Monday, February 1, 2021

Throwing Shade

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Meet your new camp counselor

Rhetoric from the Left is getting uncomfortably "final solution-ish" lately. Which isn't surprising considering that most media outlets are now literally claiming that anyone who doesn't like Biden is a domestic terrorist.  Oh sure, you can try to convince your liberal friends (assuming you still have any) that you're nothing of the sort, but why should they believe anything a domestic terrorist says?! That's Logic 101, folks!

Of course, part of the problem may relate to the fact that the deeply divided factions in our nation can't even agree on what "terror" is anymore...

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, BLM, Nobel Peace Prize, Violence, Black History Month

Frankly, in the event of a win, we're really hoping that BLM can send a large contingent of "mostly peaceful" representatives to Oslo to accept the prestigious award, set fires, and loot stores as a show of international goodwill. And to help that happen, we're more than willing to donate funds to pay for their one-way flight tickets. Heck, we'll even throw in a few extra bucks so they can buy those little bottles of booze on the airline so they can show up at the ceremony with teeny-tiny molotov cocktails.

But despite all of the rotten news lately (and we haven't even scratched the surface here), there is at least one legitimate reason for all of us to celebrate...

According to White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki, masks aren't needed when celebrating


  1. Something else for which to be thankful:

    Pour me somethin' tall an' strong
    Make it a "Hurricane" before I go insane
    It's only half-past twelve but I don't care
    It's five o'clock somewhere

    And please remind Lucy that, unlike in Europe, the untermenschen in the USA are armed to the teeth and well versed in the operation thereof.

  2. "throw in a few extra bucks so they can buy those little bottles of booze"
    C'mon, Stilt! Give them enough for the Molotov cocktails AND to be drunk when they get off the plane, for the full American Antifa experience!

  3. And don't forget, tomorrow is groundhug day. What? Groundhog day? Well, that explains a lot...

  4. The "Peace" version of the Nobel price is awarded by the Norwegian committee, not the Swedish. An even more radical bunch of communists. The award is supposed to be given to those who reduce wars or hostilities between nations. Seeing that the BLM has instigated wars within a nation, they are a shoo in. Just as Obozo was awarded one for showing up and sniping at people -including US citizens - with Hellfire missiles from a drone, BLM deserves one just to get them the hell out of this country.

  5. Lest we forget, so soon at that, should still be President Trump was also nominated for the prize.

    As to fillings and skin for lampshades, its frightening and sad the howling "progressive" doesn't realize they are just a few tiny steps away from such?

  6. FOoW, not ALL the howling progressives mind you, just the "street soldiers" that have fulfilled their purpose and are now surplus to the party needs. Besides, they're DANGEROUS...

  7. Boy, I sure miss PDJT.

  8. I thought Biden was supposed to be the "moderate" Democrat. Guess I've been fooled again. Okay, I really wasn't fooled, but the "moderate" Democrats that are left must be feeling that way.

    If we had an official "state media" like true totalitarian countries do instead of our supposedly independent "4th Estate" media, just what would they be doing differently?

    Since Trump was cut off by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, My Little Pony, etc, how much of him have you seen in the last two weeks, unless something positioned to look as bad news?

    Nobel Pieces Prize: It was established in the will of Alfred Nobel, who was the inventor of dynamite. In addition to prizes for advancements in chemistry, literature, physiology or medicine, and physics, he included one for people who supposedly refrain from using dynamite.

    But ultimately, Progressivism ruins everything. As what seems to happen with most trusts over time, the interests and agendas of those in charge of running them eventually diverges from those of the founders. In less than 100 years the "peace" prize was being awarded to the likes of Yassir Arafat, no stranger to the use of dynamite and the actual inventor of modern terrorism. The Nobel committee further beclowned themselves a few years later by awarding it to the climate crisis profiteer Al Gore. And then, once and for all the Nobel committee proved that the prize was now nothing more than the symbol of empty Progressive hopes and dreams by awarding it to Barack Obama, before he had actually taken office or had done anything of substance, and subsequently become one of the most frequent users of cruise missiles.

    Today, the Nobel Peace Prize is no more than a projection of euro-Progressive fantasy, hopes, wishes and posturing. So that BLM would get nominated is no big surprise. They espouse the correct neo-Marxist happy-horses**t and that's all that counts. And that the BLM violence takes place well over 3,500 miles away from Oslo, which is mostly populated by white people doesn't hurt.

  9. I just saw today that Trump was nominated for a Nobel the UAE - Israel Peace Accord! That's going to drive all the lefties crazy and should make for a lot of fodder for Stiltie!!

  10. I lived in West Germany for 3 years in the 1960s. During that time, I visited 2 nazi death camps and the Holocaust Museum in Paris. Recently I visited the Holocaust Museum in dc. I have looked at lampshades made from human skin. I have seen a large room full of shoes. Sized adult, youth and baby. I have seen a 1 acre compound surrounded by a 12 foot high wall. into this are were put over 10,000 russsian pows.
    Man's inhumanity to man is timeless.

    When the darlings of the media talk of sending you and your children to re-education camps.
    When dims talk of doing away with private schools because public schools are "better".
    When you need a covid card to travel between states.
    When the mob in dc tax guns and ammo.
    When they don't tax guns and ammo because they plan to come for them.
    When your total tax bill is 50% of your income and increasing.
    When there are really 2 Americas. One with people that work, and 1 where the people don't.
    When the Supreme Court doesn't do it's Constitutional job.
    When there is zero confidence in national and state elections.

