Monday, January 8, 2018

Hay, I'm Talking To You!

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Breaking News: The sky is blue, water is wet, the Pope is Catholic, bears poop in the woods (and wipe their heinies with nearby rabbits), and Donald Trump enjoys sending wacky tweets.

The latest tweets which have the Left howling at the moon were posted in response to the many wild assertions (some of which even the author concedes can't possibly be true) made in the book "Fury and Fire: Inside the Trump White House." The book's author, Michael Wolff, has stated in interviews that 100% of the people surrounding Trump (including top officials and family members) have questioned his intelligence and fitness for office.

In reply, Trump sent out a series of tweets in which he declared himself to be "like, really smart" and "a very stable genius" - claims which Liberals are proclaiming to be prima facie evidence that he's certifiable.

While conceding that the President is very colorful and atypical (to put it mildly), we have to wonder who's really clinically insane in the face of the amazing statistics being racked up during Trump's administration: employment soaring, the lowest black unemployment rate on record, taxpayers at all levels keeping more of their own money, businesses migrating funds and facilities back to the United States, a higher GDP than liberal economists thought possible, ISIS really on the run, North Korea suggesting peace talks with South Korea, and a stock market on steroids.

While promoting his tell-all, Wolff is boasting that the book will likely end Donald Trump's presidency and, presumably, everything else we listed above - much to the delight of his rhapsodic interviewers.

Now that's crazy.

BONUS: IF YOU'RE TOO DARN YOUNG... understand the cartoon above, maybe this will help. Darn whippersnappers.


Joseph ET said...

Thanks for the memories. I loved Mr. Ed.
Of course I was a tiny baby then. ☺

Sortahwitte said...

I have had to start watching tv news again. Just to see the President clear his throat and make the msm go screaming out loud batshit. Now....that's entertainment.

Mr. Ed was smarter than most liberoids today.

Mike L said...

If Trump builds the wall, stops chain migration, and stops the immigration lottery he can tweet anything he wants and I won't care.

Velveeta Processed Cheese Food said...

Mr. Ed was OK, but he was no Francis.

REM1875 said...

If that is crazy we sure can stand a lot more of it .......

REM1875 said...

I am a mean little cuss and if was President Trump sometime before the morning news cycle I would tweet "The damned red button doesn't work but we are fixing it"
And watch the liberal heads explode when that sinks in ........

Crabby Old Bat said...

The ending theme had a 2d verse:
People yackity-yak a streak,
and waste your time of day -
but Mr. Ed will never speak,
unless he has something to say . .
A horse is a horse,
of course, of course,
and this one will talk to his horse, his horse.
You never heard of a talking horse?
Well listen to this!
"I am Mr. Ed."

Fish Out of Water said...

Believe it was The Contrived News Network (CNN) who recently found a psychologist to infer that the President may not have all his marbles. This isn't the first time his sanity has been question by a head shrinker, put out there by the black, rotary dial phone media, but professionally - and I think it was after the 1965 election- the American Psychology Association set out rules that no psychologist should make any determination about a person's mental state unless there was a direct examination. Seems that is being ignored.

james daily said...

I am getting a real kick out of how President Trump leads the MSM around by their nose and they do not even realize it. One year into his Presidency and they still do realize just how tough and smart he is. He's a NYer. They are all rude and arrogant. To think in his first year he solved global warming. Our economy has not been doing so well since President Reagan. He resolved how to bring home Billions of corporate funds to inject into the economy at No cost to the companies - and they think HE is nuts? What was that song from the Wizard of Oz, "If I only had a brain?" You gotta love this guy.

Judi King said...

Insanity: "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."
That pretty much describes the MSM in their attempts to disqualfty Trump. They try the same thing over and over, under different guises, and it's all false. You'd think that they'd eventually get a clue, but NO! That is real insanity.

Elbarto said...

I saw a Far Side comic once where a kid was sitting at a school desk with a bottle of glue on the desk. Out of the bottle of glue was coming the words, "Wilbur, where am I?"

