Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Grammy Can You Hear Me?

Today will be a different kind of post, owing in no small part to the fact that at the time we're writing this, Trump hasn't yet delivered his State of the Union speech, nor have the rioting and molotov cocktails throwing started. Both of which, by the way, we're actually expecting from the Democrats in the joint session.

So let us instead turn our attention to the Grammy's, an exclusively liberal self-congratulatory awards show which a long, long time ago was about music, but is now about hip-hop celebrities, ho's, n-words, and such over-processed, homogenized pop music that you'd expect it to be released on the Gerber label.

And then, there's these guys (who were nowhere near the Grammy's) doing a pulse-racing cover of "Long Time" by Boston...

Pretty awesome, right? Well, not in the opinion of alleged news source The Daily Beast, which sneeringly declares the band to be "terrible," not so much because of their musicianship, but because the band is (CAUTION: Trigger Warning!) openly conservative and Christian. Horrors!

But wait - it gets better! This is the Jay Sekulow Band, and if the name "Jay Sekulow" sounds vaguely familiar to you it should: he's one of President Trump's high-profile personal lawyers!

And seriously, how great is it that Trump has a lawyer who kicks rock'n'roll ass?!  Compared to Hillary Clinton's lawyers who spend all their free time trying to come up with schemes to steal milk money from starving Haitian orphans.

If you want to hear more of this band's great music - AND show them some support - just head over to their Facebook page and "like" the page.

Alternately you can drift over to Youtube and find oodles of classic covers like Suite Judy Blue Eyes, Jesus Is Just Alright, Hold Your Head Up, Mother Freedom, Midnight Rider, The Weight and lots more. Better still, you'll also find their original tunes like "Undemocratic," which roasts the Left, the Washington swamp, and gives a special shout out to sleaze-weasel IRS employee Lois Lerner...

All of this raises hopes for us that next year the Jay Sekulow Band will be the opener for the State of the Union speech, performing before the entire slack-jawed joint assembly (and yes, there should absolutely be a laser show and some pyrotechnics).

Failing that, perhaps the President might order the Grammy's to establish a new category of awards for music which doesn't denigrate our country, denigrate our values, or just flat out suck.


Gee M said...

Friggin' awesome.

Jay sure looks like a lawyer, don't 'e?

John the Econ said...

That was an awesome cover. (Mrs. Econ & I saw the original Boston on their 40-year tour a few years ago and had an awesome time) I'll pay to see these guys if they ever make it through my neck of the woods.

I wouldn't feel too bad about them being excluded from the kind of crowd you'd find at the The Grammy's, a program mostly about ironically-impaired #MeToo virtue signalling from detestable cultural pimps and whores mostly famous for selling misogyny in most of it's most base forms.

Like with this guy (NSFW), it's nice to see and hear art from people who share my values instead of mocking them.

Speaking of the SOTU: Was I the only one who noticed that when Trump brought up low unemployment, especially among African-Americans, the African-American Democrats not only did not applaud, but actually scowled? Tell me again just who the real plantation keepers have been for the last half-century in America.

Mike said...

The Grammy's are nothing more than the pop-music industry passing out little gold plated turds to those who sell crap downloaded by 13 year old girls, or adults that have the musical taste of said 13 year old girls.

Hip Hop, Rap, today's Country, etc... It's pure shit.

Rod said...

I suppose it's a twisted form of self protection, or perhaps DIY therapy; AKA making lemonade of lemons; but since it's difficult to avoid all of this Democrat Party bullshit while living here I sometimes enjoy seeing all the ways national level D's are able to show their asses. Make that show they're asses.

And even with "THE MEMO" in-hand ironically on the same day as his first State of the Union address; Trump was cool. He didn't mention it at all and let them keep squirming.

But I do have limits to help control blood pressure; such as not watching more than about two seconds of Democrat responses. Just enough time to grab the remote.

Jim Irre said...

