Monday, August 19, 2019

Monday Melange


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After being given permission to enter Israel and visit her aging grandmother (who had, no kidding, promised to kill a goat for the occasion), Rep Rashida Tlaib cancelled the trip after being told that while in Israel, she couldn't shoot her mouth off about anti-Israel causes and sentiments.

For which the nation of Israel, and one lucky goat, can give thanks.


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It's almost disturbingly easy for us to imagine an angry Hillary Clinton shrieking into a phone: "What part of 'make it look like suicide' didn't you effing understand?!"

But let's be charitable. Nobody is perfect and mistakes happen, even for well-practiced professional killers. Although we doubt that this particular killer will live long enough to make another mistake.


epstein, suicide, murder, collusion, hyoid bone, clinton

Sorry, but it had to be said.


Over the weekend, actor Peter Fonda died at age 79. He died from lung cancer, and we wouldn't wish that kind of pain and suffering on anyone.

But that being said, owing to a spate of tweets in his final years, we have little choice other than to remember him as a complete asshole...

(From Friday, June 22, 2018)
Alleged actor Peter Fonda took to Twitter recently to voice his hatred for the First Family, and to encourage kidnapping and pederasty as useful tools for the Left to demonstrate their moral superiority to the Deplorables in our nation.

Here's what he tweeted:

The First Lady has subsequently asked the Secret Service to investigate Mr. Fonda, not only because of the appalling nature of his threats, but because most movie fans have been convinced that the actor died years ago, along with his career.

Not that he didn't have one good scene in the only memorable movie he was ever in. Specifically, this scene:

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, trump, border, separating familes,
Even more enjoyable when viewed on a continuous loop!
Seriously (which we aren't very often), Fonda's rhetoric - which he has since apologized for - goes way too far and should not fall under the province of protected speech. He is calling for violence against the First Family and, specifically, the violent rape of a child. Because he's so sensitive and enlightened, you see.

Even worse, he's making this call to action to his thousands of followers, any one of whom might decide to implement it. Especially since Peter Fonda likely has followers who are, as we say in the psychological field, "not right in the head."

How could they be, when exposed to a regular diet of Fonda's other sociopathic tweets like this one about our nation's Director of Homeland Security:

For those blissfully unfamiliar with the term, "gash" is an obscene reference to female genitalia, and is considered to be even uglier, more unacceptable, and more sexually demeaning than Samantha Bee's "c-word" description of our First Lady.

It is a word so foul, fetid, and unforgivable that we would personally never use it about any woman.

Except, of course, Jane Fonda.


  1. Well, there you go. I was just gonna mention Jane, D-Hanoi.
    The same best wishes as to little peter.

  2. That's one screwed up family.

    Biggest thing I remember Peter Fonda for (other than Easy Rider, nick nick) is that I saw an ad for a burly-que show with a stripper called Fonda Peters.

  3. Stilt,

    Peter Fonda was a douche bag and his sister Jane is a scum bag (or is it the other way around?) Nontheless, your comments are spot on! It's a damn shame Henry Fonda sired those two disgraces....but then his personal life was a trainwreck, so maybe that explains it?

  4. Hello Stilt, Somehow you managed to make the "FILTHY" news even funnier than usual. Totally enjoyed the new material. BTW, Republican or not, I just found out that not only was NIXON a liar and cheat he was treasoness. Should have joined Jane Fonda in Prison. Interferred with the leader of So. V.N when Lyndon was in office...during the election between Nixon nd Humpfry (sp?). Kissinger leaked a Johnson negotiation to NIXON who then talked the So.V.N. leader out of peace talks. The war lasted longer and more than 20,000 additional U. S. troops perished. ALL for an election. THEN Nxon paid off Kissinger by hiring him for his own cabinet. Kissenger won the Nobel PEACE prize for implementing Johnson's plan to end the war. With the likes of a cheating Kissinger and an incompetant puppet like Obama winning the peace prize for nothing the prize no longer means anything.

  5. The world will be MUCH better with his passing. Shame he could not have taken a few more like him when he exited..

  6. Kay, and let's not forget Yassir Arafat yshm'v [may he rot in hell] with his Nobel Peace Prize in 1994.

  7. Re Tlaib, Stilt as usual comes out with a masterful zing.

    I don't have Stilt's knack for being concise. I would like to point out that Israel has a law barring entrance to advocates of BDS (if you want to know what BDS is all about, just drop the D) and that Tlaib is most definitely a supporter of BDS. In fact she and Omar introduced a pro-BDS Congressional resolution in July. Therefore, by rights she shouldn't be allowed into Israel at all. Note, however, that Israel was prepared, on humanitarian grounds, to overlook that and allow her in as long as she agreed not to spout her BDS - anti-Israel hate just FOR THE DURATION of her visit, regardless of what she's done in the past and may do in the future.

