Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Impeach Impaired

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Something very interesting has happened in the last couple of days. With hints that the long-awaited Mueller Report might finally be issued at any moment, the anti-Trump impeachment rhetoric of rabid Democrat dogs Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff has changed remarkably.

Perhaps after getting insider information that the Mueller Report will be less a hurricane than a butterfly fart, the two (and other democrats) are suddenly striking a much more subdued tone "for the good of the country." Right. As if either has ever showed interest in what was good for our country.

"Unless there's something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don't think we should go down that path," said the ever-bipartisan House Speaker through tight-pressed, botoxed lips, "because it divides the country." And if there's one thing the Democrats clearly don't want, it's to divide the country...except by race, gender, religion, class, sexual orientation, culture, fiscal worth, or citizenship status.

In similarly measured tones (perhaps after quaffing a similarly measured amount of taxpayer-funded booze from Nancy's drink cart), Adam "When I Hit The Fan" Schiff reluctantly mumbled "A bipartisan process would have to be extra clear and compelling." As opposed to, presumably, made up out of whole cloth by a cabal of liars looking to overturn our last Presidential election.

Of course, the loud "beep-beep-beep" of high-ranking Democrats trying to back up may be due to more than just leaked information that the Mueller Report is going to be absolutely inconsequential. Because in a recent interview, Trump said that if the Democrats "want to play tough," then he will declassify documents which will be "devastating" to them.

This may be total BS on Trump's part (he is, after all, a more efficient manure spreader than you'll find on even the largest factory farm), or it might be actual truth. But if it is, we don't think Trump should be using it as a bargaining chip.

Rather, he should go ahead and drop the mother of all Truth Bombs on the Democrats (and deserving Republicans, for that matter) then start rebuilding our government in the smoldering, slightly radioactive crater that used to be the Washington swamp.


REM1875 said...

If there was anything in that report that was important it would have been released in the usual DemonRat/media method --- it would have been leaked to us like everything else .....

BWMAGA said...

Have you noticed how many talking heads from the MSM have lately been espousing how "Disappointed" they will be if Mueller comes up empty? Does this not PROVE that they care nothing about the welfare of the Country? They are actually hoping that our Country elected a corrupt criminal! Wouldn't a SANE individual be glad that the Country is safe and NOT being headed by a Russian operative? The word DERANGED doesn't cover their psychosis.
Also, when Pelosi, all of a sudden, sounds more rational than you, isn't that a clue that you may be off the deep end?

She’s A Beauty said...

Take note of the psychos still clamoring for “impeachment” (hint: bootlip’s camp) and you’ll find the true braindead snakepit.

BonnieMH said...

Chuck & Nancy are spiteful and petty people. One-upping Trump is the purpose of their existence. I am suspicious they have something else up their sleeve that means no good. I truly doubt that the good of the Country and effective legislation is their goal, at all!

Jason Anyone said...

You been peaking over my shoulder, Stilts? I just retweeted this yesterday.

OnTheTrumpTrain said...

I too would like for reports to be released HOWEVER, I'm afraid that there would be rioting and looting, swearing that the conservatives have defiled their eyes with the despicable truth that demands screaming and tearing out hair and smashing windows. Would have to call in the military to protect the rest of us.

Jim Irre said...

Politicians just don't get that the Sheeple have a short attention span. So the long drawn out "investigation" this has turned into no longer has any meaning. Most of the population quit paying attention long ago. We do have lives, after all.

I did hear some idiot Democrat yesterday blathering about how "if we don't use the impeachment process we'll never know if it would have worked against Trump." If Pelosi doesn't shut that down, I say let him go ahead with it. It will make the Dems look really stupid. But wouldn't that be redundant at this point?

Gary said...

They knew from the start that the Russian collusion story was made up, because THEY made it up. All they ever wanted was to ruin Trumps chances in 2020.

Fred Ciampi said...

On The Trump Train, the military won't have to protect us, there are approximately 73,488,269 former military and other patriots who will gladly do the job. Approximately.

McChuck said...

On Friday, the Trump administration leaked that the Clinton investigation was being reopened. On Monday, Pelosi announced that the Trump impeachment was being cancelled.

Coincidence, I'm sure.

TMay said...

Now they are talking about redoing Mueller's investigation.

I think that Stilton's phrase "cabal of liars" was meant to be created.

