Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Cry Me a Rivera

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Things are heating up considerably on our southern border, where the (ahem) "caravan" of Hispanic men (with a small sprinkling of women and children, densely surrounded by photographers) are aggressively - and illegally - trying to enter our country.

The Left is horrified that tear gas was deployed defensively against the violent, rock-throwing miscreants attempting to injure (or worse) our law enforcement officers. Although strangely, headlines about the confrontations tend to read "Trump gasses children at border," as if he was personally marching the weeping toddlers into the cyanide shower stalls.

Little mention, however, is made of Barack Obama using tear gas against "immigrants" at the border some 80 times during his administration. But that was okay, because he was Black. Well, Black-ish.

But when it comes to the media overreacting and distorting the story, one can hardly find a better example than Geraldo "Want to see my semi-naked tweets?" Rivera. On Monday's edition of Fox News's "The Five," the volatile Rivera erupted in a lengthy tantrum about how disgusted he is with our country for the vile treatment being shown to these poor, angelic refugees.

Here are his comments, interspersed with some questions and observations of our own (in bold).

"I am ashamed," Geraldo emoted. "We treat these people - these economic refugees (economic? We've been told they were fleeing violence!) - as if they're zombies from The Walking Dead. We are a nation of immigrants (Legal immigrants). These are desperate people. They walked 2,000 miles."(in record breaking time, perhaps owing to the use of motorized vehicles, and with food, water, and shelter paid for by shadowy figures).

"Why? Because they want to rape your daughter (which happens) or steal your lunch? No. Because they want a job! (Again, not cause for political asylum - which, in any case, was already offered by Mexico and turned down by the group's organizers). They want to fill the millions of unfilled jobs (which Americans aren't doing because they make more in welfare) we have in the agricultural sector (Hmm - remind us what crops need picking 12 months a year?). They want to wash dishes in the restaurants! They wanna deliver the pizzas!" (But those are minimum wage jobs which will require supplemental income and services from generous government programs - especially for families. And shouldn't Hispanics be insulted that the Leftists see them only as potential servants doing the most menial jobs imaginable?)

Geraldo then wrapped up his diatribe with a predictable dash of racism, suggesting that the problem isn't that millions of people are violating our immigration laws and draining our resources, but rather that stinking, evil Americans don't want them because "they look different than the mainstream." Showing that Geraldo clearly hasn't looked at the "mainstream" in Texas any time recently.

By Geraldo's own admission, these people are NOT coming here for asylum - they're coming for money...most of which will be from taxpayers, both in direct payments and indirect expenses (healthcare, schools, housing and a lot more).

We are not unsympathetic to those people (not including the criminals, gang members, or incurably diseased) who want to come into the United States - which remains, despite the Dems' best efforts, the land of opportunity.

But we would also not be unsympathetic to the distressed shipwreck survivors still in the water once the only life boat has been filled to the point that even one more person added will sink the boat - causing everyone to drown.

There are limits to what we can do, and those limits need to be established by law and enforced through legal means - not by mob rule. Because when our nation's laws fail - and they might - the question won't be who's coming into this country, but how the rest of us can get the hell out.


Dan said...

Geraldo (if that is his name) has always been a Jim Acosta.
I cringe when he's on The Five.
What a dork.

Granny said...

Ah me. Geraldo has always believed that he is the last word on civil rights and justice. I thought age and experience would have taught him some wisdom. Apparently not. He WAS the first Hispanic reporter in a vastly over represented W.A.S.P. majority back in the olden days. So, does this give him the right to be the spokes person for a group of paid claim jumpers? Nope.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Australia recently sent 70 illegal immigrants (so-called asylum seekers) from their holiday camp (detention centre) on Manus Island to be settled in the USA. After six weeks, forty of them came back to their detention centre saying life was better there than in the USA.

Why? Because in the USA they had to work to get money for food.

On Manus Island they receive free accommodation, food, water, medical care, schooling and any other damned thing they might want and they are free to leave at any time to go to any country but NOT to Australia.

One recent Sunday a highly educated political activist wearing a cassock had the nerve to tell our congregation Australai is running a concentration camp on Manus Island.

