Monday, January 29, 2024

The Tony Awards

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This would be a great place for me to say something glib or pithy, but those words aren't in me today. I hate this man and innumerable others who created a new and more efficient scythe for the Grim Reaper, then compounded their crimes with lies, power plays, and a "vaccine" that has a non-zero chance of wiping out our species. 

Side note: I know that sounds way over the top and I wish it were. And in fairness, I'm guaranteed that my fears are unwarranted by the same expert sources who assured us that Covid could not be spread person-to-person, that face masks were dangerous (before they became mandatory proof of political servitude), that packing Covid patients into nursing homes with senior citizens was a good idea, that the virus itself magically evolved from a bowl of bat wing soup from a wet market within coughing distance of the Wuhan virology lab, and that the new "vaccines" were safe, thoroughly tested, and effective.

Sadly, "Holocaust Remembrance Day" seems no more meaningful than any other Hallmark holiday in a sick world where equally horrendous crimes against humanity are being rewarded rather than punished.


I'm more than a little confused. Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro has just been sentenced to four months in jail for defying a congressional subpoena that required him to appear before the same Democrat-lead House Select Committee (and lynch mob) that conducted a Kabuki investigation into January 6th, then destroyed more than 100 encrypted files of "insurrection"-related evidence (no doubt of an exonerating nature) to keep them from falling into the hands of Republicans.

But if memory serves, Hunter ("Fingerpainting For Fun and Profit") Biden recently received similar subpoenas and staged a photo-op specifically to show him giving Congress the finger. For which he's been sentenced to exactly zero months in jail. Which is good for him, because it's not as easy to sneak coke into jail as it is to sneak it into his dad's White House.

Still, when it comes to matters of applying equal justice under the law, I'm amazed that in our trans-happy culture and an election year, the Republicans can't even pretend to have balls.


stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, Biden, Texas, Border, Alamo
Remember the Ala Mode!

Joe Biden seems to be preparing for a literal war against Texas and, as a Texan, I'd like to assure him that A) it's a bad idea and B) we triple-dog dare your ice-cream-licking ass. The man is sending troops to make sure that our nation's border falls. To make sure that the flow of fentanyl, sex slaves, disease, and potential terrorists continues unabated. 

Sooner or later, even the idiots on the Left are going to ask why - and it's going to boil down to corruption of a very high order. The cartels are clearly paying big money to keep their operations going and they're just lucky enough to be dealing with a president who's been comfortable taking bribes and selling out the American people for his entire career.

Personally, I would really and truly like to see my state of Texas secede and return to its status as an independent nation again. And I would hope this could be accomplished entirely peacefully. Still, if Biden keeps pushing us, I hope Governor Abbott sends troops to Washington to cut down the White House fences and see how Joe likes it.


  1. I am still waiting for the pro-hamass demonstrators who tore at the fences around the white house, staged a riot and taunted the thug cops for hire, to be put in jail like the J6 patriots. And Cunter Biden to serve time for his actions in ignoring the Congressional subpoena. And also for Santa, the Tooth Fairy and my fairy godmother to all come by for tea. I expect these events to all happen at about the same time.

  2. The only problem with Texas independence. is they'd add Puerto Rico as a state just so they wouldn't have to modify the flag... :P

  3. Hmmmmmm. If Texas became independent, could they keep the Californians out?

  4. Fauci: Just a reminder this man landed what I imagine to be a cushy gig at Georgetown University. The Swamp takes care of its own, something perhaps has not been generally recognized until now.

    Subpoenas? We don't need no Stinkin' subpoenas: Just remember, there are rules for the Blues elites and rules for the rest or us.

    Texas: Two thoughts here. One is that does the Swamp understand even the smallest spark can set a growing pile of very dry tinder into a huge configuration? Like a bunch of Brits attempting to seize arms back in the day, or the bastille being stormed, or the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time (Nicholas II) leading his country into a bungled war and..

    The other thought is all this is a calculated, deliberate attempt to provoke, like Lincoln, I believe did in getting the South to fire the first shots of the War Between the States.

  5. Stilton -- you are back and the best.

    As regards the Republic of Texas -- what will you do about the Austin problem? Libs are pretty oily, could they be a resource? Selective fracking?

  6. Biden is an empty vessel. The powers that be are Marxist nihilists who seek nothing less than the utter destruction of our country and all of western civilization. If you look at all of their actions through that lens, everything they do makes perfect, if utterly evil sense.

  7. Who has "Texas secedes" on their 2024 BINGO card?

  8. Agreed. Made this one:

  9. As for the COVID PLANdemic that Faux-Xi had such an active role in unleashing on the world there is now this news out of China from a mere twelve days ago.

