Wednesday, December 13, 2017


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At the time of this writing (Tuesday), we don't know the results of Roy Moore's election contest. Will a man accused of possibly doing something bad a long time ago triumph over a man who will certainly (like all Democrats) do bad things now?

That matter is out of our hands - but it doesn't mean that the fight for sexual justice is over. We believe that any possible victims of touchy-feely, hanky-panky, and (God help us) hokey-pokey deserve to be heard, no matter how close to senility these accusers are.

Take, for example, the above story in which Curly Howard (real name Jerome Lester Horwitz) exposed his hairy nipple ("Oh look! It's Larry!") to a young showgirl in the late 1930's, entirely unaware that a studio photographer was snapping a picture. When the scandalous photo circulated, Curly, who was thought at the time to have a good shot at winning California's governorship, was forced to withdraw his name from contention - giving Shemp a clear course to eventual victory.

But where was the justice for the young actress who was forever scarred by this sickening, sexually aggressive sight? And how did the psychological damage of that nightmare so long ago continue to affect her and twist her thoughts and feed her anger over many long, long years?

Even now, Nancy Pelosi refuses to speak of what she felt that day...and actually throws up if someone says "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!"

And she would never be open and honest with her feelings again.


  1. Nancy and Curley - A match made in Heaven. I'll bet the angels sang choruses when they rode dirty together. Now, with that picture in my head, I'm headed to the W.C. to ride the porcelain bus.......

  2. Ah, yes. My favorite democrat if one can have a favorite. We all knew something was wrong with her and now Dr Jarlsberg has, after many test, determined it was fright. Good diagnosis. Those flashbacks is causing her to slur her speech (or maybe that was Scotch), forget what she was saying (or maybe it was Scotch) freeze up and can't talk or remember who is president (or maybe it was Scotch) and the list goes on. Personally I love the egotistical nitwit as minority speaker.
    As far as the Alabama election, it was over before it started. Sold out by the swamp.
    This will not be soon forgotten and it will be brought forth at every election for Senators. Now, even though I really like Ted Cruz, he sold out on this one and that burns my keister. Judge Moore was just running against too many people.

  3. So, the NEXT time the Leftards pull this shit, will they be told, in no uncertain terms, that the 'sex' card has expired?
    Worked on Herman Cain (black contender w/ real world experience running against BHO)
    Worked (barely) here.
    Maybe (recount in progress?)
    Time, and past time to shut this sh8t DOWN..

  4. No Moe, NO! Moe!!!

  5. How it happens scenario; Apartment house last week.

    I'm walking to the elevator. Door opens. Woman steps out. Complains, "That man across the hall is partly undressed! I'm going to call the cops."

    I ask, "How do you know this?"

    "I opened his door. Duh."

    The morals of a Democrat, the avarice of a lawyer. Our people are oversexed and underbrained.

  6. Me and 2 of my brothers met 'THE Three Stooges' when we wuz just tykes and they commented (predicted?) on the 3 of us being stooges too...... next big star I meet was Gentle Ben but DID NOT shake his paw and then Flipper ........ Exciting life for a kid

  7. A male friend of mine was recently seeing his doctor and saw one of the nurses who had lost a lot of weight. He ASKED her if it was OK for him to say she looked really good or was that considered harassment. That is what these ridiculous women who remember something that happened years ago and was probably considered flirting or whatever have brought to this country. These women are ruining lives in seeking their own victimhood. I, for one, am sick to death of this nonsense.

  8. in the midnight hour she cried moe moe moe

  9. Since now all a candidate needs to lose an election is to simply be accused of wrongdoing in the past, regardless of any hard evidence, I can hardly wait until both contenders for the same office have accusations brought forth.
    Who wins then? The one who paid off the most accusers, or the one who is actually best suited for the job?

  10. Boy! The MSN must be proud of themselves! They FINALLY united the DNC and the establishment GOP on something! It might have been destroying a man's reputation and career by creating and broadcasting hearsay, without a shred of real evidence, but, hey! Not since Reagan has anyone gotten them to work together so well for a common goal. I hope Judge Roy finds the means to at least sue the pants off of them, but I expect the furor to die just like it did after Herman Cain, etc. Soon this will be (barely) a memory.

