Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Stuff and Nonsense

We made an extra "shutdown" cartoon on Monday and cleverly decided to save it for today, thinking that we could dodge some work because the Democrats couldn't possibly cave this soon. But we're delighted to admit that we were wrong! Here's the cartoon anyway (waste not, want not)...

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And then Life got in the way of creating anything fresh for today. First was our "Active Older Adult" class at the YMCA, followed by several hours of saying "Ow, ow, ow!" whenever we moved.

We then matched wits with our new computer for awhile, slowly making progress on getting it to be a functional part of our work day. By which we mean we figured out how to install games.

Afterwards, we tackled a remodeling chore to prepare our living room windows for (trigger warning!) plantation shutters which will finally be installed Thursday. The task involved a pry bar, a sanding block, lots of pieces of wood studded with potentially lethal nails, and a paintbrush. We did a pretty good job, too, thereby keeping our manliness credentials intact.

And now, well, it's only 5 minutes to Happy Hour. So enjoy the following Earwigs (grin)!

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, earwigs, naked greek
The kazoo's haunting melody brought the royal court to tears.


AmyH said...

Love the walnut one. Had to watch how loud I laughed; didnt want to wake the 4 year old.

REM1875 said...

I can understand where the stench coming off some of those liberal might confuse the buzzards

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Village People: The Early Years

Jim Irre said...

Liberals DO think they'll die without government. if only it were that easy!

Cat Whisperer said...

“Unlike the Oracle of Delphi, the Oracle of Derriere made house calls.”

She’s A Beauty said...

"...harm the gerbil?" Methinks Earwigs was completed WELL into Happy Hour.

Tots said...


Dude, I LOL'd at the "Cracked the walnuts" bit. Thank you.

I've always wished my glutes could do that. :D

TrickyRicky said...

Who knew Richard Gere was alive in ancient Greece?

John the Econ said...

Shutdown: That didn't take long. #Winning! For a guy who is a complete idiot and/or mentally defective, Trump sure sure seems to troll and roll the Democrats with amazing frequency and ease.

Earwig: Not having checked the weather report, the Progressiveland Nordic skiing team arrived seriously underdressed for the Winter Olympics.

Speaking of: As we speak, countless "billionaire socialists" and other Progressive elites are arriving via their private jets at Davos, Switzerland which is currently buried under ten feet of snow. As they luxuriate in well-heated halls at the 5+ star resort far and away and well-insulated from the consequences of the real-world policies they advocate, they will listen to lectures by "experts" about how the rest of us need to be made to sacrifice to save the planet from "global warming", a phony crisis that is the opposite of what's actually happening. Many of these guys will make billions from this scam.

The only surprising thing about this is that instead of making these plans in a secret lair as you'd think it would happen as in a James Bond movie, it will be on broadcast on television. And the Progressive useful idiots will agree with them.

Chris said...

"Touch him on the winker with that stick, I wanna see him jump!"

John D said...

Hey Stilt!
Just wanted to let you know that after doing the downstairs remodel we decided to put in solid oak floors in the two kids bedrooms, although there haven't been kids living at home for years. Anyway, I used up a years worth of swearing in only 2 weeks. But, the rooms look fantastic.

PS: I've been meaning to tell you, we replaced all the thermopane in the windows about 2 years ago and we have two windows in the back that get a weird fog on them in certain conditions although I checked and the windows are perfectly fine. So I'm guessing that's what you have as well in the one door.

G. Takai said...

Ohhhhh MYYYYY!

(Couldn't resist - Stan da Man)

mindful webworker said...

I would've laughed louder at the walnuts but I was still chuckling about the pizza delivery.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@AmyH- Yes, 4 year olds are a bit young to get the big "Buns of Steel" talk.

@REM1875- Some of the more flamboyant ones really are maggot-gaggers.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Their other big hit was "In the Grecian Navy."

@Jim Irre- I believe some of them would rather than resort to actual work.

@Cat Whisperer- I now want to create a rock band named "Oracle of Derriere." No, really.

@Section147- Sometimes I work best under pressure. And by "under pressure" I mean inebriated.

