Friday, April 14, 2023

From The Vault: The Carroll and Shtick Approach

Greetings all! I didn't want the week to wrap up without making a post, but I honestly have very little to talk about owing to my ongoing news embargo and a sedentary lifestyle. Which has been even more sedentary this week because of a pinched nerve in my back that spontaneously erupted in a moment of high frustration when working on my taxes. Which immediately raises two important questions: first, can I deduct a tube of Ben-Gay as a legitimate tax-related expense and second, why the hell hasn't Ben-Gay either changed its potentially offensive name or hired Dylan Mulvaney as a spokesperson?

I asked A.I. to generate a picture of a man with back pain but forgot to specify "not horrifying."

When not cursing the IRS, TurboTax, and whatever dark forces summoned them into being, I've been working on the landscaping around here, continuing to stick random plants in the ground in hopes that they'll grow into something Kathy would approve of. This involves a large element of random chance because I still don't know what I'm doing out there, but I'm assured that spending time outdoors communing with nature is very good for a person's mental health if they're unaware of the risk of skin cancer.

But back to today's post. I feel weird about just showing up and waving at everyone, so I'm also inviting you to join me for a trip down memory lame. Because Trump is currently embroiled in a civil court action in which writer E. Jean Carroll is renewing her accusations that Trump raped her many, many years ago. Which makes it feel appropriate for us to look back a few years to see what I had to say about the situation...


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It's been a remarkably consistent week for President Trump: he was going to obliterate Iran, then it didn't happen. He was going to have ICE raids on illegals all over the country, then it didn't happen. And now he's been accused of rape by a woman selling a book about how awful men are, and we're pretty damn sure it didn't happen either.

Advice columnist E. Jean Carroll who, in her spare time, conducts twice-weekly walking tours disparaging "The Most Hideous Men of New York City," claims that in "1975 or 1976," Trump was overcome with lust for her while they shared a dressing room in the Bergdorf Goodman department store. Both were fully clothed at the time (she never even dropped her handbag), but Carroll claims that Trump managed to hold her against a wall while simultaneously unzipping his fly and pulling down her tights, after which he "thrust his penis halfway - or completely, I'm not certain - inside me." After which she pushed him aside, ran from the dressing room, and cleverly escaped on a slow-moving escalator without alerting anyone at the store or mentioning it in public for a quarter century.

Ms. Carroll, the author of the coincidentally just-released "What Do We Need Men For?", denies Donald Trump's claim that she's lying to sell more books and states categorically that she's telling the absolute truth and has only come forward to revitalize her career as a fading porn star and stripper. No, wait - that was Stormy Daniels, the only woman on the "gentleman's club" circuit who has to give 75¢ in change to anyone who tucks a dollar bill in her g-string.

Ms. Carroll says that she has no intention of filing charges against President Trump, because she "would find it disrespectful to the women who are down on the border who are being raped around the clock down there without any protection. It would just be disrespectful."

So as a famous and celebrated advice columnist, she would tell women not to report being raped in order to show respect to other women who are getting raped?! We should definitely get into the "advice columnist" racket, as apparently the entry requirements are pretty much nonexistent.

Rape is a very serious matter, but the sad epidemic of rape taking place at our southern border could be greatly reduced by closing the borders as Trump wants to do, rather than having liberals keep them wide open as an enticing lure to women and children...and their rapists.

And we've been told, repeatedly, that every woman who cries rape needs to be believed without question. Sadly, the circus of wild unsubstantiated lies at the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings has made that an exceedingly foolish thing to do. For which actual rape victims who are disbelieved can thank political hatchet-wielders like Gloria Allred, Michael Avenatti, Senate Democrats and, we're betting, E. Jean Carroll.


  1. "E. Jean Carroll" Is that like E. coli? (I'll let myself out!)

  2. I am currently overseas, enjoying a long trip to the country I consider my second home and thus the daily noise, fist shaking, outrage (including manufactured outrage) nme-calling and other things to raise the blood pressure is quite muted.

    Looking from where I sit, I would say the asylum inmates have seized control and are now running things.

    And I will eventually return to this.....

  3. Have some fun. If you end up owing taxes, write the check to the Infernal Revenue Service.

  4. If you're looking for floral suggestions, I recommend Audrey II with a sign around its stem saying "FREE HUGS FOR LIBERALS"...


  5. @Mike aka Proof, I think "E. Jean Coli" is a perfect name for the self-proclaimed "victim". I thought I saw that she is trying to come back from the publicity-dead again. She's a publicity zombie!


  6. Oh, and AI Guy has the typical AI hand issue. Well, one of them, anyway. I'm referring to the problem AI has with drawing hands with the correct number of fingers. Don't we all have the extra hand for scratching our shoulder or is it only me?

  7. I’m pretty sure any woman who experienced a man shoving his penis halfway into their vagina would remember the exact date and time it happened. YMMV

  8. is there any woman on this planet in the past fifty or sixty years who hasn't been raped by Donald Trump? Show of hands, please.

