Friday, January 29, 2021

Pulp Nonfiction

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Granted, if you hide it in your butt you'll be Walken funny...
So this is where we are now. Big tech companies are making conservative voices disappear, Democrats in Washington are advocating for combat-trained military personnel to go after Trump supporters, and some guy who didn't like Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election is now in jail - and may get ten years in the slammer - for posting memes.

All of which makes it possible that this blog and its progenitor might just disappear at any moment, along with your erstwhile host. We hope that it isn't likely, but there's no way we can definitively say that it's impossible now that we're all living under de facto Democrat martial law and the codification of Thought Police.

Which is why we've backed up everything and want to share it with you, right here, right now - so there's at least a chance that an accurate (and funny!) historical record can survive whatever fresh Hell we're in for.

To get a lovely PDF file of all of the "Hope n' Change" blog, just click this link and the file will download. Note: it's about 500 MB, so it may take take awhile. Hey, eight years of cartoons and commentary takes a lot of space!

To get an all-encompassing PDF file of "Stilton's Place," just click this link and the file will download (about 350 MB).

The PDFs, containing thousands of pages and cartoons, should work on any computer system and are fun to read, fun to copy, and fun to share with as many people as possible. We'll note, however, that the formatting is sometimes a bit odd. It's our intent to clean things up and also make smaller volumes - but with the clock potentially ticking, it seemed like a good idea to get these versions out as soon as possible, rough edges and all.

This also seems like a good time to remind everyone to get on the mailing list (just click the box in the left column) so we can stay in touch in case the First Amendment goes up in flames (it's already smoldering).

And we should emphasize that there's no reason you have to put these archives on a USB drive that is hidden in your ass, but if you do, there's a good chance that it will never be discovered by the New Gestapo. Unless you're searched by Pete Buttigieg.

UPDATE: The second link has been updated because of a completely non-suspicious problem.


  1. Velveeta Processed Cheese FoodJanuary 29, 2021 at 12:12 AM

    Thank you for this. The stuff from back during the First Obama Regime was priceless.

  2. Can't download the second link.

  3. If the second link doesn’t work, just copy the first and swap Biden’s for Obama’s; after all, it’s really Obama’s third term.

  4. Thnak you, Stilton. I hope you do not mind that I posted the link on my favorite spot on the Internet.

    You are second on the list.

    Have a great day.

  5. “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”
    ― Ronald Reagan

  6. Please tell your readers to use caution while traveling in China. A USB drive anally inserted may be discovered during a COVID test..

    Just tryin to help.

  7. Something appears to be missing…
    The key you provided for file access was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire.

    They already got to you!

  8. Excellent post today.

    Just a historical reminder that speech suppression unfortunately isn't new in our history. Thomas Jefferson tried it when he was Prez, and Woodrow Wilson did suppress free speech through his Creel Committee.

    Let's hope that his feverish aberration like its predecessors will pass on.

  9. Same problem as Duke of URL - the 500mb file downloaded correctly but the 350mb file gave me a MediaFire error message. Thanks for your blogs - I've sent your site to all my sane friends.

  10. It's sad and it's scary and it's infuriating that we're already at the point where you have to be making preparations for being "disappeared" off the internet but it's even worse to think of how close we are to the point where it's not just being "disappeared" from the internet that you have to worry about. And if you think it can't happen here, just consider that if the FBI arrests you on trumped up charges of being a dangerous domestic terrorist and all the media uncritically repeats those charges, how are you going to get your side of the story out? You're in jail, it's not like you can call a press conference and even if you did, no reporters would show up. Nobody cares about you or the truth, you're a dangerous domestic terrorist and that's that.

  11. second link does not work.

  12. Guess the media dogs have already chewed up your second file...

  13. @Readers- The second link has been updated and should work now!

  14. 2nd link still doesn't work but the first one is GTG.

    Thanks, Stilton! :)

  15. When I first started reading Hope 'N Change I said to myself "Self, you're going to have to save these". I'm glad I did because now I have over 4,500 files. Sure glad I have a one terabyte solid state hard drive. And now I have a backup of the backup. Yay. Oh, in case you haven't heard, the second one won't download.

