Monday, January 15, 2018

The Shinola Hits the Fanhola

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In a later statement, the President clarified that he "loves savages. Great, great people."
Donald Trump sparked eye-popping, vein-bulging outrage from liberals (that's actually an opening phrase we're programming into our computer to save keystrokes for the next 3-7 years) by allegedly asking, in a meeting about special immigration protections for certain populations, "why do we want people from shithole countries?"

Because the reference was to Haiti and various African nations, the President was immediately accused of blatant, foam-at-the-mouth, KKK-style racism. An accusation which filled the news cycles and distracted from the real question: why do we want people from shithole countries?

Is our immigration policy intended to make America better (or at least no worse), or simply to give shelter and haven - and taxpayer-funded benefits - to those who currently live someplace worse than the United States? Which pretty much means every man, woman, and child on Earth, making such a goal impossible in the long run and societally suicidal in the immediate run.

We're tired of the argument that it's necessary to bring in the unskilled and uneducated to do the jobs "Americans won't do," and think we should revamp our current entitlement programs to make it clear to the able-bodied who simple prefer not to work that it's no longer an option.

We'll admit that the President might have spoken more tactfully about Haiti, but his question was a good one. Why should we import people from an island that can't do anything right, when we already have an island that can't do anything right...

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, hawaii, missiles, false alarm, birth certificate, Obama
The Aloha State of panic.
On Saturday, palm trees swayed in tropical breezes, warm surf washed pristine beaches, and tourists in Hawaii wept, screamed, cowered in fear, and stuffed their children into storm drains because of an "oopsy" alert (delivered to phones, radio stations, and wailing sirens) saying the island paradise was about to be vaporized by incoming nuclear missiles.

We single out "tourists" as being terrified rather than actual citizens of Hawaii, because those who have lived there for longer than a week already know the Aloha State's ill-kept secret: local government officials screw up pretty much everything they touch, so the odds of a false alarm were (as Trump might say) yuge.

We have plenty of personal experience with Hawaii from which to draw this conclusion. The state, which is almost psychedelically beautiful, has several factors working against it. The first is that it's essentially a jungle, with rainwater, vines, lizards, and highly aggressive insect colonies attacking every manmade bit of infrastructure on a non-stop basis.

The second is that all government functions are run by aloha-shirted Democrats and can't-be-fired civil servants, all of whom have a uniquely Hawaiian year-around "Spring fever" which keeps them from really committing to work when the weather is nice. As in, "daily."

While overt public terror is nothing to laugh at, except from the mainland, things could have been a lot worse: imagine what was going through the minds of our military personnel who were wondering if they should quickly launch a counterattack before going out in a Slim Pickens-style blaze of glory.

Theoretically, all of this was caused by one person "pushing the wrong button." Arguably the worst mistake made by a Hawaiian government official since Department of Health official Loretta Fuddy stated that she (and she alone) had looked at Obama's birth certificate and sent him a copy.

Shortly after which, she became the only fatality in a plane crash. Oopsy.


We just found out that we nailed the #1 and #2 spots in the 2017 cartoon competition over at The Right!  Check it out (at the link) to see all the top finalists.

Just being included with so many talented cartoonists is a real honor, and let us express our thanks to Pookie18 (who handles the competition) and everyone who voted!


The bad news is that even the NAACP no longer values the important contributions and directions of Martin Luther King Jr.

The good news is that Dr. King's vision has brought us far enough that the NAACP is now hopelessly outdated and should be disbanded.


Sortahwitte said...

Socialism didn't fail in Hawaii! It's working just like it was planned! Pretty soon, it will be completely on the government tit just like kalifornia. Unless the NORKS put fini du to it.

Dr. Strangelove is one of my top three movies of all time. I wore out a Beta tape. Then I wore out a VHS tape. I have two DVD discs. One I play. The other, unused, is in the gun safe.

REM1875 said...

I eagerly await another week of WINNING and whining .....I got a good feeling about this week and I also feel our 'fair unbiased' media will ignore it ........

g said...

First; The Department of State can give us the statistics on visa applications for tourists to visit numerous "Shit hole countries". Any bets on under 10?

Second; I lived in Hawaii for over a year. Tsunami warnings, various days off that celebrate any countries significant holidays, and any other excuse to close offices and go surfing, meant that only 3 days a year are actual working days. They were busily trying to removed those days from the working week.

Anonymous said...

