Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Snack Attack

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On Superbowl Sunday, Joe Biden's handlers decided that he shouldn't do a live interview during the game fearing that it could make him look like a senile nincompoop. So instead, they aired a professionally produced message for the American people in which Biden looked like a senile nincompoop.

Astoundingly, in unusually terse fashion, Joe pulled back the curtains to reveal the evil conspiracy that is playing Americans for (and we quote) "suckers." Specifically, the tendency of the Big Snack industry to charge us the same money for giving us fewer chips, crackers, and cookies in each package.

Mind you, this shouldn't be confused with Biden's inflation which has skyrockets prices across the board. No, this is "shrinkflation" which is, well, exactly the same thing. Only this isn't Biden's fault, it's the fault of the America-hating robber barons! But who are these traitors? Joe isn't afraid to say!

Buy stock now before their lawsuit settlements come in

These are some of the bastards singled out by the White House (with a Presidential Seal looming over their products no less) for ripping off consumers and treating them as "suckers." Products that are even now mobilizing their ecstatic legal departments. The frigging Keebler elves, Gatorade, Pepperidge Farm, Nabisco, Breyers, and Lays - all giving you less product just because your money isn't worth as much since Biden took office.  And are those really "Double Stuf" Oreos or are they "Stuf and Three-Quarters" Oreos?! Fightin' Biden is on your side!

Joe was especially angry that ice cream containers are getting smaller, because that's apparently a message his handlers want us to know he deeply cares about. Although the message we're mostly getting is that Joe's handlers have decided to let him look like a complete idiot so they can finally get rid of him. 


I'm glad to report that I'm well on my way to apparent recovery from my first dance with Fauci's Folly, though am still mildly symptomatic on Day 10. It hasn't been that hard on me, I'm relieved to say. Oh, I still honk like a trumpeter swan when coughing, but that's just my innate musicality.

The social isolation hasn't been too bad, what with me being a hermit anyway. But I still take it as a personal affront that this manmade illness finally got me - and surely will again.  And again.



  1. Glad you're getting better and feeling better, too.

    I also appreciate your humor, both old and new.

  2. Thanks for brightening my morning! Take it easy and feel better.

  3. I recently had my first officially sanctioned run-in with Fauci’s monster. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, the worst part being the fatigue for me. I just now wrapped up a dance with Influenza A, and it was much, much worse than Fauci’s creation.

    I’m glad you were treated gently by the beast, and look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

    Your cousin,
    Ementaler Limburger

  4. That Barry - always a kidder ! Big Mike is on the job !!

  5. Glad you have weathered the Wu Flu. I had the crud a year ago, and it seemed pretty mild. I hope to skip the influenza. I have taken the flu shot every fall for years, but no longer. I simply don't trust the bastards not to add mRNA to it. Thanks, WHO and CDC for making me forever skeptical of the medical establishment.

  6. The so-called POTUS takes real world tests quite often when not on vacation or taking a nap.
    He consistently fails them. Never mind the tests; get rid of the SOB AND his handlers. The United States is also being tested and our grade is not looking good.

  7. I'm happy to see a new post from a former Hoosier.
    Godspeed on your recovery!

  8. For future reference, Ivermectin has squashed every Respiratory infection I've encountered since 2020. is where I got my info on source and dosage. I've been using 1% sterile injectable, measured by a syringe and added to a shot of fruit juice.

    Good health to you, I appreciate your addition to the internet!

  9. There's no such thing as 'Influenza A', B, or any other flu or common cold, death from heart disease, cancer or even car accidents. It's all 'covid' now and will remain so until someone comes up with a new version, then 'covid' will cease to exist too.
    It used to be that flu season cleaned out the nursing homes every year but no more !!
    'covid' has saved us from such seasonal maladies...the death rate still skyrockets during flu season but it's due to 'covid' now...better living (and dying) through modern political science.

  10. Don't worry about mRNA in the flu shot...they've conveniently added it to the food you eat.

  11. Please let's not forget that shrinkflation is an attempt to hide INFLATION.
    Those greedy companies are merely trying to help Joe.

  12. Glad you are over it and posting again.

  13. Big relief to see you're back!
    Thought maybe you were fading out like I did on my blog.
    - Only the Wu-Flu...s'bad enough.
    Glad you're back!