@Tots- You can't just START with walnuts, you need to work your way up. Personally, I started with marshmallows and I'm now up to bubble gum.

@TrickyRicky- It's all about reincarnation.

@John the Econ- Yeah, the Democrats "principled stand" for the (ahem) "dreamers" went nowhere. I don't care who you are, you simply can't declare illegals to be more important than actual citizens and get away with it. Except in California.

I like your Earwigs caption, and am reminded that the original Olympic games actually were played in the nude. Which, even now, summons up mental images I'd rather not have.

And excellent summation of the Davos nonsense. The ultra-rich are indeed powerful, but that's not really the same as being either smart or good.

@Chris- That phrase probably sounded more impressive in the original Greek (grin).

@John D- Congrats on your happy flooring adventure! Regarding our foggy back door, the fogging occurred on a genuinely weird day and not since. So I've more or less accepted that it was a freak occurrence.

@Stan da Man- I can hear George's voice even now...

@mindful webworker- Many people don't know that "discus" is Greek for "Dominos."

DougM said...

• Left foot blue
• Sissius throws like a girl
• Remind me to invent a thermometer with a tether on it
• Yep, prostate looks fine
• Yeahhh, streaking at the Olympics should be discouraged
• Whose idea was it to make plate-throwing an Olympic sport?
• You know what would get more spectators? Mixed team discus.
• I have an idea. Let's make this an outdoor sport.

REM1875 said...

Good Job Doug M almost as good as Doc's

And I'll have y'all know I can still crack walnuts with my gluts .....course it involves me putting them on the chair and sitting on em nowadays ......

John the Econ said...

Too many people equate "rich" with "brilliant", and "brilliant" with "knows what's best about everything". Yes, I think that many of these people are pretty sharp, but just because you got rich doing something in arena A means that you know anything relevant about what's going on in arena B, or C.

Been watching interviews for the last few days of many of these people, and when asked questions about issues outside of their sphere they utter silly and embarrassingly simplistic things that I would have rejected as a teenager.

Part of the problem is that over the last 20 years, it became okay to be ridiculously "rich" amongst Progressives. It used to be socially awkward as being "rich", as that was axiomaticly considered to mean you were a selfish, greedy, exploitive "Monopoly Man", and by extension you were an evil conservative Republican. But one of the "brilliant" fundamental transformations instigated during the Clinton era was to make it okay to be a "rich liberal". The only requirement was that you had to dispense tribute to Progressive causes and politicians, and spout Progressive niceties, regardless of how hypocritical they might be. (For example, being "alarmed" about "global warming", but not so much that you let it wreck your private jet shuttling between ski resorts, your private island, and your megayacht) But the reward was public adoration, love and popularity. There was no longer any need to be covert in your conspicuous consumption. It has to be intoxicating.

The other advantage is that now the media and much of the public like and respect what you have to say. One of the big differences between Progressivism and conservativism is that Pontificating as a Progressive is largely light, fluffy and demands little of anybody, at least up-front. Pontificating as a conservative means being an adult, and that usually means saying things that are not necessarily popular, like "Nothing is free". It takes guts to take responsible stands on issues, where as fluffy Progressivism is an easy out.

Of course, this adoration feeds their egos, and many start believing the hype that they are brilliant. Little different that what happens in Hollywood.

The other advantage to being a rich Progressive is that you can largely insulate yourself and your loved ones from the consequences of Progressive policy. Mark Zuckerberg can wax poetically about how enlightened an "open borders" policy is, but he has the luxury and safety of buying up his entire neighborhood and fencing it off from the riff-raff. His kids will never attend overcrowded schools where English isn't spoken by half the other students. He'll never have to go through security at an airport like you do. But he will cheerfully advocate policy that makes your world worse while he continues to fortify his.

So this is why I have contempt for these people. Not that they're rich; good for them. It's the idea that just because they're rich, they somehow have the secret as to how to make my world better by fiat. The only way they can really do that is by producing goods and services that I want to buy. But that's not enough for some of these people.

It will be interesting watching Trump crash their party today. Will Trump be treated as one of them (as he used to be) or one of us? Will Trump act as one of them or one of us?