Rod said...

Dang it Stilt. Why did you go and clue the young'ns in? It's fun to know something they don't. That really twists their shorts.

Geoff King said...

The MSM trying to convince people that Trump is insane could have a side effect on the global stage. Dictators and rulers of countries that aren't aligned with us may think twice about crossing that crazy man with the big button, so as not to risk seeing his "dark side".
Heerreess Donnie!
Mr. Ed was far more believable than that other sentient being show from the same era "My Mother the Car".

Fred Ciampi said...

And I would bet that if Mister Ed was a newscaster today he would have a larger, more believing audience than any one of the current crop of talking heads. Same with 'My Mother the Car' and Francis.

TrickyRicky said...

When people asked us what we think of President Trump on our recent overseas trip, especially Brits, I simply told them that he was our Brexit vote. A last chance to retain any shred of national sovereignty, the rule of law instead of men, and a thumb in the eye of the one world government globalists. He isn't a "true" Republican, and I am fine with that. His first year accomplishments have been a pleasant surprise, with the resultant angst and shit-house bat craziness on the left an amusing ancillary benefit. DJT is certainly an abrasive, gold-plated New York ass, and I don't really care.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Must have been after school... Mr Ed came on right before My Favorite Martin.
Loved them both.
And REALLY loved Ray Walston as the judge on Picket Fences...

Well, it's Official, apparently.
Oprah *is* running for President in 2020 "After all, she's a successful businesswoman and TV show host, same qualifications as Trump" AND she's a black woman... Might actually have a good bit of traction w/ the lo-fo identity crowd...

great Unknown said...

You sure about that "the Pope is Catholic" thingy?

Pete (Detroit) said...

Over at Pookie's Toons, they have a nice round up for "best toons of the year"
Worth skimming, even if you don't vote.
Bonus, you get to vote, if you like.
Double Bonus, several of them are Stilton's..

Emmentaler Limburger said...

I like to think Trump tweets simply to keep the MSM twits in an uproar. He gets a lot done whilst they focus on how many scoops of ice cream he gets at dinner, or whether he really thinks himself a stable genius...

Not to mention that he's obviously at LEAST as smart as Mr. Peanut, Billy the Molester, or The ├śne, and they all thought THEY were geniuses! Using their yardstick, he must be a genius!

John the Econ said...

I now dispute the Pope being Catholic. Marxisism precludes religion. (Which is why I always argued that Obama wasn't a Muslim)

Trump's intelligence: For a guy who's supposedly a moron, he's been able to outmaneuver the political establishment of both parties with surprising ease. I think this says more about the establishment than it does Trump.

But such is the world we live in today, where people who dance and do primal screams in vagina outfits are the sensible ones, but the President who considers these people a joke is insane.

And is the idea of the Gorilla Channel any more insane that what passes for entertainment elsewhere on the TV spectrum?

As for the Trump successes: I'm not sold on the idea that all of the real progress we've seen in the last year is so much the doing of Trump than it is undoing of Obama, particularly on the economic front. During the Obama "You didn't build that, so we feel morally justified in taking it" era, anything that moved (outside of Wall Street) was a target for either regulation or taxation. Most of the productive forces in America have been hiding for the last decade. Quite frankly, we could have replaced the Obama Administration with a block of wood and the economy would have bloomed.

The real test of actual Trump economic policy will come next year when we get to see the impact of the new tax law. I'm optimistic that I will be singing Trump praises by then.

Speaking of both insanity and Trump economic policy: Democrats in high-tax states like California & New York are on a tear about the elimination of the deduction for state and local taxes that effectively mask the impact of high state taxes from individual taxpayers. Democrats in California have proposes a novel solution: "Donating" your taxes to the state, to something they Orwellianly call the "Excellence Fund".

I'm pretty sure the IRS isn't going to let that fly. But it will be fun watching Democrats who proclaimed that the Obama/Lerner IRS targeting scandal was a big nothingburger get all exorcised over this!