@John the Econ, you were not the only one who noticed the scowls from the Dem side when Trump brought up the low unemployment numbers for blacks and hispanics. And I was thinking the same thing - I wonder if anyone is paying attention? The plantation is shrinking, at least until the Dems get back in control. If the Dems ever lift their thumb again they'll find there are fewer willing dupes under there than there used to be.

Anonymous said...

John/Jim - you are not alone. I noticed it immediately. It was a theme that repeated many times during the speech. Although I didn't much care for his two main proposals on illegals and infrastructure, (AFTER securing the border we should offer legal status but not allow them to jump the line for citizenship, and spending another $1.5T we don't have), the rest was great theater. Getting the DemoRATS on camera scowling and watching Piglosi doing whatever she was doing with her mouth (I think it was the closest she could come to scowling with all that Botox), every time Trump mentioned something that was good for Americans (like jobs, unemployment, growing 401(k)'s) or great about America (like our grit, determination & can do attitude, or things that unite us like our flag and standing for the pledge), was pure genius. Say what you will about The Donald - and believe me there's much there I don't like - you have to give the man credit for his ability to get the Proglodytes on camera defending issues the majority of Americans are against or objecting to those we do.

Linda Lee said...

I had no idea Jay Seculow had a band! They're pretty serious musicians. Thanks for posting this. I've heard Jay's legal topic radio show for years on WAVA in the DC area. The old saying, "When you've got trouble, get a Jewish lawyer" is true. (He's Jewish by birth, Christian by choice, and does a lot of religious freedom and pro-life work.) He's a very sharp guy - I'm so glad he's President Trump's lawyer.

Judi King said...

I have aways been a Jay Sekulow fan and receive his news letter. He actually does good things for America, Christians, Jews and the unborn, etc. and like Trump he does what he promises. Was that Jay playing some instruments in the video?
As for the SOTU address: Trump had me in tears quite often until they showed pelosi's face. Then I had to LOL.

Geoff King said...

Excellent cover of "Long Time"! I would like to say it reminded me of when I saw Boston perform it live at the Pontiac Silverdome, but that was back in 1977, I was in the balcony, the pot smoke was so thick I barely could see the stage, and for some reason I just don't remember that concert very well.
I too noticed the Black Caucus' failure to applaud the lowest black unemployment in history, as well as "twitchy mouth" Pelosi and Bernie Sander's half hearted applause once or twice when they realized the camera was on them and Trump had just mentioned great progress on a topic that they supported.
The Democrat hypocrisy at the Address was thick enough that the more intelligent progressives (all 3 of them) had to have noticed.
Also, unlike president Hussein before him, President Trump's speech was not filled with ummms, errs, and ahhs. Nor was it full of I, me, and my, but rather it had a large amount of we, us, and our.
I found it to be refreshingly eloquent.

Judi King said...

PS: LOVED the "Undemocratic" video.

Bruce Bleu said...

I had no idea that Sekulow's talents extended from properly defending truth and Christian values to playing instruments... thank you Stilton for this revelation.
On the subject, here is a group which did an awesome parody of Boston with Christian values... send it on to your friend Jay...

Aesop said...

That "Long Time" cover rocked!
(But no one could sing it like Brad Delp - R.I.P.
If you ever get to hear the track splits on "More Than A Feeling", when he sang right into the tones from the guitars of Scholz' & Co., you start to understand the musical mastery that was Boston.)
Maybe all the time I've spent practicing covers of classics will pay off some day.

Thanks for that find.
I know Sekulow from conservative talk radio. Now I've got another reason to look him up on YouTube.

Gumby-damn-it! said...

It still amazes me that The President's message and promises haven't changed significantly from before his election while on the stump. Obviously, some things had to give, but his promises have remained remarkably intact. Heaven forbid we should have a government that makes good on its campaign promises.

I spent 26 years in the good old USA's military. During that time I supported my Commander-in-Chief (regardless of the issue) as long as what was being dished out was legal, moral, ethical, etc. I did the same with President Obama, and I afforded him the same respect as my POTUS...right up until the point where his BS and agenda began to circumvent law, decency, and common sense.