  14. Shrinkflation is an issue NOW? Shows you just how slow Slow Joe is ... everyone has been miffed about this for DECADES. Hey, remember when you got a pound of crackers in a box, not 12 ounces? How about when coffee came in the same size can as now, but somehow they fit a pound in there instead of 12.5 ounces. And don't get me started on ice cream, when my first job was working in the grocery store. Those 64 ounces bricks of ice cream were easy to handle, easy to stack and store in the walk-in freezer, and they blocked out wonderfully in the display case. They got reduced to the oval 48oz containers ages ago, down a full pint from the half gallon size they were for generations. Heck, yogurt used to come in an 8oz waxpaper cup. Now it's 6 or even 4oz, in plastic.

    Shrinkflation works at the other end of the spectrum too. A 1972 Chevy Nova 4 door was 190" long and had a 111" wheelbase. This was a COMPACT vehicle. A 2022 Chevy Impala rides on a 111" wheelbase and is now called a FULL SIZE vehicle. There was more interior room in the Nova then in today's Impala.

    So typical FJB, a generation behind the rest of us.

  15. Sorry you caught the WuFlu, Stilt. Hope you're better soon.

    I'm told I tested positive twice, but was never sick. I firmly believe most of the test kids are designed to test positive, for political reasons. They put out a few non-altered in every manufacturing run, so they can claim the tests are accurate.

    As for flu shots, I last had the flu in 1959. Got the swine flu shot in the Army and had a nasty reaction to some chemical in it, so I don't get flu shots.

    Did get the pneumonia shots, after getting pneumonia once. Got the one shingles shot, but am seriously considering the new one. Have seen several cases of shingles, and I definitely do not want to have a serious case of it like they did. The shots don't prevent it, just lessen the severity; after what I've seen, it's worth the injections.

    As for shrinkflation, Bluebell ice cream half gallons are still full half gallons...

  16. @ MAJ & ALL:

    I don't know about the effectiveness of the shots for Shingles but my wife HAD shingles after her system got so weak from nearly a year of cancer surgery, chemo, radiation, etc. But 22 years later she's still with me.

    AS TO Shingles she woke up onSunday morning with obvious Shingle blotches only on right half of her face, head & neck. NONE on the left half at all. And not on the body. Unmistakable but it had not even started to itch yet. WE did not hesitate or wait for work week. Called her DR Emergency Call # and they said TIME (hours) was of the essence with Shingles. They called in anti-viral Rx; I ran out for it and she was taking the Rx within less than two hours. She fully recovered in about two weeks, and it never got too itchy or painful.

    Her Dr.told us later that was the right to do; do not wait. Delaying treatment even hours or days makes it so much worse and much longer to recover.

  17. Well, let's see. Biden's skull is the same size, with 95% less intelligence.

    Yeah, things are in sync. :P


  18. When I saw Gropey Joe saying that load of malarkey about shrinkflation, I knew the useless waste of skin had never shopped for any groceries in decades. It has been going on for so many years, as @Drew458 said. Peanut butter used to be in 18 oz. jars, jelly/jam/mayo in 32 oz. jars, even spaghetti sauce used to come in 32 oz. jars but they skipped the 30 oz. jars and went to 24 oz. jars long ago. Gropey Joe likely didn't even know about this until last Saturday. I'll bet anything he couldn't even tell you exactly what "inflation" actually is, or that GOVERNMENT is the source of it. There are surely some Demo_Rats who know the truth but Gropey Joe certainly doesn't.

  19. I love it when turds like Joe start slinging blame for the shit they caused, then try to convince us that they can fix it if re-elected. Ol' Joe is quacking about the evil corporations causing inflation and shrinkflation. They should put their prices back where they were in 2020, and start putting ALL the chips in the bag. They're making Joe look bad (queue sad trombone sounds), and he needs to be re-elected so he can "finish the job." News flash, Joe. YOU caused this mess, and the "evil" corporations would likely go bankrupt (along with their stockholders) if they returned to 2020 pricing. But hey, what do you care? You've got your giant stacks of hryvnias, rubles and yuans. You can afford to feed yourself and your family and your Corvette.

    On the other hand, it riles me when companies shrink the product size instead of just raising the price. For example, the Muenster family's favorite saltines, Zesta, shrunk their package a while back, and now when you buy it, the little bags of crackers are about 2 inches shorter than the box. That pissed me off enough to start buying another brand. Eff you Kelloggs.

    The 'rona... had it three times now, and can attest, the jab did diddly squat. I'm grateful, however, that I took the J&J and not Moderna or Phizer. Glad you're recovering, Stilton!

    You get the coffee spew of the day award.

