Monday, January 20, 2020

Sick Day

This looks like an exciting day for news: gun protests in Virginia, final preparations for Trump's impeachment trial and, of course, Elizabeth Warren's "Martin Luther King Day" revelation that she's part black, based on family stories about the source of her widely-spaced nostrils.

Unfortunately, we can't really comment on any of those stories because we've got a distracting case of gastric distress. Nothing serious - just the same discomfort John Hurt experienced after a nice meal on the space trawler Nostromo.

So while we're carrying a stomach bug, we'll let you carry the conversational ball in the comments section. Have at it!


  1. So sorry to hear of your distress. That reminds me of a time I was hiding behind a M-48. He fired a round from the main gun. In that case, first I did it and then I said it.

    Totally off topic, but did I miss the announcement of the spectacular party and book signing? You know, like location, date and time. Asking for a friend.

  2. Sorry you've got the 'bug'. My gut is just getting back to normal after an attack 3 weeks ago. It's no fun. Hope you recover soon.

  3. Damn, ya old fart! I spent most of last summer enjoying that kind of fun, and not from politics. Bad hamburger I knew I shouldn't have eaten at a seedy joint. Finally went to the doc after several months of off again/on again nausea and associated fun and games. Turns out it was low potassium, of all things, after the bout of food poisoning. I now have some highly expensive nausea meds leftover from the fun and games to use during the impeachment and election hoorahs, yay!

    Virginia frankly scares me, as does the news out of New York, which isn't much better. We've recently had two mall shootings here in lovely Oklahoma City. Worrisome, but they turned out to be arguments between people who really should know better and not some wacko taking out his frustrations on shoppers. Still... And Oregon has a bad case of Democrats, women unfortunately, being stricken with a serious case of stupid too.

    I think it's waiting around time and maybe a side of duck and cover. Get better soon!!

  4. I admire your wit and love your cartoons! more Busty Ross, please. Get well soon

  5. Missing your great humor. Feel better soon!

  6. My favorite take on gastric distress was in Mel Brooks' Spaceballs: "Oh, NO! Not AGAIN!" ;-)

    Virginia promises to be...interesting.

    Remember: Less than 1K rounds is insufficient. ;-)

  7. Get well soon Mr J. We miss what passes for normality around here.
    Perhaps Miss Ross can mop your brow and say "There, there, poor bunny"

  8. Kind of like that Tunnel of Light the Dims just walked through from the House to the Senate?
    I'm happy to say IMO they just gave Trump his second term; and it's going to be rough on them; good for everyone else.

    I hope you get to feeling better fast. More warm bed rest for me too, as it's still early & 12 d.F. here, probably a bit lower before dawn. I just got up to pee and get some water. (off-load/load); check weather; but then sat down in front of the computer by habit.

  9. Huh! My bride was complaining of the same thing. If it weren't for the 1100+ miles separating us, I'd be suspicious.

    She's feeling better this morning. Hope you are, too.

    I read an interesting take on the 2nd Amendment crapola in VA. It looks to be a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation, per this interesting take on what's in front of them:

    Should be an interesting day...

  10. @Sortahwitte- Inexplicably, the world sees little need for a major book-signing event from me. Which is lucky - if I used as many pens on my name as Nancy Pelosi does, I'd go broke!

    @JMRD, VA- I'm seemingly doing better today, thanks. Still a little "iffy" but I've already had two cups of coffee without having to dash to the outhouse. That's a "personal best" record for the last 48 hours.

    @mamafrog- Trots from low potassium, huh? That means you could cure them with a banana, wherever you care to insert it. And I'm nervous about Virginia today...lots of dry tinder and there's likely to be sparks.

    @pkerot- Thanks. And you're right, we're overdue for a visit from Busty!

    @Terry- Doing fairly well so far this morning. Fingers crossed!

    @Cisco Kid- Thank you!

    @M. Mitchell Marmel- That was indeed a lovely scene.

    @Brie Camembert- Considering the nature of my woes, I think I was less likely to hear "there, there, poor bunny" then "damn, did something crawl up your ass and die?"

    @Rod- I would say the Dems have given Trump his second term, only I expect to see unprecedented levels of voter fraud this time around.

    @Emmentaler Limburger- I'm doing better, thanks, and assure your lovely bride that I'm not a kiss and tell kind of guy. Regarding Virginia, there are so many ways for this event to go south that I'm worried.

  11. Regarding your distress - seven times I promised the Lord no more lunch from the taco truck - punished every time

  12. Stilt, targish tov -- be well!

  13. Velveeta Processed Cheese FoodJanuary 20, 2020 at 10:04 AM

    I feel for you. I manage to give myself food poisoning about once a year. I won't go into details.