Some concentration camp!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If and when the Democrats get through with our country it will be just a land mass full of Muslims and Latin Americans at war with each other. Democrats don't realize they are creating a monster with all that unfettered immigration that will devour them. Democrats think (?) they will be ruling a country full of subjects instead of citizens. On the contrary it will be full of people who care nothing for laws, the Constitution or American values which, by the way, are disappearing faster than a Twinkie in a kid's hand.

Dan said...

@Adolf Fiinkensein

I thought it odd that Manus Island would be familiar-sounding, then it struck me:
We're opening a base there.

Geoff King said...

For once Jerry Rivers got it right. They ARE "economic refugees". If life in their countries was so violent and oppressive, why do they proudly fly the flags of those nations as they walk barefoot towards the U.S. at 50 miles an hour?
Every photo I've seen of the invading shows primarily military aged men in fine physical shape wearing clean clothing and brand new backpacks.
Soros must have paid a fortune for this fiasco.

Jacquelyn A. Heebner said...

This is a great article. And loved the analogy about Geraldo. I tweeted him the other day to "Put a lid on it" but Twitter, in their own special way, took it off the site.

Jess said...

Geraldo will sometimes say things that are profound, and make sense. Then, he'll go back to being a total ass, and make you want to hit him with a chair.

Mark Matis said...

I would only note that they had no problem with the FedPigs using CS gas to murder those children, women, and men in Waco...

Anonymous said...

Well said. And what has not been mentioned yet is the people who support illegal immigrants will not make an effort to sponser them to become legal citizens. Millions could be assisted into becoming a legal U.S. resident. Think of all of the fear of being deported leaving. No more hiding. No more forced illegal activities.

But I guess insisting that following our laws is just too hard.

REM1875 said...

In 2001, during the War in Afghanistan, Rivera was derided for a report in which he claimed to be at the scene of a friendly fire incident; it was later revealed he was actually 300 miles away. Rivera blamed a minor misunderstanding for the discrepancy

Brian williams (who was there with jerry) unavailable for comment......

Beverly Hemmann said...

Has anybody questioned where the money goes that the US has been sending to those countries for years?

Since 1961 the U.S. has provided Honduras with $3 billion. In 2016 the US gave Honduras $127,408,601; Guatemala $246,868,033; El Salvador $74,831,935; Mexico $87,503,680; and Columbia $324,793,061. That is over $600 million a year and doesn't include foreign aid going to other countries, such as Haiti $376,739,142. For 6 countries, US provides over $1 trillion dollars in aid. On this site it will explain which US department the money came out of and how it was disbursed to the country you are interested in. It is unbelievable to me how much money the US is providing to these countries, and yet they cannot seem to pull themselves out of the mess they are in.

Rod said...

That 'toon is a zinger; well done. And the comments ring true. Journalists-my-ass.
And let's get going with impeaching some activists judges, or something.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

The phrase "barbarians at the gate" springs to mind. Pity "giving them a whiff of grape" has fallen out of fashion...

james daily said...

This asylum crap makes no sense. CA can't take care of their own that have suffered immeasurable hardships and loss yet they want more deadbeats ignoring their homeless productive citizens. One thing not mentioned is the loss of tax revenues CA will suffer from losing all these houses, businesses and towns. Secondly, CA is setting in motion their own demise which may not be a bad thing.

I am all for closing the borders to all wanting to cross except returning American Citizens or those with valid passports. This is folks trying to destroy this nation from the bottom up. IF as a nation we where not so benevolent, we would not have these invasions. Not a damn one of these invaders want to fix their own country.

KanB said...

Mariel Boat Lift Redux! Small wonder liberals identify with these mobs, from the videos I've watched they act just like a mob of liberals.

Fred Ciampi said...

And again I say "how many of these bleeding heart liberals, especially Geraldo, will open up their own homes to any of these 'refugees'?

I say close the border for six months and see if things don't settle themselves.

TrickyRicky said...

If you haven't already, get a copy of "Camp of The Saints" by Jean Raspail. Written in 1973, this piece of fiction is prescient in a way that is scary. Sure, it's a tad racist, but absolutely chilling in its prediction of what is happening in Europe and now the USA.

Speaking of our French brothers, I may have missed it, but I am quite SURE that the propaganda putas™, formerly MSM, are popping veins and bursting aneurysms over President Macron's liberal use of tear gas against the populist "yellow vest" protests in Paris. Yeah, quite sure.

Judi King said...

