Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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Welcome to the first, and certainly not last, "Earwigs" cartoon of 2018. We just couldn't bring ourselves to feign interest in a possible White House run by Oprah Winfrey. Although we do admit that it would be historic for America to have its first all-black Black President, following Obama (the first half-black Black President) and Bill Clinton (the first non-black Black President).

Nor did we care that the Golden Globe Awards (and seriously, what the hell are those?) highlighted female #BlackDressesMatter activists who decried male slimeballs who work in the entertainment industry and stare at women's cleavage. Which, on the evening in question, the women had on full display.

Neither can we pretend surprise to hear that the President is now calling for an immigration reform "Bill of Love" (we pause to dab away a sentimental tear) to protect 800,000 so-called "dreamers" and give them legal status. Did anyone ever really believe he was going to drag that many people out of their homes and bus them across the border with nothing but a new suit and $10? We certainly didn't, although there's a pretty good possibility that Trump himself did while in the adrenalin-laced throes of his election campaign.

But hark! While working on this blog post, we've just seen one news story which deserves the old Stilton's Place treatment. And so we close with...

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, fusion gps, trump dossier, russia, murder
We're guessing Seth Rich.


Mike aka Proof said...

" #BlackDressesMatter " Priceless!

She’s A Beauty said...

Is it me, or is Oprah looking more and more like E.T. with each passing year?

Mike L said...

Think Oprah can get around that statement that old white people must die.

REM1875 said...

And once again the clog wearing republicans come in last in the race and can not figure out the running shoes wearing demonRatz beat em .......

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Manny, Moe and Jack: The three worst friends your onsen ever had!

james daily said...

It is hard to take women seriously that dress like hookers. I'm sure there was a point there someplace but it was lost on me.

Jim Irre said...

The Republicans giving the dreamers amnesty will be just the same as the Republicans helping LBJ pass the civil rights act over the objections of Southern KKK Democrats. The dreamers will forget who buttered their bread.

Geoff King said...

Not to be outdone by the mindless Hollywood crowd, I see where female Dimmercrats are planning to all wear black to Trump's State of the Union Address on Jan 30.
To show more solidarity with abused women and to make an even more memorable fashion statement, I think they should all consider wearing black burkas with pink pussy hats.

Fred Ciampi said...

Oprah's nothing but a talking head who made one good decision, and that was to syndicate. And she has many skeletons in her closet.

Linda Fox said...

I thought you'd enjoy the picture at the link.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

I would be less against allowing the so-called "dreamers" stay if, in exchange, they'd deport Schumer, Pelosim the Øbamas, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Farrakhan, mmmm... lessee... Jackson-Lee, the Clintons, Boehner (just as pay-back(, McConnell, Snow, Flake (See what I did there>), - My list would be much less than 800,000, but likely far more impactful!

Emmentaler Limburger said...

(Damn! Pardon the typos. I guess I gotta take a bit less "cough medicine" in the morning...)

Hangtown Bill said...

For the longest time I've been under the impression that "Golden Globes" was a reference to the women's cleavage so prominently displayed at the event.

rickn8or said...

Hangtown Bill, that's ray-ciss! Black, Asian and Hispanic women have stareable bazooms too!

McChuck said...

I will take giving citizenship to 800,000 in exchange for deporting 13,000,000 and revoking the immigration acts of 1965 and 1990.

John the Econ said...

Limbo Squad.

President Oprah: Not sure how she's going to deal with the Progressive "You didn't build that" narrative of the Obama era, because half of the appeal of Oprah is that she actually did.

The Golden Globes: Yet another vain attempt of Hollywood trying to square the circle and convincing us that that narcissistic people who spend the rest of their time raping each other are still our moral superiors. And if you look at her golden globes, you're a pig.

Immigration: I'm sticking to my argument that we should be praising unfettered immigration for all the positives it brings us, like cheap domestic labor, increased demand for the personal protection industry, and lots of people who don't think highly of many within Progressive interest groups and wouldn't mind seeing them oppressed again once they become a majority.

Speaking of: Was watching the NBC Nightly News the other evening, and they had what they considered an alarming story about highly pregnant Russian women who come to the US as tourists to give birth to "anchor babies". And it turns out that they like staying in Trump-branded hotels, which the NBC story made very, very clear, as if this somehow had something to do with Trump.

