Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Whine Bar

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To show that there is a fresh wind in Washington, perhaps because president-suspect Biden blows, the announcement has come that Gropin' Joe's proposed communication team is comprised entirely of women, which the media assures us is absolutely great, important, historic news because... um... well... vaginas!

Mind you, President Trump already has a large number of women in high level communication positions, but they don't count because they're professionals first and women second. Not so with the incoming team, who will proudly place a lower priority on being logical than gynecological. And although this means that we'll likely never know what the hell a Biden administration is thinking, we'll definitely hear a lot about how it's feeling

Of course, the communication team shouldn't get too settled in, as we have a strong premonition that the nature of their job will be changing in the near future...

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, lefty lucy, biden, communication team, women, ouija board


stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, Georgia, election, runoff, senate, voter fraud

Currently, it looks like the fate of the republic rests on Georgia's upcoming runoff election. If two Republicans win, the Senate will be able to curtail the worst of the deviltry that progressives are currently planning to inflict on us. If two Democrats win, it's time to kiss America goodbye.

It's a good thing that we can count on this being a fair and honest election, right? Or...will it be as much of a wildly corrupt clusterfudge as the general election a few weeks ago? We've got a pretty good idea, based on this post from our own John the Econ...
Just got a note from some friends in Georgia. As you might know, there's a runoff election coming up that could literally change the character of the Senate which is now our only barrier against the type of runaway Progressive governance that gave us ObamaCare and other social and economic destruction in addition to the better part of a decade of malaise.

My friends subscribe to the USPS's "informed delivery" service which sends you an email with pictures of the mail you can expect to find in your mailbox later in the day. They got a bit of a surprise yesterday when their informed delivery email included no fewer than three applications for absentee ballots that they did not request. And even bigger surprise arrived later when they received all of the mail described in their email except the aforementioned absentee ballot applications.

I wonder who will be voted for on those 3 ballots.

Related to that (and to our increasingly splitting headache) officials in Georgia have announced that they've already received more than 940,000 absentee ballot requests, although they weren't quite clear on whether or not they were all requested by Stacey Abrams.


  1. There's a wind in Washington, all right. And it smells like swamp gas.

    I greatly fear we'll see bloodshed in the streets in 2021.

    The only comfort is that it'll mostly be in Democrat-run cities...

  2. 14 members of my family received absentee ballots that were not requested. This was supposedly done by one person and they know who it was, supposedly. It was sent to the DA's office for investigation and prosecution but of course we haven't heard anything about it. It created a serious problem when we all went to vote in person, of course, so it makes me wonder if ours were even counted or automatically tossed out?

    We figure it was one of my sisters, though whether she thought she was being helpful or deliberately trying to screw with us I don't know. She has serious mental problems and has basically been kicked out of the family for now, until she gets some sort of help. All but one of us are Republicans, of course, and you can find that information out easily on the state website. One person didn't vote, (my mother who is basically uninterested because of dementia), and the other person was her daughter who is the Democrat.

  3. If only one Republican is elected we’re still in trouble; Mitt Romney will be only too glad to “reach across the aisle” to help his Democrat butt-buddies.

    Paddle faster, I hear banjos!

  4. Not sure if I will ever be able to look a peach in the face again ........

  5. Did you hear of the protest rallies planned for January 17th at the capitols of every state in the country including Washington DC? Here's the site;

    It should be a real knee slapper.

    One good thing for O'Boner, If Bidein does get in (so to speak), he will take Buck O'Famas title for being the worse president in history away.

    And, it is a statistical impossibility for a 'package' of 182,000 votes to be 100% for Biden.

    Thank goodness for moonshine.

  6. The real smell is George Soros contributing to the election of crooked secretaries of state, prosecuting attorneys and district attorneys. What smells in Washington is runaway bureaucracy. There are hundreds of thousands of rogue bureaucrats who need to be rooted out and reassigned to the polar bear census in Alaska.

  7. The Ouija board comes out before noon ET on 1/20/2023 (Amendment XXII, Section 1).

  8. Appears that the Socialists will follow suit with more women who have shown so much "success" as governors and mayors at tearing down what has been as vibrant free society. It proves that in order to successful in politics, one need only to be a lesbian, gay, transgender or any other variant that promises to replace what should be a meritocracy.
    I envision that the Constitution will be dismantled and replaced with something more
    "diverse,"and according to the dingbats in the Demorat Party, diversity trumps meritocracy. Just ask 'em.

  9. Bobo the Hobo, I'm repeating my prediction that Willard will officially jump ship before the next Congress convenes. Then there's Maine's Collins and Alaska's Murkiness. I don't think West Virginia's Manchin will be straying far from the plantation either.

  10. There are just no words: But you see, Biden is a better man because he picked these women exclusively because they were women. Picking women or any other form of identity group minority for a position just because they are competent to fill that position isn't newsworthy at all.