Let’s state the obvious. Some countries are shitholes. To claim that this is racist is racist. They are not shitholes because of the color of the populace but because of bad ideas, corrupt governance, false religion,and broken culture. Further, most of the problems in these countries are generated at the top. Plenty of rank-and-file immigrants from such ruined venues ultimately make good Americans—witness those who came from 1840s potato-famine Ireland, a shithole if ever there was one! It takes
caution and skill to separate the good from the bad.

For these very reasons, absurd immigration procedures like chain migration, lotteries, and unvetted entries are deeply destructive. They can lead to the sort of poor choices that create a Rotherham. Trump’s suggestions—to vet immigrants for pro-American ideas and skills that will help our country—are smart and reasonable and would clearly make the system better if implemented.

So, when it comes to the Great Shithole Controversy of 2018, my feeling is: I do not care, not even a little.

Cat Whisperer said...

Probably an Antifa version of Dr. Strangelove (doctor of gender studies) set off the false alarm hoping it would start World War III because a nuclear holocaust is preferable to Trump.

Fish Out of Water said...

I would suggest replacing the photo in the center with one of "Chelsea " Manning, as he now seems to habor very high aspirations. He has filed in the People's Democratic Republic of Maryland as a democratic candidate for the Senate seat up for election.

TrickyRicky said...

I saw over the weekend that Sean Penn, the mental giant, has pronounced that Donald Trump is "an enemy of mankind" in response to the alleged comments about immigration from shithole countries.
Firstly, Penn actually is a recognized authority on shithole countries, having been an associate and ardent supporter of Hugo Chavez, who turned the nation with the most oil reserves in the world into a country where gangs of men beat cattle to death with rocks for their sustenance.
Secondly, you may have noted my use of quotation marks to denote words as they were ACTUALLY SPOKEN, as opposed to heard through the grapevine, or made up out of whole cloth. This is something that so-called journalists once utilized.

Geoff King said...

I question the intelligence of even having an incoming nuclear attack warning. As not many own a lead-lined deep underground shelter with enough supplies for up to 150 years, what really is the point?

Linda Lee said...

In a later statement, the President clarified that he "loves savages. Great, great people."

This made me belly laugh.

Your analysis is spot on - Let's answer the real question, not the fake one (how racist and evil is Donald Trump. A: He isn't). And IF he said 'hellhole' or 'shithole' he was absolutely right. Just ask a Haitian. I've been there, have friends living there.

Murphy(AZ) said...

You live in Hawaii and have just learned that the missiles are inbound. What are you going to do? Hide in a manhole? Great idea if you're looking to prank some archeologist a few thousand years from now. Rape, pillage and plunder? What's the point? You've got less than fifteen minutes before the giant flashbulb goes off, so unless she or he is a real hottie and right at arm's length, you're better off just picking up the nearest intoxicant and waiting for the new sunrise headed your way.

By the way, has anyone seen any reports of rampant civil disobedience during those golden moments, or was that not worth mentioning?

Fred Ciampi said...

If 'cuss words' hurt feelings and make snowflakes cry, those folks should have been around during LBJ's tenure. He was the most racist, filthy mouthed politician ever to steal a vote. And President Grant wasn't far behind. At least Grant drank in the open and was a war hero.

Fred Ciampi said...

Oh, and anudder thing, if there's an incoming nuke, I want to stand outside and form a welcoming committee because I refuse to live underground for 150 years like a groundhog. And besides, I hate groundhogs.

Pete (Not a Sh8thole)(Detroit) said...

Geoff, BITD when I lived in a dorm, there was a TV production "The Day After" - 2 or 3 nights of survivors of a nuke out. Friends asked if I had ever worried about it growing up. Are you kidding? I was 5 miles from the Rogue Plant, the original Arsenal of Democracy. My 'survival' plan was 'turn me to ash in the first big flash'.
I later found out that there were (Are?) *4* Nike ABM bases buried around town... Kinda like to buy one, turn it into a live D&D complex, make $1B, you betchya...

Pete (Not a Sh8thole)(Detroit) said...

Congrats, Stilt - You WON!!!!

Gee M said...