So let me get this right: Every day, countless pregnant illegal aliens cross our borders to give birth, and this does not seem to alarm the editors at NBC, or anyone else within the MSM. But Russian women coming into the country legally with visas (and their own money) do so, and it's something to be concerned about?

So what is their problem with this? Is it because these women and their offspring are Russian, or white?

DougM said...

• Roller skating was not as much fun for Incas who didn't invent the wheel
• The forecast was for less than 2" of rain
• Head injuries were a real problem before helmets became mandatory
• The middle guy eventually won, because the tape was at waist level
• Starting blocks were soon banned in gym class
• Handicapping for the unisex race
• Two wedgies, comin' up
• Anti-Lego™ shoes, as seen on TV
• More stylish than Crocs™, anyway
• Anti-Trump psychologists' convention

Bobo said...

New bumper sticker. N🚫PRAH 2🚫N🚫❗️

TrickyRicky said...

@John the Econ- In response to your question....yes.

JeremyR said...

Barry was half black? Nooooooo. His father of record was 7/8 arab, so the SCoaMF is at best 1/16th black. Maybe we can get him to do a DNA test to answer that question... And one for Mooche to determine whether she is all Sasquatch.

NVRick said...

You can tell 0prah is going to run, as she was wearing her 'smart' glasses.
You don't wear 'smart' glasses unless you are serious.

Geoff King said...

If the only qualification needed to run for president of the greatest nation on earth is that people have heard of you and being a member of a minority adds icing to the cake, I question whether being a human being should be a pre-requsite.
Why shouldn't natural born American animals be considered? I feel that their voice in politics has been suppressed for far too long. I trust the instincts and compassion of my dog far more than I trust most people.
After that, why does it have to be an actual living creature in the first place? The Constitution says nothing against fictional characters becoming president.
Spongebob Squarepants in 2028!
Or how about allowing an Artificial Intelligence entity to take charge? That can't possibly be as bad as all those scifi movies paint it to be....can it?
Hal 2000 in 2030!

Geoff King said...

Shoulda said Hal 2000 in 2032, not 2030. Of course president Squarepants could become too "absorbed" in his job and be all wrung out by 2030. It might suck to be him.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@John: Yes, yes! It all becomes clear now! THAT'S the Russian collusion they've all been screaming at the sky about! Russian anchor babies birthed in Trump hotels!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Mike aka Proof- It was either that, or "Boobs Out, Don't Look"

@Section147- Yes, and she's overdue to "go home."

@Mike L- I understand what she meant in context, but if we turned it around to say that liberals will just have to die out, the Left would accuse us of setting up death camps.

@REM1875- You're not saying that because the middle guy looks like Chris Christie, are you?

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Give that man a cigar for using the word onsen!

@James Daily- The point of dressing like a hooker is to say "what you see is for sale."

@Jim Irre- Some of the great unwashed will never appreciate Republicans no matter how much good is done on their behalf.

@Geoff King- I'd like Trump to demand they all wear black, just to mess with their heads.

@Fred Ciampi- Well, she's run a large business empire- and that seems to be enough to clear the bar these days.

@Linda Fox- And you were right!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Emmentaler Limburger- What a wonderful idea!

@Hangtown Bill- With awards going to the "Least Supported Actress."

@rickn8or- For the record, I'm 100% in favor of diversity in stareable bazooms. Don't thank me, ladies - I'm just doing what's right.

@McChuck- Sadly, that will never be on the table. Americans don't have the stomach for true mass deportations. All we can do is built that darn wall and try to hold back the flood.

@John the Econ- So Trump USED to hire Russian women to urinate on hotel mattresses, and now he's letting them give birth on hotel mattresses? Why does he hate sheets so much?!

@Doug M- As always, your rapier wit is in fine form!

@Bobo- No free car for you!

@JeremyR- Maybe Barry's dad wasn't fully African black, but I think he scores darn near 100% on the actual color scale. Which is, make no mistake, a beautiful thing.

@Geoff King- I only hope that you're not being prescient here...

@Emmentaler Limburger- And Trump has been trying to keep it under wraps! Well, not wraps so much as diapers.

Anonymous said...

"stare at women's cleavage"

The Golden Globes...