Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Trojan Condemn

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Construction workers are whooping it up with power tools in the other room, so today we'll concentrate on providing funny pictures and only a few words, what with THINKING BEING DIFFICULT OVER ALL THE NOISE.

We'll start by patting ourselves on the back for the title of today's cartoon, because what the media has been demanding from Trump really is a "Trojan Condemn" - they want him to make a statement of condemnation which implies or admits that he's previously been in league with moronic, racist hate-mongers who were not Democrats.

Frankly, Trump has said enough already - maybe too much. After all, it's not like the media is going to give him a fair shake no matter what he does...

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, trump, condemn, eclipse, PETA

By the way, as far as we know PETA hasn't said anything about pets and the eclipse, and we don't think there's any reason to worry because animals aren't dumb enough to stare at the sun.

People are dumb enough, though. Case in point...

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, trump, antifa, charlottesville, statue, vandalism, wizard of oz, tin woodsman


We just got back from Lowe's where we were picking out exterior doors, lock hardware, toilets (we're going with the one that promises it can flush a bucket of golf balls, just in case we overindulge in Titleists some drunken evening), appliances, mirrors, and range hoods. Pshew!

But earlier today, the bathroom cabinets got installed...

The area to the right is the "pony wall" which is, even as we speak, being tiled. It will provide the basic structure for our new shower stall, the door to which will open over by our master closet on the far right.

You can pretty much figure what's going on with the cabinetry; it's still waiting on the granite countertops, sinks, paint, and confederate flag decals.

You might well look at all of this and say "Wow, you're certainly making progress!" But remember, this is just the part of the house they're finishing first so we'll have a place to pee, poop, shower, and weep privately while the entire rest of the house is being turned inside out. So most of this adventure is still ahead of us. Most of the payments, too - but we're doing it for America!


  1. Velveeta Processed Cheese FoodAugust 16, 2017 at 12:50 AM

    Can I come live with you, when it's done?

  2. Love the progress. I'm building a house by myself - progress is slow at best.

  3. I'd go for the john that can suck a couple of bowling balls down it -- ya just never know.....

  4. I have been looking at the "Gusher Flusher" since we have poor water pressure in this area. I can only imagine the frustrations you are going thru. Meanwhile, a good supply of SMS is necessary and add that to the remodeling bill.

  5. Thanks for all the humor and insight.

    On bathrooms, I found that separate and un-equal bathrooms lead to marital accord

  6. Doors take up too much space with all that swinging back and forth. Curtain wall beads; that's the way to go. [grin]

  7. Given your focus on bathrooms, I can better understand your joke about poupon mustard.

  8. what was that movie..... the money pit?

  9. Pocket doors. Pocket doors free you from the tyranny of doors swinging in each others' way. Of course, contractors generally screw them up. Had two put in our addition 10+ years ago - one from the new master bedroom to the new master closet, one from the new master closet into the new master bathroom. They rumble, scrape - generally poorly installed. I put one in the basement bathroom myself. Smooth as silk. If only I had the time to do everything myself. Or, if She WHo Must Be Obeyed had the patience. One or both...

    I guess I can summarize this as "Don't get your hopes up. You'll be fixing their screw-ups for years to come.".

    Like the bathroom plan - going to do similar when I tackle the Harvest Gold bathroom upstairs; albeit with a tub instead of a shower...

    And I FUMED as I listened to the alleged press conference yesterday whilst all the MSM "journalists" were attempting to maneuver Trump into a corner regarding hate groups. He masterfully kept them chasing him around, but, seriously? That's what they're interested in? That's what they "think" WE'RE interested in? What about his successful strategy with N. Korea? His "insane rantings while holding his thumb over the button", as they characterized it, bore fruit and showed that a little shit-stain dictatorship on the map had best not wave their stinky fingers in our face. Maybe this will give that other shit spot, Iran, pause in their activities.

    I do have to admit to wishing he had called out BLM and Antifa by name, though. He implicated the counter-protesters pretty heavily as having come out for trouble; that the anti-American groups comprising the counter protest came rather oddly dressed (in helmets and body armor) and equipped (with frozen water bottles, stones, baseball bats), plus: only the protesting crackers had a permit. But he disappointed this guy when he did not call them out by name, and was obviously dancing around doing so.

  10. Wow, nice job. I can appreciate the mess, noise and debris that is going everywhere.. been there done that. I might recommend that after the "dust settles", and you are enjoying that new shower, to have someone come out and clean the AC coils and ducts inside the house, as it will be beyond dirty. Looks like "2 more weeks" and it will be all wrapped up.. Huck

  11. Question/observation; What's going to happen when a bunch or real honest-to-goodness patriotic veterans,fully armed, attend one of these local government planned riots with stand-down police? The results will be catastrophic to say the least. I think that is where we are headed folks.

