Friday, December 4, 2020

Baseless Loaded

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Democrats and their evil twins in the media are still laughing off President Trump's legal battle to investigate election fraud, saying that the growing dozens of whistleblower reports, given under oath and legal liability, represent only "baseless allegations." They then say that there's no need to investigate baseless allegations...which is, of course, the only way you can prove the allegations aren't baseless. 

But the reports (some backed with video) are compelling. The truck driver in the cartoon above was a contractor for the USPS, and he got a call to drive a truckload of mail-in ballots (anywhere between 144,000 and 288,000) from New York to Pennsylvania. Which is weird. He also noted that the thousands of ballots already had hand-written return addresses on them, which is also weird for Pennsylvania ballots that are, for some reason, coming from New York. After arriving at the USPS facility (and being kept waiting in his truck for six hours) an official told him to break with normal protocol and drive the truck to another town and park the trailer. He did so...and the next day the trailer and all its contents were gone.

Most media outlets are gleefully, and falsely, reporting that Attorney General Robert Barr has said there was no election fraud. What he actually said was, "to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election."

Which suggests that the Justice Department has found fraud, of a lesser scale, and that they're still investigating. And as more whistleblowers come forward, they'll have more specifics to investigate.

Many of the media's talking heads are arguing that there's no point in pursuing any of this if it wouldn't change the outcome of the election. Which, if we had more time to compose our thoughts and were 100% sober, we'd try to describe as something other than complete bullshit. But that's what it is. 

The importance of having trust in our election system can't be overstated and the penalties for committing election fraud must be severe. Our nation is not going to move forward if 50% of the electorate believes, with cause, that the election process has been tainted. Politicians who are blind to that fact and are unwilling to aggressively pursue investigations may soon find themselves "baseless."

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Whine Bar

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To show that there is a fresh wind in Washington, perhaps because president-suspect Biden blows, the announcement has come that Gropin' Joe's proposed communication team is comprised entirely of women, which the media assures us is absolutely great, important, historic news because... um... well... vaginas!

Mind you, President Trump already has a large number of women in high level communication positions, but they don't count because they're professionals first and women second. Not so with the incoming team, who will proudly place a lower priority on being logical than gynecological. And although this means that we'll likely never know what the hell a Biden administration is thinking, we'll definitely hear a lot about how it's feeling

Of course, the communication team shouldn't get too settled in, as we have a strong premonition that the nature of their job will be changing in the near future...

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Currently, it looks like the fate of the republic rests on Georgia's upcoming runoff election. If two Republicans win, the Senate will be able to curtail the worst of the deviltry that progressives are currently planning to inflict on us. If two Democrats win, it's time to kiss America goodbye.

It's a good thing that we can count on this being a fair and honest election, right? Or...will it be as much of a wildly corrupt clusterfudge as the general election a few weeks ago? We've got a pretty good idea, based on this post from our own John the Econ...
Just got a note from some friends in Georgia. As you might know, there's a runoff election coming up that could literally change the character of the Senate which is now our only barrier against the type of runaway Progressive governance that gave us ObamaCare and other social and economic destruction in addition to the better part of a decade of malaise.

My friends subscribe to the USPS's "informed delivery" service which sends you an email with pictures of the mail you can expect to find in your mailbox later in the day. They got a bit of a surprise yesterday when their informed delivery email included no fewer than three applications for absentee ballots that they did not request. And even bigger surprise arrived later when they received all of the mail described in their email except the aforementioned absentee ballot applications.

I wonder who will be voted for on those 3 ballots.

Related to that (and to our increasingly splitting headache) officials in Georgia have announced that they've already received more than 940,000 absentee ballot requests, although they weren't quite clear on whether or not they were all requested by Stacey Abrams.

Monday, November 30, 2020

I've Got A Fraud In My Throat

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The more detailed information we get on the recent election returns, the more impossible it becomes to believe that Joe Biden managed to "win" against all statistical precedent unless a long, long list of election improprieties was actually vote fraud on a massive scale.

Trump is still making legal challenges, but seemingly without much help from the DOJ or the FBI. Let alone the media, which suddenly has no curiosity whatsoever about how the literally impossible happened in swing state after swing state after counting was suddenly stopped and observers removed, following which there was a literally unbelievable surge for Joe Biden when new "votes" started appearing by the truckload and counting resumed, unobserved, in the dark of night.

As we've said here before, we will never accept Biden as president, nor believe that this was a fair and uncompromised election. We can only hope that somehow Trump prevails in the courts. Otherwise, Democracy is as dead as last Thursday's turkey carcass. 

In the meanwhile, Biden is still play-acting at being the president-elect...

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"It's kind of a tradition"


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First things first: before anyone gets the vapors, you should know that you're looking at the hole in a cake donut in the cartoon above. And our sincere apologies to anyone who was eating a cake donut while reading this.

But pastry aside, that doesn't make Barack Obama any less of a talking asshole. While pushing his 27th autobiography, he's now spouting endless lies and revisions of recent history which give us a throbbing headache the like of which we haven't had in four years. For him to accuse Trump of putting (ahem) "undocumented workers" in "cages" that Obama himself built raises hypocrisy to an almost metaphysical level.

Barry also accused President Trump of saying "bad things, racial things, about Hispanics" (which isn't true) before himself going on a diatribe about how Hispanics gave Trump a lot of votes because they're homophobes and misogynists who don't give a sweet fiddly-damn about human rights. Which raises an interesting question: why is Biden's top priority in these plague-ridden times to give amnesty and citizenship to 11 million of these apparently dreadful people?


There will be paper hats, party horns, and cheap champagne (Alma brut) today in the Jarlsberg household as we celebrate Mrs. J's birthday! We keep such celebrations small, even when the four horsemen of the apocalypse aren't restricting the number of diners in 5-star restaurants with strolling violin players. But that makes the day no less special, and we hope you'll join us in wishing the ever-wonderful Mrs. J a very Happy Birthday indeed!