Monday, December 7, 2020

Headlines Over Heels

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Because the "news" continues to be maddening, baffling, and entirely untrustworthy, we've once again foregone editorializing in favor of going for a few cheap laughs. As we explained a week or so ago, we've joined a private forum over at The Babylon Bee where people can submit fake news headlines for consideration and really lazy people can recycle their own submissions to use as a blog post.

With the time we saved, we managed to get the outdoor Christmas lights put in place (a growing challenge as time erodes our joints and initiative). We once again went with a tasteful monochromatic red theme, to which we've daringly added an inflatable snowman to inject a note of extra gaiety in these times of plague. We also enjoy knowing that Alexandria "Green New Deal" Ocasio-Cortez would be absolutely appalled by such a waste of electricity.

And as long as we're taking a scattershot approach to today's post, let's try a few random thoughts...

• Hospitals are running out of space for Covid-19 patients as cases explode, causing more and more lockdowns around the country. But the number of hospitalizations could theoretically be cut drastically (by more than half) if people were just prescribed Ivermectin (a cheap and safe drug) if exposed to the virus or only beginning to show symptoms. Why this isn't happening all over the country is puzzling, but what the hell hasn't been puzzling about the response to this virus? (UPDATE: Youtube has banned the video I linked to, but for now you can see a video about this act of censorship at this link.)

• On a completely unrelated note, we recently purchased a number of tubes of apple-flavored Ivermectin paste which will come in very handy if we someday buy horses and they come down with stomach bots and need to be dewormed. 

• Joe Biden has conceded (if only...!) that it's unlikely that there will be parades in his honor anytime soon, and that he will probably have to have a "virtual inauguration" along the lines of the Democrat "virtual convention" in which celebrities submitted poorly lit videos of themselves criticizing President Trump and kissing Biden's rear end. But will there be an Inaugural Ball? "As always," says Biden, "That's up to Jill."

• We've been reading that Democrats have floated the idea of giving people a $1500 stimulus for taking the new vaccine. While we certainly hope the new vaccines are safe and effective, and we're definitely not in the anti-vax crowd, the idea of laying out that kind of taxpayer cash to encourage people to become guinea pigs makes us more uncomfortable about the possible risks. Then again, the safety of the vaccine might not even be a factor; the Dems would love to start giving away money (the same money they withheld before the election) to make people think that they've hit the jackpot with Gropin' Joe.

• As long as Barry Soetoro has decided to redouble his efforts to be the most annoying douchebag in history, this seems like a good time for a trip down memory lane...


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The few remaining survivors of that horrible day 75 years ago now have the odd distinction of being attacked twice at Pearl Harbor...once by the Japanese, and once by the Obama administration.

Yes, we understand the symbolic importance of showing Japan and the United States united on this historic anniversary - but it could so easily have been presented to the public without accusing those aging heroes who fought, bled, and saw their friends and shipmates blown to pieces, drowned, or burned alive of "personal bitterness" if they haven't just "moved on" and made their peace with the horror of the sneak attack.

This appalling statement makes it clear that, in the mind of this administration, this anniversary is not about those who fought or died at Pearl Harbor, but rather about one more fatuous photo-op with a foreign figurehead for the sole benefit of the second greatest American tragedy to originate in Hawaii: Barack Hussein Obama.


  1. If this isn't the time to start slingin' some nails downrange, when will be the time?
    I'm mad too, Eddie! Sorry 'bout that, young pups.

  2. For some reason, my father NEVER talked about where he was or what he was doing on Dec 6th. I know he was AAF, I know he helped build Hickam Field, but that's about it.

    I wonder if it had anything to do with the Omega security clearance he had??!!

    I did get to see the Pearl Harbor Memorial when I was in Hawaii for my 35th wedding anniversary a decade-plus ago, and it was a very somber moment for me. Lost a relative there.

  3. Ivermectin is good stuff; I used it in large animals for years, and it worked well for them. Like you, Mr. Stilt, when I read of its apparent efficacy in COVID patients, I found it interesting that this safe and widely available drug was not used in patients. But then I realized that because it's inexpensive and widely available (and generic), drug manufacturers wouldn't make any real money from it.

  4. The weather report for Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941: Sunny, but with a Nip in the air.

    That is all...

  5. December 7th 1941. A day that will live in infamy..I have relatives there. I'm only 67 ,and I will never forget.

  6. I recently saw a photo of Zombie Joe and his wife, Edith Wilson, wearing their masks. They may have been smiling - who knows - but they looked creepy as hell. The thought of a third Obama presidency makes me lose sleep.

  7. I've always felt we didn't have enough atomic bombs. Enemies don't understand their folly, until they've all disappeared.