    Oh, and another thing; we have a little 'social club' in our county and some of the fellows went to the picnic in Dee Cee on the 6th. Well, wouldn't you know it, one of the nice fellows made a joke about the sojourn on fart book and ...... (wait for it) ...... the FBI showed up at his place. Woo Hoo, we're famous. So, no more talk about Claymores or airstrikes or how much of an asshole Bi Joden is or camel toe hairass. Oh, got to go now, someone's knocking at my door. Hmmmmm, it's getting louder...... "Here I come"....

  16. It looks like the new nation of Dhimmizuela is arising even faster than I thought. From Pennsylvania Ave to Wall Street to Silicon Valley the warnings of Orwell and Rand have now become operations manuals. The US Constitution has been rendered into a segmented roll.
    I foresee the ChiComs not needing to invade, the Dhimmicrats will welcome them in with open arms, expecting to become co-rulers. I expect, however, that the ChiComs will treat them like Uighurs. It is also possible that Kurt Schlichter's fictional dystopian series may be moved to non-fiction.
    If I were 30, even 20 years younger I might have a more optimistic expectation of being able to help stop it, or at least escape it. If a Gault's Gulch did exist, no one is looking to direct me to it.
    There has to be some conservative minded entrepreneurs who will provide web access and digital sanctuary for patriots to preserve constitutional rights. I hope such a knight won't be a Spaniard with a short, fat sidekick.

  17. @Fred - I hope you answer the door using the "Biden Advice" method. After all, it is now an "Executive" order. Thought I think a magazine full of .308 would trump a pair of 12 ga.

  18. @MMM- Great reference. As for everyone walking around the woods, memorizing and reciting important literary works, with my memory I'll have to opt for the Gettysburg address. Don't think I could handle War and Peace or Atlas Shrugged.

  19. @Ricky- I'd be doing good to memorize "Green Eggs and Ham".

    @Stilton- Second download downloaded and looks fine. :)

  20. Done and done. Thanks, Stilt . . .

  21. Didn't those in the resistance in the novel, "Fahrenheit 451" take it upon themselves each to memorize an entire book for the day when they would triumph?

  22. Gotcha covered, pal
    Now, if only we…
    ('scuse me, there's some guys knockin' hard at my door)

  23. I saw the genesis of this insanity over 30 years ago at my very Progressive state university, so very little of what is happening today actually surprises me; these absurd notions that words are violence but actual violence is not, or that what is offensive, oppressive or otherwise is defined exclusively at the discretion of listeners who are politically motivated to be intellectually and emotionally weak and defective. All that's happened over the last several years is that they've finally succeeded in infecting the rest of society with what has been passing as deep thought on college campuses for the last 3 decades.

    So considering that the state has now decided to throw its weight at a meme writer really shouldn't be a surprise either. In this environment, it's not the least bit unreasonable for @Stilton to be feeling paranoid.

    After all, we're now in an age where even the Germans are lecturing us about the limits being imposed upon free speech.

    First they came for the meme writers...

  24. When I get something from you it makes my day.

  25. It is my fervent prayer that the states who still haven't gone moonbatty will band together and put a stop to this flagrant Constitutional abuse. Time for "the people" to take back control.

    I forget the exact ratio, but I believe 2/3 (or 3/5) of the states can create new amendments to The Constitution. We need:

    1) Term Limits. Senators get two 4 year terms; congressmen get two 4 year terms.
    2) Permanent Senate and House rules; not ones that change with every election.
    3) Federally mandated election rules, which include voter ID, banning electronic voting and voting by mail.
    4) A Supreme court judge MUST preside over any impeachment, and the opposing party gets to pick which judge.
    5) Rules that media must abide by if they want to be classified as "news" outlets with Constitutional protections, break one rule, and you become an opinion tabloid with zero protection.
    6) Bolster the second amendment by putting a stop to gun laws that violate it.
    7) Balanced budget amendment that has a maximum tax ceiling tied to it.
    8) Somehow, put a top to the executive and judicial branches "creating" laws out of thin air.

    And last but not least:

    9) Make Stilton Jarlsberg President for life.

  26. Dammit!

    "put a STOP to the executive and judicial branches "creating" laws out of thin air."

  27. I find it disturbing that my ass might be probed by someone named peter butt. Call me crazy. Always remember: When your proctologist puts both hands on your shoulder, just go home.

