Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Staying Abreast of the News

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In a perfect world, this would be the cast of "The View."
Owing to the fact that Stilton's Place is a "woke" site (at least, after a couple of cups of black coffee in the morning), we like to occasionally showcase the opinions of those who self-identify as women without much clothing. Clothing, of course, being one of the worst exemplars of easily spotted income inequality.

Which is why we asked the ladies above what kind of investigation they'd like to see now that Attorney General William Barr has hired US attorney John Durham to look into possible (ha!) corruption and illegal actions associated with the specious multi-agency "Russian investigation" of President Donald Trump.

Durham is said to be tough, fair, and non-ideological...and a guy who believes in the rule of law. Which could translate into a lot of fun for those of us who've been waiting (seemingly forever) to see some of the smug, lying SOB's on the Left forced to testify under oath and, oh yeah, get long prison sentences.

We can already see friction being generated between some of the major players (including former FBI-director James Comey, former CIA director John Brennan, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper) who all seem increasingly likely to turn on one another. Which isn't surprising considering that charges are likely to range from gross malfeasance to treason.

In any event, like the strong, independent women pictured above, we look forward to seeing the investigation proceed with considerable vigor and full revelation. Or at least as much revelation as our panelists are displaying.


Dan said...

Hmm -- "tough, fair, and non-ideological...and a guy who believes in the rule of law."
Now where have I heard that before? How about before that?

I take an extreme wait-and-see attitude.

But your guest panel today seems OK.

Mike aka Proof said...

Stilton, I'm pretty sure you doubled at least one entendre in that 'toon.
I may go into more detail later, but for now, I'll be in my bunk!

mamafrog said...

Personally, those dames need to cover up, or maybe eat a sandwich or two. They look massively undernourished bordering on anorexia. Scary, if ya ask me...

Jim G. said...

I firmly believe God has a hand in all of this. The truth is finally going to come out from the darkness. God is going to light the lamp. Woe be it for those who have caused all of this. President Donald Trump is going to be vindicated!

Peace all,
Jim G. in Coronado

REM1875 said...

Nothing but the naked truth !!!

GregB said...

Stilt, I sure hope you are right in your analysis. Let's just hope John Durham's investigation (sorry, not Dunham - perhaps you were thinking of a different ventriloquist, Jeff Dunham) doesn't turn out to be as fake as what is bulging from the tops of each of the four non-burkini wearing ladies in your photo.

I for one would sure love to see the perps squirm around a bit before getting to do the perp walk they so richly deserve to Florence Correctional Institution or some other such "safe space." I'll be popping the popcorn and watching in eager anticipation of the upcoming fireworks show, but I still won't be holding my breath that any of these traitors will ever see any real justice - at least, in this lifetime.

Too much protection for them coming from the top of the dung heap IMHO. Consider that a proven criminal mastermind who is guilty of all kinds of sedition and multiple crimes against the state and who truly did collude with the Russians in a multimillion dollar uranium deal in which she personally benefited is still walking around free with not even a hint of an indictment against her. I'm still looking to see even one of the "recipes" that she claims were among the 35K emails that were deleted from the illegal server she kept.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Looking forward to a new season of "Orange is the New Black" starring HRC and the rest of the DNC...

FlyBoy said...

@GregB & M. Mitchell: don’t hold your breath waiting for HRC to do the perp walk....I doubt very much that ANY of the swamp dwellers in D.C. have the ‘nads to go after her, including Mr. Barr.

As for the lovely ladies in the panel above, as my dad used to say: “They’ll never drown!!!!”

Fish Out of Water said...

Busty was busy?

But turning serious, perhaps this has parallels to the big nothing burger the Virginia blackface/sexual harassment flap has turned out to be, primarily due to the running dog media realizing further pursuit of the story serve to benefit the GOP.

Likewise with this potentially, blockbuster - Pulitzer Prize worthy story....

An aside, the overwhelming comments here are of one mind; comforting and reassuring, but wouldn't contrary comments even from tiresome trolls, provide all with a more rigorous intellectual workout. Not saying such are moderates out; the opposing side may not even deign to comment for that matter, but hey...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Dan- Yeah, Durham's resume looks a lot like Mueller's, so we'll ALL have to wait to see if Durham is the real deal or, like Mueller, an ideologue with an ax to grind.

@Mike aka Proof- Well sure, if you have a dirty mind you can take ANYthing the wrong way.

@mamafrog- Being a woke kind of guy, I'm not into bodyshaming. That being said, on second look, which I otherwise wouldn't have done voluntarily, I don't really see any anorexics on the team although I did spot at least one pair of totally fake sweater stretchers. I blame Obamacare.

@Jim G.- I hope you're right. Justice has been delayed/denied so long that it's sometimes hard to keep the faith. Then again, that's what makes it faith.