    We bend over backwards, and she says, "Not far enough!"

  8. Velveeta Processed Cheese FoodAugust 19, 2019 at 3:27 AM

    @Dan. I friend of mine swears this is a true story. When he was in college, on the first day of a new class, the prof was taking role, and came to a woman named Fonda Diks or some such. He said, "Fonda Dykes?, or is it Fonda Dicks? Doesn't matter, either way you're screwed." Needless to say, this was many years ago.

  9. On a more positive note, how's Lucas doing?

  10. Stilt, thanks for the triple treat contribution. I hope this means that your gut is leaving you in peace.
    Dick Paetzke

  11. Are any of the Congresswoman's constituents a available for comment?

  12. Tlaib: "How dare you grant my request based on the terms I proposed in the first place?!"

    And I'll see your "Rush in collusion" and raise you a case of "Epstein Barr".

    From an MSNBC story on the 12th:

    "The apparent suicide of multi-millionaire is fueling a flood of questions - and baseless conspiracy theories. Some of these theories were even given extra oxygen by the President of the United States. "

    Gee, they forgot to mention their own village idiot, Joy Reid, suggesting that William Barr may have played a role in Epstein's death.

    Has anyone noticed that some people named Joy (Reid, Behar), appear to be anything but?

  13. That goat granny planned to kill for the occasion had been properly seduced, no doubt.

  14. Good roll, Stilt! But please refrain from he picture of Tlaib. Seeing them so early in the morning caused me to throw up a little in mouth, which will flavor the rest of my day...

    @Kay: Not sure how your points regarding Nixon were relevant to anything in today's Stilton's Place, and I'm no Nixon fan, but I always have to take "facts" discovered after 50 years with a grain of salt - especially considering where they found voice. I could definitely be wrong, but this "revelation" is likely just the MSM's (democrat's propaganda apparatchik) attempt to credit one of their own with the end of that conflict while demonstrating how truly evil anyone without a "D" behind their name is. They can never leave history alone, as long as they have a "better" version of it...

  15. @Kay & Maoz- Add to that list Robert Mugabe.

    As for Tlaib, apparently she’s willing to throw her own grandmother under the bus to score a few political points.

  16. Emmentaler Limburger: "They can never leave history alone,as long as they have a 'better' version of it..."

    How did that expression go, back in the USSR? "We know what the future will look like. It's the past that keeps changing on us."

  17. So you’re saying Tlaib = “gash” is unacceptable then?

  18. Why is the grandma living in Israel anyways? Hates Israel citizens. As for the goat, she can probably still pimp it out a bit longer. I have not heard that term in many, many years, I suppose when I was last a teenager. I believe Peter Fonda's last works were, "Oh, sheit!!"
    I have been going thru the Clinton list of deceased and quite frankly, it boggles the mind that no law enforcement organization has raised an eyebrow on the number of associates that have assumed room temperature. I did come across one tidbit, if true, should have really got legs: "The four BATF agents: February 28 Steve Willis, Robert Williams, Todd McKeahan & Conway LeBleu: died by gunfire at Waco. All four were examined by a pathologist and died from identical wounds to the left temple. They also were the ONLY 4 BATF agents killed at Waco."
    Good column Stilt, oh so much in so little space.

  19. I do have to admit I was Fonda Jane in "Barbarella". Of course that was before she became "Hanoi Jane" and I was a young teenage boy with raging hormones who didn't watch it for it's plot or artistic value.

  20. I wish no person the pain and anguish that Peter Fonda must have gone through. The horror of Henry as a father, Jane as a sister, the pain of lung cancer and COPD with struggling to breath without drowning in you own fluids... and the underlying hell of his own anger at the world. I am sad for him, but at least his turmoil is over. He won't be missed. He will be remembered as an asshole. Sad when bbq you think about it

  21. I was not all that upset with Jane way back when the Hanoi thing first happened; I attributed it to her being a connected & still very young woman associated with activists; overly influenced by the men in her life; and she was easily played by the Commies. Many could be hoodwinked that way especially when when surrounded & advised by fellow ignorants and irresponsible activists. Such deafness towards others also seems to come with fame.

    Years later, while still not a big fan; I appreciated & accepted her apology. I knew she was a scuba diver and remember remarking over a post-dive round of beers with buddies who truly hated her just what I said here and that I still thought she was interesting woman. And if a good diver I'd dive with her. That didn't earn points with friends but they got over it.