    @Jeep Guy,
    Most likely, Joe has not set foot in a grocery store for decades. Wouldn't matter if he did, though. He also likely, decades ago, lost any concept of what consumers go through on a daily basis. There is probably some poor lackey who has to go buy Joe's Depends for him.

  20. I remember back when I was a kid a bit in MAD magazine about how cereal boxes were getting taller but thinner and finally were just envelopes. That had to be sixty or more years ago.

  21. As for Osama - OOPS! I meant Obama,

    I'm not to worried about the arugula falling out of his back side as much as I am about the crap that keeps spewing from his mouth.

    On another note:

    Lots of Hillary in the news lately. Are the Dems warming her up to replace Biden in the coming election? Hmmmmm ....

  22. If you want to avoid covid and any RNA virus, and you want to read success stories from people who have saved their lives using Ivermectin and other meds, Please Please, visit the FLCCC website, Front Line Covid Critical Care. You will learn about this and protocols to prevent and manage covid. These are medical professionals trying to keep big Pharma $$$ from killing us. We have been taking Ivermectin for 3 years as a way to avoid covid and other virus and have avoided all. Take a look at their information and decide for your self.

  23. I had a mild case of covid after vaccination. As someone said above, the fatigue was the worst part of it. My entire family of nine recently had Covid except me. I was exposed to everyone and didn't get it. I'm going to believe I have natural immunity now, despite having way more co-morbidities. They all took Paxlovid quickly after symptoms and got off with mild cases.

    As to Biden, I can see a teeny weeny little light peeking through the black clouds we are living under now. His senility has finally had a huge spotlight put on it and the MSM had no choice but to cover it since the report let the old monster off the hook. Their two narratives are (1) Joe is the smartest most cognitive person they've ever met, or (2) Hur needs to be put in front of a firing squad.

    Good to see you posting again, Stilton.

  24. Dang! That Obama cartoon is hilarious! Mike did it right up the !

  25. 2nd bout of Covid for me this fall. It lead to Long Covid. In some ways, like those frail invalids of Victorian literature. Unfortunately, just after I finally felt like rejoining society, my husband fell on ice, and tore his quad. Between the two, we missed celebrating our 50the anniversary.
    The good news is he should be discharged from rehab this week.
    My new motto is: Roll with Life’s Challenges.

  26. Leave it to brandon and his handlers to finally attack something that's been going on since the carter years...and getting worse each time the left is in power, they sincerely think the public couldn't see it happening and sadly, they're probably right. The local supermarket makes far better chicken than the local kfc, their chicken strips used to be 12 big ones for $8, now they're 8 smaller ones for $15, hopefully if we manage to ditch sockboy prices might revert but that's doubtful, once they go up they never go down.

    I wasdebating the shingles vaccine but I wouldn't be at all surprised if it had mRNA in it now.
    I had shingles once, about 25 years ago, and I hope that works like a vaccine, I couldn't go through it again.
    If you've erver had chickenpox, the virus never goes away completely, it retreats to the spinal cord and lies dormant until it eventually migrates out a nerve to show up as 'shingles'.
    In my case it came out along the optic nerve as around 5% of cases do and I went blind in my left eye with pox all over the left side of my face and scalp, nothing at all on the right except one on the very end of my nose which the Dr said was the classic indicator, the blindness went away after a week or so, luckily, about 5% of the time it's permanent, but the burning/itching/stabbing/aching/ from every pain sensor on each pox spot on my scalp 'firing off' at random remained for a good ten years.
    Sometimes the residual nerve pain lasts forever and there are documented cases of suicide from it.
    I still get the odd twinge but not nearly as bad as it was, barely noticeable other than an irritating stabbing feeling now and then.
    I'm pretty sure it would be called 'covid' or 'long covid' or some other such madeup name today, or at least attributed to it when it's something that's afflicted mankind forever.

  27. Why is is that whenever they come out with a new 'covid' strain, nobody tests positive for the old ones anymore ?

  28. @Dan- Thanks for the nice remarks!

    @HankJ- It seems like I hear "welcome back" and "you're back" pretty frequently these days. I'd really like to post often enough that it doesn't seem like an event (wry grin).

    @Kerry Soileau- "Taking it easy" is sort of unavoidable with Covid.

    @Patrick- I've had a slight relapse today so am not out of the woods yet. Not that I'm very ill, but I'm SICK of being sick!

    @Anonymous- I still detest Barry and Mike.

