Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Crawl of the Riled

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The illustration above pretty neatly captures what we're dealing with today. Our hands are poised at the keyboard, but when it comes to tapping out some playful political musings, they're moving very, very slowly. Imperceptibly, even.

Truthfully, we've still got a bit of burnout from the ups and downs of the Kavanaugh confirmation debacle, though we were pleased to see today that Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh is on the bench and on the job, hearing arguments and raising questions. This is as it should be.

There's plenty of ongoing drama and rampant stupidity related to this that we could talk about (like the pierced, pink-haired, and suddenly jobless school teacher who thought it was a smart idea to tweet "Kill Kavanaugh") but we'd prefer to treat this as a time of relative silence and healing. There's only so much of this stuff we can expose ourselves to until something bursts in our noggin.

And that's not just hyperbole! A team of Italian researchers has been examining the remains of Romans who were killed when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, and discovered that the sudden exposure to superheated air actually caused brains to boil with such ferocity that skulls started exploding like small bombs.

We're not absolutely sure that the hot air produced by the Leftists and their media cohorts reaches quite those searing temperatures, but we're not in the mood to put our little grey cells at risk today.

But as long as we're all here anyway, how about an eye-pleasing farewell to the Kavanaugh saga...?


Beer-drinking aliens who wanted to probe her hippocampus!


Velveeta Processed Cheese Food said...

Oh, that's devilish!

Jim G. said...

Maybe those two are aliens...I've never seen any women like that and I live in SOCAL!

Mike aka Proof said...

“the sudden exposure to superheated air actually caused brains to boil with such ferocity that skulls started exploding like small bombs.”
Like a liberal exposed to facts?

Regnad Kcin said...

I just love all those crazed mouth-breathers. More fun than watching paint dry. Still proves that inbreeding is not the answer. Can't wait for DJT's next appointment. Just to make them aerate their skulls and void their bowels, he should go for a trans, cross-dressing, lesbian, multi-racial, moonbeaming conservative as the next SCJ. There's just not enough popcorn and beer for all the action that would create. 27 and a wakeup..................

REM1875 said...

Super Boofed ?

Clan McGregor should lube and limber those fingers ........ The amount to take between genius and comatose may be pretty close so be careful....warn the Plano police and Tarraant county sheriffs first though.......

Brie Camembert said...

Ah, if only that nice Senator McCain had still been around... ;-)

Oh, and kudos to Senator Machin (D). Well done sir!

Brie Camembert said...

Sorry Senator - that should have course been Joe Manchin (mea culpa)

Fish Out of Water said...

Busty Ross and Lefty Lucy have been awfully silent throughout this.

B.C. said...

They were out drinking beer and forgetting about it... Lucy will "miraculously" recall it in approximately 35 years, "coincidentally" at the time Busty is being vetted for an important position. (I'm sure there are many "important positions" that we can all imagine Busty assuming.)

Emmentaler "The only good Clinton is a silent Clinton" Limburger said...

So here ya go: Hitlery says that democrats should no longer exercise civility when dealing with Republicans. I guess that all the violence in Portland and elsewhere, the bullpuckey that occurred with the Kavanaugh confirmation, and their general comportment toward the Trump administration constitutes democrat civility. I fear for the revelation of their uncivil behavior.

She also says that the REPUBLICANS make a disgraceful mockery out of the Kavanaugh confirmation proceedings, and disrespected their faux witness! The REPUBLICANS? Au contraire, mon salope mal! It was not the Republicans who turned it into a three-ring circus, replete with clowns and sideshows. That would have been your "party".

Could someone please put a gag in her mouth and keep her away from any cameras, microphones, or socialist reporters? Please?! And, as a preventative measure, Chelsea seems to be on the same inane road as her ma...

TrickyRicky said...

As I look out at the snow and frozen plants here on the front range of CO, all I can say about that photo is that is sure looks warm there. Oh yeah, sweet beach bunnies too!!!

Geoff King said...

The Dims have no platform going into the mid-terms other than f*** Trump. Their hatred and hypocrisy have reached epic proportions. Should their mindless sheep actually cause a blue wave, I can see no scenario evolving but Civil War.
I, for one, will not be willing to sit calmly by while my country and Constitution are systematically dismantled.
I am, and have been, stocking up on ammunition.

Bruce Bleu said...

Every day is a new opportunity for me to learn, and Stilton, today I learned the function of the "Hippocampus". Upon first seeing the word, I thought it was either a school for cheerleaders in Nebraska, or magilla obama's posterior, (which I quickly realized would be spelled "hippoASS").
EL, Learned a new French phrase from you, "On the contrary, my evil bitch" if my favorite translator ( is correct. Thank YOU too.