Strong opinions? Don't the leftist idiots understand the word "illegal"? No one is opposing "legal" immigrants, this country is made of them. But people breaking OUR laws need to go or be stopped at the border. So many existing laws have not been enforced for decades and that has to stop.
As for Geraldo, I don't know why Fox even gives him press. He's a leftist trying to pretend he's not. If that's their idea of "fair and balanced", they can stick it.

John D. Egbert said...

@ Dan and Geoff: Jerry (probably Gerald) Rivers - his real name - is a good Jewish boy born and raised in one of the Five Boroughs (Brooklyn?). He's as Hispanic as Abelio (Jim) Acosta - his real Cubano name - is Anglo. And the circle remains unbroken.

udaman said...

I will ask Geraldo the same question I ask all those other rich, crying liberals....How many refugees can I put you down for? Surely your house is large enough for a few? Oh please, Mr. Geraldo, please help them. Crickets. People like him would never give up something of theirs for these people. Not a chance in hell. But they expect the rest of us to do so to make them feel better about themselves for "caring".

Navyvet said...

I wonder if anyone at all was still watching The Five when Phony Haraldo finished his usual commie rant. I stopped watching The Five several years ago and in fact rarely watch Fox news at all now. I don't mind opposing views but raving nut jobs commies like Haraldo with his phaggy mustache, Box Of Rocks Wiliams, and Fatso Beckle instantly made me grab the remote. I heard Beckle is gone but way too late.

Alej said...

I'd like to rip his mustache off with visegrips.

Alfonso Bedoya said...

You said it all, Stilton. Thanks for summarizing what I have known for years---especially since the 1960s, when government subsidies for welfare programs went through the exchange for votes for politicians who then voted for...more welfare. Is this a great country, or what?

Fish Out of Water said...

First everyone bemoaning the caravan must understand its genesis. First while the democrats are venal, they aren't stupid. They have looked at demographics and see the Hispanic bloc as a means to keep them in power. So, the more that flood in and can be kept on the 'plantation ' (wish I knew what the Spainsh word for plantation is) through entitlements, the better. Second, look at this as another head of the "resistance " hydra, an attempt to get President Trump to over play his hand and thus doom his bid for another term.
Last, this planning, coordination and logistics for the caravan speak of an organization(s) behind it. Instead of heart-tugging photos of mothers and their small children trying to breach the border through clouds of tear gas, how about some photos of the Norte Americanos, the Yanquis, directing it all?

Anonymous said...

FYI - Stilton - I couldn't "share" with twitter from my MacBook so I did a C&P. Random glitch or jack up to more censorship? Thanks for you great work!

John the Econ said...

Observations on immigration:

o On one hand, Progressives repeatedly remind us what an awful, racist, misogynistic, economically unjust country America is. And yet literally billions of people still want to come and be poor here.

o Personally, I don't blame these masses for wanting to come here. Wouldn't you rather be poor in America versus poor in the hundreds of s***hole countries around the planet that these people are fleeing from? I think we need to stop blaming most of these people from trying. But that doesn't mean we can let them in either. That is just an unfortunate reality.

I don't blame them for not wanting to stop in Mexico. After all, half of Mexico wants to be here!

o The problem is that we can't instantaneously absorb a billion people from different cultures and still be the America that people what to come to versus escape from.

o Trump's frequently xenophobic tone is not helpful. He'd be doing the cause of immigration reform more good if he focused more on the points above. Instead, he gives people a reason to dismiss the solid arguments for reform.

o The reason we haven't had any "immigration reform" over the last 20 years is because the left and establishment right don't want it. They are happy with the status quo. The left gets what they consider will be a growing excuse and constituency for larger government and future voters while the establishment right gets cheap labor and doesn't have to endure cries of "racism!" that would be the inevitable result of any attempt at meaningful reform.

o What I believe Trump is doing is trying to force Congress to do what it is their responsibility to do, and have an honest debate about immigration.

o That debate needs to answer the following questions:

1) What should the population of America be? How fast should it be allowed to grow?

2) Just who should be allowed in? How shall we choose? From what countries? From what cultures? What sexes? At what ratios?

3) How should we care for them? What new government services will need to be provided? How much of a strain will they put on existing services?