    Scientists in China are reportedly experimenting with a mutant COVID strain with a 100% kill rate in mice. This strain attacks the brains of the mice, which are engineered to reflect a genetic makeup similar to that of humans. Most mice in the experiment lived only eight days after being infected.

    Hey, it worked so well in the COVID-19 trial run why not do it again? At this rate we won't have to worry about open borders. (or as so many on the left seem to write open boarders)

  10. In honour of Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Premier of British Columbia, one of our more 'less than Conservative' areas...alright 'flakier than San Francisco', made the following official proclamation...

    "This province has no place for bigotry and racism. We stand with the muslim community throughout Canada on this sorrowful day of remembrance."

    You can't make stuff like that up, whoever wrote it meant it.
    Of course, as usual, he's trying to blame it on an unnamed staff member (you can guess what the name likely is) but if I were having something put out with my name on it, I'd want to see it first before it went public.

    The 'official' website has been changed as expected but the original lingers and will probably resurface before the next election, the internet is forever ;)

  11. @Julian- I think you've calculated the timeline for those events correctly.

    @M. Mitchell Marmel- Yeah, the "Lone Star State" can't just start adding more stars willy-nilly. Look where that got us last time!

    @Boligat- If Texas becomes independent, the "bad" Californians will choose not to come.

    @Fish Out of Water- Like you, I worry about how much these blatant provocations are deliberately intended to provoke a response from our side that the government can then use as an excuse to take dramatic action against us. You can't look at the events surrounding January 6th and NOT think that the swamp is manipulating (or creating) events.

    Think of the upside for the Left if shots are fired: gun confiscation could happen under some emergency powers act, free speech could be eliminated, and dissidents could be jailed interminably without trial. In other words, a liberal wet dream.

    @Roger- Thanks for the kind words. Regarding Austin, I think the nation of Texas could handle the problem by reclassifying the city as a bizarre theme park.

    @TrickyRicky- I wish I could come up with another interpretation, but I can't.

    @Neighbor Dave- I've had it on my BINGO card since Obama started flying his true colors in office.

    @Codex- Nice! And just how un-threatening is that photo compared to all of the BLM crap? And have you ever noticed how often the media uses pictures that show clouds of tear gas being illuminated from within by flares? It looks like the whole place is on fire rather than capitol police aggressively forcing Americans to "get off our lawn." I'm sure your average liberal still believes that Washington was a smoldering ruin when the MAGA protesters left to go for a nice dinner at Cracker Barrel.

    @American Cowboy- If you look back a couple of weeks, I did a post specifically about this new nightmare virus ("If Life Gives You Pangolins"). We need to start nuking bioweapon development facilities wherever they spring up.

    @Oldarmourer- Wow, that gaffe is amazing!

  12. Gaffe ? You don't know how they think in BC, they'd assume the Holocaust was referring to Israel daring to defend themselves and that's the audience he was aiming at but as usul, they just forgot the rest of the world could read it too.

  13. As a Texan, I love the mythos of the Republic of Texas.

    As someone who pays attention, the idea of our feckless leaders in Austin leading a nation terrifies me. And the Texit people seem to have squandered their claimed 500K email list during the last legislative session in terms of making us nation-ready.

    Also, I'm pretty sure the US wouldn't long survive if we left.

    Also plus, I'm confident China has a plan to take advantage of the new Republic of Texas, and I wouldn't be surprised if they have willing allies in DC.

  14. That dude, Fauci, is using our O2. He should stop. Breathing.

  15. @ Stilton: Yes violence from provocation would be a 'woke' wet dream. And if anyone thinks it can't happen here, I suggest a refresher on what the Radical Republicans got away with to 'punish' the South during so-called reconstruction'.

  16. The concept of "Holocaust Remembrance" becomes more watered down to insignificance by the minute. Consider the absurdity I kept seeing last week, where the "smart people" keep calling on Israel to discontinue it's "genocide" of Palestinians in Gaza. Yeah, the same Gaza run by a democratically-elected pseudo-state government that literally includes genocide in it's charter and 3 months ago launched a genocidal attack on Israel that literal Nazis would have approved of.

    SUBPOENAS ENVY: Forget "white privilege". I want "Democrat privilege". I thought the exact same thing when I saw that on the news the other night. Why does Hunter act like he does? Because unlike the rest of us, he knows he's an "untouchable". He could be caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy and he knows nothing will happen to him. (Heck, at this point the Democrats would proudly proclaim his wokeness)

    War with Texas: (I originally wrote "War on Texas", but that's been going on for years now) This whole situation has become beyond absurd. Our appointed "border czar" Kamala will no nowhere near the place. Our DHS secretary is playing Baghdad Bob. While Progressives everywhere complain about how we need to address our "housing crisis", nobody seems to connect the dots to the extra 6-to-8 million who now illegally reside in the US since Biden took office and immediately reversed everything Trump did.

