Friday, January 26, 2018

Stubborn as a Mueller

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Just to be safe, better do his thumbs too.
President Trump has stated that he's willing to be put under oath to answer questions from special investigator Robert Mueller regarding Russian collusion, potential obstruction of justice, and the whereabouts of the kidnapped Lindberg baby. And, as good ideas go, we'd say this sure as blazes isn't one.

Let us be clear: we don't think Trump is guilty of diddly-squat, nor do we think he's a liar in the (ahem) traditional sense of the word. That being said, we believe the likelihood of his committing perjury under oath to be way over 100%.

This is owing to Trump's unique tendency to believe that anything which comes out of his mouth is true, no matter whether or not it intersects with "reality" in any way.

Take, for one of a million examples, his assertion that he "watched in Jersey City, N.J., where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as the World Trade Center collapsed (on 9/11)." We have no doubt that Trump is telling the truth as he remembers it...but it never happened.

Or more recently when he threatened James Comey with his super-secret White House recordings of private conversations between the two men...which subsequently proved not to exist.

Trump is a showman, a raconteur, a salesman, a serial embellisher, and the owner of a Tourette's style mouth which blurts out anything - and we mean anything - that flits through his mind. We're not even sure his brain is telling his mouth what to say, or whether his brain just likes to listen to his mouth as if it were a favorite talk radio station.

Considering the mounting evidence that the whole Comey/Mueller/FBI/Russia circus was intended to do nothing other than frame Trump and throw him out of office, we think having him say anything under oath is likely to go badly indeed.

Still, if he does go through with this, we'd like to make two suggestions. First, the President should remember that the words "to the best of my recollection" are his new best friends.

And second, at the same session, put Mueller under oath too and let Trump ask him questions about why he chose anti-American conspiracists for his so-called investigative team.


Sortahwitte said...

I agree completely. As Trump has no filter on his mouth, he should not open it. Anything he might say would probably turn out bad. Zip it! Zip it! Zip it!

Anonymous said...

There may not have been thousands but there were cheering kin of Obama and not only in NJ. There are television news reports by the major networks that reported it.

Old Cannonballs said...

The sound bite that's been making the rounds has him saying that he personally (I believe he used the word "personally") would love to talk to Mueller under oath. The longer version, which I only heard once, included a sort of disclaimer to the effect that (and I wish I could remember the exact words) that it would be up to what his lawyers advise him to do. Hopefully, they will advise him to Shut The F*** Up.

Barring that, we can always pray for a miracle.

And if worse came to worse, Pence wouldn't be a bad choice for POTUS, though he's not nearly as colorful as Trump, and doesn't have the same knack for making liberals' heads explode.

Maoz said...

It seems to me that what Trump was saying re cheering 9/11 was that he was in Jersey City and saw on TV coverage of thousands and thousands in Muslim lands (or Muslim-dominated areas) cheering the massacre. In which case, he was telling the exact literal truth.

It's been said that Israel has the only 9/11 memorial in the Middle East (just outside Jerusalem). I wonder if it might be more accurate to say that Israel has the only memorial in the Middle East to the VICTIMS of 9/11. I wouldn't be surprised if in some Muslim areas there are memorials -- such as renamed streets, schools, playgrounds, whatnot -- to the PERPETRATORS.

Regnad Kcin said...

Everybody just back off DJT. He's just pimping the 'tards, lamestream, et al. Bob Muledeer and his minions are drooling over POTUS saying he wants to testify. Nothing is further from the truth. Look at what he just did to Chuckie S. at the DACA presser a few weeks ago. DJT may not be the most eloquent orator in office, but he does know the long game. I, for one, would not want to play Texas Hold 'Em with him. Look at the Euro Trash groveling at his feet over in Davos at the Econ Summit. After he gets back and does the State of the Union address, the Memos will be released and the cockroaches will scurry for cover. So, take a chill pill, pop up a fresh bowl of Redenbacher, and sit back and watch the show....

james daily said...

President Trump is always a few steps ahead of whomever he is talking with. However in this case, as I understand it, the Grand Jury is made up of Trump haters. Secondly, if he did testify before the Grand Jury, after he leaves, then Muller gets to spin and prevaricate what he said, regardless of what it was. This is a no win for the President, UNLESS these memo are released and they have Muller caught in a trap. I am thinking this is what is going on here. However, the news that he wanted to fire Muller is new and may turn this sideways.

james daily said...

Forgot: It is possible that President Trump has Muller by the dovers if Muller was part of the secret society cabal.

Geoff King said...

Trump's "unpredictability" was stated as a reason for them just moving the Doomsday Clock to two minutes before midnight - the closest it's been since the Cold War.
Since he is not the politically correct puppet that the globalists prefer, he has them running scared.
Personally, the fact that George Soros publicly berates him, gives me reason to support him all the more.