Colby Muenster said...

I've probably mentioned this before, but most of Trump's Tweets make me cringe. The good news is, his Tweets also set liberal's hair on fire, which is far better entertainment that even the best primetime offerings from the alphabets. Anybody watch the Golden Globs? Me neither.

Trump is dumb like a fox. I firmly believe he purposefully makes his Tweets a bit on the sophomoric side just to get the reaction from the moonbat world. Isn't it hilarious that the MSM can be repeatedly distracted so durn often? He been tweaking them for over a year now, and they still take the bait!

Driftwood said...


had a good laugh. +1

NVRick said...

Several comments have since mentioned 'Francis'. We can drive the youngsters nuts if we don't explain that reference.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Joseph ET- By the time Mister Ed arrived on TV, I was already in double digits. Time flies...

@Sortahwitte- I don't watch as much news as I used to (heck, there isn't as much "news" as there used to be), but I do enjoy seeing the hysteria on the Left.

@Mike L- That's kind of where I am. I don't like the tweets, but if the trade off is policy improvement then I'll take it.

@Velveeta Processed Cheese Food- I always enjoyed the Francis (the talking mule) movies, and need to make a point of seeking them out again. Donald O'Connor, who was always a fabulous comic performer, playing against Francis (who I believe was voiced by Chill Wills) - great stuff. And Francis seemed to join every branch of the service during WWII to help keep troop morale up.

@REM1875- Exactly! But the media doesn't want good news to distract from their narrative. And MAN would I love to see that "red button doesn't work" tweet - IF I knew it was a joke!

@Crabby Old Bat- Ah, sweet memories...

@Fish Out of Water- That gal should have her license yanked. Not only is she forming a professional opinion without examining the subject, she's going on national television to attack the subject's character and sanity. Hippocratic Oath, anyone?

@James Daily- I'll agree that there appears to be a method to Trump's madness. Either that or he's just enjoying an unbelievable lucky streak.

@Judi King- These news outlets need to fill 24 hours a day with chatter. If they restricted themselves to actual news presented impartially, that would leave them with about 23 and a half hours of dead air daily. Which, for the record, would be a tremendous improvement.

@jpb252- One thing you can say about Mr. Ed...he sticks to a task!

@Rod- I don't think there's too many young'ns around here, unless you're counting folks in their 40's or early 50's. Those are the people I was giving the cue to. REAL young'ns could never get the joke!

@Alan- Everything looks weird in a funhouse mirror. The media just doesn't realize that they are that funhouse mirror.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Geoff King- I recently mentioned a book I like, "CLUMP: An American Splatire," which has a section that falls in line with your premise. There's a headless President of the United States (elected because of his popularity as an entertainer) who is absolutely clueless about anything going on around him...and who sporadically goes into dangerous, unpredictable rages. For this reason, every other country on Earth scrambles to be nice so they won't be at the top of America's target list if the headless President randomly triggers a nuclear launch.

And believe it or not, CLUMP came out in 2011, well before TRUMP was on the political scene. Most of the book isn't about politics, but it clearly leans conservative.

@Fred Ciampi- As I noted in the review of 2017, CNN actually put Elmo (from Sesame Street) on a news panel to discuss Syrian refugees. So it's not really far fetched to think of them giving a show to a talking horse, mule, or car.

@TrickyRicky- Very well stated, and I agree completely.

@Pete (Detroit)- Ah, yes..."My Favorite Martian." Back when Bill Bixby could get mad and everyone still liked him. (No points for those who don't know what I'm referencing.)

@great Unknown- I'm not in a good position to judge, but I understand that there might be some differing opinions on that.

@Pete (Detroit)- Hey, I didn't know about that! I'll have to check it out and commission dead people to stuff the ballot box in my favor.

@Emmentaler Limburger- The fact that Trump is a billionaire suggests that he can't actually be stupid, at least in the areas which made him money. And the supposed "intelligence" of Barry Soetoro certainly didn't do anything good for our country because he was, in a word, evil. I sometimes wonder a bit about The Donald's mental gearbox myself, but I've never doubted his sincere love for this country.

