Friday, June 4, 2021

Paging Dr. Fauci

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Amazon and Barnes & Noble have suddenly removed their listings for an upcoming new book by Dr. Anthony "I've Never Been Right About Anything In My Life" Fauci because, in a bit of irony almost too wonderful to be true, the book announcement was the result of an accidental leak. Although Fauci himself maintains that the PR release probably wrote itself and was subsequently spread through a wet market. 

The book, scheduled to be released in early November, is called "Expect The Unexpected: Ten Lessons on Truth, Service, and the Way Forward." Presumably because the publisher turned down the original title, "What The F*ck Have I Done: Lies, Deaths, and Criminal Liability." And at just 80 pages long, Fauci's "book" is really more of a pamphlet. Which is unsurprising considering that every lesson he's actually learned from the pandemic could fit neatly inside a fortune cookie ("Wear pancake makeup on TV so they can't see you sweat.")

The alleged book is being published by National Geographic, which has previously made most of its money by publishing a monthly magazine devoted to glossy, full-color pictures of bare-breasted African women with salacious captions like "Ubangi? Ubetcha!"

Not, of course, that there's anything wrong with that. Different cultures have different standards, and if impoverished black women are okay with being pimped as spank bank material by a big corporation, who are we to judge? It's certainly no reason for BLM to set any corporate offices on fire or anything.

But returning to the subject of Dr. Fauci's book, we expect it to change a lot of minds. Mostly on the subject of whether or not book-burning might be a good idea after all. We might even go so far as to suggest that "Expect The Unexpected" should become the next "Bonfire of the Inanities." 

On second thought, no we won't - because nothing about Dr. Fauci is a laughing matter. This whiny, weaselly little bastard has lied to the American people and the world about everything, pretty much from day one, and is at least partially culpable in millions of deaths.

He lied about the virus's human-to-human transmissibility, lied (repeatedly and inconsistently) about the effectiveness of masks, lied about the near-certainty that the virus came from a Wuhan lab leak, lied about the fact that he himself had sent American tax dollars to the Wuhan Virology Institute to fund "gain of function" research to turn bat viruses into human super-killers, lied about the significant efficacy and low risk from inexpensive medications like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin (which surely could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives) while touting insanely expensive new medications from Big Pharma like Remdesivir - despite the fact that it has a 0% effect on reducing mortality.

In this global nightmare, Fauci has been one of the bad guys (historically among the worst of bad guys). But he's escaped close scrutiny because the media was able to use him as a goad in their war against President Donald "I know you hate me but I pushed the vaccine through anyway" Trump. And if that meant unimaginable numbers of people would die needlessly, well, it was worth it to get rid of the Bad Orange Man who wanted to Make America Great Again.

Fauci enjoying book profits from a global holocaust which he helped create is as nonsensical and offensive as the idea that Hitler should have gotten the royalties for The Diary of Anne Frank. The very idea is an obscenity.


  1. Speaking of Ubangi? You betcha. Be sure to check the video of the Dinka tribe having their young boys perform "cownilingus" on Bovine females to stimulate them to lactate. Their reward is to have said cow urinate upon their head! A popular look for members of the tribe, according to Nat. Geo. YT may have taken the video I saw, but now they refer to a "Mundari" Tribe. Don't know if that's like Johnny Carson's infamous "Fagawi" tribe of American Indians who always wandered because no one knew where in the Fagawi?

  2. Rather makes me think of the doctor who decided vaccinating is an evil thing and parents shouldn't do it. Though I don't think he was punished beyond losing his license.

  3. Frankly, I'd sooner trust Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine and Dr. Howard.

    At least I'd die laughing.

  4. Miss Busty! America's Sweetheart does not use such language around the supper table!

  5. 80 Pages long? With 79 that say "This page intentionally left blank"?

  6. 80 pages should be just thick enough to stop my coffee table wobbling. Mind you I'd only buy it from a thrift store at under 5c.
    Its amazing (?) that today, all you need to get a book deal is a "name", rather than content. Consider Obungler, Mugging Markle, H R CLINTon, etc, etc.