Seems like, from the first-hand accounts of all things Hawaiian, that like myself many would roll their eyes, sigh "not again" and go on with normal activity with a short break around the projected arrival time of the Phantom Nuke...just in case it actually arrived.
I mean, how many "End of the Earth/ End Time Is Here!" groups have taken their member's worldly goods, staged a prayerful countdown complete with specific day and time for Jesus to arrive, the dead to return, and Judgment Day to commence have there been? Anyone ever see Great Aunt Rachael who died 60 years ago come back to visit? No?
So who really believed a Nuke was on it's way, would make landfall in spite of billions of Dollars of Military tech specifically aimed at preserving the American taxpayer base and those awesome beaches; and that D.C. was just shrugging it's shoulders and saying "Oh, well. There's always Florida."? maybe several hundred thousand Demotard group followers who believe EVERYTHING they are told by Demotard Central...I don't think they should count.
I wonder just how many actually reacted with more than a good eye roll and a sigh?

She’s A Beauty said...

Way to go, Stilt. Now don't you go gettin' all big-headed!

John the Econ said...

Once again, Trump's lack of a filter creates another ****storm.

Of course, that doesn't mean he was wrong. The proof of his statement is the simple reality that given the choice, most residents of the alleged "****holes" of which the President was referring would love to escape to live here, whereas I know of absolutely no celebrities who claim that Trump is destroying America that are packing up and setting up domicile in Haiti or anywhere in Africa. As someone else once said, "America's greatest critics all seem content to say here."

Also, Trump is hardly the first President to use expletive to describe other people and places within private meetings with others. But he will be the only one who gets called out on it. One needn't imagine too hard a President Hillary going off on one of her famous tirades had history turned a bit differently. Again, it certainly wouldn't have made the MSM news or preoccupied the talking headosphere for a weekend.

Speaking of ****holes:

New Maps: Which country has the most open defecation in the world?

These are places where people can't even be bothered with "holes" part. So, are the fine folk at the WHO / UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme on Water Supply and Sanitation racists too for providing the proof that our President is right, literally?

But it's worse than all that. There was a time when Progressives were, in fact, in favor of "progress". Today in our own country, places that are run exclusively by Progressives are actually regressive, as some of our most sophisticated and cosmopolitan cities are now becoming open sewers just as the links above document. Why? Because demanding that some people practice modern hygiene is just plain oppressive and racist.

All I can say is that these people deserve the open sewer they voted for. Enjoy.

Fear and Loathing in Hawaii: My social media feed sure was interesting yesterday when my friends who live or were vacationing in Hawaii yesterday got a text message suggesting that they should grab their ankles and kiss their assess goodbye. Some found introspection in the experience while others found humor and a heightened level of contempt for mediocre government. Seriously, there was no "Are you sure you want to send this message" inquiry when someone clicks on the "Tell everyone the Nork missiles are on their way" button? I bet there is today.

Major Award: Congratulations, again.

MLK: I've been arguing for a year or two now that MLK has become inconvenient for the Progressive left, and from here on out he will be less sainted and protected as an infallible icon. This is largely because people are now to be judged by their politic and identity group instead of their individual character, as MLK pleaded for. The two are no reconcilable, so one has to go. As @Stilton points out, it's now far more important that you subscribe to the "climate change" agenda than give a rats ass about what MLK actually had to say. Just revere him because he was a black man, but disregard what he actually said as you're supposed to disregard the felony records of those black athletes who kneel at the National Anthem.

Anonymous said...

Having lived in Hawaii for most of my life, I should point out that the common native reaction to a tsunami warning is to head to the cost to watch it.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Sortahwitte- Complete government reliance is surely the dream destination for Hawaii.

And yes, Dr. Strangelove is a wonderful classic. Filmmakers do dirty films these days, but where is the real black comedy? The last such I remember was "Death to Smoochy," even though I may have been the only person to truly enjoy it. Or maybe it was "World's Best Dad;" comedies don't come any blacker than that one. Both, incidentally, starred Robin Williams.

@REM1875- Apart from anything else, it feels like winning when the Leftists are so angry and miserable!

@g- Hawaii is really insane that way. Short office and business hours, everything done on unhurried "Hawaiian time," and a general attitude that any problem you face can be waved away with the comment "No huhu, brah." For anyone with a touch of OCD, the place is sheer hell.

@Anonymous- Very well said, from top to bottom. Thanks for the great comment!

@Cat Whisperer- I'd like to laugh at that idea, but at the point that Bradley/Chelsea "Commit Treason & Get Out of Jail Free" Manning is free to run for Senator, it sounds entirely too plausible.

@Fish Out of Water- Trust me, you'll be seeing more of Dickless Bradley here in future days and weeks.

@TrickyRicky- Sean Penn is an incredible asshole and political dolt. That being said, his brother Michael Penn is genuinely one of my favorite musicians.