I don't think Trump should release the documents until very close to the election. As a person stated, the public has a short attention span. You don't want him releasing them and have them forgotten due to the news cycle. You only get to release them once. You want it still in their minds when they are voting.

Fish Out of Water said...
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Emmentaler Limburger said...

Amen! He should declassify IMMEDIATELY! (@TMay: your plan is good, except for how adept the Democrat Propaganda Organ - formerly known as the MSM - is at burying such. All they need do is dangle something shiny before the lemmings and poof! No impact...)

@Gary Angelone: You give them too much credit for rationality and forethought. I think that, if anything, the 2020 election was a tertiary goal. Their focus was more immediate. I believe the main focus was somehow invalidating the 2018 election (failed). Their secondary goal was to derail the Trump agenda (partially successful). Now, I guess, they'll have to rely solely on their obstructionism, which usually doesn't pay out so well at the ballot box...

Fish Out of Water said...

Personally, this news is a yawn. Whatever the Mueller report says or doesn't say, one thing Pelosi astutely understands is the clock has run out. It's only 22 months before the 2020 elections and now it's a throw of the dice on a democratic candidate unseating Trump. If the Mueller report is a big nothingburger, (and even if it is a nothingburger, the democrats will try to make something of it anyway), then who should be held accountable for the diverted resources, time and $$$? The twice failed, most vile, venal an possibly mentally disturbed presidential candidate in recent times.

For me, the recent news the worst electoral mistake since the peanut farmer from Plains Ga administration may have told the FBI to stand down in it investigation of the twice failed most vile, venal and possibly mentally disturbed presidential candidate in recent times, is a more compelling story.

Likewise, the exploding college admissions scandal that is probably going to wreck the futures of otherwise deserving kids as universities go to extremes to "fix" the problem.

And last, there is a moving piece by Tucker Carlson today on a creeping, concerted attempt by Fox New's enemies, to silence it.

Geoff King said...

I'd bet even the worst PI could find dirt on 97% of congress. If after all their digging nothing can be found on Trump, they had better consider shutting their mouths or their House (and Senate) of cards could come crashing down.

Anonymous said...

Could be that with the kids now running with political scissors up and down the halls of the capital building Auntie Nancy realizes that she and Uncle Chucky could never control the clown show extravaganza that an impeachment would inevitably become. It is too close to the election and, while the Democrats might have tried it if there were still adults in charge, she knows that revulsion is a powerful emotion and with a room full of food throwing children no one is going to order off the Democrat "happy excrement meal" menu offered in 2020.
Right now she's just praying to "Benjamin", the graven deity of socialism, that she can hold on to the House.

TrickyRicky said...

@On The Trump Train- I don't see the downside. Break out the water cannons and rubber bullets!

@Gary Angelone- Yes, they did make it all up, but they thought they could take him out during his first term. Now they have had to alter their goal to the 2020 election.

When the Mule's report comes out with no evidence of collusion and Nancy decides to back off the impeachment rhetoric, I cannot wait to watch the schism grow between the fossils and the communist children within the Dem caucus. Will she cave, as she did with the antisemitism resolution, or will freshman heads start to roll. Pass the popcorn!!

rickn8or said...

The real loser here is Mad Maxine; she's spent months rehearsing and delivering her "In-peach Fowty-Fi!" and now has to start all over on a new tirade.

@Fish Out of Water, in light of the emerging college entrance scandal, can you imagine the security measures that will be put in place clashing with the "it's their RIGHT and no they don't have to show you an ID!" people?

Colby Muenster said...

We all know that, had Mueller actually found even the slightest wrong-doing, he sure as hell wouldn't let it simmer until his "investigation" was done. He would have dropped a bomb like that the second after he found it, and the so called press would have honked their own horns for months on end.

None of this happened. Beyond the peons he busted for crimes completely unrelated to "Trump/Russia collusion," he ain't got shit.

People with more than a half brain (i.e. everyone who isn't a Maxine Watters Democrat), likely realized this many months ago, and I guess that includes Nancy.

Eventually, Herr Mueller will have to release the 85,000 page report about nothing and eat crow. Pelosi apparently is preparing the way to help Dims from as much face/egg syndrome as possible. An unexpected surprise is Adam Schitt now in back pedal mode.

I'm quite enjoying the back peddling and lack of "Inpeach foe-ty fi" from Maxine (thanks Rickn8or).