  12. What about the Lenin statues in New York, Seattle and LA (LA one has a little statue of Mao on Lenin's head)? Are they going to come down and be destroyed? Lenin had no history in our country. While I dont care if the Confederate statues come down or not, they should be saved and displayed somewhere in a museum or stored somewhere. They ARE part of our history whether snowflakes like it or not.

  13. I'd skip the shower and just get a real pony to put behind the pony wall. It would certainly be funnier when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

  14. @ Fred Ciampi said..."What's going to happen when a bunch or real honest-to-goodness patriotic veterans,fully armed, attend one of these local government planned riots with stand-down police?"

    We saw what real honest-to-goodness patriotic veterans did when barricades were put up to "close" off their WWII memorial four years ago. They were mostly older men, some blind, some in wheel-chairs. Some of those in wheel-chairs gathered enough strength to get up out of those chairs and walk to the memorial.

    When all patriotic veterans and their fellow patriotic Americans finally have enough of the foolishness going on now I do not think it will be a pretty sight. Everyone has a breaking point, and the left is doing all they can to push individuals to that point. They do not realize, or are too stupid to care, that they are pushing an entire demographic to the breaking point and it is going to be they that suffer the consequences. IMHO

  15. Two words, Stilt. Just two words: "Long Oval."

  16. You're right, there's nothing Trump can say or do that would be enough. The narrative is that he's a Nazi sympathizer and that is that. "Godwin's Law" was repealed 18 months ago, so it's now okay to call anyone who doesn't conform to the Progressive narrative a "Nazi" and it's acceptable.

    Personally, I think we need a new "Godwin's Law" that goes something like anytime someone uses "white privilege" as the basis for an argument, they've already lost. I know. Not going to happen.

    Meanwhile, the move to forcibly remove "offensive" statues continues unabated. Personally, I won't be pleased until that includes all the monuments and statues to Robert Byrd, but I'm not holding my breath. You'd think that if there was any coherent strategy to the left's agenda that his would be the first to go out of sheer embarrassment and their ongoing desire to scrub history, but it's not as though most of these people actually think that hard.

  17. Loving all the cabinet capacity!
    Have to admit, if I were replacing my commode, the golf baller would be high on my list as well.
    I'd probably look into being able to seal it, so as to apply a little suction to help move things along, from time to time...

    FWIW, I think new poster roth *is* a robot

  18. that pony wall? behind it should be a pony keg.

  19. you might want to rethink putting shower stall door by the door to master closet...STEAM! Or other moisture getting in clothes closet

  20. Pocket doors. Definitely, pocket doors. Properly installed, they ARE a joy to use and take up NO "swing space". Wish I could put one in my Motor Home ('85 34' Beaver Motor Coach), but the dipsticks mounted the A/C controls on the outside of where I would put the slide for the door. No room for a pocket, darn it...

    Per the golf-ball-rated commode, I HIGHLY recommend the Champion 3 or better yet, the Champion 4 Max from American Standard. Available at your Friendly Neighborhood Home Depot everywhere it's not illegal (!) to sell 'em. I'm not sure, but the 3 may not be available any more. Best $225 (times two) I ever spent for a toilet!

    Ah! Just checked on the Interwebbies, the 3 IS still sold. BUT, not for long, I'd guess.

  21. @Pete: She is, indeed, a spammer. Stilt hasn't commented yet, so he's probably pig-wrestling some contractor or another. I'm sure he'll see to her post's demise...

  22. @Readers- I'm behind in responding owing to doing the contractor tango yesterday, so my responses here will be a bit hit and miss (though ALL comments are read and appreciated!)

    @Emmentaler Limburger- The Trump news conference was jaw-droppingly awful, and I'm absolutely siding with Trump on all of this nonsense. Like you, I wish he'd called out Antifa and BLM by name...and then gone farther to say that any "counter protest" groups that show up anywhere armed for battle will be arrested and hauled off to the pokey. It's time to pull the "get out of jail free" cards from violent hate groups.

    @Anonymous- Good advice on the AC coils. Thanks!

    @Fred Ciampi- I think that's exactly what the Left wants and is trying to make happen by giving the police "stand down" orders so that people can be assaulted with impunity.

    @AmyH- If we just tell the Antifa types that the Lenin statues are actually Robert E. Lee, maybe they'll tear them down for us!

    @American Cowboy- Sadly, those pulling the strings of the useful idiots on the Left WANT to push us to the breaking point, so that they can then enact martial law (or some equivalent) and start stripping away our rights. It's a dangerous game - especially for the cannon fodder on the front lines.

