Monday, March 12, 2018

False Idle

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Reaffirming what we already knew about the mainstream media's fawning worship of all things Obama, former New York Times editor Jill Abramson has revealed that she keeps a Barack Obama doll in her purse to handle during times of stress.

"Some people find this strange," Abramson admitted in a rare moment of mental clarity, "but you have to take comfort where you find it in Donald Trump's America."

In other words, not from reduced taxes, business and consumer optimism, and astounding job growth.


stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, north korea, kim jung un, meeting, trump

Donald Trump left pretty much everyone dumbstruck last week when he agreed to meet with North Korea's leader, Kim Jung Un, to discuss the possible denuclearization of the nasty little dictatorship.  This was especially surprising considering Trump's strong posture in the face of the rogue nation, and his calling Kim Jung Un every insulting playground nickname in the book.

Hilariously, serial liar and Obama insider (but we repeat ourselves) Susan Rice immediately came forward to suggest that, prior to the meeting, Trump avail himself of the "expertise" which informed the Obama administration.

You know, the expertise that went into Obama's feckless (and fecked up) policy of watching North Korea build increasingly powerful nukes, and ignoring the tiny nation's provocative tests of larger and larger missiles (including one shot in the direction of Hawaii on the 4th of July).

Here at Stilton's Place, we hope that Trump's meeting with Kim will be a complete success, and make the world a little safer.

We also hope that Trump will poke a finger into Kim's tummy to see if he laughs like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.


stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, warren, indian, native american, dna, test
We'd TP her home, only it would be redundant.
Senator Elizabeth "Princess Running Gag" Warren has again refused to take a DNA test to settle the issue of whether or not she has an iota of Native American blood in her increasingly visible veins.

Warren insists that she has never benefitted from her claims of Native American heritage, although many believe it helped her land a cushy instructor's job at Harvard Law School. Perhaps because the school subsequently boasted about their newfound racial diversity thanks to adding this near-albino "woman of color" to their faculty.

Although Warren continues to treat her racial heritage as a mystery, she's being fairly transparent about her ambition to possibly run for the presidency (there are rumors that her "Redskin in the White House 2020" bumper stickers have already been printed).

But considering her ludicrous claims of Native American ancestry, we think she should have a reservation or two.


Mike aka Proof said...

Lizzie's Native American heritage consists of the number of times her house was TeePee'd.

Geoff King said...

Regarding the Trump/Pyongyang Doughboy meeting: I have no doubt it is possible only because our President is so unpredictable that Kimmy is scared of him. I also have no doubt that he will be telling his people the opposite is true - that Trump is scared of him.
Regarding Elizabeth Warren: speaking as a full-blooded German-Irish-French-English-Native American, I am highly insulted that she claims to be a member of the human race.

REM1875 said...

Lizzie warren took an axe (ok tomahawk)
and gave the truth 40 whacks
when she saw what she had done
she gave the truth another 41

Anonymous said...

I live your cartoons and social commentary but have to disagree with the obama doll cartoon. IMO, obama did more damage to this country than any single other person in it's history. I don't think this country has ever faced and enemy as evil as obama.

Judi King said...

@ anonymous: Agreed !

Fred Ciampi said...

I wonder if Jill Abramson's oboner doll has batteries. Oh God, now I need mind bleach.........

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Mike aka Proof- Sadly, she told herself it happened so often because she was popular.

@Geoff King- I agree; Kim may have decided that Trump might just eradicate North Korea on an impulsive day and wants to ramp things down. He'd be smart to do so.

@REM1875- I'm pretty sure that's the same axe which she claims her great-grandparents used to scalp settlers.

@Anonymous- You and I are in complete agreement. For the structure of the gag I said Obama "did nothing," but the meaning is that he did nothing good. He did incalculable damage to our country, and we'll continue to be affected by that damage for a long time. He absolutely did more harm to our nation than any external enemy has managed to do.

@Judi King- I'm betting all of us agree!

@Fred Ciampi- I also wonder if she uses it in a "fast and furious" manner?

Fred Ciampi said...

Stilt - Arrrggghhhhh, now I need more mind eradicator.......... Bleach, perhaps.

james daily said...

Quite a day. Two nut case women on women's day. Pocahontas cannot attend pow-wows because she doesn't have a reservation. She has been very quite on the changing of the Redskin name, which means she feels very strongly both ways. Susan Rice is in withdrawal. I cannot not imagine President Trump using anyone from the previous administration for State business. And most important, I still suspect the little bastord is running a protection racket to get food. If all his subjects starve to death, he still has nothing. Now, IF President Trump concedes a one time influx of food, that would be fine, but a continual feeding of your enemy is not a good idea because the military gets theirs first and only leftovers would go to the masses and in that country, there are no leftovers.

Tom said...

You outdid yourself today...those trips to the Jim must be having a positive effect.

John the Econ said...