Fred Ciampi said...

I agree with you Geoff King. And, what's up with the antifa turds blocking traffic? And the police just sitting by doing nothing. My own take is that george soros is 'testing the waters' to see just far his minions can go. One of these days a patriot will reach that limit and the manure will contact the rotating air mover.

rickn8or said...

And Bruce, I've also learned that phrase; I intend to whisper it in my ex's ear at the next opportunity. Not to mention new translation link to replace the perfidious

Isn't it a LOVELY day?

American Cowboy said...

@ Geoff and Fred
Well that makes (at least) three of us.

SpectreRider said...

F__k Manchin! If his vote had been necessary it would have been a NO!
It's time for the good people of West Virginia to send Washington Joe packing.

Velveeta Processed Cheese Food said...

@Bruce Blue: "...a school for cheerleaders in Nebraska..."

Ouch! It hurts because it's true.

Fortescue J. Giraffe said...

Gotta admit, I prefer the bikini gals to the turmoil of the last few weeks.

And I agree, the best protesters are the quiet, dignified ones...

Shelly said...

I'm guessing that none of us here will be attending An Evening with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Is it greed or a longing to remain in the spotlight? When I heard her call for unrest until the Dims regain the majority, all I could see in my mind were the "protestors" in Portland harassing Grannies while the police twiddled their thumbs, zombies clawing at the door of the Supreme Court, the screaming meemies at the nomination hearings and confirmation vote and out in the streets afterwards. I believe she was projecting, as Dims always do. If you want to know what they are up to, just listen to what they accuse Republicans of doing. I truly believe Hillary is a sociopath. She has no conscience and certainly no sense of shame. I pray to live long enough to see the both of them tossed into the so-called dustbin of history.

John the Econ said...

And this is why I didn't become a journalist: It's hard to be a genius on a schedule.

And with the possible exception of the clowns marching around in their handmaids costumes, I think we're all exhausted from the Kavanaugh circus.

The Millennial Public Education Poster Child: We really should thank Ms. Ness for "taking one for the team" and demonstrating to the public the kind of people who get hired to teach "the children". Or should I say "brainwash"? She's now tendered her resignation. I, for one, appreciate her sacrifice.

Exploding Brains: So the Kavanaugh confirmation was a volcano to Progressives. Get ready for the pyroclastic flow that we hope will be hitting come November.

My final Kavanaugh observations for the day: Like most of you here, I found it impossible to take the #MeToo rantings of people who voted for a Clinton at least once the least bit seriously. After all, Bill Clinton was the literal embodiment of practically everything the feminist movement was supposedly against, and yet the feminist establishment went all-in to save his presidency. (Talk about "taking one for the team") Hillary ran the "Bimbo Eruption Squad", who's job it was to track down, intimidate, and smear the multitude of women that Bill had abused over the decades.

So when Hillary trotted out her own "Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported" trope, it was a sad joke that even hard-core Democrats had to shake their heads at. It really meant "Every accuser of a conservative" does. If you're accusing a Democrat, we'll beat you down.

And yet, Hillary still sees her and Bill as the victims. It's tiresome. And yet, I really hope they hang around through 2020 to remind voters what the Democrats really stand for.

Here's an idea for "bi-partisanship: Let's make public the details about the $17-million sexual harassment slush fund of taxpayer money that Congress pays out to cover for their bad behavior. My guess is that most of it was for behavior worse than imagined gropeiness decades ago.

Colby Muenster said...


You are not alone in your desire to just recover from the liberal onslaught, and chill for a while. Problem is, we dare not rest too long!

@John the Econ said,

"...I think we're all exhausted from the Kavanaugh circus."

Worn to a frazzle we are, and that seems to be one of the Dems' goals. It's so much easier to sling mud than to dodge it.

And Shrillary preaching about evil sexual offenders and believing the accusers without question makes my head explode! Does this ignorant hag not see the hypocrisy? I really think she believes her own BS, which his a telltale trait of serial liars.

John the Econ said...

@Mike aka Proof, have you ever debated one? They just ignore "facts" and change the subject.

@Regnad Kcin, in theory that would be fun, but we should know better. Progressives happily turn on their own if the narrative is in any way threatened. For example, the #WalkAway guy is gay, and they'll do everything they can to embarrass and destroy him.

@B.C., whatever Busty says about me in 35 years is true.

@Emmentaler "The only good Clinton is a silent Clinton" Limburger, seems that Hillary is joining Mad Maxine in her calls for violence. Not a surprise. Even she now must be aware that her days of relevance are waning, and so she's happy to see everything go up in flames.