  7. All of Dr. Fauci's wisdom is printed in 144 pt. bold caps underneath the period at the end of this sentence.

  8. Sergio, wasn't it the Hekawi tribe that lived near F Troop's fort?

    But seriously, folks -- yeah, you're absolutely right, Stilt. The very idea of Fauci's book is nauseating. I wouldn't even buy it second-hand from a thrift store for 10 agorot [the smallest-denomination coin in Israel]. Heck, I wouldn't take it even if the thrift store was trying to give ME the 10 agorot to take it off their hands!

  9. Fauci accomplished what Josef Mengele only dreamed of: getting entire populations to voluntarily surrender and actually feel good/proud of doing so.

  10. Will it be printed on absorbent paper?

  11. @Maoz: Only because they wouldn't let 'em use "Fugawi". ;D

    @Roger: There are some things too foul even to be used for that purpose. Foul-chi is one of those things.

  12. ...and, we've learned, he did the same thing almost 40 years ago with respect to HIV and AIDS...

  13. You know someone is a dirty, rotten scoundrel if the Dims/Media Complex elevate him to celebrity status. Remember Michael Avenatti? He was featured on their "news" programs and late night "comedy" shows well over a hundred times. Now he's looking at federal prison time. If we had a fair justice system, not only would Fauci be going to prison, he might face execution for treason against his country and crimes against humanity. And he profited from it!! I'm guessing at the worst, Fauci will be allowed to retire gracefully with full pension and benefits. Our lives were turned upside down (at least those of us who lived) for more than a year, our Constitutional rights jettisoned for power over us, and the sheeple were brainwashed beyond belief. You still see them walking alone on the street with a mask on. I guess those Covid bugs are still flying everywhere. To say I'm spitting mad would be an understatement.

  14. I kind of expected the Ol' "Doctor" would write one of those books that has two fronts: one on each side, upside down from each other. If you read it one way it spouts all the lies he told at the beginning of 2020. Flip it over and read it from the other way it completely contradicts the first version, but is still a pack of lies. Hell, I'll write it for him just using his own infamous quotes. Speaking of hell, live it up Mr. F. Life on Earth is a puff of smoke. Eternity in hell awaits.

  15. Perhaps they could make doktor Fauci the prison doctor. He's have them all cured in no time.

  16. Heard on the radio that Fauci was the highest-paid federal government employee. The guy must have been a politician first, and a physician second. No matter; I can't wait until this rat is punished, but it won't happen. He'll just evade capture by flying to Wuhan for a job in their lab.

  17. @Mike aka Proof: No. The pages alternate between "Look over here!" and "No! Look over there!"...

  18. The depravity of this monster is truly hard to fathom. Same goes for the so-called media. I can only hope that this vile yard troll will face some sort of comeuppance.

    My only question is why now? What is the purpose to our overlords of jettisoning the bastard at this time? To distract from some of the bills being shoved down our throats via reconciliation in Congress? To distract from the invasion at the southern border? To distract from the results of election audits taking place in several states? All of the above?

  19. Dr. Faux Chi should certainly be charged, sentenced and convicted on numerous charges, not the least of which is serial manslaughter. But he is a dhimicrat, so that won't happen. It's Trump's fault for believing him and making him the poster boy of the pandemic. He is just another example of how dhimicrats protect citizens and support our Republic - like Wretched Gretchen, Sonny Cuomo, Lori Lighthead, and the local governments of Portland, Minneapolis...the list is too long for the available space. It is getting ever closer to the actions that the Declaration of Independence requires.

  20. In addition to his lies and murderous behavior, I'm also ticked off that the bastard is usurping the Ford Mustang advertisement: "Expect the Unexpected."

    One more reason to wish he was gone.

  21. An excellent article by Dr. Blaylock

  22. “ unimaginable numbers of people would die needlessly “
    That’s the ultimate goal of Fauci, Gates et al.

  23. When I first heard that Fauci had written a book, I thought "Where does this guy find the time?". Then I heard that it was a pamphlet, so I guess it's possible. I have no doubt I could whip out 80 pages on any of a number of topics over a long weekend if I had to, or if there was a 7-figure reward involved.

    My title for Fauci's book would have been, "Expect The Unexpected: Anything that comes out of my mouth that will be proven right over time".

    Yet people still love him, largely because the media promoted him as a thorn in Trump's side.

