Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Nuts Who Say "Knee!"

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This has been a public cervix announcement.
We can't comment on President Trump's address to Congress because it hasn't happened yet at the time of this writing. We predict, however, that the President will heap praise upon himself, outline a boldly vague agenda for restoring unbelievable swellness to America ("so, so swell that you'll get sick of swelling!"), and that the Democrats in attendance will find some new way to make complete asses of themselves.

But in the meanwhile, let us reflect on the fact that those on the Left now need to manufacture a Trump-related crisis every day, and the current one is a doozy: Kellyanne Conway put her knees on an oval office sofa, thereby leaving the Left shocked (shocked!) with her lack of respect for the office.

Mind you, these are the same idiots who didn't complain a bit when Monica Lewinsky's knees hit the carpet, and Bill Clinton's "precious bodily fluids" were shooting around that same oval office like a Red Bull-fueled paintball war. Even now, there's probably more of Bill's DNA in that room than there is in Chelsea.

Of course, while focusing on Kellyanne's knees, the mainstream media ignored what was actually happening in that photo: Donald Trump was meeting with the nation's black college presidents - which you'd think the Left would approve of if they actually gave a tinker's damn about either black people or education (spoiler alert: they don't).

Then again, the ever color-conscious Left may have simply assumed this was the cast and crew of "Moonlight" showing up to demand government reparations after the Academy Awards fiasco.


George said...

I believe Conway may have done the 'pose' on purpose, to stuff it in the face of the dastardly Lib media. Playing them for the fools they are.

Lamtex2110 said...

Well Stilton, you were half right. The "Left" did make "asses" of themselves. From the "Ladies-in-White" sitting on their hands to the others on the Left acting as if they were glued to their seats, they acted like seventh graders who had their lunch cookies confiscated by the "Lunch Nazi".

The speech was the best of the President's short term in office.

Mike aka Proof said...

After all the times Obama put his big clown shoes up on the people's antique Resolute desk, you'd think the Left could come up with something more original to complain about!

james daily said...

On Kellyanne: I believe that was a set up to get the pic with all the black folks surrounding the Prez. Otherwise, that pic would not have seen the light of day.
The speech: First time in over 8 years I have listened to a Presidential speech. We use to call a speech of that caliber a "stem winder". Outstanding. Then the "loyal opposition" sitting on their highly paid arsh. Some of them realized that outtake would be used in their next reelection campaign so they reluctantly stood and pretended to applaud. Watching Dianne Feinstein was worth the price of admission, looking highly constipated while sucking a lemon. I was hoping she would have a heart attack. Ah, yes, best night I have had since November 8, 2016 and January 20, 2017.
Go get'em Stilt. You have been sorely missed.

Jim Irre said...

First presidential speech I have watched in eight years. It wasn't half bad either! I've never been a big fan of Trump but if he comes through with half of what he talked about last night, I could be convinced otherwise.

Watching the Dems purse their collective labia was priceless! And the ladies in off-white, what a scream! But even funnier was listening to the fools on CBS sputter and stutter like Elmer Fudd when they couldn't find much to criticize him over.

All in all, an enjoyable evening!

Geoff King said...

I found Trump's speech to be quite fluent and eloquent. Unlike his predecessor, it was not filled with I's, me's, and my's; but rather with us's, we's, and ours. Nary a stammer, and he actually used the "G" word (God) more than once. I was quite impressed.

REM1875 said...

I missed it - damned sock drawer needed rearranging again.
Actually I am still under a ban I guess because of my actions the last 8 years during Presidential speeches and I forgot to submit the paper work to Mrs Rem asking for repeal.

I heard the demonRatz were going to be wear white but were asked to leave the hoods, crosses and capes home for this one

Earl Allison said...

Spot-on, Mike aka Proof -- nary a word for Earflaps and his antics.

But TRUTH is HARD! So hard that the Left and the Media (but I repeat myself) abandoned it in favor of backing the Dems decades ago.

Judi King said...

I watched Trump's speech and thought it was brilliant. He sounded and looked sincere and I hope he follows through. Especially with the repeal of the AFC and tax reform.
As for the "women" in white.....could they have looked more foolish?
Trump's honoring the wife of a fallen hero was one of the saddest most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Larry Hoffman said...

She had just taken a picture of the group and she was looking at the picture on her phone.