    But for crying out loud she's old enough to know better now and wealthy as well; so an explanation why she feels so suffocated & how it's blamed on Trump is in order; maybe along with a deeper analysis of who's really responsible for her misgivings. I'd be OK if she feels that way because so many millions of Americans dislike her. We are supposed to be a primarily Christian-based nation and maybe forgiveness is in order.

    But Jane: Wise up and breathe deeper; maybe go suck down some O2 or Nitrox. Or move out; we'll stay here. If exiting, please leave your USA passport behind.

  22. It's kind of ironic that Peter Fonda died the same week as the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. Being of a certain age, it is all a bit surreal and poignant. That being said, I concur with Doctor Deadhead, it's a tough way to go. His recent over-the-top political ravings will forever sully his memory in my humble opinion. His sister can simply rot in hell.

    Talib has shown to the world (those willing to see, at least) what a despicable tool she really is. Her agenda was well known, the Israelis accommodated her wish to see her grandmother, and she crapped all over the whole situation.

  23. WEST BANK ON IT: So Israel refuses to admit a supposed tourist who argues that Israel should not be allowed to exist and people get upset?

    But then again, we're talking about people who argue there should be no such thing as controlled borders, so we really shouldn't be surprised.

    THE CHOKE'S ON YOU: Did anyone really expect this particular suicide to actually look like a real suicide?

    GET MUELLER ON LINE TWO: Obviously, "collusion" is only something that sticks to non-Progressives who are allowed to collude the whole day long.

    SLEAZY WRITER: Nice to know that I was not the only one morally conflicted about the conclusion of Easy Rider.

    But if Peter Fonda's life illustrated anything, it's that it's a lot easy to get away with minimal talent while saying stupid s*** when you've got great T&A working for you. If not, you're just another loser.

  24. Rod, since Jane waited 40 years to "apologize", I feel it's only fair for me to wait 40 years to forgive her.

  25. Emmentaler Well, you may be right about the facts in the article I read but it was published in 2014 which is 50 years after the occurance And many events are concealed from the public for 50 years....I will try to find facts suporting this artice I read for my own peace of mind. The connection was simply that Peter Fonda's sister JANE was a TRAITOR and so was NIXON, more than likely. Dirty politics all around. Thanks for your input.

  26. On a one to ten scale, you get a twelve! Great job!

  27. Tricky Ricky put the perfect moniker on Tlaib: "despicable tool." Thanks a lot, people of Detroit.

    Epstein's "suicide..." The autopsy doctor's conclusion reminded me of Comey's conclusions about Shrillary. "Yes, his neck was shattered by a force much greater than a sheet hanging from the side of a bunk bed could cause, but I conclude his injuries were self inflicted. Of course, that doctor probably wants his own body temperature to STAY at 98.6° for a while longer.

    Peter Fonda... I'm sure he will be missed... by somebody... somewhere. Maybe by his drug dealer?

  28. Hello Kay: Nixon was the president who withdrew our troops from Vietnam and got us out of an unwinnable conflict. History is history.

  29. I can't be the only one who noticed Fonda saying violent and hateful things while his Twitter profile image had him making a "Peace" sign.

    What a hypocritical dirtball.

  30. Pete (he hated being called that) WAS an asshole. I worked with him on a film in 1978-'79.

  31. I liked Nixon (and still do). Same for J Edgar Hoover. Both much maligned unnecessarily.
    On the other hand, I've lost my respect for JFK and LBJ. Never really had any for Jimmah, Billy Jeff, or Hussein. Disappointed in 41 and 43.

  32. All good today, and the posts are also great.As to the Fonda progeny, typical rage against parental authority which is common amongst Libertards throughoutthier lives, extending to any authority.Very sad for Henry. His kids were infectedby Marxism while in college. Reminds me of a scene in American Carol.The only movie role I liked Peter in was Hell Rider, where he played Satan, somewhat appropriately. Personal life and tweets, definitely a douche nozzle.

  33. Stilt: When you mention Hanoi Jane, I can feel the blood pressure rising for myself and other older board members. No, I am not disparaging your work but recognizing that she still makes us old vets see red, so to speak. I do not wish her dead but do hope she gets a painful, incurable disease and lives past a hundred, confined to a wheel chair, from the results of a debilitating stroke.

  34. Speaking of apologies 40 years late, I hear that Fauxohontas was in Iowa campaigning in the last few days, apologizing so much that I gagged...she's sorry for hurting people (unless you are conservative, christian, white hetero male, of course).

    AG Barr needs to throw us a bone, even some gristle off the bone....SOMETHING to instill hope for us--- to cling to along with our bibles and our guns.

