Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Birdbrains of a Feather

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We couldn't help but be struck by the similarities between "Mueller" and "Mullah" when considering the day's news.

In Mueller's case, he rejected an offer from Trump's legal team to have the President answer all of the special investigator's questions in writing. This was unacceptable because all Mueller would get out of that would be answers to his questions rather than a chance to impeach Trump for lack of motor control over his mouth.

Meanwhile, Iran's top Mullah was one of many in that country (and others) who wasn't happy to hear that the President is pulling the United States out of the idiotic, one-sided "nuclear agreement" negotiated by John "Horseface" Kerry and Barack "Hussein" Obama.

And it's a good thing: the Obama "agreement" (never voted on by our elected representatives) cut back on Iranian sanctions, repatriated (and then some) staggering sums of money for the country to use to fund terrorism and work on nuke-capable missiles, and pretty much guaranteed that Iran would have an unfettered nuclear weapons program in 2025...assuming they hadn't already achieved such in their hidden and/or "self inspected" nuclear research facilities.

We see this as a double win for Trump and the American people. And no, we're not tired of winning yet.


stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, hillary, melania, accent, no ways tired

First Lady Melania Trump gave a speech this week to lay out an anti-bullying campaign that she'll be leading. She was gracious, eloquent, and compelling...but Progressives immediately took to the Twitterverse to disparage the world traveling, multi-lingual First Lady for having a "funny accent" and not "sounding like an American."

This in a country where we now have to punch buttons on our phones if we wish to continue a conversation in English.

Of course, no such criticisms from the Left ever appeared when former First Lady Hillary Clinton made a magical vocal transformation into a character straight out of "Amos and Andy" when addressing a crowd of African-Americans.

We will also point out that unlike our current First Lady, Mrs. Clinton "ain't no ways" bilingual. Sure, she's two faced - but they both speak English.


Dan said...

I think it would be fun if President Trump answered the questions anyway, had his lawyer mail a copy to Mueller and primary MSM, and then have the Pres tweet it out from his personal tweeter address. I think that would drive the Special Counsel and the leftie end of the spectrum completely nuts.

As for the FLOTUS. I think she's OK, but I don't care if a FLOTUS gets involved much or what she gets involved with.
That said, I still think of Natasha Fatale when I hear her. And when I caught a bit of her speech, I nonetheless heard "Beisbol has been berry, berry good to me."

No, I no speaka nothin other thana English. said...
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REM1875 said...

The fact that million of illegal demonRat voters don't speak a lick of English is cool though ....

REM1875 said...

@ suzbourbeau---- the other half of us is a waiting patiently for our chance to go insane ...

Elbarto said...

Mocking the First Lady's accent? I thought progressives were tolerant and inclusive, at least that's what they tell us.

Judi King said...

Yeah, and the insanity is led by the media who obviously didn't learn much grammar and barely speak English.

Geoff King said...

The First Lady speaks 5 languages.
From what I see today in social media, on TV channels, and even on printed news sites more and more of the American people are having trouble speaking and writing English correctly. Grammer, punctuation, context, and spelling have all eroded into almost unintelligible gibberish, but Melania talks funny?

Bobo said...

One shouldn’t make fun of someone’s accent for the person likely speaks more languages than thou.

TrickyRicky said...

What a news cycle. Schneiderman crashes in flames of disgrace, and it couldn't happen to a more deserving horse's ass. President Trump pulls us out of the worst and most proliferation-prone "deal" in the history of the world. Ollie North is president of the NRA. Last but not least, liberal heads are exploding across the land.

Not tired of winning.

james daily said...

It makes me feel good to have a First Lady with decorum. The former two first ladies were just trash. On President Trump and Muller, it will be interesting if there are any question about anything before the election since two judges have basically ruled those questions are off limits and of course we are yet to see the Rosenstein letter of the parameters of the investigation. One thing is for sure, President Trump is kicking ass and it is driving the liberals even farther insane. I love it.

Rod said...

I can't believe Trump is still taking this much BS of off Mueller and his team.
RE: Mueller. It's time to "call" this unlimited political witch-hunt.