@Bill Walker,
Ain't it da troof! And were supposed to accept their claims of impartiality! I can't wait to see how the "press" spins a Mueller report that doesn't end with Trump in cuffs and an orange jumpsuit.

John the Econ said...

So two years and millions of dollars spent, and they got nothing. So never mind.

And now they're concerned about dividing the country and want the be "bipartisan". Funny.

Or more likely: They've done some new polling and have received some rather disturbing news. First Bernie & Liz, and now AOC and the young turks cohort have swept the party so far to the extreme left that Trump will pretty much be able to sleep through the 2020 campaign and still win. Because the reality is that people who are enjoying a revived job market, rising wages, and relative stability really don't want "Medicaid for All" or a "Green New Deal" which only the most dense fail to realize will reduce the United States to Venezuela.

Speaking of Venezuela: You've heard the joke that goes, "What did socialists use before candles? Electricity!" But now that the lights have literally gone out in Venezuela, so has the water. So what do socialists use after water?

Desperate Venezuelans swarm sewage drains in search of water

Because without a reliable power supply, you don't have a reliable water supply either.

But we should applaud the poor people of Venezuela for making a visible sacrifice in for reducing their carbon footprint, and showing American's what's in store for them under the "Green New Deal".

Beans said...

I've been thinking for over a year that if they didn't find anything on Trump in the first year, why continue to run the investigation? It may have helped to flip the midterms, but historically a President loses the House anyways during his first term, at the midterms, coincidentally.

I've been thinking that Trump is the one thing keeping the investigation going. The longer the nothing-burger of an investigation goes on until it finally peters out and dies with a wimpy gasp, concluding 'No Collusion, No Nothing' the better it is for Trump's reelection. Just look at the things he's been able to do during the 'investigation.' Now we'll have Trump unleashed and with all the tools the Dems used against him to absolutely pummel any and all opponents.

We'll see, in the next 2 years, how gentlemanly and gracious Trump actually is, depending on how public and mean his 'discoveries' will be. Personally, I think he'll be doing a lot of quiet 'Do you really want this info out there or do you want to resign' conversations. Why? Because that's the way businessmen do things.

Shelly said...

Well, at least Mueller and his Democrat lawyer cohorts had a great payday and enabled the talking heads to bloviate for two years about how Trump was going to the big house (the not White one). The worst thing to come of this is the exposure of the FBI and DOJ as corrupt partisans for which they will never be held to account legally but have lost the trust of the American people. Good job, asshats!

james daily said...

On Pelosi's shelving the impeachment, this is a trick. What she has done is let NY take the lead and she will attack on a different front. (The newly-elected New York State Attorney General is following through with her threat to go after President Trump.)

Now, on the 40+ percent of the young wanting socialism: I think this is because they are in debt up to their chins with student loans and they finally figured out this crushing debt has ruined their lives and they want out from under it. Just my opinion as I have no info to back that up. The dems have been waving a "forgiveness" flag for a long time even though they have no intention following through. IF the Rs really wanted these young, they would pass a bill to make the interest -0- and make them just pay the nut. That will never happen either. Many of these will go to their graves still owing.

John the Econ said...

@Beans askes "...if they didn't find anything on Trump in the first year, why continue to run the investigation?"

A) Hope that given enough time and resources, sooner or later they will find something.

B) To discourage people from outside the swamp from even considering "public service". Unless you are an phenomenally wealthy individual, (such as Trump) being a party to the target of such an investigation is financially devastating. Nobody can stand such scrutiny, and even if one could, the costs of defending yourself even when innocent are immense. By discouraging outsiders from serving in such roles, they effectively isolate Trump or any other outsider like him.

Who wants to sign up for that?

But I do agree with "The longer the nothing-burger of an investigation goes on until it finally peters out and dies with a wimpy gasp, concluding 'No Collusion, No Nothing' the better it is for Trump's reelection."

It also gives the Democrats a phony target to aim at while he pursues his actual agenda. I'd do the same.

Also why I've argued that if Michael Avenatti isn't on Trump's payroll, he should be.

@James Daily said "...on the 40+ percent of the young wanting socialism: I think this is because they are in debt up to their chins with student loans and they finally figured out this crushing debt has ruined their lives and they want out from under it."

I think there's a lot of truth to that. But it's also a really bad scheme. After all, it's possible to eventually pay off your student loan debt and be free of it. By socializing it along with everyone else's, they'll be paying for that debt through future taxes, forever. They will never be free.