@John the Econ- Regarding Trump's successes, note that I cleverly weasel-worded that section to refer to "the amazing statistics being racked up during Trump's administration" as opposed to saying that he had anything to do with them. I completely agree that the economic boom is happening because it was unnaturally repressed by Obama for years. I believe it was Milton Friedman who once said "with so much building pressure, it's unsurprising when the economy finally explodes like an angry, spewing zit." Okay, maybe he didn't say that.

And it's fun to watch the panic in high tax states as they scramble to do anything but call for (gasp!) lower taxes. Good luck to California being certified as a legitimate charity under Trump.

@Colby Muenster- Trump's tweets make me cringe, too. But unfortunately, I think he makes his tweets a bit on the sophomoric side because he is a bit sophomoric. Still better than being an America-hating bastard like the previous office older.

@Driftwood- Oh, fine...I go to all the trouble of doing a cartoon, writing an editorial, hosting this site, and setting out a buffet for everyone and it's REM1875 who gets a point. (grin)

@NVRick- D'oh! I already explained Francis. Howzabout we agree not to tell the kids who Farfel is or his association with chocolate milk?

Unknown said...

Trump is crazy. Like a fox. Oprah? How last year...

Unknown said...

Oprah's BIG time money helped give us Obull***t. Then Moochelle wouldn't let her into the White House. How soon they forget. Oprah lost her enormous audience when she turned political for a black con man. So much for her smarts....

Driftwood said...

Stilton, always give yourself a point. I smile as I read your posts. Just like Day by Day cartoons...humorous and/or to the point.
Rem1875 comment "And watch the liberal heads explode when that sinks in ........"
compelled me to write. Keep up the good work!
I seldom comment but do enjoy your work.

Old Cannonbals said...


Some free association seems to want to bust a few moves...

Mr. Ed.
Francis the Talking Mule.
Pope voids his colon in the woods.

In case you weren't aware, when Pope Benedict XVI resigned, he explicitly retained the Petrine "munus," the spiritual aspect of the papal office., saying it was for life. Any canon lawyer in the Catholic Church could tell you that invalidates the resignation and means that "Francis" (the one who voids his colon in the woods, not the talking mule) is not pope. But only a handful have publicly come out and said it. The rest don't dare rock the boat.

Heck, not only is he not pope, he's not even Catholic!

Dan said...

@Old Cannonballs -- I, too, have many misgivings about Jorge Mario Bergoglio. I'm suspicious of the Jesuits because they seem to have been co-opted by communists by the '60s. Also, from what I've read, Bergoglio was quite the liberation theology aficionado in Argentina. That's not too Catholic, either.

Igor said...

"Thuuuuuuuh Horse is a Corpse, of course of course,
And no-one can talk to a Corpse, of course -
That is, of course,
'specially if the Horse,
is the famous Mr. Dead!"

@Geoff King, you beat me to "My Mother, the Car". The DNC could USE a little Uncommon Sense, surely...

@John the Econ, I've been on several law blogs about that "Donation" crap those wild and wacked-out legislators are proposing... won't last 1 second's worth of scrutiny by any competent tax attorney or agent. If the donations were TRULY voluntary, then there'd be a lot of people not paying their taxes... right? If, on the other hand, the State will slap you down for NOT paying the "voluntary" tax, then it's not voluntary, is it? Man, these Kalifornicators are disassociated with Reality, aren't they?

@Colby Muenster, I do believe DJT doesn't give a Rodent's Hiney what the MSM thinks, truly. He just let's 'em fly. Which has a certain schadenfreude, doesn't it?


John the Econ said...

@Igor, no question about it. I still do business in California, and am required to pay taxes there even though I haven't lived there in decades. I'd love it if my taxes became "voluntary". There's a lot better I could be doing with that money.

Fritzchen said...

The actual arrival of the Three Wise Men at Bethlehem was somewhat of a disappointment!