And I'd really like to see quotation marks come back into use to denote actual quotations instead of inference, opinion, misrepresentation, or flat out lies.

@Geoff King- Obviously you've forgotten the valuable lessons taught in the "Duck and Cover" education film!

@Linda McWilliams- I'm not bothered at all (well, not much) by Trump's language. And if he really did say it, then wouldn't that have been a great opportunity for one of the many Democrats present to TELL the President why we want those people? But nooOOoooo - instead they keep their yaps shut until they can scurry out to find a reporter and swap a bit of gossip for a nice piece of cheese.

@Murphy(AZ)- My brother and his wife, who live on Oahu, chose to take shelter between metal filing cabinets. Not a perfect shelter, but hey - I'd have been there with them, possibly trying to crawl into a drawer. And like you, I wonder if there was anyone on the beach who just said "what the hell" and started grabbing bikini babes and begging for a quicky.

@Fred Ciampi- Apparently it's time to reintroduce the "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" rhyme to kids in school. And when I say "school," I mean colleges.

@Pete (Not a Sh8thole) (Detroit)- "The Day After" pretty much scared the hell out of me.But it's hardly surprising, considering that - as a child of the 50's - I was schooled in warning sirens, "duck and cover" drills, the importance of fallout shelters, and the knowledge that the Russians might nuke us at any moment.

And YAY - I DID win The Right Reasons' 2017 cartoon contest! Great fun, and a terrific honor to be up there with people I admire so much.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Gee M- I'd bet that the majority of Hawaiians reacted with a "Nah, no way, Brah!" shrug and then continued waiting in line at McDonalds for their Spam & rice breakfast (and yes, they serve it there). Also, as Pakalolo (the "Choom gang's" cheap high of choice) is prevalent on the islands, a lot of people were probably too anesthetized to care about missiles or "whatevah."

@Section147- I think I'll be able to exercise a tasteful degree of modesty, despite the accolades. Although by dint of being earned, my award is actually more meaningful than Barry's laughable Nobel Peace Prize.

@John the Econ- Indeed, I was personally more offended by Hillary calling me an irredeemable deplorable than by Trump's (alleged) profanity.

And points to you for noting that many of these places are literal shitholes, where the common practice is to drop and squat wherever you are and do your business.

Re: Hawaii, it surprises me not at all that they had a system which was so easy to use (a requirement for all "work" in Hawaii) that it was also fantastically simple to screw up. I'm glad that new safeguards are going into place...but it makes me worry about other sites that may NOT be upgrading their systems.

You're absolutely right about MLK, and it makes my blood boil. The Left (most certainly including the NAACP) no longer gives a flying damn about "the contents of (Dr. King's) character," and find him useful only because of the color of his skin.

@Anonymous- I was out there several years ago when an earthquake hit (around a 6, I think, which sure got my attention). My family sought out higher ground in case of a tsunami and listened to the radio stations. We got NOTHING useful - just the uninterrupted, pre-taped, boring Sunday programming you'd expect anywhere. No mention of the earthquake, it's strength, whether there was tsunami (or other) danger - nothing. The folks in charge of sending warnings just couldn't be bothered on a Sunday morning.

And yes, I believe in the event of an actual tsunami rushing in, you'd see surfers carrying their boards as they raced toward the waves.

And while I'm thinking about Hawaii, I'll note there are numerous rocky lava outcroppings projecting out into deep water, and each has a warning sign saying that the area is unsafe, that rogue waves can strike any time, and once you're in the water you've basically going to be pounded to death on the rocks unless a hungry shark puts you out of your misery. And people pose for selfies by these warning signs, and a fair number are washed away - never to be see (alive) again.

In Hawaii, idiocy is less a choice than a way of life.

Regnad Kcin said...

The Saturday Hawaiian Surprise reminded me of a radio play broadcast back in 1938 by Orson Welles and some pals that scared the royal sh#t out of America. Now, the sky glowing cherry red and the beaches turning into glass is not funny, but the sight of the locals crawling into sewer holes and ditches(duck and cover!) must have been fairly amusing to some. The powers-that-be have now proclaimed that it'll take two people to activate the warning system to prevent any future screw-up. And, I read that the Gov. of Hawaii has blamed all this kerfuffle on DJT. This self-induced panic was set into motion by a supposed practice disaster drill and some mouth breather hit the wrong button TWICE that set the wheels in motion that caused thousands of 'tards to soil themselves while running around with their hair on fire. Welcome to War of the Worlds 2.0 (2018 version). Next, virgin sacrifice to the Volcano Gods.... Liberals - Can't live with them, can't shove them down a lava chute........