  8. Yes the news coming from the President-elect by fraud's office is worrisome. I read this morning, the President-elect by fraud plans to nominate Xavier Becerra, of the State of Assorted Nuts to serve as HHS Secretary. So, the Little Sister's of the Poor will continue to need to lawyer up to protect theirs rights? I would direct readers to a Op-ed in today's WSJ by Senator Barrasso (WY) on the coming confirmation fights.

    As to this solemn day in our history, I am no Japanese apologist for what it did in WW2, including the attack on Pearl Harbor and that this country should never let this be forgotten, but in the repeated narrative here, much is overlooked.

    First, this wasn't the first time Imperial Japan pulled a surprise attack. In the Russo Japanese war some 30 years or so earlier, the Imperial Russian Pacific fleet was utterly destroyed in an equally surprise attack by Japanese torpedo boats. And yet far from universal condemnation, there was praise for Japan's actions (Imperial Russia had few friends at the time).

    Imperial Japan was like the cornered animal. Roosevelt had cut off all oil exports to Japan in an effort to bring Japan to heel in China. I read that at the time, Japan's oil stockpile was 6 months or less. Now why did Roosevelt use oil exports as a weapon? Much of the U.S. Far Eastern foreign policy at the time was driven by the 'China Lobby', made up mostly of missionaries and Chinese camp followers.

    China was at the time, sadly in a phase of what has been called the dynastic cycle; a period of bloody and sometimes long chaos following the collapse of a dynasty, in this case the Qing. Imperial Japan carried out numerous, unspeakable brutalities, which even today, a surprising number of Japanese are still in denial about. But despite all that, in the words of one historian, in its push into China, Japan found itself in a situation akin to trying to burrow into sand. I believe the Chinese situation would have eventually solved itself, with either the Nationalists or more likely Mao, driving the Japanese out of China (and probably closing China off to the West- which would not have suited the China Lobby).

    Also not accounted for in U.S. foreign policy was how Japan viewed itself at the time. That it was incumbent on a modern, industrialized Japan to take upon itself the task of liberating its less developed Asian brethren from the yoke of Western imperialism/colonialism (with a bit of lebensraum mixed in). An impulse equal in fervor to that of Western missionaries in China. That this would be replaced by Japanese imperialism and colonialism and natural resources exploitation was another matter.

    Further U.S. policy makers at the time appeared to have no understanding how Japan functioned and more importantly, who was calling the shots. It was not the civilian government but the militarists, who the U.S. should have been talking to and through intelligence, listening to instead.

    Last, as bad as the damage and loss of life from the Pearl harbor attack was (The reason the Arizona blew up with the huge loss of lives was because munitions stored in the forward section of the ship were stored where they weren't supposed to be), it could have been much worse.

    Japan then and now is not adept in formulating and quickly switching to a 'Plan B'. Japan's primary objective in the attack was the destruction of the U.S. carrier fleet based at Pearl Harbor. One planner is supposed to have remarked that even if they caught just one carrier in port he didn't care where the rest of the U.S. Pacific fleet was. Now having arrived over Pearl Harbor and seeing no carriers in port, instead of attacking the ships that were at anchor, had the Japanese attack force concentrated instead on destroying the port's infrastructure, fleet repair facilities and most importantly, the oil tank farms beyond Pearl Harbor, it is conceivable the outcome of the War in the Pacific might have been very different.

  9. And when Biden's extended 100 days of mask wearing approach an end, he'll then call for another 100 days. We're onto how Dem leadership plays this game.

  10. Also, if my failing memory serves, as bad as the Pearl Harbor losses were, the dithering MacArthur allowed the complete destruction of our Phillipine-based bombers
    more than eight hours after the Pearl Harbor attack.
    Please correct me on the details.

  11. @ Gordon: Yes and his dithering also allowed the Japanese to seize the stored food supplies early on. Now, even if MacArthur had safely moved the food supplies out of reach of the Japanese, the outcome might have been the same but perhaps Bataan might have held out a bit longer too, pinning down Japanese solders and resources.

  12. Stilt, Your first headline reminded me of a joke told to me by a black co-worker over forty years ago.

    Did you hear about the guy that was half black and half Japanese?

    Every December 7th, he got confused about his ethnicity and attacked Pearl Bailey.

  13. I have no clever response like others. Every post is brilliant.

  14. Mention of the worst electoral mistake since the peanut farmer from Plains, Ga, and presumptive unofficial 3rd term President, brings to mind just how cocooned and tone deaf he has been and is.

    A recent example is he called our need for large 'gas guzzling' vehicles the product of 'clinging'. To me this statement speaks of a person who has never had to go to a big box hardware store to buy and carry home numerous bags of mulch, soil, etc. Never needed a vehicle to tow a reactional boat, or trailer, nor had a family big enough that requires a larger vehicle, with longer seats in which child seats can be anchored. His idea of lifestyle couldn't' be farther from the lifestyle of many in this country. Smaller vehicles may be ok in Europe, but not here.