    @Geoff: Mickey Mouse. Oh, wait, there's that Minnie thing....

  11. Lady female person called the cops; "my neighbor runs around the house naked and has the shades up". Cop comes over "OK, show me". She says, "I can see him through that window". Cop says, "that window is eight feet high". Says she, "well, you have to stand on the stepladder to see him".

    And that, boys and girls is the state of our society these days.

  12. This whole "#metoo" nonsense is diluting the cause for the real sexual assault that is happening. Just saying something vague does not give them the right to destroy a man's career or reputation. If nothing is said when it happens, I do not believe them. I feel the same with rape. If they do not go to the ER for a rape kit & file charges, I do not believe them. Coming forward 1, 5, 10, 30, 40 years later and saying "he raped me" or "he sexually assaulted/harrassed me" is just that, words. There is nothing to prove it, just words of her saying "yes he did" and him saying "no I didnt" but now in The Court of Social and Main Stream Media he is tried & found guilty.
    I guess I am not a good Feminist. Not that I ever claimed to be one. But the current crop are diluting the whole "cause".

  13. This explains so much regarding Nancy...

  14. @ Pete (Detroit):
    They're coming for Trump now that Roy is out of the way. It's only gonna get worse...

    @Stan da Man:
    Channeling Tom?!?

  15. I'm afraid we're stuck with the #MeToo thing as long as they still think it has the effect of marginalizing Trump at an acceptable cost. (Remember, Franken hasn't actually resigned yet) Once it gets too expensive or close to home, it will evaporate just like the Russia narrative. Sorry feminists, you're moving back down to the bottom of the totem pole.

    For example, while Progressives are still clutching their pearls and fainting over everything Trump says, commercial pop culture is chock-full of content that makes Harvey Weinstien's antics look downright Disney. So far, other than for Russell Simmons the world of hip-hop that exists almost solely based upon misogyny remains untouched. Why is that? Because nobody wants to go there and say "Hey, that's bad behavior" and be called a raaayzissst. That's just one of the 800 pound gorillas in the room. How about Islam? Nope, they're definitively not going there.

    But for the moment, they'll just keep hitting at Trump. Currently, they've got a women who was asked for her phone number. The horror!

  16. Thank you, Stilton, for giving me the mental image of Curly barking like a dog at the the 4th stooge, Pelosi. But I'm un-mental enough to know that the three Stooges are funny (ha ha), but the 4th is funny (weird).

  17. Regarding the sex stuff, just wait until groupies decide they were being assaulted.

  18. One question I have is, will we hear from Moore's accusers any more or have they served the MSM/Demo_Rats' purpose so they can disappear? Maybe that's two questions...

  19. They might be screeching invective and crying old lady tears at high decibel...but once the MSM has had it's purpose fulfilled we will "hear" no more about their miserable lives and their horrific 40+ year old imaginary friend who ruined their teen years with an incomplete Yearbook insertion.
    Such is the way of the current press.

  20. @JustaJeepGuy, I have absolutely no doubt that after Monday, calls to Gloria Allred regarding Moore were no longer being returned.

  21. The Democraps have a long, sordid history of destroying people for political gain, then moving as if nothing happened the day after the desired result is achieved. It's as if someone flips a switch. People like this are lower than worm's bellies, but I'll also say that I think Roy Moore brought some of this on himself. He's a bit Archie Bunkerish. "I'm not racist; my lawyer is a Jew." Really....

  22. Roy is an old school Fundy Christian, and how do we expect him to act? I expect righteous, and we get righteous.
    Not removing the 10 Commandments from the courthouse was a stand for right and wrong...he was wrong, but had my support anyway. Right thing, wrong method.
    His hard-line Christian attitude is alien to many, but I prefer it to the whatcha got for me? modern politician.
    As a hardliner he coulda been counted on to support America First, for that matter MAGA, with his view of it being a Christian nation again...well, that wouldn't actually fly, but it's a better direction to head than the usual compromise with everything the conservatives believe, from fiscal to government of the current Dems and RINOs in the Congress.

    All conjecture now, Roy lost.