Judi King said...

Most of the stuff Trump spouts off eventually proves true. He's always one step ahead of everyone else. And, as Geoff said, anyone soros hates has to be on the right track.

Anonymous said...

What Moaz said about memorials in the middle east celebrating 911 is absolutely true.

Me and a few of my friends were in Afghanistan in 2002 (well to be accurate a few of my friends have been in Afghanistan from 2001 until today)

And we saw the Jingo trucks, large trucks operated by private owners who haul what ever needs to be hauled. From 1/2 ton of cargo to a company og Afghan National Army soldiers.

The unique this about these trucks are their decorations, in a nation that looks like it has been white washed with shit brown paint from the mountain tops to the valley floors, these trucks have every color known to man (and a few we haven't discovered yet. a few that I saw were decorated with memorials to the killers who committed 911 and I saw a couple that were shrines to Osama Bin Laden himself. I never saw a single truck ever turn down a cargo job no matter what their traveling display said about their own feelings on the matter.

MSG Grumpy

Emmentaler Limburger said...

He should be prepped by Hillary's lawyers. They seem to be really great at Teflon coating and ensuring the shit just slides right off...

Elbarto said...

There's are reasons we hire lawyers, one of which is to keep us from doing something foolish. President Trump would do well to heed the advice he is paying for.

McChuck said...

Even the NYT refutation admits it happened.

rickn8or said...

It wouldn't hurt to have Scooter Libby give Trump a final pre-interview briefing.

jlw said...

i remember seeing scenes of people cheering as the towers came down. the tv stations were broadcasting them. i don't know where the crowds were and these days i wouldn't believe anything that the tv broadcasts said, but on that day in 2001 i believed-and still do- that the cheering was real.

Alfonso Bedoya said...

Seems to me Trump agreed to the meeting in order to avoid future criticism from the left that he had something to hide. A meeting with Mueller would nip that problem in the bud.

As for me, the Mueller meeting is small potatoes; I'm waiting for the infamous four-page memo to be actually produced to us ordinary deplorable taxpayers. Heard on Hannity last evening that the number to call to put pressure for the release of the information is
202-224-3121. After I finish my coffee and get my brain into overdrive, I'll be doing just that. I don't know what good it will do; my Congressmen is a tenured career Democrat.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Sortahwitte- Obviously, I agree. It's too hazardous a scenario for Trump's communicatory pecadilloes.

@Anonymous- There were absolutely throngs of assholes who cheered on that horrible day, although none packed the streets here in the U.S. Which brings us to the heart of the problem with Trump: he probably saw the televised reports from overseas, and somehow got it in his head that he was seeing people in New Jersey. And so we have to ask: when he says he saw it is he lying or simply wrong? I think it's the latter, but I'm not a special investigator looking to bring Trump down.

@Old Cannonballs- The great danger here is that Trump's ego (and lack of self-awareness) might put him in harm's way. He should steer clear.

@Maoz- As is so frequently the case, we have to reinterpret Trump's words sometimes to give them a certain tortured accuracy. But in this case it won't fly - he was very clear what he meant about packed streets of celebrants in the USA on 9/11.

And I'm sure there are many memorials around the world of one sort or another to the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks. I've seen children's toys of a plane flying into a tower, and colorful shirts showing the burning towers. So please, Democrats, don't tell us that some parts of the world aren't shitholes.

@Regnad Kcin- In general I agree with you, but Trump under oath is like the meeting of matter and anti-matter. I believe physicists refer to the resulting dynamic as "KABOOM." Trump's broad stroke approach to language would surely make him vulnerable to the weasels reinterpreting his every syllable. Bill Clinton, who couldn't understand was "is" is, has the perfect criminal mind for answering questions without actually answering anything or incriminating himself. Trump does not think like a weasel, which would make him easy prey.

@James Daily- Exactly. I'm not putting Trump down (well, not much) but this situation is a bear trap waiting to bite him. And the news that Trump wanted to fire Mueller doesn't surprise me. I'm hoping a new investigation of Mueller's team - and complicity with FBI wrongdoing - will get rid of Mueller without Trump needing to be involved.

@Geoff King- Fortunately, when Daylight Saving Time makes its next change, the Doomsday Clock will show that we're an hour and two minutes from self-annihilation.

And I agree about Soros - the more he opens his yap, the more I support Trump.

@Judi King- Trump is frequently one step ahead of others, but certainly not "always." I support him, but I have to concede that at least some of his talking points are apparently beamed into his head from another dimension.

@MSG Grumpy- Thanks for the "on the scene" perspective. As I said above, I'm definitely not questioning the fact that a lot of people around the world celebrated - and continue to celebrate - the blow we took on 9/11.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Emmentaler Limburger- Of course, it helps if the people doing the questioning have already decided not to prosecute. Or, in Hillary's case when being interviewed by the FBI, taking no oath, and having no notes, records, or transcripts made of her (ahem) "testimony."