    They will come for us. Stand by.

  11. Yes, the leftie media is very prone to uber-exaggeration, which we could perhaps just shrug off as the rantings of madmen. However, the group think crowd is very prone to believe every last lie and fabrication spewed forth by what we laughingly refer to as “the press.” I quite frankly am very weary of being vilified for merely believing that The Constitution is the law of the land, and people should earn what they get.

    There is reason for worry, my friends, but ultimately I do not believe the lefties will prevail. A bunch of progressive jackasses show up at my house demanding I comply, I have no qualms with introducing them to “Mister Hammer and his trusty sidekick, Pack-O-Nails.” As 3m pointed out, I am not alone, by far.

    Is there any doubt that Prez Trump will be mysteriously dropped from the running for the Nobel Peace Prize? He actually DID something to promote peace, unlike Barry, who only fomented division and violence. It’s opposite day (opposite century?).

    John the Econ said,
    “Today, the Nobel Peace Prize is no more than a projection of euro-Progressive fantasy, hopes, wishes and posturing." Painfully true and well said. Winning the Peace Prize now has absolutely nothing to do with promoting actual peace. It’s become a beauty contest with judges who only see out of their left eyes.

  12. @M. Mitchell Marmel- Lately, it's always five o'clock around here. At not quite 2 in the afternoon, I'm currently chugging a 32-ounce scotch and water, albeit only the amount of scotch that would currently go into a regular-sized drink. It's the fun way to hydrate!

    @Mike aka Proof- You're right, I should pony up for the full shebang!

    @Fred Ciampi- I think you were right the first time; on Groundhug Day, you tackle someone, hug them, and then get six more weeks of restraining orders.

    @Snark- See, I didn't know the difference between the Norwegian and Swedish committees. My apologies to anyone who was unoffended!

    @Fish Out of Water- Seriously, that was the scary point I was making with the Lefty Lucy cartoon today. I think we are coming close to a point where fully-indoctrinated liberals could turn a blind eye to a "final solution" for conservatives. After all, we're monsters, right? For that matter, I think a lot of these people are so far gone that they'd get a warm glow from ratting folks like us out. Folks, I hasten to add, who haven't done a damn thing wrong and, in fact, are responsible for much more GOOD in this country than they are.

    Never have I so fully understood how the German populace could help enable the horrors committed under Hitler.

    @rickn8or- Apparently everyone is "dangerous" now.

    @TrickyRicky- I never quite made my peace with the man, but what I wouldn't give to still have him in office.

    @John the Econ- I know for damn sure that none of US was fooled by Biden's "moderate" pose. Still, even I'm surprised how much harm he's done to our nation in just over a week.

    @mamafrog- I think Trump has a couple of nominations going. How I would love to see him win!

    @Sortahwitte- An excellent and chilling post. And when I invoke human skin lampshades and fillings, it's not to get a laugh (well, other than a really dark laugh) but to make the point that these things really happen, and they could - and may - happen again. It doesn't take a whole population of monsters - it just takes a whole population that can be made to believe that others are monsters.

    @Colby Muenster- I can't quite picture anyone thinking they can disarm everyone here in Texas, and that thought gives me considerable comfort.

  13. @ John the Econ: Just came a ross a story of unconfirmed reports Stacey, 'I won the election ' Abrams has is supposedly also a Nobel nominee.

    Too bad Alfred Nobel isn't available for comment.

  14. There must have been a typo in the Nobel Peace Prize nomination of the BLM

    I think they meant the Nobel Mostly-Peaceful Prize nomination.

  15. Peace ain't what it used to be

  16. @mamafrog, there's something that will NEVER happen.

    I'll let Thomas Sowell elaborate on my notion that the Nobel Peace Prize is more about Progressive hopes and dreams than it is about any actual accomplishment:

    Yasser Arafat was awarded the Nobel Prize for peace -- not for actually producing peace but for being part of what was called "the peace process," based on fashionable notions that were common bonds among members of what are called "peace movements."

    Meanwhile, nobody suggested awarding a Nobel Prize for peace to Ronald Reagan, just because he brought the nuclear dangers of a decades-long cold war to an end. He did it the opposite way from how members of "peace movements" thought it should be done.

    Like with most of Progressivism, it's more about feelz than actually achieving anything. They'd rather fail miserably and feel good about it than to see actual success happen via someone else's efforts.

    Speaking of "When they don't tax guns and ammo because they plan to come for them.":

    Guns are white supremacy’s deadliest weapon. We must disarm hate.

    In other words, We don't want to take your guns. But we must disarm hateful white supremacists. And obviously, that's everyone who is not a Democrat.

    @Fish Out of Water, little doubt that Stacey already thinks she's won, no matter how the committee votes.

  17. Uncertain whether to laugh at this or shudder.

  18. @ John the Econ

    Guns are white supremacy’s deadliest weapon. We must disarm hate.

    Democracy Dies in Darkness......Yeah, baby!

  19. Stilton, fwiw, some good news on the horizon. File under Montana sets the example:

    Glad I still live in America. Now, if the other 49 will get the hint...

  20. It's only 2020 One.
    We still have to get thru 2020 Two, 2020 Three and 2020 Four!