  14. No... NOOOOOO... that's a TRAIN!

  15. Get well soon. May your special someone put her hands on you and cast those demons out, while saying Heal.

  16. I for one am very much concerned that any legal, patriotic American citizens standing up for their God given rights as guaranteed under the the Constitution of The United States of America WILL be branded as "domestic terrorists" and the result WILL eventually be a bloody unCivil War II. The only question as I see it, is which side will any of us choose to be on when the spark ignites the tinder that the left have been carefully mounding up?

  17. @Stilton, I do hope that your current gastro situation resolves itself from the proper orifice as opposed to the new one that was created in that movie.

    Virginia: Almost smells like a set-up, but I do have the proper response in mind. In the wake of the "state of emergency" that the governor has imposed, I recommend that all legal gun owners in attendance not bring their weapons. We know that the troublemakers will. I can't think of a better demonstration of the futility of gun control laws than that.

  18. Let's stir things up some this fine Monday. Am I the only one to notice that the cities with the highest murder rates, the highest crime rates in general, have two things in common? Democrat-controlled city councils and Mayors, and female Chiefs of Police?

    "It's not what you say, it's how you stir the pot." Anon.

  19. @ John the Econ: That ("Virginia" reaction) sounds like good thinking. The story that develops however will still be skewed as they wish.

    Still to be sorted out longer term is how a true & viable "Resistance" can be mounted in the face of this liberal persistence. I doubt the voting booth alone can do it.

  20. @Stilton,
    Very sorry to hear about your gastric distress! Hopefully it's one of those 24 hour, hit and run (literally) viruses, and you'll be back sipping Clan MacTurpentine soon.

    I, too, am worried about the thing in Richmond. The lefties will make damn sure it accelerates into something bad, then the alphabets will start hammering the evil gun owners 24-7.

  21. Here in Az., we have no need of 2A rallies. With no registration, and no concealed carry permits required, we pretty much assume everyone we meet is carrying. That makes for a lot more friendly personal interaction, in my opinion.
    With the exception of drug related gang shootings in the hell hole that is Phoenix, gun violence is quite rare when so many are armed to the teeth.

  22. Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Hope everything turns out OK in "the end".

  23. Just how much of "shall not be abridged" do these politicians not understand?

    And get well soon, Stilt.

  24. @Archer (الرامي المحترف): Your spam will miss the mark here.

    What @Geoff King said!

    I would rather see (more) counties secede to West Virginia than a violence-generating rally in Richmond. Doesn't matter who brings the violence, because the entire anti-2A narrative is based on "violence is caused by the existence of guns and their possession by ordinary citizens."

  25. Sorry to hear you came down with a case of the Schiff's. Too bad you can't bottle it up and FedEx it to San Fran Nan's district and have it (air) dropped off on the sidewalks. It would be most fitting (and perfectly legal), given her Schiffing all over the Constitution, lo these many decades.

  26. Well, here it is almost 9 p.m. Left Coast time, and nothing of consequence happened in Virginia. Which makes me very nervous... when will the SHTF and where?

    Keep your head on a swivel and your powder dry.

    Stilt, get much much better, y'heah?!

  27. Turns out that the only thing that happened at the Virginia state capitol was that a bunch of Constitution loving Americans came to make a statement, and then cleaned up the place.

    AOC was shocked that an army of police weren't there in riot gear to instigate an actual riot, but what she and her fellow Progressives don't understand is that the police were not necessary. This assemblage of armed citizens was probably the safest place to be in the whole country. Certainly safer than her largely disarmed home district, where magistrates have been ordered to release violent criminals onto the streets mere minutes after being arrested so that they can quickly resume mayhem against otherwise helpless citizens.

    The ironically unaware governor blackface, the Democrats and their pliant media also tried to ferment the narrative that this was some sort of "white supremacist" rally, once again proving that the left's definition of "white supremacist" is actually "anyone who disagrees with the Progressive narrative".

    I for one am very proud of the Virginia citizens who came, peacefully demonstrated, and then left the place cleaner than when they arrived. These were true Americans. These are the people I'd want as neighbors in my community. And I expect that yesterday's event will provide a wide contrast to the kind of demonstrations we can expect from the left later this year.

  28. I definitely agree, @John the Econ, very glad it turned out the way it did, and there will be worse later, I'm sure.

  29. For a hilarious bit from the demonstration, may I recommend:

    An African-American man waving a Trump flag jokingly tells the crowd: I am Gov. Ralph Northam and I am in blackface today.

    I wanna buy that man several beers.

  30. Been pretty busy today but had enough time to catch a few glimpses of the "proceedings" in the U.S. Senate by TV or radio. The Dims had already dug themselves about a 4'grave a long time ago. As time passed they got to down 6' then 8'with Pelosi's "Penmanship". I'd say they're at about 10' now. Keeping digging; this is long past making any sense at all; and it's getting to be kind of fun to watch them self-destruct. And it keeps ALL both parties from doing any legislating or campaigning. Meanwhile Trump is out doing his job.