Friday, October 25, 2019

Having Scum Fun Now

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, that brevity is the soul of wit, and that less is more. To test this triple-dip of wisdom (and in celebration of personal laziness), we're presenting three cartoons today which pretty much speak for themselves...

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It was the right thing to do, Mr. President
stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, warren, campaign, headquarters, break in
Both will be watched to see if they suddenly start flashing large amounts of wampum around.
Here's the boring story of the headquarters break-in.

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, impeachment, house, secrets, closed doors, storm, republicans, democrats, katie hill
Well, it's not like there isn't precedent...
And there's the Friday wrap-up, miraculously finished just in time for us to declare Happy Hour! Have a great weekend everyone - and see you in the comments section!


For anyone who didn't understand the cartoon above, it was a reference to Democrat Congresswoman Katie Hill, who was photographed in the buff brushing the hair of the young congressional aide she'd been shtupping in a three-way relationship. Stay classy, Democrats!

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, katie hill, brush, hair, nude


  1. 1) (helpless laughter)
    2) (helpless laughter)
    3) (please pass the brain bleach and/or Clan McGregor)

  2. Thanks for the clarification POTUS. Most scum I know are of the blue-green variety that inhabit stagnant ponds and exhibit sentience far above most liberal turd bottom feeders.

  3. I'm a serious man and I don't often laugh out loud. Particularly in a bar, which is where I am now. That third cartoon though, man it did the trick.

    Outstanding work Sir. Chapeau.

  4. I thought the Theater Club line was going to be "Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin."


  5. "just in time for us to declare Happy Hour! Have a great weekend everyone - and see you in the comments section!"

    May your hour be happy and your weekend great!

  6. I really like this page and all it represents but does anyone else think its weird to be required to send in nude photos to Miss Busty ?

  7. How did the California Democrat Committee miss this ? Maybe they just never bothered to care what the California voter looks for in a canidate (Has Bong History - check. Sexual proclivities that have PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence - double check. Hey, we gotta winner over here - no more searching needed !) The hits just keep on coming ...

    Man, I thought the 90's U.S. political climate couldn't be topped. But from 2016 onwards, its been the Twilight Zone. President Trump needs a Telly Zavalas campaign sign - MAGA BABY !!

  8. I can hardly wait for the disagreements to get physical like in other third world countries. 'Nuff said. Now for my Clan McMoonshine.

  9. That would explain the closed dork session of the He-man Trump-haters Club in the basement of the Capitol.

  10. @SFMedic- I have no problem with that provision, but I am tired of waiting for the reciprocal pics!

    @Anon- Awesome Little Rascals reference. Love it. Did anyone notice the robots on Constipated News Network and MSLSD commenting on the "invasion" of Schiff's little Soviet trial? Ew, look at all of those white men. It looks like a Klan rally! Really substantial analysis there progs.

  11. Regnad Kcin, not to mention most pond scum have better ethics.

  12. WE have achieved third world status. Whether we descend into real Venezuela socialism depends on how many Democrat/progressive/statists can cheat their way into public office.

  13. @rickn80r: Not to mention higher life forms too.

  14. I think the determining factor on whether we descend into Venezuela type socialism is how many patriots are willing to take up arms against those trying to end our republic. There are about 70+ million of us who took an oath to defend our Constitutional Republic from ALL enemies both foreign ad domestic. Amen.

  15. Amen, Fred, and many of us who never served who will gladly step up if needed.

    Everyone, if you don't 'get' the 3rd cartoon, here's a good explain of the whole sordid affair >koff<, pics included.
    You have been warned

  16. #3 will get shared this weekend.

    Meanwhile, California is burning and the lights are out again. I'm afraid that Trump has misplaced where the border wall needs to go. It needs to contain the blue districts along the coast from Mexico up to Canada to keep the refugees who voted for whack-a-doos like Hill out of the rest of the country.

  17. @Stilton,
    Your so called "lazy" moments are still awesome!

    Hoping that the Durham investigation and IG report will put an end to the bull-Schiff that is currently happening. I really do wonder, though. Is there not some sort of mechanism in place that is supposed to prevent these private meetings? I would think that at least anything they supposedly dig up in these meetings would be inadmissible in court. In this case, the "court" will be the united States Senate. Are there enough Republican Senators with actual testicles to stop the madness?