These are hard questions that nobody in Congress wants to go on record answering. So they don't. Until they do, we will remain in a permanent state of crisis.

o "Democratic Socialism" that will provide all kinds of "free" to everybody is all the rage with the Progressives these days. How do they square this with importing tens-of-millions of new citizens who make little to no contribution to the economy, but will be making the greatest demands of the "free"?

o Progressives are arguing that we can control the climate, but can not or should not control immigration.

o Progressives in my town constantly bemoan the dearth of "affordable housing", and yet they're also for "open borders". These two positions are diametrically opposed. Can you imagine the population of your community growing 3 or more times in population in only a few years, with the overwhelming majority of those people being poor, unskilled, and functionally illiterate even in their own language? (Yes, that sounds xenophobic. But that doesn't make it false)

o If these masses were Russians, white, or otherwise predisposed to vote conservative, we'd have the most secure borders on the planet.

Considering what is now happening in Europe, it's entirely possible that the left will rediscover secure borders.

Anonymous said...

I would pay money to make this self-absorbed a-hole to GO AWAY.

Colby Muenster said...

It's pathetic when you think about it. G.R. is a washed-up, bloviating, gasbag trying to stay relevant in a world of younger, more famous and popular, bloviating gasbags. He should be on CNN sucking up to the likes of Acosta rather that being one of Fox News' "fair and balanced" guest commentators. Same goes for Juan Williams. These guys remind me of Larry, Darryl and Darryl. "Anything for a buck."

That being said, I am sick to death of people who crash our borders, with zero regard for our laws, waving the flag of the "horrible" country they are "escaping," being called immigrants. They are law breakers the instant they stick one single toe across the border without first asking permission. In North Carolina, if someone enters my house this way, I can legally shoot them first, and ask questions later.

Anonymous said...

Maybe those 40 can do laundry, clean pools, and pick romaine lettuce for the new base. THAT won't last long. Heh.

Anonymous said...


sergio said...

I want to know whom or which organization sponsored this attempted invasion. Fortunately, there's a new sheriff in town, DJT

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Dan- I find much about The Five to be cringe-worthy. That being said, Mrs. J always tunes in to the opening to hear what Greg Gutfeld has to say (and/or Dana Perino), and she calls my attention to it when there's something worthwhile. It was she who told me I had to see Geraldo's hissy fit. She also likes watching Tucker Carlson (as do I, though she never misses his show).

Other than those shows, we don't catch a lot of Fox News - although Bret Baier's evening news is good (though we still miss Charles Krauthammer so much that it's hard to watch).

@Granny- Geraldo has actually committed acts of decent journalism during his long career, but his bluster and self-righteousness increasingly eclipses anything else. And has anyone else noticed how much more Hispanic Geraldo has become as that's become a career booster?

@Adolf Fiinersein- Impressive that Australia found a way to make things even easier than they are here. And whoever the hell was lecturing about concentration camps really needs to get a better sense of history. They don't just look stupid when they make these statements, but they also dishonor those who suffered so horribly.

@Anonymous- Good points! The Dems think that they can always retain control if they're in charge of food, healthcare, and other human needs. But as we've seen many, many times, the reality doesn't usually play out that way. Oppressed people will eventually turn on the "leaders."

@Dan- Nice to know there will be a ready supply of illegal immigrants available near the base to mow the grass, wash the dishes, and deliver the pizzas.

@Geoff King- I'm with you. Virtually all of the pictures I see of this "caravan" show young, healthy men - and just a light dusting of women and children. Individually, they may well want better lives, but as a group effort this whole thing has been staged, managed, funded, and misrepresented for political purposes.

@Jacquelyn A. Heebner- I've got a Twitter account but never use it. Life is too short, and Twitter is too restrictive.

@Jess- Every now and then, Geraldo does say something halfway intelligent, and I'm dumbstruck. It never lasts long, though.

@Mark Matis- The Waco situation could have been handled by surrounding the compound with barbed wire and waiting. Bill Clinton thought it would make him look too he lit the match that killed everyone in that compound, including a lot of kids. But Trump is the evil one for separating kids from adults who may be their parents, or may be their pimps.

@Anonymous- Seriously, why CAN'T the Libs sponsor illegal immigrants - and take personal and fiscal responsibility for their actions and/or crimes? Until that happens, it's just another instance of these morons trying to make themselves feel good by spending other peoples money.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- Hey, what's 300 miles (give or take) among friends?