Socialism is the ideology of envy and greed.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- I absolutely believe if the Dems had ANYthing, we'd have seen the vultures circling by now. And we certainly wouldn't be hearing all of this talk about moderation from the Dems, and a potentially "disappointing" report from the MSM.

@Bill Walker- You're absolutely right, Bill. The MSM has shown no interest in getting the truth, only getting Trump. When Mueller's report comes up empty, it will only underscore that much of the MSM really is an enemy of the state.

@Section147- Oh, they'll never give up completely. They believe their resentment of Trump is, in and of itself, impeachable.

@Bonnie Houghton- I think it's safe to say that Chuck and Nancy are as dedicated to sabotaging Trump as they ever were. They're just going to have to readjust their strategies.

@Jason Anyone- I hadn't seen that, but yes - I was going for the "peach" and "pear" comparison, though didn't know if anyone would pick up on it (with the different spelling of "pear").

@OnTheTrumpTrain- I'd prefer that the Report's conclusions stay buried, other than to show actual criminal activity. That'll never happen, though - everything will be leaked immediately, in hopes of inspiring the very actions you're describing.

@Jim Irre- I'm not sure that the majority of people have really forgotten about the investigation, rather than just incorporating it in their day to day lives as confirmation bias that A) the system is corrupt, or B) Trump is corrupt. And yes, for the Dems to attempt impeachment without substantive evidence really WOULD make them look bad. Or should I say worse?

@Gary Angelone- It can't be said any more clearly and accurately than that!

@Fred Ciampi- I hope it never comes to that. And the Left had sure as hell better hope it never comes to that.

@McChuck- Interesting timing, right? Though frankly, if we could finally drag all of Obama's goons and Hillary into federal court, it would be worth putting Trump on trial (because he would win - they wouldn't).

@Tmay- Redoing Mueller's investigation?! I hadn't heard that. On a completely unrelated note, I need to buy some stock in torches and pitchforks. And you may be right that the time to lower the "classified" boom on the Dems is at election time.

@Emmentaler Limburger- I'm torn on when such information should be released. Although if I go with my gut, I say do it ASAP. Some of us have been waiting an awfully long time.

@Fish Out of Water- Truth be told, I'm utterly bored of all things related to Mueller. Like you, though, I'm pretty revved up about reports that the DOJ told the FBI to back off on Hillary's serious criminal activity. Damn it, I want some asses going to jail!

The college scandal illustrates once again that the rich (many, in this case, seemingly liberal) will buy their way out of the rules they try to impose on the rest of us. And it will always be that way.

Finally, screw the people trying to pull Tucker Carlson off the air. He's a treasure (not that I always agree with him, but I always respect him). I've heard the "horrible" things he said and am not only unoffended, I don't even disagree with his statements.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Geoff King- Your estimation of 97% might be on the low side, though I'm sure there's a real bell curve of just how corrupt various politicians are. But as I said in the commentary, if there are verified documents detailing real wrongdoing, I want the hammer to fall on BOTH parties. And I have no doubt which side would be hit hardest.

@Anonymous- Good analysis! Nancy probably realizes that a true impeachment trial is too slow, deliberate, and complex for the "blink and you miss it" attention spans of the hip new generation of slacker socialists.

@TrickyRicky- I think you're right that the young upstarts will blame the older Dems for their failure to get Trump. So maybe I should also buy some stock in Orville Redenbacher...

@rickn8or- Maxine can continue to use the phrase. Her electorate has no idea in Hell what's going on anyway. Regarding the college situation, I wouldn't be surprised if this creates a backlash (amongst young Lefties) against SAT testing. What could be more unfair than a test which shows you're dumb if you self-identify as smart?

@Colby Muenster- There are some people who think Mueller is a little more principled than you suggest, though they may well be wrong. I'm withholding judgement on him until the report comes out. After which, I hope I never hear his name again.

@John the Econ- I don't doubt that the Dems are getting some pretty scary poll numbers these days. The Lefty causes that are "trending" are death at the polls.

And I grieve for the poor bastards in Venezuela. I saw a Facebook meme about Trump appointing AOC to be the new ambassador to Venezuela, and I'd actually love to see that happen.

@Beans- I, too, wonder if Trump might prefer to use insider information as a bargaining chip rather than a cudgel. But since we've seen zero cooperation from the Dems so far, I'm guessing that he hasn't played those cards yet.