@TrickyRicky, we're not even a month into fall and I'm looking out my window right now at snow in the mountains. Yea "global warming".

@Geoff King, as far as I can tell, the Democrat's current platform is:

Get Trump!
Restore the SALT tax breaks for the rich in blue states
Kill the tax breaks for the middle class
Bring back the economics of 2010
Communism, I mean "Social Democracy"
Eliminate the 2nd Amendment
Eliminate the 1st Amendment, I mean "Hate Speech".
Open the borders
Medicare for all
More Taxes
War on Energy
Mob rule, I mean "democracy"

Have I missed anything?

@Shelly, the only reason I'd go to see An Evening with Bill and Hillary Clinton was if I knew the FBI was going to come and arrest them on stage, and perp-walk them out of the theater. I'd definitely pay money to see that.

Rod said...

Heck, I'd just like to know if Stilton is stretching the beach lady's legs (with PhotoShop it had better be) or they grew 'em like that.

rickn8or said...

@ John the Econ: "Bipartisan usually means that a larger-than-usual deception is being carried out." ~~ George Carlin.

(And by "deception" George probably meant "fuckery".

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Velveeta Processed Cheese Food- Sometimes the angel on my shoulder just sits there shaking its head.

@Jim G- If those ARE aliens, then the invasion is going to be a lot more fun than previously thought.

@Mike aka Proof- Exactly right! Even now, you can find many videos of boiling brains and exploding heads on the Left.

@Regnad Kcin- Kavanaugh was nominated because his record is so neutral that it was assumed Democrats would go along with him. They didn't. Which means there's no reason whatsoever for Trump's next choice to be anything but a real nightmare for liberals. They started this war - it's not our fault if they lose it.

@REM1875- I just got back from my run to the Cheap Liquor Store for a few more gallons of Clan MacGregor. The authorities have been warned to take the proper precautions.

@Brie Camembert- I believe McCain would've voted Kavanaugh down just to piss off Trump.

@Fish Out of Water- Actually, Busty Ross made an appearance, but nothing from Lefty Lucy. I'd ask her to say something now only she won't come out of her safe space yet.

@B.C.- Thanks to that sexist joke, you'll never sit on the Supreme Court. (grin)

@Emmentaler "The only good Clinton is a silent Clinton" Limburger- As is so frequently the case, the the unitigated hypocritical BS that spews out of Hillary leaves me shaking my head. This isn't the time for civility? Really?! Because that's a can of whoop-ass she might not really want to open. Sweet mother of pearl, how I hate that bitch. And yeah, there goes MY shot at the Supreme Court.

@TrickyRicky- Staring at the picture too long may cause storm surge. Just saying...

@Geoff King- I hope it will never come to that. In a Civil War scenario, one side or the other might prevail, but there wouldn't be a winner. Nor a "United States" afterwards.

@Bruce Bleu- And let us not forget the "Hippocampus Oath" that all doctors take: "First, do no harm. At least until you've got the patient's insurance information and credit card number."

@Fred Ciampi- When the cops are told to just watch the angry Antifa mobs abusing regular citizens, what are we to think other than that We The People are being told to handle the problem ourselves? If I lived in Portland, I'd have pepper spray canisters installed on every external surface of my car.

@rickn80r- That's a good plan, assuming you don't keep your ex's ear in a bottle of formaldehyde.

@American Cowboy- So we're off to a good start!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@B Martin- I don't know much about Manchin, other than that he appears to be one of less offensive Democrats. Not exactly a high bar to clear.

@Velveeta Processed Cheese Food- As a public service, I just Googled "Nebraska Cheerleaders." The results were very un-Hippo-ish.

@Fortescue J. Giraffe- I like the bikini girls for obvious reasons, but also because it's so blatantly "sexist" that just the cartoon's existence could trigger liberals. And darn it, that's fun!

And yes, protesting can be done in a respectable way (for instance, pretty much every "Right Wing" protest). It's an American right, which the Left does wrong.

@Shelly- I think the Clinton's speaking tour probably has two functions: to keep them alive in the public mind, and to serve as a money-laundering scheme to hide "donations" that are still flowing to them from unsavory sources. And I agree that Hillary is almost surely a sociopath.

@John the Econ- Yep, yep, yep. I agree with you right down the line. And say, why AREN'T the Democrats pushing for release of the details of the $17 million in hush money for politicians' sexual misdeeds? Shouldn't that be an obvious and easy way for them to show that their moral outrage is more than just a charade?