@jpb252- Exactly. Trump believes himself to be the smartest man in the room (and frequently is), but this situation isn't about's about a dangerous game which hinges on legal semantics.

@McChuck- Interesting links, but I still have to say "nope." What Trump says he saw didn't happen (ie, "thousands and thousands of Arabs in New Jersey") even though I'm sure he believed it when he said it. That's a simple enough mistake, but it shows why he can't risk making such a mistake under oath.

@rickn8or- Best. Idea. Ever.

@jlw- Again, the cheering was real, and appalling. But there were no throngs packing the streets in New Jersey.

@Alfonso Bedoya- There's no question that if Trump refused to talk to Mueller, it would be widely reported as prima facie evidence of guilt. The media, of course, very much wants to steer the President into a no-win situation.

And hey - if you want the memo released, how do we know you're not a Russian bot?! Seriously, I SOooo want that memo released!

Gee M said...

There were celebrations in the Palestinian Territories with crowds cheering and celebrating by dancing, passing out sweets, etc...videos are on Youtube last I saw...I'll bet Flint, Michigan and other high Islamic populations in the US were cheering as well...I only know about the Palis going apeshit over the American tragedy.
I'm sure channels in NJ had the feeds.

Pete (Detroit) said...

With any luck, when they release the memo, the wheels come off the cart, Team Mueller dies in a fiery crash into the wall in turn 4...
And Trump is never even needed to 'testify'
Because that would be no end of bad.

TrickyRicky said...

@Pete- I agree with your assessment. I don't follow all of the intrigue that closely, so I don't know if DJT placed any sort of timeline on his sit-down with the Mule. I would not be at all surprised if the Russian collusion circus were gelded in the near future, when the 4-page memo and it's supporting documentation finally sees the light of day. Sooner rather than later, please.

Anonymous said...

Trump is not the only one who saw thousands of people cheering while the twin towers came down!

It was shown on the news that people in Iran were cheering!

Now, this could have been fake news... they might have shown clips of Iranians cheering for something else and made it look like they were cheering for the Twin Towers coming down.

John the Econ said...

If Mueller were operating under the paradigm that the Comey FBI was when they were interrogating Hillary, I'd say he'd have nothing to worry about.

Of course, we know that the rules are quite different when it's not a Democrat in the hot seat. So it will be interesting to see what happens.

Speaking of: The MSM is hyperventilating this morning over the fact that Trump didn't fire Mueller. But he was thinking about it and might have, which apparently is just as bad.

Again, different rules.

Speaking of Trump and what might have been: What to make of Trump's supposed dalliance with a porn star?

Once again, Democrats are clutching their pearls and fainting over what they hope will be the final nail in his coffin. But surprisingly, this is getting absolutely no traction.
Sorry, Democrats. You've spent the last 20 years inoculating us against this sort of thing. Nobody cares. After decades of lecturing us that "it's just sex" and that anyone should be free to f*** anyone and anything anywhere, where is the scandal here? Sounds to me like he's living your dream, and you're upset you didn't get to.

rickn8or said...

"There were celebrations in the Palestinian Territories with crowds cheering and celebrating by dancing, passing out sweets, etc...videos are on Youtube last I saw...I'll bet Flint, Michigan and other high Islamic populations in the US were cheering as well...I only know about the Palis going apeshit over the American tragedy.
I'm sure channels in NJ had the feeds.

It probably wouldn't have happened in NJ, NY, MI or MN in 2001, but thanks to the efforts of a certain pResident, I think it might happen in those places the next time we have such an incident. The shameful part would be the number of Americans that would participate.

Anonymous said...

You say a Tourettes. Tourettes patients call out random words which have nothing to do with what is going on.

Actually, if you have dealt with adult ADHD, rarely is the H (Hyperactivity) present. What does happen with adult ADHD, is the portion of the brain that does filtering between a stimulus and the response is like a hair-trigger and the person says whatever thought comes to him or her- not only without awareness of the social consequence, but not really caring. Behavior modification is possible, but often with the assistance of low dosage of medication.

There are many good books on the topic, "Driven to Distraction" and "What Does Everybody Else Know That I Don't?"

As an employee or subordinate with ADHD, it can ruin a career. However, if you're the boss, everybody else must find a way to tolerate and adjust to it.

John the Econ said...

@Geoff King said Trump's "unpredictability" was stated as a reason for them just moving the Doomsday Clock to two minutes before midnight...

I thought it was because of "global warming".