Unknown said...

We go to Kuai'I annually. If we had been there, we would have assumed it was a f-up. Even the monthly tsunami warning sirens don't work in various areas of Kaua'i, which I'm familiar with for 20 some years of vacations. Second, the Pacific Missile installation on south Kaua'i would have sent up intercepting missiles immediately if this were real. Oddly, a lot of Hawai'I residents object to that defensive installation (the largest employer on Kaua'i). Wonder what their opinion is this week when a totally INCOMPETENT state employee scared the Hell out of everyone. Reassigned? So it goes for unions.

Gee M said...

I spent a few (7) months in Afghanistan and Pakistan, North Africa from Morocco to Tunisia; I will only share that it took me four (4) days (in Morocco) to find out by asking, what those funny footprint toilet-resembling thingies were, and where was the TP...I was referred to the "Western" or French part of town for that weird stuff, they merely use the left hand and a can of water to rinse off the left hand.
So as I traveled in the Islamic part of Mother Earth I took care to provide the necessities of modern living.
One day I was up in the higher part of the Hindu Kush to visit the then available Bamiyan Buddha, one of a pair of awesome multi-story-high statues made by Genghis Khan's Mongols
(last actual conquerer of Afghanistan) and as I sat there at an outdoor table in a small restaurant fanning the soup to keep the flies off, I saw why they were so easy to keep away...
A stilt-elevated hut across the street had an amazing structure underneath the house...from a small hole in the floor a 12-15 foot long tapered collection from the 8' high floor to a few feet high end, and it was awful nasty but still impressive.
And typical for the basic Afghan lifestyle...flies gotta get some, too!
When the winter snows melt, lots of surprises laying around.
City plumbing was a canal leading from the house to the common ditch running along the street, usually uncovered, and I can assume no more details are needed...Except the city restaurants often rinsed the bowls and spoons in the ditchwater.
I kept to special places to eat, and only had boiled milk, winter, meat was refrigerated! LOL.
Unfortunately a lot of the 3rd World is either the same level of primitive...or worse. Only wealthy Haitians are able to live healthy(er), and I can attest to the fact that the nom de plume of "shithole" nations is in fact often accurate and descriptive!
To grasp a mindset of the Mexican illegal, look at the baby wipes package...see that circle around the person throwing the wipe in the toilet with a line across Mexico the plumbing is usually smaller diameter and Mexican toilet paper is not quite up to dissolving nor are the is kept in a waste bucket by the toilet, not a sanitary system but the flies love it.
We need the best people coming here, and typical low level 3rd World citizens are ill-suited to assimilate to the Western systems of clean. Habit...
I knew many I would love to come here, after years in Guatemala, but many more who would never, nor could ever, assimilate.
Vetting is many levels, from health to skill levels; being a Jihadi, for example, is not a skill we need to import.
Fewer illegals and more vetted immigrants. Good idea.

PS...sorry for the weird but themed story. PPS...Loved "Revenge For Jolly"!"Very Bad Things" is fun (sick but adorable!)too.
Congratulations on others realizing how awesome you are...I wonder what category "Overnight Coma" and other dark J.O. strips could be honored for...I wish I had a therapist who could explain why I grin so much reading them! Love ALL your work, sir.

REM1875 said...

WTG Doc..........Good Job!!! 5 stars *****

Katzkiner said...

There are at least a half dozen Aegis systems out there.
At least a thousand F15s, which proved they could intercept an incoming warhead in 1986 creating a debris field that pissed off every space capable nation in the world off.
I'm sure a well equipped F22 is sitting in a few ready boxes.
When rocket man can put up a swarm of manuverable warheads, I'm worried.
By then we should have the 747 airborne lasers back in the air again.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@S. B. Sweeney- The fact that there's plenty of lethal weaponry in Hawaii is perhaps the scariest part of this incident. Thank goodness nobody decided to get proactive with a counter attack. And the fact that Hawaiians would protest a military post doesn't surprise me. It's a funny little state.

@Gee M- Thank you for sharing your firsthand (as opposed to left hand) experience! You paint a vivid picture that, frankly, I never want to see in person. And you make an excellent point that some people, from some cultures, are simply unlikely to have the ability to assimilate here. And assimilation is essential.