    Likewise with WW2 veterans. There are unfortunately wounds that never can be healed and that again is beyond the comprehension/empathy of the worst electoral mistake since the peanut farmer from Plains, Ga.

    An example. Toyota has an engine/transmission manufacturing plant in a place called Buffalo, WV, which is in the middle of butt-effin nowhere in WV. The site was not Toyota's first choice. It would have liked to have built the plant in Milton, WV, which is closer to I 64 and to Kentucky, but the owner of the land for whatever reason arising from the Pacific War flatly refused to sell to Toyota.

    In the bigger picture, yes this land owner's decision not to sell was short-sighted (how the town of Milton might have benefited from having the plant). While regrettable, somethings you have to give grudging respect for things that cannot be forgiven or forgotten.

  15. @Fish Out of Water: Adding to your last paragraph, the second fatal mistake the Japanese attackers made was to completely ignore the submarine pens. CDR Minoru Genda, First Strike leader, actually got on his knees and begged ADM Nagumo to launch a third strike to take them - and the tank farms - out. Had that happened, the entire U. S. Pacific Fleet would have been "out of gas" within two weeks.

    Nagumo, always too conservative, refused because he worried about a counter-attack. I've always been at a loss to comprehend this mindset when the expectation going in was losing half of the entire attacking fleet. In actuality, total Japanese losses: two midget submarines, 29 aircraft, 56 men.

  16. @Egbert: Agreed, I can understand his caution as he had no idea where the carriers were and the longer he hung around... But when the die is rolled like as the Japanese did on December 7th....

  17. Fast forward to August 6, 1945. Weather for Hiroshima, Japan. Partly cloudy, light breezes with a high of 10,000 degrees. Payback is a mofo.

  18. In my part of the world, most people tend to put up their Christmas lights the week before Thanksgiving, because waiting until a week after risks having to do so in a foot of snow.

    Lockdowns: I might have less of a problem with them if only those mandating them would take them seriously enough to comply themselves, and if they made the least amount of common sense instead of just being applied depending upon how elite you and your demographic is. For example in Southern California, outdoor dining is deemed just too dangerous for the proletariat, but not so if you happen to be in the movie industry.

    We are now living Animal Farm in realtime.

    Biden's Inaugural: Another blessing. Just as he was blessed by not having to actually run a campaign, he'll be blessed by not having to pretend that millions of followers will show up and pretend to cheer his inauguration.

    Stimulus: Now that "trillion" has become the new "billion" to the spendthrifts in Washington it literally is anything goes. Look at it this way: The subjects of the Tuskegee Experiment didn't get a check.

    Anyway, it's hardly the most outrageous stimulus proposal out there. The one stuck in my craw is the proposal that outstanding student loans should be wiped clean, which has pretty much nothing to do with the Wuhan Flu situation beyond the fact that as much as being in debt sucks, it sucks even more when you are un-or-under employed during a pandemic. But there are many other people who didn't go into debt for 4+ year vacation from reality who are suffering just as much if not more and don't have an expensive diploma on the wall suggesting that they are somehow the social elite who are entitled to a reward for voting for Democrats.

    Progressive contempt for those who actually serve: Enough said.

  19. @Fish Out of Water, the appointment of Xavier Becerra is a good sign of the kind of insanity we can expect from the Harris Administration. Beyond his anti-American ideological drive, Becerra has been neck-deep in all kinds of Democrat malfeasance for years.

  20. Happy Slap A Jap Day to everyone.

  21. It's all Kabuki quarantine. Sensible measures are barely or haphazardly applied.

    Moderate measures (mandatory sneeze guards in public spaces or free/subsidized PPE / N-100 respirators for all vulnerable populations to wear) are undermined by substuting symbolic gestures.

    Draconian measures are applied purely punitatively as if the CCP Herpes were discovered via scanning electron micrography to be wearing eensie-weensie Che T-shirts.

  22. @Trickyricky: You mean my wife as well??????

  23. I find it infuriating that we're slapped w/ lock downs and useless mask mandates, but cheap effective therapies / preventatives (Vitamin D, especially combined w/ C and Zinc, for instance) get NO traction. It's all just so much BS...

  24. @Pete (Detroit)

    Yeah, that was the point where I realized it was all just a pile of horsie doo-doo


  25. I just started re-reading a book about WWII that was published in '95. It's called "Marching Orders", by one Bruce Lee (no, not him). Lee says that Henry Stimson had a study done to determine the cause of the debacle at Pearl Harbor. Basically, there weren't enough people working in Intelligence and no people communicating with each other who could have put together the pieces of information about the Japanese plan.