    We must not get over-confident, causing people to stay home and out of the voting booth. We need EVERY vote in 2020...we're fighting for the life blood of America.

  35. I think Tlaib actually is Al Franken in drag . Has anyone seen the two together ?

  36. Didn't watch/wouldn't have anyway, yesterday's press conference held by those two, but from what I've read, it sounds like they acted much like two over-indulged, over-privileged, over-entitled brats upset at not being given a treat even though they've behaved badly.

    Talib's "ears" ought to be a good source of grist for the next edition of Stilton's Place

  37. @Sortahwitte- Jane Fonda went way beyond the bounds of "free speech" with her shenanigans in Vietnam. She has not, to my knowledge, expressed sincere contritition, so my feelings remain unchanged about her and the horse she rode in on.

    @Dan- The "Fonda Peters" thing makes me think of how it must have been hell for some people to have roll call in gym class with last name first and first name last.

    @Jim G- Yes, the Fonda family was no example of "when things go right."

    @Tannhauser- They should have done an "Easy Rider" sequel starring those two guys.

    @Kay- Sadly, political chicanery (even to the extent of treason) is nothing new. Nor is the willingness of some politicians to sacrifice the lives of our military personnel to advance their personal agendas. And yes, the Nobel Peace Prize hasn't meant anything in a long, long time.

    @Anonymous- I'm not sure that the world will be better for Fonda's passing, but it will be incrementally smarter. As for "more like him," Time handles everyone.

    @Maoz- Yeah, Yassir didn't do anything to polish the prestige of the Nobel Peace Prize. Although he did a lot to popularize beards that look like pubic hair.

    And good summary of why Israel doesn't want Tlaib and Omar in their country, and why they're entirely right and justified in their policy.

    @Velveeta Processed Cheese Food- I swear, don't parents give ANY thought to how their kid's name may cause embarrassment in the future? Speaking of which, I remember once seeing a mailbox with the owner's name on top: Dick Riser.

    @M. Mitchell Marmel- I haven't seen specific updates on Lucas's condition, but since he's in hospice now I assume the goal is mainly to keep him pain free and give him love for as long as possible. I do know that the fundraising campaign - which is still open - has raised more than the family originally requested, and that people from our own little community here are still giving generously. This has taken at least a little weight off the family's shoulders at this time, for which they've expressed deep gratitude.

    @Dick Paetzke- My gut is largely fine at this point (although occasionally teasing me a little). Thanks for asking!

    @Fish Out of Water- As most of Tlaib's constituents reflexively shout "death to America" when confronted with a camera, I wouldn't hold my breath about seeing any of them on the evening news.

  38. @Jason Anyone- It's funny to hear MSNBC refer to anything as "baseless conspiracy theories" considering the years they've spent shrieking "Russian collusion!" And you're right that there seems to be an inverse relationship between women named Joy and women who actually give joy.

    @Wahoo- And stuffed!

    @Emmentaler Limburger- Ms Tlaib only reaffirms the adage that comedy isn't always pretty. Regarding Nixon, I'll have to do more homework before I can opine on the accusations. As you point out, history itself is constantly being rewritten - and not always accurately.

    @FlyBoy- Apparently it's been 13 years since Ms Tlaib has visited granny. Why couldn't she have gone sooner? Oh yeah, because visiting wasn't the actual point. In the meanwhile, why doesn't she just Skype with granny (she could even watch the goat having its throat cut. Good times!)

    @Maoz- Could George Orwell have BEEN more right? No...he couldn't.

    @Section147- As Nixon would say "it would be wrong, that's for sure."

    @james daily- Good points! If granny hates Israel (despite her apparently comfortable and secure life), why isn't Tlaib lobbying for the poor old dame to get shipped over here to live at Rashida's house? Regarding the four BATF agents at Waco, I'm going to express great skepticism about the "identical wounds to the left temple." I saw some of those agents go down on TV as gunfire tore through the compound walls. And my God, what a fustercluck that whole scenario was. The Branch Davidians could simply have been kept under armed surveillance, but the Clinton administration (no doubt with Hillary literally calling the shots) decided it made them look weak to do nothing. So they arranged a big raid and then made sure that there would be plenty of media there to show the decisive action. Only one of the news people (thanks, media!) informed the Branch Davidians of the impending raid...a raid which they believed was intended only to kill every member of the sect...which is why the whole thing turned into a bloodbath, followed by the deaths of every man, woman, and child who'd gotten on the Clintons' bad side.