I've always been amused by the "Doomsday Clock", because contrary to it's supposedly "scientific" pedigree, it's more a gauge of Progressive angst over contemporary conservative policy than it is any real measurement of actual threats to our well-being. For example, during the Reagan era it was bumped up to 3 minutes to midnight versus only 7 during the far more imminently dangerous Cuban Missile Crisis, where in hindsight it should have been as close to zero as it’s ever been. Without doubt, they were far more scared of what was running wild in their imaginations regarding Reagan than they were of the reality of a green JFK actually facing off militarily with the Russians in realtime over actual nuclear weapons that were pointed at the US a mere 60 miles away.

So now that it's been moved up as close to midnight as it has ever been, it's even more amusing to note that it's not because the real and obvious threats like a near-nuclear-ready North Korea lobbing missiles over Japan or the fascist mullahs of Iran who openly threaten the annihilation of the Israel and the West. No. It's because of "global warming", something that isn't likely to kill us in a flash, or at all.

Regnad Kcin said...

How about this turn around ? DJT serves Muledeer and his poltroons with Grand Jury subpoenas. This just might come to fruition after the State of the Union address next week. Gettin' a warm tingly feeling all over just thinking of that scenario....

Eskyman said...

On Australian TV I saw them dancing. Not thousands, but certainly hundreds; Trump may have exaggerated the numbers but he told the truth.

It's hard for me to believe, that after so very many exposed lies, that people still think the media tells the truth. About anything!

NVRick said...

Regarding Trump's statement about Comey hoping there were no tapes of him, I thought from the first that he meant that the 'tapes' could have been made by some weasel in one of the alphabet agencies, which I still wouldn't doubt may have happened.

Anonymous said...

@Gee M:
There were celebrations in the Palestinian Territories with crowds cheering and celebrating by dancing, passing out sweets, etc...videos are on Youtube last I saw...I'll bet Flint, Michigan and other high Islamic populations in the US were cheering as well...I only know about the Palis going apeshit over the American tragedy.
I'm sure channels in NJ had the feeds.

Has anyone thought of the possibility that, as DJT watched the many videos of crowds celebrating the 911 attack, that he thought the background was showing somewhere in NJ? Because parts of NJ most assuredly LOOK like some of the ****hole countries...
Just sayin'

Pete (Detroit) said...

@ GeeM
I wasn't home when the towers fell (had job interview that day) so can't speak to 'dancing crowds' here at that point. (I actually live, and did at the time, in East Dearborn. Not the "heart of the 'stan" but you can see it from here)
I WILL tell you that there were fewer than normal people about that evening, and when the sun went down, everyone went in.
That, and the lack of airplanes (we're under an approach path) things were REAL Quiet here for about a week.

When they caught Saddam, however, they had to close one of the major roads, as people were, literally, dancing in the street.

Gee M said...

Saddam was a persecutor of Shi'as and kept the Sunnis in check...Baathist minority ruling with an iron fist created a serious hatred among both Shi'a and Sunni, albeit on a different level of hate.
But the Islamic hatred of the West is rooted in Jihad, in Shariah Law, and is a unifying hatred among many otherwise radical adversaries in the Islamic world.
So...while the Islamic populations of heavily Muslim Michigan might have been subdued in their celebration of 911, if there were Muslims in Houston Texas virulently happy to see a major blow against the US in New York, I can only assume there were many more satisfied in Michigan than just a few...there have been many demonstrations there for Shariah and against the West ( aka the USA ).
I do know there were demonstrations in other countries of celebration and the Palis were right there partying with big smiles.
How could Iran NOT have been trilling with joy over such a big hit to the Great Satan?
Assumption vs common sense is a tricky business, I am gonna claim the latter as my line of reasoning with a smidgen of actual footage from the Territories.
(and input from Anonymous, Eskyman, Maoz, and other poster's 911 impressions. I blame them if I'm wrong! :)

Whoopie said...

Name, rank and serial number ONLY. Never cooperate in an investigation involving you unless your attorney is there.

As for that matter of cheering Muslims in NJ. I myself do recall a clip on FoxNews which purported to show Muslims in one NJ neighborhood yodeling and dancing around out in the street. It may have been an isolated incident involving a small group belonging to a radical mosque, BUT IT DID HAPPEN.

Anonymous said...

I hate to bring this up but we have to remember that when those who hate the west were killing 3000+ innocents and dancing was in the streets (I saw the TV feeds also) an atrocity by those who should have known better was about to occur. In the following days 'Mercans' (ie idiots that can't tell one person from another) were beating and killing anyone wearing something on their head be it rag, towel or doily. We can not let that happen again.

DougM said...

Sorry to hear the bad news, Stilton:

Valvenator said...

"Anonymous Old Cannonballs said...
And if worse came to worse, Pence wouldn't be a bad choice for POTUS"

True. Unlike many other presidents,
(Kennedy, Reagan and many others come to mind)
he actually made a good choice