Today, we can't even get DemonRats to give our current POTUS the courtesy that is appropriate for his office and position. By many, he is referred to as "Mr. Trump" instead of "President Trump". These idiots who are disrespecting the office of the President are the same idiots who support taking a knee at football games on the sidelines (instead of in the end zone).

I fear a major change is on the way, and I'm not so sure it won't cause significant discord within our great nation. Until we return to OF, BY, and FOR THE PEOPLE, chaos will continue to ensue.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Gee M- He really does. For any who don't know, Jay is the guy wearing the business suit and glasses. He plays drums and (if I recall correctly in one video) guitar.

@John the Econ- I completely agree. I actually got goosebumps from the "Undemocratic" song above because it wasn't a lame attempt at a song, it was an excellent song. And one which will be going on my mp3 player for exercise purposes!

And the deadpan looks on the Democrats faces during the SOTU told the whole story; they don't want solutions, they want politically useful problems. Because it's not their intention to serve, but rather to reign.

@Mike- I agree with your assessments. I just read that Hip Hop is now our nation's most popular music genre. I still refuse to acknowledge that it's music in any form whatsoever.

@Rod- After a full year, I can say that I'm not in the least tired of seeing misery etched into the faces of the Lefties.

@Jim Irre- As I've said on these pages for years, one of the things I'd like to see before shuffling from this mortal coil is for the slaves (of every color) in our country to be freed of their Democrat shackles. It feels like we may be on that road.

@Anonymous- Trump does have a gift for making the liberals writhe. When I saw Nancy screwing up her mouth, I assumed that she was trying to keep a lump of hot bile from blowing out.

@Linda McWilliams- Sekulow is something of a Renaissance man: lawyer, radio host, author, and rocker. Snappy dresser, too!

@Judi King- In the first song on this page, Jay (with glasses and a lawyerly look) is playing conga drums (or whatever those things are). In other songs, he's behind a full drum kit.

@Geoff King- Good observations. And Trump was in his element; unlike Barry, he doesn't have to be hesitant about what he says because he's not trying to play games (legal and mind) with his words.

@Bruce Bleu- I enjoyed "More Than a Healing!"

@Aesop- No question that Brad Delp had an awesome and pretty much unmatchable voice. I also miss the voice of Foreigner's Lou Gramm; happily he's still with us, but he had health problems (a brain tumor) and his voice hasn't fared well.

@Gumby-damn-it!- First off, thank you for your many years of service! Being supportive of the Commander in Chief is the right thing to do, and I honestly tried with Obama as long as I could. But at the point the office holder betrays that office, as Barry did early and often, all bets are off.

We need some major changes in this country and I sincerely hope they can be accomplished peacefully. Sadly, the Dems believe people need "space to destroy" when they get testy, and will call for more of the same.

John Holton said...

Man, those guys kick some serious ass as rockers! I especially loved "Undemocratic." They need their own YouTube channel so people can follow them and be notified when they have a new song.

I have to check out Sekulow's book. (Was he the lead guitarist?) Off to Amazon...

Unknown said...

Don't know how you stumbled on to Jay and his group but I haven't heard anything that righteous since "Hotel California" played last week in Harrington, DE. Watching the SOTU truths followed by Joe's lame response was disheartening for us. I was flabbergasted at the rudeness displayed by half of the general assembly even when POTUS mentioned the troops.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Wow! As a long-time rock musician who "came up" in the era that brought us Queen, Boston, Kansas, Toto, et al, I can say unequivocally: THEY ARE TIGHT. Where they lose it is, of course, where almost every cover loses it: in the vocals - but their's are far better than the hundreds of "bar bands" I've heard do this. Their technique of breaking it up by range is a good one! And that lead guitarist has some CHOPS! If only I could get these arthritic claws to move like that again...

Tight, tight, tight! With Sekulow's schedule alone, where did these guys find the time to practice enough to get so deeply into each others' heads? Well done!