    I couldn't be a judge, I swear. My first question to the prosecutor would be "Why are we here? Now?" And didn't she say she wasn't going to press charges? That way, she can say whatever she wants and won't have to go under oath. After 25 years, her memory seems about as sharp as a certain crabby old man I know.

    It is as if the Dems (Soros) are trying to inflict the Death of a Thousand Financial Cuts on DJT, bleeding him out by legal fees.

  9. Thanks for posting, Stilton! I'm certain I'm not alone when I say you should feel free to post anytime, even if you think it's something trivial. It kicks off so many great comments here.

    What's creepier, the Addams Family hand, or the folds of Shar Pei skin on his back? At any rate, hope the back heals up soon so you can resume jumping on a trampoline or power lifting.

    So this gold digger says Trump accosted her in a clothing store dressing room? She couldn't come up with something more believable than that? Why in the wide wide world of sports (thanks, Slim Pickens) would a woman STAY in a dressing room if some dude comes in, or at least scream bloody murder? Dressing rooms are typically not soundproof vaults. On the other hand, if he was in the room first, why did she go in? Sorry lady, you shoulda come up with something a bit more believable. On the other hand, a Manhattan DA just charged Trump with 34 counts of.... nothing, so who knows.

    In new unrelated to the subjects here, I'm not particularly big into boycotts, hut had to smile when I read that AB InBev lost $7 billion (so far). Will they get the message? Will other, similar companies get the message? Doubtful... By the way, I do not drink Bud Light; I prefer beer. And, if anyone is considering boycotting Bud Light, please look up the beer brands owned by AB InBev. I was pretty surprised, myself. You think Corona and Modelo are competitors? Nope.

    Sorry (again) to blather.

  10. I don't feel weird about just showing up and waving at everyone.

    /*waves at everyone*

  11. So, E. Jean went running into the police station yelling "I've been reeped, I've been reeped." The desk sergeant said "you mean you've been raped?" EJ responded "I can count, you know."

    And, besides that, how could she say she wasn't certain if it was halfway or all the way. Did she stop and pull out her tape measure? I need to watch some porn. Any suggestions?

  12. Glad to hear from you Stilton. Always a welcome intrusion. Glad to hear you are still with us even with back problems. I am very familiar with Sciatica I am sorry to say. And life goes on I'm glad to say.

  13. "It is as if the Dems (Soros) are trying to inflict the Death of a Thousand Financial Cuts on DJT, bleeding him out by legal fees."

    Well, for every suit, there could be a counter suit for malicious prosecution...

  14. Good to hear from you Stilton. Good luck with the back problems, I certainly feel your pain. Keep up with the planting, it is the best therapy.

  15. Stilton, hang in there with your back pain. I too am suffering having to walk with a cane, probably due to sciatica. Pain meds, ibuprofen, bed rest, patches (containing lidocaine) pasted on my hip, Tylenol tabs, plenty of hobbling around and useless moaning are all tending to do absolutely nothing except make me utter some choice cuss-words I thought I had forgotten long ago.

  16. DM (I won't type out his name since his hit count is largely how he gets his woodies): He's a supposedly grown man who appears to be cosplaying as a 12-year-old girl whos only knowledge of womanhood is appropriated from Disney princesses. He's a troll who's largely into his schtick for the attention and cash it garners. So roiling conservatives is largely his goal which he then gets to weaponize in the alphabet community as "hate". For the moment, it's paying off very well for him, monetarily anyway. The worst possible thing you can do to him is ignore him. When that happens, even the alphabet community will tire of him and he'll then have to get a real job. In a dozen years or so he'll be lucky to be a question in "Trivial Pursuit, The '20s Edition".

    "Believe all Women", except ones like this that are just bitter haters.

    Speaking of rape, here's a little thought experiment:

    Psychologists say that rape isn't really about sex, but about domination. Okay, then what better form of domination could there be than a biological man "transitioning" to being a woman, and then using his superior physiology to dominate women via sports? Unlike rape, it’s not generally illegal. You won’t face jail for it or have to register on an offender’s registry. On the contrary, it has the bonus of being socially acceptable in certain circles and a near total chance of success, and even accolades when victorious at it.

    So are transgendered men participating in women’s sports participating in a form of rape? Are the Progressives that engender this agenda participating in the rape of women?

  17. I thought about you and Kathy as I was planting my garden plants and flowers this week. It was a backbreaking 5-hour job (including water breaks) for someone trucking right along to age 80. The garden gives me so much joy and I couldn't help thinking about Kathy's love for gardening. When I'm out there, I forget all the crap going on in our country. Then I go inside.....

  18. The word is Been-Gay and doesn't require a change.

  19. Re: 'Change from a dollar'. Assault. In court. Judge: "Why did you hit him?" "He called me a two-bit whore." "And what did you hit him with?" "A bag of quarters."

  20. I don't want you to think I'm critcising you Sir,but you didn't mention the Moochel #metoo rantings.That started with a bang,over 100 school girls kidnapped and went absolutely NOWHERE.

  21. Thanks for writing. I always look forward to what you have to say.