    He did provoke a revelation to me though last year: In the wake of the revelation that Fauci lied about the efficacy of masks, we knew that given political motivation, Fauci would straight-faced lie to the people. This act alone makes Fauci more bureaucrat than scientist. Anything he said going forward had to be weighed against the knowledge that he would lie for the sake of what he considered a larger agenda.

    In a discussion with a TDS suffering friend about the integrity of Fauci as a scientific source, the friend responded with "Well, who DO YOU refer to for such advice?".

    This initially caught me off guard because I don't have a single "go-to guy" for advice regarding COVID-19, or any particular topic. But then I realized that this was a large part of the problem and the divide in America.

    People like myself do not outsource our thinking to a single authority figure for conclusions on any particular topic. I read many different sources, educate myself as much as practicable, and come to my own conclusions. But modern Progressives are lazy. It's easier to outsource your thinking to politically correct experts than to do any thinking for themselves. This is why they refuse to debate honestly on practically any topic; Because they can't. "Because Fauci says so" or "Orange mad bad" is not an argument.

    The other aspect of this problem is that since millions of people have invested their decision making on Fauci, they need him to be right just to justify their faith in him.

    So that is why this will never be resolved even should a photostat of a cancelled check signed by Fauci that says "To weaponize and release a deadly virus" on the memo line be found.

  24. Dr. Faulci
    Pronounced 'Dr. Falsie'

  25. I try to educate myself on the topics of the day but I no longer know who, what, where, when, how and sometimes why to believe anything I hear, read, see or think anymore.

  26. Well it's certainly clear what you think of the Dr. Hugh Hewitt says Fauci has a real problem now with the lies and inconsistencies but still respects him. Also says most "authorities" in this event meant well, but grievous but mistakes were made which the folks won't admit . Maybe Mr. Hugh is not so much "likeR" any more. And Trump tolerated him even with the dust ups. I tend to agree with you: He was already into it way too deeply. And the early independent stories were again correct. If not dropped completely Fauci should have been kept in the back room; no tv; no microphone; just provide his opinion among many others. His coverings-up; goings-around and lies should NOT be tolerated; certainly not rewarded. Plus we all seen some Really dumb scientists . The one thing they are all sure about is always: "More research & study is needed AKA: I'm not retired yet.

  27. @Sergio- It's things like "cownilingus" (and clitorectomies) which put the lie to the liberal myth that "all cultures are equal."

    @mamafrog- As the old joke goes, what do you call the guy who finished at the very bottom of his class in medical school? "Doctor." (It's funny/unfunny because it's true)

    @M. Mitchel Marmel- I'm with you. There's at least a chance that when the madness really hit the fan, we could escape the hospital on a runaway gurney.

    @Sortahwitte- Technically, she wasn't at the supper table. (grin)

    @Mike aka Proof- Or will it have 79 pages that are redacted?

    @Brie Camembert- I'd definitely buy Fauci's book for a nickel just for the pleasure of watching it burn in my chimnea.

    @Anonymous- Damn, I left my electron microscope in my other pants.

    @Maoz- As is probably clear, the idea of Fauci's book (and Fauci in general) really honk me off. And now I'm pissed off at National Geographic, too.

    @Bobo the Hobo- A nasty and entirely accurate observation.

    @Roger Myers- And how can we read it if we have to stay 6 feet away from it?

    @Emmentaler Limburger- Right you are. Fauci has always wanted to be a rock star in the exciting, glamorous world of plagues. This was his big chance to accomplish what he couldn't with HIV/AIDS. Of course, you don't get stardom by telling people to just take cheap, safe meds like HCQ and Ivermectin. Which is surely one of the reasons he tried to bury them.

  28. Fauci/Obama/Biden are, quite summarily, guilty of high treason.

  29. @Shelly- As I've grown older and more cynical (one being inevitable, and the other surprising even me) I've stopped believing that bad guys will be punished for their crimes - especially when, as is the case here, you can't take down ONE bad guy without taking down a whole lot of other powerful players who were involved. The system is rigged and I doubt we'll ever see justice served on those who broke the world.

    @Studebaker Hauk- The book you describe really needs to be written. In fact, a profitable series of "flip-flop" books could be created based on different politicians. Hmm...

    @Fred Ciampi- That's a fine idea! And I'd like his first patient in the prison infirmary to come in and growl "Doc, I think my dick tastes funny."