I'll watch the SOTU address on Youtube, when it becomes available, where I'll use a google app (Youtube Playback Speed Control) to crank the speed up 3x normal (beyond that, you can't understand them anymore), so the "one hour and change" event will take about 20 minutes. Surprising it's not on line yet...

Emmentaler Limburger said...

(And if they ever want to do a REAL remake of Ghostbusters, Sekulow could play Dr. Egon Spengler.)

Anonymous said...

Most excellent! Great find, thanks for sharing, Stilt!

Only one (minor). Their Foreplay seemed a little rushed.... ;)

Will go dig them up and "like" on FB.

Anonymous said...


Most excellent! Great find, thanks for sharing, Stilt!

Only one (minor)complaint. Their Foreplay seemed a little rushed.... ;)

Will go dig them up and "like" on FB.

Gee M said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gee M said...

I downloaded the entire SOTU address onto my laptop and watched it late at night...the word I found to be the most applicable is "stirring".
So much of our lives is a form of theater...combing our hair inna morning, acting sympathetic when someone shares their latest "I hate my ex!" story, etc...but no matter how much planned theater there was in the address, it was just what I wanted to hear and I liked it!
His guests were friggin' awesome, he made his points and sounded Presidential, and the Demotards were so cooperative in their sour mien that I suspected a failed choreographed effort on their part to look disapproving yet dignified...LOL! Serious fail!
Better the Black Caucus should have worn nose bones and neck rings than those collars!
Who were they playing? Fat Shaka Zulus?
All in all, It was a second best to Stilton's Stand-up SOTU, but I am once again an unwavering President Donald supporter...
King of the North!
King of the North!
King of the North!

(A little Game of Thrones humor there... :) )

udaman said...

I clicked on the video and took a one hour detour down memory lane. Those guys are great!

John the Econ said...

I have no doubt that if the propagandists at CNN had realized the real optics of that bi-polar view last night, they would have shown something else. It really was glaring.

"...they don't want solutions, they want politically useful problems. Because it's not their intention to serve, but rather to reign.

And that agenda depends on people being miserable. Successful, empowered citizens don't need or want government in every crevice of their lives. We actually have a major political party in this country that needs people to be economically dependent and miserable, and to keep them that way. That is sick, and you saw that last night in their faces.

I only hope that we're not the only ones who noticed that.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Just finished watching the SOTU Address.
• Pelosi's mouth. I think she had peanut butter stuck to the roof of it. Same thing my dogs do when I give them peanut butter.
• It is refreshing to see real people held up as examples of what POTUS is speaking rather than props, plants, and actors as was done during the previous administration.
• Again spot on with the money going to foreign governments. Cut 'em all off.
• Was it my imagination, or did the "path to citizenship" bit stress that they must have something to offer society, rather than a knee-jerk admission to citizenship. Also, over a period of 12 years, though I wonder what is to occur with them during those 12 years?

The hardest part of the whole production was having to look at the dour, scowling faces of the democraps. Just wish I was there to greet each one of them, shake each one of their hands, and say "Get over it. He won." Ah, I could forge a sword with all the irony...

Pete (Detroit) said...

Listened to the SOTU on radio, so didn't see any of the antics described, but ermagherd, it sounds pretty grim
As to the content, yes, great speech. Stirring, on point(s), full of winning
Pretty much WAS a STFU speech.

Caught about 38 sec of the 'rebuttal' where the whiney little bitch was going on about how people only have 'worth' if they're the right gender, color, level of celebrety or wealth... and I'm all DaFUGGG???
Trust the Dims to accuse the others of being divisive. And the ONLY ones to care poo one about "Celebrety"....

Steve in WI said...

That is KICK-ASS, Stilton! What a great cover! Thanks for sharing the video ... made my morning.

Colby Muenster said...