    I actually didn't get the reference in the third cartoon, so thanks (I think) for clarifying. I sometimes make a concerted effort to NOT watch news.

  18. @TrickyRicky, how can you watch Little Rascals clips of Spanky McFarland presiding as He-Man Woman Haters Club and not see the resemblance to Nadler...before his gastric bypass?

  19. *He-Man Woman Haters Club president.

  20. #3
    Man, I am never gonna find that grape I spitooeyed

  21. Hmmmm, why do I immediate have a visual of the march on Rome by Mussolini's Black Shirt Fascists?

    Remember, someone behind the curtain is organizing and providing material aid for this.

  22. From Fish Out of Water's link:

    "Sievers said the marches would occur the night before the House holds a formal impeachment vote."

    That'll be a ways down the road Sievers.

    Why do I get the impression that if these "marches" DO happen the DC Police will give the "marchers" plenty of "Room to Destroy"?

  23. @M. Mitchell Marmel- Once imagined, that last image can never really go away.

    @Regnad Kcin- I'm sure that's what Trump wanted to say, but was keeping it short for a tweet.

    @LSWCHP- If you go to a bar and don't regularly laugh, you're ordering the wrong drinks (grin). Thanks for the nice words!

    @Dan- The "Theater Club" mention is sort of a non sequitur, and in hindsight probably shouldn't be there. But I tossed it in because I felt like BOTH parties were indulging in "theater club" style foolishness.

    @Roger- Same to you, sir!

    @SFMedic- It's not so much a requirement as a compulsion.

    @Anonymous- Oh, we're way deep into the Twilight Zone these days. I couldn't begin to guess what will happen next.

    @Fred Ciampi- I'm not hoping for that, but I wouldn't be that surprised to see it happen.

    @Anonymous- Wow, I can imagine the sloppy, hand-painted sign nailed over the door.

  24. @Fish Out of Water. Yup, someone's providing the funding and organizing the logistics. It's amazing that our crack investigative reporters don't seem to be able to find out the identities of the perps.

    It's also amazing that rarely does anyone ever seems to be punished for the disturbances. Some arrested, yeah, but then the judges let them go without punishment.

  25. @TrickyRicky- Yeah, all of the KKK references were disgusting.

    @rickn8or- Plus, pond scum actually likes sunlight.

    @Liberty Card- We're not third world yet, but we can see it from here. And you're right that the difference will be based on how many Dems are elected next time around.

    @Fish Out of Water- I'm so immature that the word "higher" summons visions of Cheech & Chong.

    @Fred Ciampi- I hope it never comes to that. But these are strange times...

    @Pete (Detroit)- I debated trying to explain the 3rd cartoon with a summary of the Katie Hill saga, but I didn't feel like the explanation would make the joke funnier (or funny at all) for those who didn't get it in the first place.

    @John the Econ- I agree about California. What the hell are those people thinking?!

    @Colby Muenster- I don't think Schiff's little circus is going anywhere. It has been deliberately designed as a shiny distraction from the REAL criminal investigation that all the Lefties knew was coming. And regarding Republicans with testicles, consider me a skeptic.

    @Anonymous- As I understand it, Spanky grew up and opened a car dealership not far from where I live now. It would have been an honor to meet him. I know I could get burned at the SJW stake for admitting it, but I think the five funniest words in the English language may be: "Yum, yum - eat 'em up!"

    @DougM- I'm picturing Babe Ruth pointing his bat toward the horizon.

    @Fish Out of Water- Not surprising but still disgusting.

    @rickn8or- I'm afraid you're right. "Room to destroy" has become normalized as a policy.

    @Dan- Without punishment, there's essentially no law.

  26. Really? Bottle of The Macallan 1926 sells for record £1.5m

  27. Fools and their money. And apparently NOT a Clan MacGregor fan.

  28. @James: Bottle of Clan MacGregor sells for record $1.98.

  29. Heh!

  30. Advice for the male partners in Katie Hill's throuples: double up!