    @Alfonso Bedoya- Yes, we're not only paying Fauci, we're paying him a lot. Because we're freaking stupid that way.

    @Emmentaler Limburger- The ADHD crowd will find it quite the page-turner!

    @TrickyRicky- I'm not sure if the narrative is changing in an effort to distract us from something else, or if those pushing the false narrative just couldn't suppress the truth anymore. I lean toward the latter, but who the heck knows anymore.

    @Snark- "Serial Manslaughter" strikes me as the right charge, but you're right that we'll never see it happen. I don't Blame Trump for trusting the guy - a President needs advisors. How was Trump to know that the people vetting Fauci were also frauds and idiots?

    @MsPony- He should have used "Have You Driven A Fraud Lately?"

    @Ben Rumson- I'll check out that article. Of course, I've already had the vaccination (gulp)...

    @Radar1972- I'm sure that both men would agree that a mass die-off event would hypothetically be a good thing for humanity. If the right people died, of course - you know, the old and infirm with co-morbidities. Hey, wait a minute...

    @John the Econ- Apparently Fauci hasn't even taken the time to knock out 80 pages; it's my understanding that the (ahem) "book" will be compiled from things he's said in interviews.

    Your point is well taken about Fauci tipping his hand by saying "masks are dangerous" in order to corner the market on them. He lies when it fits his agenda and has zero credibility. By the way, let's not forget that Trump's Surgeon General also declared masks "dangerous" for the public too. Lying bastards.

    And I agree that Progressives are lazy and want to be told what to think (a lot of people on the Right, too). My policy is to find the best information sources possible, and then verify, verify, verify. Dr. Chris Martenson ( has been way ahead of everyone else on virtually everything Covid related. He's no whackjob - he's a guy who has studied the data and has no discernible political agenda. There are a few (painfully few) stories about countries starting to treat early Covid (or prevent it) using Ivermectin. Thanks to Dr. Martenson, I bought enough for my family over a year ago.

    And you're right that so many people have touted Fauci's expertise that they'll go down with him if the truth comes out. Which is why they'll keep that from happening.

    @Burner- Since there's no "L" in "Fauci" maybe we can call him "Dr. Ouchee"

    @Bobo- Same with me, although there are a few people I listen to as a starting point and then try to independently verify their information. One thing I can promise you, I never have and never will knowingly publish a falsehood here nor link to one. That doesn't mean I'm always right, but it's always my intention to be honest and reasonably accurate.

    @Rod- I think it likely that a lot of people involved in this mess "meant well." Which makes no damn difference at all to the millions of lives destroyed and the global upheaval caused. It only makes a difference when it comes to sentencing the guilty for crimes against humanity.

  30. I just saw this today on Wendy McElroy's site:

    An anagram for Dr Anthony Fauci is China Fraud Tony.

  31. In the Army, a Physician can be commissioned as a Captain. Hence, for the Army, what do you call the guy who finished at the very bottom of his class in medical school? Captain.


  32. Regarding Ivermectin, a guy I work with caught the 'rona last December. He's 70+, has a slew of co-morbidities and was severely congested by the virus. He managed to get his doctor to prescribe Ivermectin and he was cleared up completely within 24 hours. Plus, he won't have heartworms.

    If there were anyone in the department of "justice" with any 'nads, Fauci would be in the joint already and he would only get out in a horizontal position.

  33. YIMBY? Yes In My Back Yard---the desire to have affordable housing anywhere regardless of location.

    “Hey mister, want some 'hot chocolate'?”
    Young black exposed woman in a title 8 subsidized home in the burbs next 2 mine.

    “Hot chocolate? Young lady it's got to be 95 degrees out here.” My reply

  34. The question was crime---rampant crime---in the Atlanta mayoral debates recently but nothing was said about people walking away from school (or getting a degree and money) and then birthing babies they can't support financially or emotionally, getting bored with them and relegating them to the status of a toy (or assuming $$$ is all you need and looking at the word "no" as kryptonite) and then getting bored with them before kicking them out at an early age & then wondering why we have more marauders now than during the 800AD's when Visigoth, Huns, Vikings roamed Europe in a rape, plunder and "pillage-fest" through Europe.

    Stick a fork in it----Clockwork Orange is here to stay.

  35. Are the pages perforated?