@REM1875- I'm a big believer in transparency.

@GregB- D'oh! Thanks for catching my spelling error on Durham's name (now fixed). Regarding the investigation, I'm more hopeful than optimistic, for the very reasons you cite. This isn't so much a case of investigating individuals as investigating the whole damn swamp and the way power is really used and abused in Washington. That's a massive undertaking. With an emphasis on "undertaking" when it comes to those who push Hillary too far.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Well I'D darn well be watching every episode!

@FlyBoy- Considering their "enhancements," I'm not sure the ladies are safe from drowning, but they'll never be injured in a head-on collision.

@Fish Out of Water- We already know where the media will stand on all of this, particularly since there have been hints that the Horowitz report will contain a section on how the media was essentially a co-conspirator.

And yes, Stilton's Place is pretty much a safe haven for a lot of us, though I don't really feel a need to curate an echo chamber. Dissenting voices would certainly be welcome as long as they were civil and informed. Don't laugh - it could happen, but too rarely does.

@Section147- Sorry, but I had to nuke your comment. I'd prefer that we talk about a thorough investigation, fair trials, and appropriate sentencing.

TrickyRicky said...

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the corruption in the Obama administration went all the way to the top, all day, every day, and in every department of the executive. I also don't doubt that this swamp along the Potomac predates the Obama administration by decades. It's just that Obama pledged to fundamentally change the country, and he did, apparently on steroids.

I sincerely hope that the wheels of justice will grind their way up to Clapper, Brennan, Lynch, along with their minions such as Comey, Mueller and the rest. I have no real expectation that Biden, Hillary or the head rat bastard will suffer any consequences whatsoever.

james daily said...

Although I am in complete agreement with wanting some semblance of justice done to the swamp creatures, I must remind you the AG from Utah, Huber, has been "investigating" for about 2 years and we have zero, nada, zip from his lips. Yes, I would like to be more optimistic but history teaches us that it would probably be misplaced.
It appears right now that foot dragging is the rule of the day and that no indictments will be forthcoming during this President's term. There is not one conservative in this nation does not want the AG to pick up the pace and at least show some progress.

So, the question becomes why the slow wobble? Judicial Watch has done more to out these criminals than the entire DOJ, FBI and CIA combined. Yes, I do donate to them as often as I can because they at least are trying but are being ignored for their efforts and a big THANK YOU to them for this. So, the wheels of justice will come to a slow rotation because there are just too many involved, too many that are untouchable and too many that know where the bodies are buried, figuratively and literally and it reached to the Presidency.

If they were actually interested in prosecution, would they not have already indicted Lynch for lying under oath? The weaponizing of the IRS against conservatives? AG Holder for the Fast and Furious felonies? Prima facie evidence plus confessions under oath, lying under oath and on and on?

Sorry for the rant but that my opinion and I am sticking to it and now, back to the eye candy.

Geoff King said...

Off topic, but as it occurred about 15 miles from where I live, I bring it up.
Isaac Kappy, a two bit actor whom I never heard of, supposedly committed suicide by jumping off an I-40 overpass in front of an oncoming pickup truck. Evidently he recently accused several in Hollywood of paedophilia.
Seems odd that he would kill himself by jumping all of 20 feet to the ground, especially since a 2000+ foot drop was available less than 80 miles away at the Grand Canyon and he had travelled all the way from his home in Albuquerque.
At the Canyon there is no question you will succeed in killing yourself without the risk of taking someone else with you.

John the Econ said...

If you're going to use your cleavage to make a point, I much prefer the above to this:

Activist Glues Her Breasts To The Road In London Protest

As for Durham's investigation, I've been disappointed too many times to get too excited about this. In fact, that we even need another "investigation" is absurd as we already know the salient facts:

Hillary & the Democrats hired a sketchy oppo research firm to hire a sketchy law firm to hire a sketchy ex-MI6 operative to hire some sketchy Russians to produce "the dossier".

The Democrats fed the sketchy dossier to various swamp creatures who fed it to the FBI & Yahoo News.

The FBI went to a FISA judge and said "Hey, this is credible! We verified it via Yahoo News!.

Against their better judgement, the FISA judge authorized the FBI to start an investigation, which included wire tapping various Trump campaign associates and sending spies, um, no, "cloaked investigators" to infiltrate the campaign.

And FBI agents were aware that Barack Obama wanted to be kept abreast of the goings on.

If only Richard Nixon had been as clever and had such willing government agencies. In some future age when more objective historians document all of this, they'll conclude that it made Watergate really look like amateur hour.

But I'm not expecting that any time soon, if even in my lifetime.

Colby Muenster said...