Fish Out of Water said...

One thing to point out, the manner in which Kellyanne is seated is actually pretty hard, at least for most Westerners to do. Its very much like the traditional manner in which many Japanese sat (some still do) in their homes, before use of western furniture become widespread. Having sat like this myself many times when I lived in Japan, I can attest that after a few minutes, the legs start to numb and the discomfort meter needle goes haywire and a prolonged sitting in this posture makes getting up very difficult.

But still its another good example of the absurd lengths the neo-collectivists will go to to manufacture a controversy.

No Facebook page yet?

Ed G. Mann said...

Of course Obama's feet on the desk was fine with them as a matter of 'good' taste.
Boor, the lot of them.

Tots said...

"so, so swell that you'll get sick of swelling!"

My favorite line of the week!

Judi King said...

Oops....That's ACA not AFC. Brain freeze.

Irene Peduto said...

Loving your return
I missed you, your cartoons, & especially commentary so much.
Eight years is a long time & I grew accustomed to your insights.
Could t find the comments in your first one but I looked & wanted to tell you how happy I am to have you BACK.
Thank you,

chef621 said...

A memorable speech, I thought. Places to smile, places to be proud, places to cry and most of the time to feel disgusted with the democrats. What a sorry bunch! Facial expressions were fun to watch. They should have had a contest for the best scowl. Toward the end of his speech, some of the dems did start to stand. Have to give credit where credit is due, or maybe they just had TB (tired butt). Whatever, now I have to go see what the news has to say about it.

Sam L. said...

I loved the line, This has been a public cervix announcement>

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@George- I think Kellyanne's "pose" was simply the best way for her to get low enough to be out of the official photographer's shot while still being able to take a smartphone shot of her own (if you see all the pictures, it's obvious that's what she's doing). A complete non-issue, and sad that the Left would rather nitpick than celebrate the President's outreach to black educators.

@Lamtex2110- I haven't seen the whole speech yet, but have very much liked what I have seen. And yes, the Lefties looked stupid sitting silently and scowling to show their "resistance" to increased jobs, better medical care, and national security.

@Mike aka Proof- Not to mention that I can't believe the Left is criticizing Conway for not being "ladylike." Suddenly, raging feminists are demanding their "right" to charm school.

@James Daily- Misery was writ large on the faces of the Dems. They were hoping Trump would make easily assailable bonehead remarks instead of common sense assertions that the vast majority of Americans (in both parties) believe in.

@Jim Irre- Like you, I worry about Trump...but I hope he surprises me pleasantly (and so far, he has - mostly). And yes, it's fun watching the Dems scramble for negative things to say about Trump's speech. Bernie Sanders, for one, couldn't find much to complain about so instead said to consider the things Trump didn't talk about, like the Citizens United decision or income inequality. To which we say, "STFU Bernie."

@Geoff King- Your point is an important one; where Barry used the word "I," Trump uses the word "we" - as in "Americans." Barry saw himself as King of an ungrateful people. Trump sees himself as the CEO of an undervalued company that is ready and eager to get back to work.

@REM1875- I got to a point where I couldn't watch more than a minute or so of Barry because it threatened my health, not to mention the content of my stomach. Trump was much easier to take, though I still hate the stop-and-start rhythm of these speeches with all the applause lines and showboating.

@Earl Allison- You remind me that the New York Times is now running ads about how they (and they alone) are the antidote to "fake news." They are, of course, the fakest of fake news outlets.

@Judi King- Trump looked comfortable and confident (and the Dems looked neither) and expressed himself well. And I haven't yet seen the moment when the fallen hero's wife is honored - I need to clear extra time because I know damn well it will make me misty (Mrs J already saw it, and wept openly).

@Larry Hoffman- Exactly right. And unlike a Dem, the photo was not a selfie to showcase herself - but rather a picture of a positive and important moment in the oval office.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fish Out of Water- I'd guess that Kellyanne was in that pose exactly long enough to take the picture and then scoot, so it's unlikely that her legs would get numb. And personally, I'm long past the point of being able to sit even vaguely like that (or in the culturally insensitive "Indian" cross-legged fashion).

And no new facebook page yet - or planned - as I'll just continue posting to the Hope n' Change facebook page. In my head (a colorful but confusing place), the Hope n' Change "brand" is continuing, but the standalone website is a finished and finite product.