    @TrickyRicky- I think skepticism of anything the WHO or CDC says is only logical at this point. I will never take another shot of mRNA anything.

    @Rod- We're always hearing stories of how sharp and energetic Joe is "behind closed doors" as opposed to the shuffling, confused, mumbling wreck we see in public. I think that's all the "cognition test" we really need.

    @Igor the Obscure- Having been born in Indiana, I don't think I'm a "former" Hoosier. More like a dual citizenship arrangement of Hoosier and Texan.

    @markshere2- I'd happily take some Ivermectin if I had it. And maybe I do - I'll look around. Mind you, I know I have multiple tubes of apple-flavored Ivermectin paste for horses. Bought them when human Ivermectin was declared to be more poisonous than cyanide. Bastards.

    @Oldarmourer- The stats don't mean anything to me now because they can't be trusted. The CDC is changing its "stay at home" guidelines so that people can go out and spread the plague as soon as they don't have a fever. They say that the science hasn't changed, but attitudes are changing owing to the increased resilience of the public owing to "vaccinations and natural immunity." I'm betting that the "vaccinations" don't add diddly-squat to the equation, but they have to say that in order to keep pushing them.

    @Henk Vandenbergy- Excellent point! Biden is attacking the companies that are concealing the damage of the Biden economy.

    @Anonymous- Well, MOSTLY over it. I hope.

  29. @BarbaCat- I don't want to fade away, but I'm frankly still trying to figure a lot of things out as I approach the second anniversary of losing my wife, Kathy. For what it's worth, assuming I don't drop dead at some point I would make an official announcement shutting things down rather than just disappear. And at present, I don't plan to do either!

    @Drew458- Absolutely! And I had to laugh at Joe talking about his personal outrage that ice cream containers are getting smaller. Does he expect us to believe that he's even SEEN an ice cream container in decades? No, he gets his ice cream served in fine China bowls (purchased with fine China bribes) and a silver spoon. What a poltroon.

    @MAJ Arkay- I was suspicious of the Covid home tests too, but darned if two different brands didn't light up like pinball machines this time around. And I got the most recent shingles vaccine. I have a very close friend who got the Covid vax and within days had a massive outbreak of shingles that laid him up for months. His doctor said a surprising number of people were suddently getting Shingles. It seems now that the (ahem) "vax" has the ability to find lurking conditions in your system and supercharge them. One of the reasons that we're seeing more "wildfire" cancers that just won't respond to treatment. Like my Kathy's.

    @Rod- Amen to all of that. I have another friend who got shingles on the inside of the eyelids. That's all I need to know to want to avoid shingles at all costs.

    @M. Mitchell Marmel- Exactly my thought. There are a lot fewer Oreos in his cookie jar, if you take my drift.

    @JustaJeepGuy- One of my least favorite examples of shrinkflation is what's happened to boxes of breakfast cereal. From the front, they're the same dimensions as they used to be, but the damn things are so skinny now that it's difficult to keep them from falling over on the counter.

    @Colby Muenster- In fairness to Joe, I think he could "finish the job." And our economy.

    @Dan- I was complaining about that just above. Trust MAD to have gotten it right!

    @Gonzo'57- Hillary will cease to be a political threat when she is pushing up daisies, and not a minute before. I don't know that "the machine" is behind her, but I have no doubt that she still has designs on the Oval Office.

    @Just Me- I'll take a look.

    @Shelly- Glad that your family weathered Covid successfully. I am SO pissed off to have this. I'm taking it personally. And I do think that the powers-that-be are ready to dump Biden. It's getting impossible to hide his decline.

    @Nancy Dickerson- I sort of miss the "Hope n'Change" cartoon days of just smacking Barry around. A**hole.

    @Linda Fox- Well, happy 50th anniversary anyway. And I'm trying to adopt a similar motto: "Stop, Drop, and Roll with Life's Challenges." At least until the flames go out.

    @Oldarmourer- You paint a very compelling picture of what it's like to have shingles and I'm glad that you've recovered so well. It can be a VERY serious condition.

    @Lee The Voice- Good hearing from you and I hope you're feeling well, my friend!

  30. I wouldn't worry about people voting for joey this fall...

    Chicago just cancelled the contract for the city's acoustic shot locating system because it's 'racist'...something about too many of the detected shots being in 'minority' neighbourhoods

    Fast forward to the upcoming dnc convention there...
    Flash back to Dallas...
    No need to monitor any grassy knolls, the scapegoat has already been decided upon so who really needs to know how many shots there were or where they came from ?