My take on this so called investigation... I sorta, kinda think Barr already has all the ammo he needs, and is just going through the motions with Durham. Plus, it needs to drag out for a few months to have maximum impact on the 2020 election. Of course, AG Barr wouldn't play political games like that, would he? Eric Holder once said, "When they go low, we kick 'em." Awesome advice, right?

But, like so many others here, I've gotten my hopes up before and have so far come home without a prom date. I'm watching with a strange combination of high hopes mixed with trepidation! Never underestimate the Republican's ability to completely screw things up. They typically act like they are going to take a big dump on somebody, then end up letting a tiny, little, beeper fart.

Then again, I'm betting there are more than a few swamp creatures shitting their pants right about now. Somebody just might start blabbing.

Rob said...

Well done as usual! I do have to say though, when I read the part about wishing these were the women of The View, my gut reaction was, "I don't want to see Whoopi orJoy in a bikini!"

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@TrickyRicky- What can I say? I agree with you completely.

@james daily- As "rants" go, yours is right on target. Just as there were banks that were "too big to fail," I'm wondering if Washington's corruption is "too big to prosecute." I think it's likely the case.

@Geoff King- Yeah, what I read about Isaac Kappy (including his last post) was really weird. Moreover, the story I read said he "forced himself off the bridge" which is an odd bit of language. Don't know if he was knocked off or just deeply disturbed. But I agree that if it were just suicide, he shouldn't involve some stranger who A) could be killed or B) at the very least will have a very painful memory now.

@John the Econ- Frankly, I think there should be more breast-gluing protests. Alyssa Milano should be encouraged to lead the movement.

As far as your breakdown of what actually happened, and what WE ALL KNOW TO BE THE CASE, you've summarized things perfectly. No further investigations are needed to start hauling asses off to jail...if there's a will to do so. But optimism may be displaced in this regard. I'm just hoping to be proved wrong.

@Colby Muenster- You've captured the essential dynamics perfectly: tiny little beeper farts from the GOP, but possible fear among the Lefties that someone will start talking to reduce their own time in the hoosegow. It seems like Brennan and Clapper are all ready to throw Comey under the bus.

@Rob- To be clear, I wasn't recommending those outfits for the current cud-chewers on "The View."

Fish Out of Water said...

@ John the Econ: I'm glad Nixon didn't have this at his disposal. Even thought I voted for him, in the end he was a slimy, slinking weasel who betrayed pretty much everyone. Even the Greatest Generation in giving Iwo Jima back to Japan.

John the Econ said...

"Frankly, I think there should be more breast-gluing protests. Alyssa Milano should be encouraged to lead the movement."

We really should be grateful that the thought leaders of the left are so crazy. To think that these are the "smart ones". The dumb and lazy ones simply re-post memes. It's hard to argue that Trump is the crazy one when you have "the smart people" trying to glue themselves everywhere.

Speaking of Alyssa Milano, the crazy has achieved escape velocity and in the name of protesting for abortion, she's actually made the case for self-control and abstinence! I remember when the left argued that exercising sexual self-control and abstinence was "crazy talk".

John the Econ said...

@Fish Out of Water, that's the thing: Imagine what Nixon might have done if he had a pliant "deep state" at his disposal. Instead, when Nixon asked the IRS for his enemies tax info, the IRS told him to go to hell. If he had the FBI at his unquestioning disposal, the clumsy Watergate break-in never would have happened. The would would be much different today, and not necessarily better.

On the other hand, Obama didn't even have to ask the IRS to do his bidding. The "deep state" was more than willing to act on his behalf on their own. And how we know so was the FBI. And no doubt countless other government agencies run by people who feel quite comfortable doing as they please with little threat of repercussion.

Anonymous said...

They are going crazy trying to pin everything on someone else.
This could (should) get very interesting. I see a bunch of them rolling over to try to get the best deal they can.
I can't wait to see Obama and Hillary perp-walked.
Heck! I'd even go the D.C. to see that.

2ABill said...

I disagree with your comment about Alyssa Milano gluing her breasts. It would be far more productive and amusing if she were to glue her lips and legs together, don't you think?

Stan da Man said...

Then there's THIS unlikely urban legend...

Colby Muenster said...

I hope Brennan and Clapper DO throw Comey under the bus... seconds before they realize Comey has tied a rope around their ankles and his.

O'Liar and Shrillary perp walked? I believe this will happen about a week after the blizzard warnings in hell. But we can dream, can't we?

Alyssa Milano? I laughed out loud when I read some of the Tweets she got from conservatives. Priceless.

james daily said...

Why are Brennan and Comey in a urinating contest? I do not care if Angles sent that report down to earth, Comey as head of the FBI, had the go/no go and it was his decision to either use it or not. He was ultimately responsible since it happened on his watch under his direction and leadership. But I am enjoying watching these crooks rat each other out.