    @Geoff King- No question that Jane was hot as Hell in Barbarella. And speaking of Hell, I wonder if Jane Fonda will eventually find herself in that fiery furnace wearing a smoldering leotard which demons prompt the former exercise queen to "make it burn!"

    @Doctor Deadhead- Very well put. I can't be cavalier about the pain and suffering of others, and as you point out it's likely that Peter Fonda suffered many pains that transcended the purely physical. I don't and won't think of him as an evil man. But he still bears responsibility for what he's said (as will we all).

    @rickn8or- I'm sure that sentiment sounds much more poetic in the Koran.

    @Rod- You're right that forgiveness is something we should all aspire to. But it would help if the forgivee would stop acting like a jackass long enough for us to have a window of time in which to forgive.

    @TrickyRicky- The deaths of well-known celebs and the "50th Anniversary" of things that don't seem that old to me are all unwelcome reminders of aging. Which is why I take comfort in the fact that Clan MacGregor is NOT aged and never will be.

    @John the Econ- Good points, all.

    @rickn8or- Seems reasonable to me!

    @Kay- Trying to "find facts" isn't easy these days, but it's worth the effort.

    @Walter L. Stafford- Thanks! If Wednesday's edition stinks, can I use the two extra points to bolster my score?

  39. @Colby Muenster- I'd like the word "Comey" to become synonymous with "burying a crime for which there is overwhelming evidence."

    @sorella- That's certainly a point worth mentioning.

    @MAX Redline- Glad to oblige!

    @Anonymous- You're right about the hypocrisy of the so-called "peace" movement. Actual peace is something mutually arrived at, not something forced aggressively on others (which is what the Lefties really want).

    @LenSatic- According to IMDB, that film might have been "Wanda Nevada?" Which, I should point out, I've never heard of. What was your job on the film? I've worked "below the line" in the entertainment industry.

    @Dan- Nixon definitely had some good qualities. As for J Edgar Hoover, well, I've got mixed feelings. Although he probably looked better in a dress than James Comey would.

    @Ben Rumson- To find real examples of "white privilege," look no farther than the "rich for no reason" children of celebrities, whose wealth has allowed them to espouse Marxism in comfort.

    @james daily- That seems fair!

    @OnTheTrumpTrain- Warren drives me nuts. And you're quite right that she's perfectly happy denigrating (is that a word we can still use?) people with my demographics. And yes, I wish Barr would give us something to keep hope alive.

    @Ruggles- I think you may be on to something there. Or maybe just on something (grin).

    @Fish Out of Water- I didn't watch the presser either. I've already heard enough from those two idiots to last me a lifetime.

  40. "@LenSatic- According to IMDB, that film might have been "Wanda Nevada?" Which, I should point out, I've never heard of. What was your job on the film? I've worked "below the line" in the entertainment industry."

    You are correct, sir! You didn't miss anything.

    The writer was a friend of mine (my girlfriend's name was Wanda and he liked unusual names for his characters). His production company hired me to break-down the script and prepare the pre-production (below the line) budget so that they could shop it. I had gone to a vocational film school (Sherwood Oaks Experimental College) and studied directing and production managing. I didn't work on the actual production because Pete ;) used his own people. Just as well, I didn't like the story. Brooke's mom was a piece of work, too. Her office was next to mine. Brooke was sweet, though, and I'm honestly surprised at how well she turned out.

  41. J Edgar in a dress remains unsubstantiated, kinda like Durban Dick's attribution of "shithole countries" in a meeting with the President.

    As far as Hanoi Jane, I think the continuing seething of many (myself included, REMF at Pleiku, two tours) is due to the fact that she faced no punishment for her aid and comfort to the enemy. So, although she provides a focused object for our hostility and disdain, it's quite possible that it's a transference of our hostility which would be better directed toward our own politicians for doing nothing, effectively abandoning us and supporting her.

  42. Back in the 60s or 70s there were a couple of "tell all" books about Henry Fonda. It seems in his younger years he was used on the casting couch to further his career. Then, as now, the couch goes both directions. And, hollywierd didn't start just last year being "the ruin of many a boy." Reminds me of the joke that ends with "you suck one **** and you're a ****sucker for life."

  43. I tried to watch Easy Rider twice or so. I didn't last long. It was mind numbing stupid and no doubt the worst acting I have before or since. I understand the Peter and Dennis Hopper were both stoned out of their mind during the filming. Peter had to be stoned when he supposedly wrote it. Dennis sobered up, Peter stayed stoned until he croaked. What a total no talent asshole. At least his crazy sister could act.

  44. Does the terminology refer to the KarGASHian whores, or does it pre-date the KarGashian whores? Including Bruce Jenner and HIS KarGASHian whores in this question.