Monday, October 9, 2023

War in Israel

 Don't look away...

This is what's happening in Israel...

Note: this is the actual scene, but I joined it together imperfectly from two vertical video shots.

It started on a Holy Day in Israel. 5,000 incoming missiles, assaults from land, sea, and air, over 600 killed, and over 2,000 wounded. Palestinians have taken Israeli hostages (and non-Israelis who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time), some of whom have already been raped, killed, and paraded through the streets for the delight of cheering throngs of savages.

I lack the insights and language to describe either the history or the horror that is taking place before our eyes, but it takes no special perspective to recognize pure evil when it presents itself. There is no difficult choice about which side is right and which is wrong.

A very good friend of mine in Israel is in the heart of this nightmare. I fear for his life and the lives of his family and friends. Indeed, for all of the people of Israel. He shared this post from a friend on Facebook and it's important to read...

"Biden gave Iran access to frozen money, most recently $6 billion that had been frozen in South Korean banks. Since the administration came into office, it has been pouring money into Gaza aid projects knowing well that Iran’s client terrorist group, Hamas, is fully in control of the territory and would benefit from the help. In fact, Biden officials put in writingin recently leaked documents, that they knew Hamas would benefit from the money they were sending. They sent it anyway."
"As the day of horror ends in the United States and a new day dawns in Israel, the lasting images of the day need to be assimilated. Yes, this was a shocking terrorist attack on a scale which justifies the 9-11 analogy, but with the added aspect of deliberate, individual cruelty on the part of the Hamas animals against Israeli civilians:
"-- The Israeli children -- aged 5, 6, 7 -- kidnapped into Gaza and tortured on video.
"-- The Israeli women raped, kidnapped, and paraded before jeering mobs in Gaza.
"-- The German tourist murdered at a music festival whose stripped body was paraded before jeering mobs in Gaza (in the mistaken belief that she was Jew).
"-- The elderly woman, clearly senile, dragged away uncomprehendingly by vicious animals.
"-- The teenager grabbed from the same music festival, screaming in terror, as her boyfriend is grabbed by terrorists helpless to assist.
"-- The family with a small girl and boy -- a third, older sister having just been murdered -- filmed as terrorists taunt them while the children weep in horror.
"-- The Hamas drone footage of the deliberate and targeted destruction of an ambulance.
"And on and on.
"The usual clowns will look for openings to condemn Israel for a "lack of proportionality" in its response. NO -- after a horror like this, the response MUST be disproportionate. It must be so severe and decisive that it is understood loudly and clearly that this will never again be tolerated.
"It will be a hard week to come, maybe longer. But one thing will be clear: We will know at the end who our friends are and who are not. And that will also be remembered."
- From a friend who prefers to remain anonymous.

As my friend accurately pointed out, more than "thoughts and prayers" are needed from all of us (although they, too, should be included in your support). Rather, we need to be in touch with our legislative representatives to demand appropriate actions to bring this violence to a halt - and hopefully make it impossible to happen again. In my opinion, any American response that the world doesn't scream is "too much" is not enough.

Here's a good place to begin: Mercury One, which is a totally legit charitable/humanitarian organization, is collecting money for medical supplies - because Israel's stockpile, intended to last for years, was used up in a single day. You can make a donation at this link, and I hope you will

Friday, October 6, 2023

F the B.I.

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Greetings fellow radicals and anarchists! Did everyone remember to bring their molotov cocktails, surface-to-air missiles, super-duper-automatic machine guns that never run out of ammo, and a healthy snack?

Question: after reading the statement above, how many of you know that I'm joking? All of you?! Wow, that's great - because nobody at the FBI is in on the joke at all.

An article in Newsweek, which I frankly didn't know still existed, is detailing the FBI's new definitions of potential terrorists who absolutely deserve the agency's highest attention (and detention) for espousing the "wrong" socio-political views. Hint: if you ever voted for Donald Trump, you're already a terrorist! Aloha Snackbar!

So what, other than blatant corruption and a craze for power that would make the SS blush, has got the FBI's knickers in such a twist? Let's hear from some of the people supposedly holding the agency's leash:

"Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans are a threat to the very soul of this country," according to Hunter Biden's mentally deteriorating meal ticket.

Homeland Security Advisor Liz Sherwood-Randall proclaims "the use of violence to pursue political ends is a profound threat to our public safety and national security. It is a threat to our national identity, our values, our norms, our rule of law - our democracy." And are MAGA Republicans using such violence? Can we get examples? Hmm? Shut up, terrorist, and don't ask questions.

Supreme Court washout and current lickspittle Attorney General Merrick Garland states "attacks by domestic terrorists are attacks on all of us collectively, aimed at rending the fabric of our democratic society and driving us apart." Again, Garland seems to be skipping the part where we've actually been besieged with attacks by domestic terrorists. Well, other than BLM, Antifa, and Occupy Wallstreet.

Still, all of these entirely fictitious accusations have been justification enough for the FBI to put you and me in their crosshairs officially. And I, for one, am pretty pissed off about it.  We're not only being personally targeted for hatred and government-sanctioned persecution (for instance, Hillary Clinton is suggesting "formal deprogramming" of MAGA sympathizers), we're also being pushed away from being able to participate in real elections (hint: if The State puts your candidate in jail for purely political reasons, you aren't voting in a real election).

I wish I had a good way to wrap this up, but I don't. I just have a metric assload of anger and I'm going to have to spend some time thinking about what to do with it.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Picket Whines

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On Tuesday, Joe Biden was flown to Michigan, lifted from a coffin containing soil from his native land, then propped up in a UAW picket line to show his support for hard-working voters who would like to work less hard and for a lot more money.

Specifically, old Joe is supporting the idea that the American auto industry should be shut down unless (ahem) "workers" get a 46% pay increase (specifically to help deal with Biden's inflation) AND have their 40-hour work week cut down to 32 hours over a 4-day work week. Mind you, they'd still get paid for 40 hours because the UAW likes round numbers.

It's interesting to note Joe's enthusiasm for a strike to shut down an important national industry at the same time he's claiming that it's an act of treason for Republicans to go "on strike" and potentially shut down our government rather than approve preposterous and unaffordable spending increases being pushed by Democrats.

Then again, the only consistency Joe really cares about is making sure his ice cream hasn't completely melted by the time he's loaded back aboard Air Force One.