Glad to hear you enjoy Johnny O; the strip was born out of personal pain and grief and was/is more or less my ongoing way of raging against the dying of the light (as Dylan Thomas used to say about his sick kid jokes) via humor. Even in the worst of circumstances, it's important to find a way to laugh at least a little to show you're not beaten.

@REM1875- Thank you! I'll put those 5 stars in my display cabinet!

@Joseph ET- Of course, after a generation or so, a lot of slaves were born here instead of plucked from Africa, so I can understand why they'd want to stay here. But your point is well taken - there simply wasn't (and still isn't) much worth going back for.

@Katzkiner- Hopefully all of that tech is still operable after 8 years of Barry...

John the Econ said...

Thanks @Gee M for your narrative about life in the turd world. It's a shame that we can't send all the snowflakes that think that America is such an awful place to live to places like that for a little quality time. Those that actually survive the experience would have far more gratitude for what we have here upon their return, along with a newly discovered desire to protect it.

Years ago, I had a cousin and her family (with infant children!) who did missionary work in Afghanistan, and vividly described their living conditions (they lived as the natives did) along with sending pictures. Their home was basically a walled compound that one locked themselves up in at dusk for personal safety. Their bathroom was a 5x5 room with a hole in the ground. (And that was "luxury" by local standards) That was pretty much the extent of amenities. Running water or central heat? Ha!

The reason that I frequently repeat this is because about the same time they were living this reality, I read an article by a respected and credible "climate scientist" who was arguing that either we need to reduce the population of the planet down to less than a billion people, or we all need to adopt a standard of living roughly on par with the average Afghani.

Got that? Kill off 6/7ths of the world's people, or start living in mud-brick hovels as we all poop into holes and learn the real reason why we shake with our right hands. Sounds really "green", doesn't it?

Of course, the reality is that if such a standard of living were to be forced upon us, 6/7ths of Americans would likely not survive it. The old and infirmed would go quickly, and the snowflakes with few hard life skills would die soon after; either due to their own unadaptability or just from sheer boredom.

Perhaps that's the point.

Gee M said...

LOL! I shudder to think how tasty that scientist would find his Afghani Pilau using the usual hygienic pewter spoon, or nan bread for silverware, as spitting upon it to clean it would have been more sanitary!
And occasionally finding a tank with a bottom area to insert wood to heat some water for an occasional shower in the Himalayan winter.
Howza bout those close quarters with non-bathing people and burqha covered women? The fun just goes on in jolly Afghanistan.
I did love being there in my 20s, the Hindu Kush is still a most beautiful and mystical place and it never gets dull for a minute...
Check your local library for a movie made in 1973 with Omar Sharif called "The Horsemen", I believe...made a few years before I was there, and is about a journey across Afghanistan by a Bushkazi rider with absolute authentic scenery and it brought back memories for sure.
The Khyber Pass was so cool on the back of a cargo truck, and the Pashtun ( future Taliban) tribesmen gazing down from the high pass above...chilling, and I have ultimate respect for the Special Forces operating there.
Your cousin must have had some steel innards to do Missionary work there at the end of the slack in that place.

Judi King said...

Calling some countries $***holes is like calling a spade a spade. Or how about "it is what it is"? More dimwit insanity.

Bruce Bleu said...

Treeky Reeky, I would like to know how many Hollyweird people are moving to the supposed "shithole countries" to show their lack of hypocrisy and amount of support they have for those sewers they malign Trump over, (and that is contrary to what our lying eyes tell us about aforementioned Sphincterial countries!) I'm still waiting for Rosie "I'm so fat I create gravity" O'Donnell to move to WALES!
I "heard" that the MSM got a "major award" leg lamp, but it included a VERY obvious anus for a very obvious reason!

John the Econ said...

@Gee M, I have no doubt that culture and ongoing warring notwithstanding, it's an amazing country. Others have told me so.

Actually do remember The Horsemen years ago. Will definitely keep an eye out to watch again some time.

As for my cousin: Her parents were less-than-thrilled about her mission work, especially with a young family in tow. And as you can imagine, blue-eyed-blonde women with long hair kinda stand out in that part of the world. But they were determined and driven to do their mission, God bless them. They eventually their organization had to pull them out. Hardly a surprise. They now are in Germany, which is on a trajectory to be just as dangerous to westerners as the Hindu Kush.

Good chat. Peace, friend.

Aaron said...

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