    If this had happened under Trump, Democrats would have been impeaching him over it and accusing him of being on the payroll of the cartels. Instead, the "big guy" is treated obliviously. If Biden was literally an agent of China, Iran, Mexico, etc, what would he be doing differently?

    Also, someone try to convince me that the Democrats have not been working diligently over the last 7 years to instigate a Constitutional crisis. I dare you!

  17. Don't hold your breath, @Julian.

    @M. Mitchell Marmel, Puerto Rico will not become a state simply because then Pwuero Ricans would have to start paying federal income taxes and have to abide by all federal regulations and mandates that the rest of the country has to. That's the last thing they want or can afford. Statehood is something that Democrats float state-side to buy votes from ethnic Puerto Ricans who rarely if ever set foot on the island.

    "I worry about how much these blatant provocations are deliberately intended to provoke a response from our side that the government can then use as an excuse to take dramatic action against us."

    Exactly. J6 was the field test.

    Once the 1st and 2nd Amendments are "suspended", the rest become pointless. They will be easy to give up, and very expensive to get back.


  18. Once again, if I had my way the Demo_Rats would suddenly find their consciences activated. Imagine a world where all the Demo_Rats could feel shame over their evil deeds and try to make things right. Hey, I can dream, can't I?

  19. Damn it! I just got done cleaning all the guns and now it looks like they are going to get dirty again! If anyone remembers who Glen Beck is (He"s largely vanished from the Pacific Northwest Communist Block) he urged Americans not to start shooting for the very reason many here have stated, giving the filthy, lying, hypocritical, communist, America hating liberals the excuse to suspend the Constitution (although how would we know?) and impose martial law and gun confiscation. Mr. Beck's idea was to use elections and legislation to fight back. Well, that's been taken away from us by election fraud and governmental fiat so what are we left with? I think it's becoming very obvious and very likely.

  20. I must say, your treatment of Fauci and Biden is much too kind; mine runs much more along the lines of "Benito and Clara hanging around the gas station".

  21. As a Texan since birth, I am beyond proud of our Governor. (Can you even imagine if Beto was governor? Shudder.) He might be confined to a chair, but he stands taller metaphorically than any of those weasels in Washington, including some very questionable "Republicans." A lot of keyboard Republicans are grousing about why he didn't do this earlier. They have to have something to complain about. It's come down to the final straw and this is an election year. What better time? More than half the states (red ones) are backing him and even sending their own Guards to help us out. I'm actually sort of tickled about it. The brain-dead pedophile in office has painted himself into a corner on this one and no matter what he does, he looks weak. His strong deadline was ignored by Abbott. Old senile has remained silent. All talk, no guts.

  22. The vaccines will be an ongoing thing for as long as you donate to the blood bank.Every transfusion will carry it on to the next person,a visit to the hospital will be a lottery you won't want to win.

  23. Shelly,deadlines and a line in the sand are considered by the rest of the world as empty threats when made by demoncrat presidents.this video is not related to these topics but relevent to the whole country.

  24. If Texas should secede I think I would immigrate there (legally, of course).

  25. If Biden wants a war then let him start it.

  26. let’s just turn Mexico into our 51st state and be done with it. Boooo.....bad idea !! .......something has got to be done and Joe will do it......result: More chaos and division!!

    Old Wayne In Indiana

  27. About those 26 almost seems as if the swamp is deliberately trying to draw out who is against them and they need to get rid of in the next 'selection'...I'd be prepared for a huge media push claiming that those state govt's are acting against the will of the people and that will be used to justify the sudden massive influx of 'mail in ballots' and other methods to change said govt's because 'the people don't want treason' or some such foolishness. In all likelihood, the votes for the next 'selection' have already been counted and the ones physically cast on voting day will just drop into a shredder.

  28. When you're an experienced & fed-up Old Fart: Here's nice thing about "Qualified" investment accounts with IRS-RMD. Yes, you must withdraw the minimum RMD amount each year so Govt can get their bite. But after tax, the rest is Income.

    This year in particular I've conducted the annual inventory; and am using some of that money to buy & restock a shit-load of ammunition. It will be stored well; deployed well as-needed; and also held in readiness for FAFO.

  29. @Anon: Frankly, I'm too old and tired for running gun battles. The upside, though, is I don't have all that much life left to lose...

  30. That's the worst part, up here you have to collapse your RRSP (IRA) at 71 then they take half in taxes and count the rest as income so they can cancel your Old Age Pension for 'making' too much money.