    Since the election in November, I have been trying to resolve things in my head. My head was then complicated by events in the first days of January. So now, since xiden and the slut are "in charge", my head hurts. It seems that the "master dimz plan" is to put the country in a power dive directed at the first available hard rock. I now pledge and affirm my plan to keep a low profile and follow the law of the.....whatever. There are already people in my small, Oklahoma town using chalk and/or yellow carpenter pencil to write things such as #Resist, Up China Joe's Ass, and other disgusting things on fences, semi-trucks, and other surfaces. Wow. Who would have thought.

  28. Thanks for the downloads Stilton! And make sure you give MMM (or the wife unit or Busty) access to post or email in your stead just in case. We will need someone to organize the appropriate response whether that be arranging bail or full armed assault to set you free!

  29. "So this is where we are now. Big tech companies are making conservative voices disappear...."
    Wrong, Cuckservative, 'Big Tech' companies have all but made Free Speech disappear.

  30. @Chizbro (and others who had problems with the 2nd link)- It should be fixed now. If you're still having a problem, make sure you refresh the blog page to update the link!

    @M. Mitchell Marmel- Is "Fahrenheit 2021" yours?! Because I want to run with it. Really!

    @Velveeta Processed Cheese Food- While my purpose has always been to entertain and vent, the old stuff really does hold up well as a contemporaneous history of a lot of stuff that the left would like us (or force us) to forget. As I look back over 12 years of this (!) I'm both humbly proud and saddened that the accuracy of my writings has been proven by time.

    @NaCly Dog- Feel free to post and share! I want to decentralize this stuff and the more it spreads the better I like it. Plus, in case anyone ever tries to claim I wrote something that I didn't, I like the idea of having a lot of copies out there!

    @jpb252- Amen.

    @Roger Myers- Good point! I just read about the Chinese using anal swabs to check for Covid. Which seems like the hard way to get to someone's sinuses, but at least they don't have to take their mask off.

    @Fish Out of Water- I know speech suppression isn't new, but holy CRAP - the Dems have lost their friggin' minds.

    @Duke of URL & Philb3- the link should be fixed now. Let me know if you still have problems!

    @Jerryskids- I would never have believed that I would someday need to worry about having my harmless and reasonably-lovable self suddenly thrown into a black van and be made to disappear to some gulag. But we are. Living under the actual oppression that the left accused Trump of for four years, but was never a reality.

    And yeah, not many people will care if I get carted away on a fake charge. Although I do have an unnamed card to play that might at least get me noticed for a nanosecond or two.

    @Fred Ciampi- I'm humbled that you've backed my stuff up. And the story about your friend being visited by the fibbies is disconcerting. Be careful out there everyone!

  31. @Snark- Very well said. I'm not wildly optimistic in the short run ("short run" being my remaining lifespan) because the evil lunatics have got the cultural momentum now - and draconian enforcement powers. I certainly hope that viable challenges to all this arise, but I can't yet see where they'll come from. Let's hope we're pleasantly surprised.

    @TrickyRicky- I'd be pretty damn bad at remembering any works of literature verbatim. Although I remember my one line from a school play about 60 years ago: "Your father's garden is the one sore spot in the Alcalde's life." After which all of us onstage sang "My Beautiful Wide Sombrero." It was, as they say, a simpler time.

    @Fish Out of Water- They did indeed. But only because Fahrenheit 451 was written long before butt-friendly thumb drives.

    @DougM- Tell them you're not home!

    @John the Econ- See, when the Germans tell you that you're going overboard, it's really time to listen.

    @Mark McKinney- Hey, when I get a nice "attaboy" it makes my day!

    @Colby Muenster- I agree with your whole list except for making me President. I might, however, make a decent Oval Office Jester.

    @Sortahwitte- I still haven't wrapped my head around this ongoing trainwreck either. Hell, I haven't adjusted to daylight saving time yet (really)! And thanks for the reminder that I need to start carrying chalk...

    @JohnF- Good suggestion about making backup plans to have others communicate the situation in case I'm suddenly indisposed. As far as springing me, arranging bail or sending pastries packed with power tools will suffice.