Examples: First: Cease all the records. Then NO; you're not fired Mr. Mueller; but under our oversight... show what you have, AND make a full report how much time and public funds it has cost AND how & by whom. Do this by a certain date to be determined by POTUS. ALSO clearly understand IF POTUS answers your questions at all, he will answer them however he wishes. Mueller has then completed his commission and must leave. Then Sessions and the others are all terminated.

The only plausible explanation is: Trump is letting them dig for themselves an even deeper legal hole.

Fritzchen said...

Das witch hunt ist des Mueller's lust (with my apologies to Franz Schubert)

Our present First Lady has more class in her little finger than the last two harridans combined!

Stinking Bishop said...

I prefer to think of BHO (with regard to his mad negotiating skillz) as Barack "Don't-Call-My-Bluff" Obama.

Blick said...

What is the difference between jon carry and a Box of Rocks? The Rocks will not betray you. jon carry's loyalty is always with the otherside. So when he says Trump's decision is a disaster; he means for Iran.

Unknown said...

The last two first ladies? I think you mean Killiary. Laura Bush was a class act and the current FLOTUS is probably the most eloquent and well-spoken/educated woman that we have ever had as FLOTUS and I believe she makes most Americans proud (excluding lefties) instead of embarrassed when she travels to other countries. God bless President Trump and God Bless the USA. I am proud of our country's leader again.

Dan said...

@Fritz, @James -- when you speak of the former/last two first ladies, I hope you mean two out of three and not contiguous two. Clinton (42) and Obama (44) fall into your categories, but I think Bush (43) is OK. Trump (45) first lady is OK, too.

james daily said...

OOps!! correction "The former two first ladies were just trash."
Should have read, "The former two DEMOCRAT "first ladies were just trash."
I did not mean to disparage Laura Bush. Sorry.

Colby Muenster said...

I like Dan's idea! Trump should write out all the answers and publish them anywhere possible. Then he should fire Jeff Sessions. Not necessarily in that order.

When Germany, England and France all encouraged Trump to stay with the Iran caca del caballo, that just confirmed to me how much we got totally screwed in that deal. The radical Islamist a-holes who hate us and want nothing more than our destruction got $billions in cash, which they promptly spent on weapons. We got.... nothing. Well, we got a promise that they wouldn't nuke anybody until 2025. Wow... Like a snake promising to not bite you until next week. Hats off to the Prez for doing what's good for OUR country, not a third world shithole hell bent on killing everybody who doesn't bow to their so called god.

Our so called allies willingness to throw us under the bus so they can do business with Iran makes me think they are not really our allies. I expect this from France and Germany, but England? What the hell happened to Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher?

John the Econ said...

I suggest that Trump answer Mueller's questions on Twitter.

Barring that, I suggest that Trump demand the same conditions that Hillary received:
o Not under oath.
o Not recorded.
o Room full of allies & sycophants.

Iran: Listening to Progressives defend the deal yesterday was amazing; everything between outright lies and delusion. What gets me is the Euro-weenie collusion. After all, they're going to be a lot closer to the big smoking hole the Iranians eventually create than we will be.

"Funny Accent": Indeed ironic that the people who promulgate the notion of "multiculturalism" as the ultimate good would utter such xenophobic things. But it's not like we're talking about the logical or ironically-aware here. It's just fodder for their non-thinking followers. Let's hope they keep up this childish, shallow nonsense indefinitely. In fact, they have to, since the Democrat's platform has nothing else going for it.

Regnad Kcin said...

The President shitcans DACA, the Transpacific Trade deal, Paris climate accords, O-Care Mandate, and now the Iran nuke debacle. Melania makes the hildebeast look like 12 miles of bad road. Mueller is slowly eroding into insignificance along with his inquisitional lackeys. The Schumer-Pelosi crowd are ready for institutional care and Depends. Game-Set-Match, DJT.........

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Dan- I love the idea of Trump sending back answers anyway and letting the world know he's done it! Every time Mueller subsequently raised a question, Trump could wave it off and say "we already answered that."

Regarding Melania, yes she has an accent. Is that a reason for the "tolerant" left to attack a woman? Does this open the floodgates for all woman with accents to be mocked? It's hard to stay au courrant with the quickly shifting Progressive rules. If not more...