@Shelly- I'm sure there are fine people in the FBI and DOJ, but I have no respect at all for the institutions themselves. Jim Comey might as well be Al Capone in my book...and the fact that no one in the ranks stopped the wrongdoing has irreparably damaged the reputations of our former law enforcement bodies.

@James Daily- Clearly Pelosi isn't really turning over a new leaf. She's just planning a different line of attack. Regarding college loans, even lowering interest to 0% probably wouldn't sway most of these kids - who didn't understand interest payments on loans anyway. Rather, they'll hear the Dems espousing free college, and think "maybe it will be retroactive?" Okay, they can't actually think in words the size of "retroactive," but you get the idea.

@John the Econ- Great points, all.

Joseph ET said...

Funny that I twitted this yesterday;

FREE College tuition is only acceptable if it's retroactive to cover mine, which means I receive a refund plus interest.
and now I ask, Who's in?

John the Econ said...

@Joseph ET twitted "FREE College tuition is only acceptable if it's retroactive to cover mine, which means I receive a refund plus interest."


"Free" college tuition would be an insult to those of us who didn't get 4+ year vacations from reality on someone else's dime.

But then again, the vast bulk of the Progressive agenda is an insult to those of us who have behaved frugally through life and are now just seen as targets to be fleeced for the benefit of those who have not, or don't wish to.

Speaking of the benefits of attending college, here's an example of someone who didn't have to pay tuition herself:

Lori Loughlin’s Daughter Admitted She Just Wants to Party in College

“I don’t know how much of school I’m going to attend, but will talk to my deans and everyone,” Olivia said while describing how she will balance out her busy schedule.

As for what she was looking forward to in college, Olivia said she really wanted the “experience of game days” and “partying,” before admitting, “I don’t really care about school, as you guys know.”

Sad to think that somewhere out there, some anonymous kid with the aptitude to crack cold fusion but without rich celebrity parents got bumped to make room for a ditzy Instagram star who doesn't even want to be there beyond game days and partying. (For which you don't even really need to be attending a school to do, btw)

Oh, to make this whole episode even more embarrassing:

Olivia Jade was enjoying spring break on a yacht owned by Rick Caruso, chairman of USC's Board of Trustees, when news of her mom's indictment broke

I can only hope that when she got kicked off the yacht, she had to row back to shore.

I can't think of a better time for an honest debate about the state of academia in America: It's a given that pretty much all of the Democratic hopefuls for President are going to be pitching a "free" college plan of some sort. But to pay for what? We already have millions of kids perusing useless degrees and even more that have racked up almost a trillion-and-a-half of unpaid student loan debt who are completely economically useless. What's the real difference between Lori Loughlin dropping $500k to send her daughter away to party for half-a-decade and the taxpayers doing it, other than that I wasn't forced to pay for the former?

When I went to a very liberal state school back in the '80s, one of the aspects that amused me the most about the people who ran the place was how they were so far above the crass commercial interests of the "real world". (Consider that this was the "Reagan era", which offended their sensibilities no less that the "Trump era" offends contemporary Progressives) They saw themselves as some sort of island of moral and intellectual purity far removed from the real world. This arrogance just made their real behavior all that more hypocritical. The only difference between the behavior of academics and the "real world" is that in the real world, economic reality eventually punishes such levels of arrogance and stupidity. In academia, not only does it get to continue unabated, it's frequently rewarded.

So the notion that handing these people even more money on the behalf of any comer regardless of academic potential and expecting the result to be something like the Star Trek universe is simply ludicrous.

Academia in America has become a total fraud. Throwing more money at it will make it worse. Instead of sending it more kids for indoctrination, we should be defunding it and making it fight for its life.

james daily said...

I suppose that while breaking the law, the colleges, et al forgot about the Law of Unintended Consequences.
$500 Billion is a chuck of change.

Joseph ET said...

Senator Lindsey Graham wants a Special Prosecutor to look into the "other side" in the 2016 election.

I say, start with this.

Some are saying that many amnesties were passed out in regard to the Clinton email case. We need to know who received it, what it covered, what they provided for it, who authorized it and by what authority. Also, let’s see the paperwork!

Perhaps those amnesties can be thrown out.

Average Joe said...

How freakin' ironic would it be if Wild Bill and Hillary are caught up in the college scandal if they bought Chelsea a pass to enrollment and that FINALLY opens the door for her prosecution on all the other things she should be in jail for? Hopefully someone is looking into how Chelsea got into college too.