@Ed G. Mann- And remember when the Clintons used to rent out the Lincoln bedroom to celebrities, who jumped up and down on the bed like a trampoline? (Actress Markie Post, if I recall correctly)

@Tots- Trump's colorful way of speaking lends itself well to parody.

@Irene Peduto- Hi, Irene! Glad to have you aboard - and everyone else! My month away was to help me know if this is something I should still be doing. Turns out that it is!

@chef621- I'm hoping that over time, we'll not only see a few Dems start to stand during such a speech, but also start standing for America, and accepting the idea that real progress is a good thing for everybody - even if it occurs under a Republican President.

@SamL- Of course, the joke would also work as a "Pubic Service Announcement."

txGreg said...

Welcome back Stilt! Glad to see your return.

After the past 8 years, I had a reflexive impulse to skip the speech. However, I channel-surfed into the rerun of it later at night, and ended up watching around half or so.

I found it interesting to hear the Democrats (assuring us they deserve the demon-rats moniker) gasp in horror as the President announce his new VOICE initiative. "How dare he look out for American citizens, rather than the illegal aliens who kill them!"

Overall, I was pretty pleased with what I heard.

Ken Cook said...

Thank you for bringing a safe space back for me to run to when the left wing nonsense becomes unendurable! I missed the speech but knew I wasn't the intended audience. I'm the choir.

Unknown said...

Geoff king, you took the words right out of my mouth. This man, our president, truly has the country's best interests at heart. He has given up the glamour and freedom of his private life to take on the world's toughest job. Way to go, Mr. Trump. You make me proud to be an American and a Republican.

Mr. PAOK said...

That pu$$y costume fits well on lefties in so many levels.

John the Econ said...

I haven't yet seen it myself, but judging by the near total silence from my normally expressive Progressive friends, Trump hit it out of the park last night. In fact, to paraphrase several Progressive pundits, Trump "became President last night". From communist community organizer Van Jones no less. Ouch.

As for the Democrat's response to Trump? They've got nothing. He even put Rachel Maddow to sleep.

Roughly two years ago, long before Trump became the candidate, Progressives were going on in glee about how the GOP was imploding and was finished. Clearly in denial about what Obama & Clinton had long since done to their party, I warned them that it was in fact the Democrats who were in the midst of an implosion, and you saw it last night. Reid is gone. Pelosi is a sad joke. You'd think that the supposed leaders of the resistance and Progressive sweethearts Warren & Sanders would take the spotlight in response. Nope. They chickened out. Instead they prop up a retired governor with absolutely nothing to lose to drone on 9 minutes about basically nothing. The Democrats are now little more than an opposition party of feuding special interests, just as the GOP was mere months ago.

The stock market is up 1.25% at new highs this morning, even with the Fed promising to raise rates. (which they never did during the Obama years because the economy was always just too fragile) Pipelines that have been in limbo are now being built. I personally witnessed oil storage cars that have been parked in the middle of nowhere for years being moved last week. If the economy moves just 1% this year, it will be better than it ever was under Obama. And the Democrats will be toast come midterms as they try to sell more economy-killing socialism.

I've never been a Trump fan, but I've warmed a little in the last 12 hours.

Kellyanne Conway: More fake news from people who didn't seem to mind the countless photos of Obama with his feet on the Resolute desk. Oh, I agree with them in that people in the Oval Office should aspire to a higher level of decorum than this. She looks like clueless and bored teenager forced to be at her parent's adult party. But as Stilton points out, the "respect for the office" ship sailed two decades ago.

CenTexTim said...

My favorite reaction to the speech was Bill Maher et al lamenting the appearance of Carryn Owens, widow of the Navy SEAL recently killed in Yemen, as a political prop.

Regarding the wife of the Navy SEAL, Maher sneered, “First of all, I wish she hadn't allowed herself to be used as his prop like that. And I don't see any great courage here. Where is the courage?”

Funny (funny strange, not funny ha-ha) that Maher and his comrades have no problem with illegal immigrants being used a props by the democrats.

The hypocrisy, it burns...

Utah Standard News said...

It's great to have you back. Life is now a little more complete'r with you in it. Here's our announcement to our readers. We praise your contribution.

Unknown said...

Now that is a great cartoon to comment on society. It is so great to have you back

Colby Muenster said...