Wait! Stilton, did you actually WATCH the Grammys? Please tell me it ain't so. Not to brag, but I've not watched them, or the Oscars, or the Emmys, or the G-Globes for decades now. All four "awards" shows are nothing but a bunch of self righteous, conceited a-holes patting each other on the back while denigrating us "common serf" types, and I even thought that back when I was still a libtard.

Yes, I'll agree that today's so called music, isn't music at all, but then again, my parents probably thought the same thing when I was listening to Led Zep and Hendrix. I'm really no judge because my radio dial doesn't seem to go to the hip hop and rap channels.

I knew Jay Seculow played, but dang!

SOTU speech.... also did not watch, but wanted to (life happened). I've heard a lot of wonderful things about Trump, and nothing but the usual, sophomoric antics coming from the Left. I did see a clip of Pelosi though, and my theory is, she was trying to reseat her dentures, but this is tough when you have a forked tongue and the dentures are hung up on the fangs underneath.

Isn't it sad and pathetic when profoundly good things happen in our country that benefit so many, so rapidly, and people of Pelosi's ilk are angry about it because it was none of their doing? I hope and pray that a substantial amount of the LoFo voters notice what is happening and wake the hell up next election. It is far past time for the Pelosi's and Schumer's of the world to be sent packing. And they call Trump an obstructionist!

Jason Anyone said...

Way cool for Jay Sekulow. Coincidentally, "Boston" was the first rock concert I attended as a teenager, at the Providence Civic Center in 1978. And they were awesome!

Igor said...

Good Lord! THE Jay Sekulow!!
Not only a good rocker, but an excellent candidate for SCOTUS.
He ain't half bad as a player, as well as the rest of The Boys In the Band.
Kudos, you guys ROCK

These guys didn't appear on the Grammys? Consider themselves lucky! Especially with the Socially Defunct crapola artists that appear on them nowadays.

Listened to the SOTU while I was trying to get my security system cameras to talk to my router, didn't even bother with listening to the re-butt-al. The Lunatic Left has nothing worthwhile to say, much less hear.

"Undemocratic" is Da Bomb!

Lee The Voice said...

Good song. Probably won't get much airplay on today's liberal radio, but Rush ought to pick it up and play in to his show. That would create a nice stir.

cynic said...

Yes, What a great and wonderful speech. I believe the sour faces of the minority party was because it dawned on them that in the last year, they have become irrevelant. In one shot of Bernie he looked as though he swallowed a bug. Now, these democrat have to run against all that progress. Anyone with an ounce of brains now know that they offer nothing except negativism. Maybe their current constituents realize that all the democrats want is their money to spend. Maybe they realize they the democrats do not give a fig about their welfare. I tried to listen to Kennedy but I could only take about a minute of that. What was missing from the speech is that President Trump never mentioned the money pouring Back into this country because of the lowering of tax rates. It will have a multiplying effect supercharging this economy.

Gee M said...

Actually President Donald did mention the companies (Apple, Toyota, etc) moving back here from other locations like Mexico, and the money coming home to the USA.He specifically mentioned the Corporate tax of 35% (?) being lowered to 21%, and then he mentioned the companies coming back, He also mentioned Apple investing something like $350 Billion and hiring around 20,000.

I hope he remembers to send me a check...LOL!

(Anyone remember that Black lady who said she got her little girl at school and brought her to the big Demotard Party preelection hooha? She said now she didn't have to pay her mortgage,or for gas in her car, etc; Obama would take care of her for taking care of him. She really meant it. Scary.)

Chris said...

The other singer looked a lot like John Schlitt.

Snowball the Sourpuss said...

Sukalow is coolio. A very giving musician. I used to joke that he should quit his day job. Not anymore. And that's no joke.

Anonymous said...

I've loved that song (Foreplay/Longtime) for about 40 years and I've never tired of it. Used to listen to it on a professional level reel to reel I got a hold of. The Jay Sekulow Band hit this outta' the park!

Sir Lags Alot said...

Wow. I hope I'm that talented and energetic when I'm their age.

She’s A Beauty said...