    @John the Econ- Exactly: nothing Trump can say at this point would be "enough." His news conference was astounding, with virtually every question being of the "Have you stopped beating your wife yet?" variety.

    Regarding Robert Byrd, I think the KKK (or anyone with some bedsheets and time on their hands) needs to stage an impromptu rally defending the Byrd statue. Imagine the delightful chaos afterwards as the Left tries to figure out what to do!

    @Pete (Detroit)- "apply a little suction to help move things along"? That's not a toilet - that's a shop-vac! And yes, "roth" was a robot and I've now cleaned up that mess.

    @captnats- Note that there's usually a door into the master closet (it's been taken off during construction). Additionally, the shower door opens away from the master closet door, AND a steam-sucking vent has just been installed just outside the closet door.

    @Igor- Yep, we're going with the American Standard though I can't remember if I'm looking at the Champion 3 or Champion 4. Either way, I'll be riding in style.

  23. @Stilton, belly-laugh of the morning for "I think the KKK (or anyone with some bedsheets and time on their hands) needs to stage an impromptu rally defending the Byrd statue. Imagine the delightful chaos afterwards as the Left tries to figure out what to do!"

    That would be great. And if the KKK krowd was the least bit intelligent, they'd do just that. And if the Democrats were the least bit intelligent, they'd toss Byrd in the ashcan of history as he really is (or should be) an embarrassment, yet is no longer of any use to them dead. They were happy to tolerate a klanner in their midst for decades as long as he was powerful and had near-free access to the national fisc. (Half the infrastructure of of West Virginia was financed via and is named after him) My guess is that as living memory of him continues to disappear, so will his name. His name certainly deserves to go at least as much as the names that the race warriors are targeting. Say what you will about the white slave-defenders of a century-and-a-half ago. At least they have the excuse of being men of their time. Byrd was a modern anachronism of our lifetime who should have known better. The people who voted for him should have known better. And the Democrats who tolerated him as a peer definitely knew better. But they chose power over right, just as they continue to do so today with the creeps the defend in the name of keeping power.

    The Protests: The thing to keep in mind is that these are largely staged because there is both political and economic interests involved. These riots make for great TV, especially in the age of 24/7 news where there simply isn't enough real substance to fill a 168-hour-a-week void.

    Russia: So can I assume now that we're done with Russia? I haven't heard a peep about it in nearly a week. Since the Russia "investigation" was continuing to drift further and further from the official narrative, and closer and closer to the DNC & Clintons, we shouldn't be surprised. The Democrats needed that to go away, and the race riot fire is far more sustainable.

  24. Hiring contractors to do the remodeling? It must take a lot of cheese to pay for their baloney.

  25. @John the Econ--Congress always allows race-baiters when it's convenient, whether with Byrd or with current commie rat fink pinkos. And regarding the protests, yep 24/7 needs something, and there's no "OMG SHARKS!!!" or young blondes missing in Aruba stories to work with at the moment. Plus, it's a way for the MSM to virtue signal.

  26. Does "pony wall" mean behind which is the place where the pony craps? I sincerely hope you have considered "comfort height toilets". They are a great invention. With them, there is no longer the 3 to 4 inch free fall in the dark of night. You can assume the throne position without the annoying slap of white meat against plastic. My nomination for the nobel pizza prize.

  27. "...there's no "OMG SHARKS!!!" or young blondes missing in Aruba stories to work with at the moment."

    Well @Dan, it looks like we have another let's mow down some infidel westerners attack in Europe today. But since it didn't involve any white supremacists, I doubt that story will outlast the phony statue-mania the media is currently obsessed with.

    Speaking of MSM virtue signalling: I tuned into CNN for a few minutes after I heard of the Barcelona attack. The discussion I dropped in on was occupied with an attempt at drawing moral equivalencies between a terrorist mowing down people Barcelona and the fascist who mowed down anti-fascist fascists in Charlottesville earlier this week.

    So I guess I have to give CNN some credit for finally (albeit unwittingly) acknowledging that Islamists in Europe are themselves fascists. Progress.

  28. So would it OK to shoot the offending statues? Some of us want to know. On the other hand at least they remain silent so why bother 'cept for practice.

  29. I hope it's okay to post this. This North Korean young woman describes what it was like to live there before she successfully escaped. This, my friends, is why we are defending the freedoms our great country was founded upon. Please, if you have seen it before, it is worth another watch...

    Stilton, I admire your sticktoitiveness (sp) during the remodel. I have been through one myself and it is tough. Thanks to you and your bottle of Scotch, you have once again produced a great blog. Hang in there, sir.