What I saw when watching the Dem side of the room: Impetuous children trying to hold their breath until their faces turn blue.

What the MSM saw: Brave soldiers of "the cause" making a stand for democracy.

I thought the side of the room on Trump's right made total asses of themselves. When O'Liar made his countless "grand vision for America" speeches, these same people were having orgasms and hyperventilating. If a grand vision for America comes from Trump's mouth, they pout.

Two reasons to want yuuuge success for Trump's policies:
1) We will actually be better off.
2) Many of the turds who pouted last night will be jobless come 2019.

Kellyanne's couch episode? OK, maybe not the best thing to do, but its an effing couch, people! You can buy these at Ashley Furniture. It is NOT, however, a centuries old, priceless desk made from a ship's timbers, and used by Presidents since it was built in 1880. And O'Wearesuregladyourgone put his big fat feet on it!

American Cowboy said...

I watched the address. I was also particularly moved by the widow of the Navy Seal who died. It was quite emotional.

The next emotion I felt was complete, utter, total disgust at those liberal idiots that were so hard-hearted, calloused, and unpatriotic that they remained seated refusing to clap or in any other way acknowledge that woman's grief, or patriotism.

Walter L. Stafford said...

I just can't get Gene Autry's song "Back in the Saddle Again" out of my head! Reading your takes, notes and opines of the Double Leftists truly is good for my in a drink or two. Keep the coals hot on the asses of those with no logic or power to reason nor see any humor in what you present. Keep on, keeping on!!!!

Shelly said...

At all these historical appearances Trump makes, all I can see is Hillary on her couch nursing a big bottle of Scotch. No glass, just swigging! And her legs aren't tucked under her either. My personal journey with Trump has been a long strange road. From early in the primaries hoping beyond hope he would be knocked out to grudging acceptance upon his winning the nomination. At all times I was NeverHillary but reluctant to be pro-Trump. He changed my mind, no one else, and I voted happily for him in November. My opinion was capped off last night with unbridled admiration. Never in my wildest dreams could he have turned out so great. He is what our country desperately needs right now and I give thanks every day we dodged the bullet of the SeaHag. Even if a RINO had won, the Democrats would continue to run the show from the minority. It's so great you're back, Stilt. I missed you and all the guys terribly.

Bobo said...

Trump was a "rock star" last night! Proud I voted for him. The ladies in white representing all the snowflakes was sad.

Greg B. "Yakety Yak" said...

I too, as others have noted, immediately thought of the many photos we saw of Obamao's (sic) disrespect for the Resolute desk (and all that it represents) on many separate occasions in the Oval Office by putting his feet up on it when reading about the insipid "fake news" outlets' faux outrage of Kellyanne in her pose on the couch, while they completely ignored the real story of the occasion. I think you can best describe them and their bellicose antics in terms similar to one of Janet Napolitano's (former DHS head) (in)famous statements, with my little twist on her words. "If you see something...say nothing. If you see nothing...say something." Yep that pretty much sums up the MSM morons and their imbecilic "news stories" these days. As far as the flippant protesting winches (or is that witches?) in white during the President's address, all I can say is that they should have worn black clothing instead of white, because that would have more accurately reflected the color of their hearts.

John the Econ said...

Totally off topic, but was a sign of the insanity of the "hope and change" years:

"Two years ago, life was going well for Dolezal. Branch president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and chair of Spokane’s police ombudsman commission, she was well known and respected for her civil rights activism. Her Eastern Washington University students adored her; her 21-year-old son was about to intern for a diversity advocacy group in Washington DC; her younger son was doing well in high school. When a local TV news crew arrived one afternoon to interview her, Dolezal thought they were there to talk about hate crimes."

How times change:

Rachel Dolezal is broke and may soon be homeless

What? There's no demand for grievance studies professors outside of academia? How's that "white privilege" I keep hearing about working out for her now?

An aside, The Guardian has a sympathetic piece on her. Dolezal is 39 and has a 22-year-old son, which means she had him when she was 18. But apparently. the folks at The Guardian are really bad at math or Dolezal's son is the second coming:

"In her final year of college, when she was 22, the couple became engaged. Months before they were due to be married, Dolezal lost her virginity to him."

Adding The Guardian to my list of "fake news" sources.

John the Econ said...

Wait a minute, one of her kids is adopted. So I retract that.