@REM1875- But THOSE people are embracing their cultural heritage rather than trying to pass themselves off as actual Americans like our sneaky First Lady is trying to do.

And regarding the insanity thing, rather than wait for a BIG change I just feel free to be nuts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

@jpb252- Suddenly the Left wants everyone to speak perfect, uninflected English. Good luck making that work with our immigrant populations or in the inner cities.

@Judi King- With today's 24 hour news cycles, members of the media are rewarded for quantity of speech rather than quality. Dead mines will trump dead air every time.

@Geoff King- It's really astonishing and enraging. Based on social media sites, I'd say MOST people are pretty disastrous at expressing themselves eloquently or grammatically. Melania deserves better than these attacks.

@Bobo- I regularly interact with people from faraway lands who struggle with English. I always remind myself that they're doing a LOT better than I'd be doing in Farsi or Spanish.

@TrickyRicky- You're right, this HAS been a good news cycle! And let's not forget that in this same cycle, North Korea has released prisoners without demanding a plane loaded with pallets of ransom money.

@James Daily- After all the praise thrown at Michelle Obama, it's unbelievable that Melania Trump's style, class, and elegance aren't being celebrated.

Regarding the Mueller "investigation," I've been reading that he may need to take it underground during the election season - but I very much doubt that's going to happen. Quite the contrary, I expect Mueller to do his utmost to make Trump look vulnerable to impeachment in order to boost Democrat midterm voting (by the living and dead).

@Rod- Well summarized and I agree with you!

@Fritz Brohn- I was going to try to make a joke about "orange schubert," but decided it was beneath me. Slightly.

@Stinking Bluff- With Barry, EVERYONE called his bluff because they knew that he was always bluffing.

NVRick said...

I have a plan that will make progressives love and support Melania (or have their heads explode):
Have someone in the White House "leak" that Melania never got her citizenship and is illegally overstaying her visa.
The lefties will go nuts demanding that DC must become a "sanctuary city".

NaCly Dog said...

Excellent cartoons!

• steeples fingers • Had underling stroke white cat.

mindful webworker said...

Should be simple enough to do a video of that first ladies cartoon. caption card, Melania, caption card, Harridan. No charge for the suggestion. I'd do it but my videothingy broke.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Stinking Bishop- Sorry for mangling your name above (grin). Have I mentioned that I'm sleep-deprived?

@Jan Blickenstaff- I have zero respect for Kerry. He is, in my personal opinion, a traitorous power-grabbing gigolo.

@Sandy Link- I'm pretty sure we all knew who the two rotten recent First Ladies were.

@Dan- Yup!

@James Daily- I knew in my heart that's what you meant.

@Colby Muenster- Excellent comment! I agree with every word!

@John the Econ- There's no way Trump will ever get the kid glove treatment that Hillary did...and he should cite that as his reason not to testify.

Re: Iran, the Lefty morons actually seem to believe that Obama's "deal" in some way made the world safer rather than the exact opposite. Bless their hearts.

Re: Funny accents - This attitude from our so-called Progressive "betters" shows their real disdain for others who aren't like themselves.

@Colby Muenster- I'm not even sure Melania is a conservative, nor does it matter. She's the First Lady and she wants to engage in programs that everyone should agree are a good thing. But as is always the case, the Lefties would far rather have problems to complain about (like bullying) instead of actual progress.

@Regnad Kcin- I find no flaw in your reasoning!

@NVRick- Dang, that would be wonderful!

@NaCly Dog- Thank you, Mr. Burns!

@mindful webworker- Your videothingy broke?! Sounds painful. I keep MEANING to do more video, but haven't devoted the time to learn how. But one of these days...

Tannhauser said...


Judi King said...

First lady sandwich....Laura Bush, something sweet between two pieces of mold. Melania is the dessert.

Colby Muenster said...

Regarding Mueller, President Trump needs to issue an ultimatum to Jeff "Just Sittin' on my Hands" Sessions. Stop Mueller or get fired. Sessions is using his ridiculously unnecessary recusal to dodge responsibility, which, IMHO, is dodging his responsibility. Start by firing Rosenstein, and then tell Mueller he has one week to wrap it up and submit a report because the week after that, he will be unemployed.