone over royally.

    @TrickyRicky- For some reason, your witty comment (and it is!) just raised my blood pressure by about 20 points.

    @Colby Muenster- I'm not a big conspiracy guy, but there's been an awful lot going on under the surface for a long time. Per the link to Dr. Martenson, Dr. Fauci doesn't have entirely clean hands in all of this...having helped fund the Wuhan experiments despite concerns being raised about the lab's safety protocols. Sometimes "oops" just doesn't cover it.

    Regarding the "May the Fifth" cartoon, I'll tag it on to the end of today's post!

  14. @Stilt,

    Don't forget about The Revenge of the Sixth.

    Than kew, I'll be here all week.

  15. "The guy's got more chins than a Hong Kong phone book." The late, great Don Rickles.

  16. As someone who tends to expect government incompetence before overt malice, I'm somewhere between (B) and (C). But like @TrickyRicky said, at this point, what difference does it make? They let it happen, then lied about it, then pretended they didn't, and then let it spread everywhere across the globe so that they wouldn't be the only ones to suffer from it.

    I'm kinda comparing this scenario to the 1964 Cold War paranoia film Fail Safe, where a chain of human and technological failures results in an American bomber accidentally nuking Moscow. To prevent Soviet retaliation and an all-out war with the inevitable global nuclear apocalypse, the President placates the Russians by having a US bomber nuke New York City.

    Seems fair, don't you think? The leftists of 1964 seemed to think so.

  17. @ John re: "Fail Safe": Frying his wife the First Lady in the process if I remember correctly. Multiple motive? OK: I'm sorry, but am developing a very dark attitude about all this.

  18. Oh look! It's Moe, Larry and Covid.

  19. A "Cinco de Clan McGregor" sounds like a great, movable holiday to me.

  20. Post title of the week!
    Woo woo woo

  21. @WP: Soitenly! You win the comments... :D