@Beverly Hemmann- Nobody gives away money like the United States. Some of it makes sense, but I think it's time for a major review of what we're getting in return for all those dollars. Too often, the "aid" lines the pockets of the powerful in other countries rather than doing the people any good.

@Anonymous- There's no way we can deport all the illegals who are here at this point, but that's all the more reason to build the wall and at least freeze the growth of the problem we're dealing with.

@Rod- I find the news coverage of MOST things to be worthless these days. There are clearly some major elements of this story, in particular, that "real" journalists would be digging up and reporting. But noooooo...

@M. Mitchell Marmel- I hadn't heard the "whiff of grape" reference before, but I accurately guessed what it meant!

@James Daily- I agree. Mind you, the folks coming into the country illegally for the most part don't want to destroy our country, but they're doing it all the same. And yes, why aren't they trying to fix their own countries?

@William Hart- You're right - a mob is a mob is a mob.

@Fred Ciampi- To hell with Geraldo "opening up" his home - howzabout Trump starts using eminent domain to seize the estates of liberal celebs and making them into (ahem) "refugee" camps?

@TrickRicky- I'll look for that book. And I have to admit that I'm amused by the phrase "a tad rascist." That's a distinction that would make heads explode on the Left.

Mad celt said...

He was retarded back in the 80s and nothings changed.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Judi King- You almost never hear anyone on the Left make the distinction between immigrants and illegal immigrants. It's the same difference as someone leaving a bank with money from their savings account versus a robber leaving with that same money. One transaction is legal, one isn't - no matter HOW much the robber may "need" that money.

And Fox gives Geraldo airtime to prove they're "fair and balanced," but it's such a charade. Don't even start me on Juan Williams, who seems like a really nice guy but an idiot. I actually wish Fox would host some SMART liberals for their debates - not that there are many of them. Camille Paglia and the late, great Christopher Hitchens spring to mind.

@John D. Egbert- I think you've got Mr. Rivera summed up accurately.

@udaman- Geraldo could open his home, or perhaps give 90% of his income to support these noble economic refugees. But no, he's just going to let the working poor - who compete for the same jobs and/or see their wages depressed - take the brunt of the attack.

@Navyvet- I agree across the board. I can, however, recommend the "Journal Editorial Report" on Fox News (Sunday, I think) which features writers and editors from the Wall Street Journal. Good quality commentary and no shouting. And oh, how I miss Greg Gutfeld's "Red Eye" show! It was timely and brilliant. His current show is a pale and strained imitation.

@Alej- It's okay with me if it's okay with Geraldo.

@Alfonso Bedoya- I wish today's young liberals could have seen the way the "Great Society" programs ruined so many things. It's a shame that they're not educated about it.

@Fish Out of Water- Very well put!

@Gee M- I remember that Eric Bolling once made a crack to Geraldo about Capone's Vault while on The Five, and Geraldo threatened to take him outside and beat on him. Jackass.

@Anonymous- I have no idea how to share things to Twitter, so thank YOU for doing so. I'm glad to get my opinions out there, but I don't care enough to give Twitter one of the few remaining pieces of my personal time and (occasional) sanity.

@John the Econ- Terrific points, and a whole lot of them. Yes, yes, yes to everything you're saying here.

@Anonymous- This could become a whole new form of crowdfunding; raising money to make annoying celebrities leave us the hell alone. I'd give frequently and generously.

@Colby Muenster- Liberals think it's an oversimplification to liken people illegally entering our country to those who would illegally enter our homes, but it's exactly the same thing. Anyone who's in favor of open borders but has a lock on their front door is the worst kind of hypocrite.

@Anonymous- Hey, it's okay with me as long as those 40 illegals get rigorous background checks.

@sergio- SOMEone has damn sure footed the bill for these "refugees," and the mainstream media is amazingly incurious about who or why.

@Mad Celt- Except for the fact that we now call him "differently abled."

Geoff King said...

Scientific proof that liberals are brain damaged!!

Fish Out of Water said...

To throw a bit of fat into the fire, I wonder what sort of commentary there was during the Irish Potato Famine induced migration to America in the 1800's?

Joseph ET said...

As an alternate to Fox News Channel I use Fox Business Channel where there is Lou Dobbs and now Trish Regan as well. Then there’s the new One America News Network ( but they aren’t on all the cables yet. The main issue I have with oann is many of their news readers are very monotone and that becomes annoying.

Alan said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Jarlsberg.