    You see in the Progressive mindset, it's being intentional in your correctness that is most important. Subsequently getting any job done competently is just happenstance.

    Speaking of women: By appointing women to these positions on the mere basis of being "women", Biden just demonstrated just how far behind the curve he is in current Progressive politics. Democrats caring about women is so totally '90s. For example, today in the Progressive hierarchy being a straight-white female is only slightly less politically offensive than the ultimate in societal evil, being a straight-white male. Several of his team are non-white, so there's that. But what about their sexual identities or physical or mental handicaps? We need some background on that before we can tally up the intersectionality score on these people and honestly dispense accolades on inclusiveness.

    Georgia on my Mind: My friends did alert the Postmaster General to this situation, but quite frankly I think that plus $5 still won't get them anything at Starbucks. I suggested that they contact the State Attorney General's office in addition to the State Republican Party. I'll update y'all should anything interesting happen, which I kinda doubt.

    But this is a great example of why signing up for Informed Delivery is a good idea. We did years ago when it first became available. You too might be surprised by the mail you are not getting.

  11. Biden won't be the next "Worst President Ever", he will fall under a new heading, "The

    First President Bought/Paid For, and Under Control of a Foreign Government".

  12. Any congress person that changes party or goes independent during a session of congress, should have to run for re-election at the earliest opportunity. They should also be prohibited from holding any office within a committee or voting for any law
    until they are 'vetted' via an election. Switching allegiances ought to be a recall offense. I'm all for having people leave the left, but they were elected under a different label and that constitutes fraud, regardless of which direction they are moving.

  13. Y'all are being very unfair to Joe for picking all women. I'm sure he had really super good reasons, like maybe the last time he sniffed a dude's hair, he got punched in the neck. Now he can sniff to his heart's desire because the Dimocrat women will do nothing to a Dimocrat prez. Slick Willie is proof.


    Very good point! Even if both Republicans win in Georgia, that group of dickweeds will cancel their votes. We best hunker down for at least the next two years. I plan on behaving JUST LIKE the Dimocrats have behaved over the past four years... already ordered a couple of bumper stickers. "Impeach Biden," and "Resist (socialism)."

    They called Trump the orange man? Biden's the senile man. Puzzled man? Clueless man? Walking dead man?

    They claimed Trump colluded with Ukraine? Hunter Biden anyone?

    They went on and on and on about Trump being a racist? Joe said he didn't want his kids going to school in a racial jungle when he sided with Robert Byrd against integration.

    Remember which administration ACTUALLY put kids in cages.

    There's a lot of ammo, if we all just saturate social media with it likes been done to us for four years. Republicans need to stop being so damn polite, and start fighting jackassery with jackassery. And let's face it, the days if civility are dead and gone.

  14. @Colby Muenster said..."I plan on behaving JUST LIKE the Dimocrats have behaved over the past four years..."

    What you said, in spades. Oh wait, does that saying now make me a "racist"? I have always had a personal saying that if someone treats me nice, I treat them even nicer. If someone treats me like an a--hole, I will treat them like an a--hole time one hundred! My father taught me not to throw the FIRST punch, but make sure I threw the LAST punch. The left has been throwing the first punch now for over four years. Time to punch back!

  15. @All: In case you're interested, I'm home from the hospital today (got back yesterday after a single overnight stay) following total knee replacement surgery, I'm walking around the house with a walker that I will be able to surrender after about three weeks if I do the exercises diligently. So far, the worst pain I've had is from the compression bandage which has a tendency to roll into a kind of tourniquet, and which presses on my surgery wound when I'm in bed or doing any knee-bending exercises. But otherwise, I'm good to go. Isn't modern medicine wonderful?

    @John the Econ: Congrats on your quote in Stilton's Place. I remember seeing that comment, and am glad to be reminded of it again.

    @Alfonso Bedoya: According to liberals, identity IS merit. Possessing a vagina (regardless of self-identitification) is a merit equal to experience, sense, training, or accomplishments. Likewise darker skin color, twisted sexual preferences (oops, alternative sexual life-style), or dedication to socialist or Marxist political principles...

    @Boligat: This idea is less helpful for all the elected officials who originally ran under a blanket of lies covering their actual political ideals and principles. I'm thinking specifically of characters running as "moderates" (of either party) when they are really extremists. Also, critters like Mitt Romney, who could not get elected from Utah if he ran as the Democrat he actually is. He wouldn't be switching parties, so he wouldn't be covered under your suggestion.

    @American Cowboy, @Colby Muenster: Plan on having your "nasty, racist, divisive" comments on social media canceled. We are no longer allowed to express dissenting opinions on mainstream (read Democrat) media of any type. That's what Biden means when he says it's time for unity...