@Colby Muenster- Oh, I never rest for long (or well). But today, I just didn't have it in me. As Stormy Daniels has never said.

@John the Econ- Man, what a great idea! "Bill and Hillary Arrested & Perp Walked: Live On Stage!" Geez, what I wouldn't pay to be in attendance. I'd sell organs if I had to!

@Rod- I haven't touched their legs. Nor would they let me.

@rickn8or- I miss George Carlin.

Dan said...

@Stilton -- Anything the Clintons do I assume is some sort of money laundering scheme.

B.C. said...

Stilton, if Busty ever makes it to the Supreme Court, she can sit on me. Heck, she doesn't even have to wait that long. :-D

As for me, my lifelong love affair with the nectar of the gods would prevent me from ever getting in the doors of the SCOTUS, even as a visitor. (I was once asked if I had a history of black-outs after drinking and I responded with "I can't remember.")

John the Econ said...

"Man, what a great idea! "Bill and Hillary Arrested & Perp Walked: Live On Stage!" Geez, what I wouldn't pay to be in attendance."

And considering the list of crimes they're both responsible for, it's a show that could literally run every evening for years.

Edam Wensleydale said...

I'd pay good money to see "Bill and Hillary Clinton in 'An Evening With Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu'."

One show only, but what a finish! :D

B.C. said...

"Nicolae, that's NOT what I meant when I said we should leave the audience hanging, you jackass!"

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Edam: Oooo! Where do I get tickets?

NVRick said...

@Anonymous Emmentaler "The only good Clinton is a silent Clinton" Limburger
No, no, no!
Encourage her to keep reminding the sane half of the electorate why we have DJT. She and her ilk are the best PR for Conservative candidates. Throw in Pocahontas and Ocasio-whatsis along with crazy Auntie Max (or should that be Auntie Max Crazy) and the oppo ads will write themselves!

NVRick said...

@John the Econ
"We really should thank Ms. Ness for "taking one for the team" and demonstrating to the public the kind of people who get hired to teach "the children".
The words of Pink Floyd never had more truth:

"Teachers, leave those kids alone."

Valvenator said...

Too bad it's a message preachy Roger 'Pink Floyd' Waters didn't take to heart.

We don't need re-education
We don't need your Brit control
No queen of England to run our country
Roger, please leave US alone

Roger, please, leave the US alone!
All in all you're just another liberal A-hole
All in all you're just another liberal A-hole

...this from a semi former Pink Floyd fan.

james daily said...

I found this on Rush and now I understand the hate of white folks a little better:
"...the Democrats have not gotten more than 50% of the white vote in a presidential election since 1932." So, why are white people hating white people for being white? This boggles the mind. Secondly, this mob violence, scorched earth, hate white folks dictum from the DNC is not gaining support but alienating a significant number of DNC voters. It's coming down to a blood feud. The cowardly leaders of this will head to their bomb shelters and lead from the rear. There are many that want this country to continue on this path of capitalism that helps all people. Not for myself as at 75, my life is basically done but for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren yet unborn.

John the Econ said...

Bill & Hillary: We definitely don't want them going away any time soon. As long as the Clintons struggle to remain front-and-center, they effectively nullify the Democrat's weaponization of #MeToo-ism. It simply isn't possible to attack Trump's misogyny with Bill & Hillary standing in the background.

I wish more Republicans with national attention would have been making my point about the hypocrisy of the of millions of people who were supposedly outraged that Republicans so readily discounted inconsistent recovered memories decades after the fact, and yet voted for a Clinton at least once.

I hope they stay around at least through 2020.

Artists and their ideologies that didn't age well: nearly 40 years ago, who would have thought that Another Brick in the Wall would become relevant again, but against Progressive brainwashing?

I love listening to the oldies stations when many of these songs play, and I laugh at the hypocrisy. Some of my favorites are socialist/communist themed songs from the 60s, where I picture the writers and singers today on their porches screaming at people to get off their lawns. Or better yet, the artists who used to sing about how everything should be "free", and yet today are suing to protect their property rights.

Speaking of Progressive Property Rights:

Colin Kaepernick wants to trademark an image of his face and hair

I still don't know exactly what Kaepernick has sacrificed, other than "integrity".

capt fast said...

interesting times.
I was on my way out the door to pull a vacation in California but then; I heard there is an outbreak of TYPHUS!!!! in CA. NO WAY! typhus in this country? the hell with a WALL on the mexico border. we need a WALL on the California border!
what was I thinking? that's a third world country right there! No fricking way am I vacationing in that third world dump. I am taking my tax dollars to Colorado this year. screw them Socialist bastards.