    @dmv gringo- You're right, but it may be a distinction without a difference. There's still "free speech" for those who want to kiss Biden's rear end and those who are firehosing radical hate in our direction. But when "free speech" only allows one view, it isn't free at all.

  32. @Stilton: I made up "Fahrenheit 2021" on the spur of the moment this morning. Feel free to run with it as long and as far as you wish.

    @JohnF: I'm flattered that you consider me a candidate to fill in for Stilton, but, I'm just this guy, you know? ;-)

  33. Let the record show that the people who would benefit from the election being stolen have assured us that the election was not stolen.


  34. @Fish, I seriously doubt that Thomas Jefferson ever tried to suppress any free speech. John Adams on the other hand, did sign the Alien and Sedition Acts.

    @Colby, instead of those term limits for Senators (or possibly in addition to them), we should repeal the 17th Amendment, the direct election of Senators. Senators are SUPPOSED to represent their STATES, not the citizenry of the states. Too many Senators no longer represent their states, just their own wallets. Of course, too many Representatives couldn't care less about their constituents either...

  35. Recommended Reading

    A very sensible blogger who makes good points.

  36. @Stilt - I'll still support you if you get carted away on a fake charge. Heck, I'll still like your stuff if you get carted away on a valid charge.

    I'm in my 70s now. I just pray I live a long life so I can again live a free United States.

  37. I don't believe there will be a turnaround unless somehow the Leftist mob's education system,"Press" and internet that they control change their ways. The American public, with no sense of history and never-ending censorship of conservative thought, is completely malleable in the hands of the likes of AOC and the corrupt, lying, demented doofus we now have in the White House. Biden's plans to welcome D.C. and Puerto Rico into statehood will thrust four more liberal senators into our lives, and unless the unions raise hell in response to the thousands of jobs being lost (that are directly to Biden's executive orders) with no promise of more entitlements due to those losses, I see no way for conservatives to even be heard. Add in the RINOs already present, and we can count on more loss of freedoms. Josef Stalin couldn't have planned it better.

    At this time, Biden and crew are the de facto dictators. They now own the CIA, FBI and other agencies that exist without voter input. The Constitution has been trashed, and I feel that the country is now wide-open for a military and economic takeover by China, with or without their Russian allies. Who would have ever thought that a President would get away with so many destructive edicts and re-establish the onerous policies established by Obama. No shots fired, and little comment in what used to be objective news---prompted by spirited debate and exchange of ideas.

    My faith in the American voting public has been thoroughly destroyed, and the only bright spot is that I won't have to personally live through the complete fall of the nation, and it will surely fall. I'm waiting now for national rent control; a mandatory gun buy-back and national gun registry; a new law that will prohibit further manufacture of internal-combustion autos; new laws mandating "reprogramming" classes for children and adults; elimination of laws regulating citizenship for immigrants; higher minimum wage laws for both government and private employees; more red flag laws that eliminate due process; a judicial system solely based on "identity politics," "equity" and "diversity;" jail time and fines for "extremists" who speak out against federal and state governments.

    Our elected officials are smart; they know that there will be no uprising if they can only hand out (redistribute) money to those unemployed who would have ordinarily been enraged for having been put out of work due to the incompetence of our elected officials. Free "entitlement" money paid has acted as a salve that numbs anger and feelings of betrayal. To summarize: The once-free market system has been rigged for destruction. We have lost; they have won. I can only hope that our children and grandchildren will someday figure it out, but I'm not betting on it.

  38. I've no idea how effective it could be overall; but in the past I've have indeed contributed to mission aid to Puerto Rico via support of church missions and also on a pass-through trip; flights in & out, a night-out & overnight there enroute to venues elsewhere down the chain of Windward islands.

    P.R is pretty big on tourism. But if P.R. becomes a primarily Democrat Party state (which would not be wise but it's currently most likely in statehood) one simple thing entirely with our ability is: Like I've done for a few other misguided states: They will also be boycotted. Not on my radar and not directly receiving our business or money. No one from there hired; No products purchased; No venues or services used in-transit. It's this little thing we can do. Multiply that by 75-100 million + of us or more (who have the means to travel); it may be something they want to consider. Statehood? Maybe OK; but Democrat? Look at the record and think about it. I know they are misled; but they are not fools.