    No one person or organization failed; it was a combination of factors that permitted the attack to (partially) succeed.

  26. @JustsJeepGuy: If one doesn’t study history he is bound to repeat it. Someone was asleep at the wheel for 9/11.

  27. U tube has removed ivermectin video

  28. @Anonymous: Is YouTube's reason copyright violation, or just "we don't like the color of this narrative"?

  29. @Fish- Of course not...unless she was in a Zero 79 years ago.

  30. While the media cries about how terrible the Covid situation is in the USA, it completely ignores several things, as does the government.

    We are the most obese people on the planet with the worst eating habits. This leads to so many of those "comorbities". We are vitamin and mineral deficient across the board. Most of us are iodine deficient as well, which screws up your thyroid and impacts your immune system.

    Diet, exercise, good nutrition, and proper supplements will protect you a whole lot better than sitting on the couch living on Cheetos and Krispy Kremes. But not a word from the media, or a push from the government. Imagine if there had been a "Eat right, get fit at home" push during lockdown.

    The vitamin D thing and the zinc thing has been known for 8 months. The mouthwash studies which showed that old school Listerine killed all the virus in your mouth and throat in just 30 seconds was a throwaway joke news item, because one of the studies showed that rinsing your sinuses with very dilute J&J No More Tears baby shampoo killed the virus there just as effectively as washing your hands with soap and hot water. The early research paper that showed how the Covid lives in your mouth, throat, and sinuses for a couple days before hitting your lungs was never mentioned. There were about 5 of these studies worldwide, and dilute hydrogen peroxide came out in the 90% effective range. But using it as a sinus or throat spray? Nebulizing? Not a word. Does. Not. Exist. Except for dozens of YouTube videos and hundreds of "health nut" articles online.

    Did you know that there are SEVEN Covid vaccines in the works, and that only the two fastest developed ones use that scary mRNA method with the luciferase enzyme that allow you to be scanned anywhere to prove your vaccination? The media doesn't even mention the other 5, 4 of which are in Stage 3 trials right now. IMHO, if you have to get the vaccine, wait until the "normal" ones hit the market.

    There are at least SEVEN effective cures for the Covid. They are either completely ignored by the media, or subject to global hate campaigns. The whole family of quinine: methylene blue, quinine, chloroquine, hydroxchloroquine. These all work as preventatives and as cures in the early stages. The antiparasitics Ivermectin and Nitazoxinide. And the antiviral Farapirivr, which a) is used to fight flu in Asia, and b) was developed specifically to work against bio-engineered viruses. ( yeah, it came out in 2015, just after Fauci's Gain of Function chimeric coronavirus project got shipped off to Wuhan ). Naturally, all of them work better with a good steady load of vitamin and mineral supplements. Nobody anywhere has even looked at Yerba Santa, used for centuries against lung illnesses in Central America. Food derived ionophores like cuercetin and the green tea extract ECGC are also ignored, only showing up in a few of the prophylaxis protocols. Yeah, protocols. There are several. There are ones for hospitals and for outpatients. They're based on medicines and practices that have shown some benefit. Yet these are also ignored by the media, and not universally used. No government mandates, no agreement amongst doctors or their medical associations. Silence. "There's nothing that can be done, just wait for the vaccine!!"

    The fix is in; you can not make the big effort to learn about these things and then accept the silence and derision from "".

    There is a meeting going on right this second where organizations of doctors (FLCCC etc) are making the push for Ivermectin the US government. Expect this to be ignored, again.

    Ok, rant over.

  31. The question is cui bono? We need names, addresses and phone numbers for all these invisible idiots who are spoiling things behind the scenes so that they can be exposed, arrested, and punished...

  32. Effective treatments and drugs are being swept under the rug by the media and their Democrat masters until Biden is sworn in. THEN the media and their Democrat masters will swoop in to save the day!! "Look what WE found! Trump and the evil Republicans kept this from you!"

  33. @Readers- Even by your usual high standards, these are outstanding comments. A lot of history, a lot of science, and a lot of skepticism about the incoming administration. Well done, folks!

  34. @Readers- As Anonymous and Pat Cummings point out, the Youtube video I linked to is now gone for violating their "terms of service." The video was Dr. Chris Martenson over at Peak Prosperity, who has been BY FAR the most accurate source of information I've turned to in the past 9 months. The video itself emphasized the good news about the efficacy of Ivermectin, based on multiple legitimate scientific controlled experiments by actual doctors - not bureaucrats or pharma shills pushing crap like Remdesivir.

    The fact that Youtube doesn't want anyone to know about this simple, safe, and inexpensive treatment is another reminder that there are evil events afoot in the world. The big social media companies don't want people to get well, they want them to be subservient. It's damn scary.