  31. Today is 'International hijab Day' I guess that means you can whip any woman not wearing one...
    It's also 'International Gorilla Suit Day' so I suppose it balances.....


  32. @Oldarmourer, since February is the shortest month, those days need to be combined to International Gorilla Suit Hijab Day. Anyone wearing a female gorilla suit must wear a hijab--under the gorilla suit.

  33. You tell him Stilton!


  34. So the *resident is absolved from possessing classified material because he's too incompetent to be charged or stand trial but Trump is still charged for possessing documents he was allowed to have and has to stand for an unnecessary trial because he's already been found guilty before it starts ? and slow joe is trying to say he's perfectly capable of committing aa crime and even reminded them he did the same thing 40 years ago too ? Hollywood is incapable of writing anything remotely this good.

  35. @Oldarmourer, it's (D)ifferent.

  36. @Readers- I'd really hoped to make a new post this week, but Fauci's Folly finally got me and I've been laid low with Covid. I'm doing fine, though not enjoying it much. I'm on Paxlovid, the obtaining of which in a timely manner was its own government-program fustercluck.

    By the way, anyone who isn't watching Dr. John Campbell on Youtube is missing out on the latest and most accurate Covid-related news. Currently, there's confirmation coming in from morticians that 20-30% of corpses being embalmed are discovered to have long, fleshly tendrils of amyloid protein in veins and arteries. Big enough to cause death in some instances. Not that we have a sudden epidemic of people dying suddenly with no history of heart trouble or anything. And while it's not proof of cause and effect, there's a perfect correlation between the administration of the "vaccines" and the sudden appearance of this completely new and potentially devastating pathology. But yeah, yeah - Taylor Swift's love life is more important news, right?

    Interesting about Biden dodging the classified material trouble because he lacks the mental competency to know he was doing a bad thing. Which he firmly if unintelligibly denies. Meanwhile Trump is still on the hook for boxes of documents that may have had little if any importance - unlike the documents on Hillary's hacked server that likely got Americans killed. But no charges there (nor even an on-the-record questioning) because there was "no evidence of intent" to misuse the information according to prominent mind-readers.

    I'll try to post this coming week if health allows. Till then, everyone have a great weekend!

  37. That 'we're not going to call it blood clots' story has been around for a few years now, morticians were stating under oath that they were present in the majority of corpses and it made it hard for them to embalm them properly.

    Just because they call it 'covid' doesn't mean it's the 'covid' that they used to create havoc in an election year.
    A great many respiratory 'colds' and 'flus' are coronaviruses, always have beena nd always will be, it's the way the name is the mass medai and concerned agencies trying to start it up again, any coronavirus is called 'covid', the devil is in the details though, you'll notice they never call it 'covid-19' or 'covid-sars2' anymore, just 'covid'...translate that as 'you caught a nasty cold'...unless it's the new one we let loose so we get to use the mail-in votes we already printed.

  38. @Oldarmourer- I've been familiar with the blood clots story for all that time, but it seems like there's some momentum building in this new awareness and understanding what the clots are (as in, "nothing seen in bodies before the vaccinations"). The evidence is such that emergency investigation is merited...and I'm afraid the resistance to doing such an investigation is evidence in itself. I think it's likely that the "vaccines" will eventually cause many more deaths than the original virus.

    When I think of the way my family and I were lined up with others in a football stadium for mass inoculations, I get echoes of prisoners in death camps.

  39. The 'clotshot' has already caused more deaths than 'covid' ever did, counting car accident victims as 'covid deaths' just because they got a false positive in the morgue, doesn't count. Odd there were virtually no deaths from the flu as happens ina normal winter but there were lots of 'covid' ones to take their place, even Britain is now admitting that up to 90% of 'covid deaths' were from something else like a heart attack or just plain iold age. When a 111 year old woman with one lung and half the other removed due to cancer, plus several other 'how is she still alive ?' ailments dies and they have the audacity to blame 'covid' then there's a problem with the statistics, she died of being 111, period.

    Young athletes dropping dead in the middle of a practice or game from blood clots is not normal, but we're seeing more and more ofv them.
    I did my damndest to avoid getiing the shot but apparently that doesn't matter, the 'spike protiens' and other mRNA bits are more transmissible than any coronavirus and just being around people who lined up for the shot can affect you as well...I already died from a blood clot and it was only by blind luck that it wasn't permanent. I'm blaming it on that and the 'new world order' that gave it to us.

  40. I have COPD, plaque in all arteries, a paralyzed left side, arthritis in every joint, cognitive issues due to old age and a concussion...I did not get the shot, and I'm healthier than many that did.
    I could almost be a Johnny Optimism

    (I live in Colorado but my ass is 100% Texan, and I couldn't be prouder...)