False Idle: Well, give Jill Abramson some slack. After all, now that they're cracking down on it, it's a lot easier to get a Obama doll on an airplane today than it is a comfort horse, goat, llama or turkey. We're supposed to have sympathy and compassion for the mentally ill. What we're not supposed to have sympathy for is the nation's leading newspapers being led by them.

KIM CHEESE: Considering the rousing success the Democrats have had over the last quarter century dealing with North Korea, (which has primarily consisted of giving stuff away and getting absolutely nothing in return other than more belligerence) it really should be hard to see how Trump could do any worse. Trump, who's forte is supposedly deal making will probably demand North Korean concessions up-front before giving the Norks what they want. As with the economy, the Democrat's worst nightmare would be if Trump were to succeed where they have done nothing other than hand out billions and then fail.

Fauxcahontas: Demanding a blood test at this point is totally unnecessary as we already know the answer. If she actually thought she had a drop of native blood, she would have done the test years ago and the positive results would have been on the front page of the Boston Globe, Washington Post, and New York Times. That she refuses to now only confirms what she has always known. It was a lie.

So if she does try to run in 2020, she'll be running to be America's 2nd Affirmative Action President; a 2nd-rate intellect that used race as a substitute for substance and integrity to rise above others to the top. It would be just the latest of insults the Democrats have foisted against those with personal integrity who have to work to get where they are.

Dan said...

Would be funny if someone picked up one of Warren's soda cups, water bottles, snuff spit cup, whatever and then ran the DNA test.

Just for fun, of course.

(Hmm. Does someone go behind her picking up such litter to protect her from a DNA test?)

Mark Matis said...

I can think of a couple of more appropriate places for Ms. Abramson to put her Barry Sotero doll than in her purse. And in all honesty, she probably keeps them in each of those places far more often than where she claims it "lives". Especially if it has batteries...

Joaquin said...

That must be the new, special needs, companion pet.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Weasel Zippers ( - HIGHLY recommended, 'for the articles' - some of the commenters are a bit coarse) had a thread devoted to Ms A, her mouth was closed, the dimples pronounced. My first thought was "Oh, look, Sista Grinch!"
Not that I thought that it was her 'heart' that was too small...

Fauxcahontas - talk about a 'has been' - SO totally hope she gets her butt kicked to the curb by the REAL Indian running against her... and she just blows away. Regardless if she's playing or not, the Dem primaries ought to be seriously amusing...

james daily said...

Forgot: Didn't an ex guy win woman of the year last year? How many said WTF?

Grandpa Greer said...

I imagine Warren has done the DNA test and knows what it says already. That's why she refuses to do one publicly. Or she just doesn't want to take the chance that the outcome would refute her claims of victim-hood and minority-ness. What do you think?

Gee M said...

She once explained how she came to claim Indian Princesshood...
Her granma told her she had those high cheekbones, like an Indian, and some distant relative (I believe by marriage) was a tiny part Native American and she looked a bit like them.
So...I had dark almost Black hair as a kid, I felt in touch with my sisters and had paper dolls at 6 years old...can I identify as a female Latina and get some big-time welfare payments? Can I identify as a mother of 5 and live on the government cheese for a few years?
And even though I am descended from almost exclusively Russians, I feel so Chippewa I get somadat Casino wampum?
Where do I apply?

Colby Muenster said...

What sort of sane person keeps an Obammy doll in her purse? Beyond that, what sort of woman/child ADMITS that they keep an Obammy doll in her purse?! Wow, just wow. Holy Schmidt, woman! Grow up already!

OK, so we have Lizzie Warren (Democrat) claiming to be 1/137th Native American, Rachael Dolezal (Democrat) pretending to be black, Jill Abramson (Democrat) admitting she carries around a miniature Obama, Maxine Watters (Democrat) daily threatening impeachment with no basis in fact, an entire news network, CNN (Democrats) obsessed with somehow unseating Trump and replacing him with Hillary. And they say Republicans are screwed up?!

Regnad Kcin said...

One thing I've noticed that since DJT was elected is that there's a lot of nasty looking duhbamacratic women out there. Does liberalism cause a type of facial deformity that inflicts itself on these unfortunate individuals or did all their faces catch fire and were put out with a brick ? Man, they all look like they were dragged behind an old Chevy truck down five miles of bad road and then thrown into a briar patch. Woof !

Geoff King said...

Naturally, there is an app for that:

John the Econ said...

"What sort of sane person keeps an Obammy doll in her purse?"

Oh, I think we all know the answer to that, @Colby. What I want to know is why the nation's supposed "paper of record" would knowingly hire such an unhinged person as editor.

And speaking of, what is the New York Times, BMSNBC and their followers-on going to talk about now that the "Trump's a Russian puppet" narrative is officially dead?

They'd really like it to be all about Stormy now, but their past with the Clintons saw to it that the Stormy-storm was DOA.