  16. Y'all are overlooking one small but extremely important detail.

    IF, by some chance, Slo Quid-pro-Joe BiteMe gets sworn in, his life won't be worth a tinker's dam. He'd last for... maybe... a hundred days, then he'd either get "25th'd" or otherwise taken out of the White House along with the trash.

    Then what?

  17. Then the "hammers" come out, and the "nails" start flying. One good thing about this: Liberals are notoriously lousy "carpenters".

  18. Pat Cummings - congrats on the successful knee replacement.
    My wife had her hip replaced a few years ago and doing the exercises is really important.

    May your recovery be full and speedy.

  19. @Alfonso Bedoya, if any trend could be gleaned from last month's elections results, it's that identity politics as practiced by the left has grown tiresome to the electorate and is pushing more of the demographics that the left thinks they totally own to the right.

    @Colby Muenster, I survived 8 years of Obama. I'm pretty sure I can survive at least 4 years of Harris. In fact, I've been telling every Progressive I know that I can't wait for free health care! I'll be happy to let the millennials who think that socialism is awesome get the bill for my retirement while denying themselves the lifetime of economic opportunities I've enjoyed. Yeah, won't be great for me, but it will be much worse for them.

    @Pat Cummings, well wishes on your quick recovery. Everyone I know who has had this done has wished they'd done it much earlier as life is so much better after.

    As for being quoted again by @Stilton, it is indeed an honor. Or at least it will be before I am eventually made to account for it in front of some Progressive Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

    @igor, I seriously think we should start a pool here as to what the date will be for Joe's dismissal. The prize to the winner would be @Stilton's new upcoming book, Kamala Sutra - An Illustrated Guide To Women Getting Ahead in the Democratic Party.

  20. @John the Econ,
    I guess the clueless millenials who long for the wonderfulness of socialism can't really be blamed. They are the product of a failed education system and a media that abandoned their role in society. Still, I sorta hope they all enjoy their electric cars after they shut down all the coal fired power plants. I just wish right thinking people didn't have to go down with the ship.

    Truth and reconciliation system... Do the jackasses who dream this sort of crap up actually believe it doesn't apply to both sides? Never mind... rhetorical question. I have yet to hear exactly what the crimes are that Trump has supposedly committed. Being a loudmouth isn't illegal as far as I know. If it was, they best go after 98% of Hollywood too.

    Best of luck with the brand new knee!

  21. @Pat,
    With knee replacement therapy and rehab, going on a “bender” has an entirely different meaning. Best wishes to getting back to normal activity soon.

  22. @All: Thanks for the good wishes! I have two long-range goals for recovery. I want to be able to go ballroom dancing with my spouse again. I want to be able to ride the tandem again, too. Neither of those has been possible for me for years, but I am assured they are both within range once I've recovered.

    @Dan: My ortho-surgeon had me doing "pre-hab" exercises to strengthen the structures around the knee prior to surgery. Then came the lockdown... but I kept doing the exercises that I could do at home, so I went into surgery with an advantage. And, yep, the exercises are critical!

    @John the Econ: I had to fight to get this surgery approved. I credit the move to Utah for a lot of it, because I have been trying for 8 years, and 6 of those were in California, where my HMO said I wasn't damaged enough to qualify. The doctors here just after we moved to Utah had a different concept: I only had to bring my BMI down to a qualifying level, and they would repair my knees (which by now were bone-on-bone.) I managed to hold the line during lockdown, but without gym access and with too much temptation around all day, I stopped actively dropping weight. All of which is to say that I wanted to have my knees replaced long before now, but "things conspired against it"...

    @Bobo: Yeah, going on a bender nowadays is a scream...

  23. I think you will find that the democraps have changed the rules for requesting absentee ballots in Georgia to include the amount of real estate one's corpulent ass covers, ergo, Stacy Abrams-tank is well within the law to request 940,000 ballots, dammit!

  24. @Readers- Once again, I'm a day late and a dollar short. But you've all conducted a great conversation here!

    @Pat Cummings- Let me add my wishes for a quick recovery, and pleasure at hearing you had a good outcome with your surgery! I've got a hip that's just starting to hint that the joint may not last as long as I do...

  25. I'll bet Joe can't wait to "get his hands on" this crew. So to speak of course.

  26. @Colby Muenster, ignorantly the people who promulgate these ideas have no realization or expectation that they themselves will likely fall victim to them. And even if they do have some inkling or knowledge of history, they somehow still believe that this time they'll somehow be exempt.

    @Pat Cummings, keep fighting to get your life back.

    An update on my friends and their mystery ballot applications: They found out that their county (itself a hotbed of institutionalized corruption) had sent these applications out to all current residents who were not currently registered as absentee voters. (My friends prefer to vote in person) That still doesn't answer why those applications never arrived.