Monday, May 13, 2019

The M-Word


We're giving ourself Mother's Day off, but rather than leave you with an empty plate (which NO good mother would do!) we're dishing up a little fun from a few years ago. Check it out - then stay for today's special Happy Birthday salute!

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Rather than dwell on the unpleasantness of current news, Hope n' Change would like to take this opportunity to reflect on Mother's Day (the most sacred of all Hallmark holidays). And who better exemplifies all things maternal than Hillary Clinton?

Sure, she once denigrated women who do things like staying home and baking cookies for their families. And she humiliated her young daughter during the White House years by dragging her around as a prop to pose with her cheating, DNA-spewing dog of a husband. And she underpays her female staffers who may themselves be moms.

But Hillary has a soft, sentimental motherly side, too!

Although you'll just have to take her word for it since - by her own proud declaration - she decided to erase every email and computer document related to her daughter's wedding, the birth of her first grandchild, and her own mother's final months of life and memorial service.

Come to think of it, Hillary doesn't exemplify anything good about Mother's Day. But maybe our current first lady does...

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, michelle, mother's day, hashtag

Then again, maybe not.

Still, Hope n' Change thinks the world of most mothers and wishes them all the best this Sunday.  And while their love and lessons last forever, sadly, our mothers themselves are here for all too short a time. Be sure to hug 'em if you got 'em.


Jim Hlavac has been appearing in the comments section since back in the Hope n' Change days, always with interesting and provocative viewpoints. He is an artist, a musical composer, a writer of multiple books, and among his long list of accomplishments is remaking Louisiana (years ago) by single-handedly introducing various kinds of Cajun foods and spices to the rest of the barely civilized world.

That's only scratching the surface of his many and varied careers, so we hope you'll join us in wishing Mr. Hlavac a very Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Great Louisianna cooking.
Thank you ! All 200++ pounds of me.. Ate 12 pounds of crawfish at my granddaughters graduation celibration yesterday..

I guess Killery ate alone as her beau has probably found another cigar moisterizer and her lovely daughter is probably afraid her mothers stink will rub off and get into her cash flow.. Of course she is only keeping all that money safe until her mother needs it.. then she can say "my mother?, I don't have a mother. The poor dear passed away in a plane crash." When she was asked when, she replied "I believe it will happen next week". A real nut that fell next to the trailer steps..

james daily said...

JIM HLAVAC and me wife share the same birthday. She will be, uh, never mind.
Cajun food, the second love of my life from gumbo to King Cake, well except mudbugs, and I never like them but both me boys love them and cooks sacks of them quite often.
I am not sure Mooshell qualifies as a mother from pictures I have seen of her anatomy.
Then if there is a more useless person on the planet than the brood mare Chelsea, we haven't found them yet. (Could she be the poster photo for White Privilege?)

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

My older sister's birthday is May 12th, so I generally text her "Happy birthday, you mother!"

For some reason, she generally doesn't reply. Go figure. :D

Happy happy, Jim!

Fred Ciampi said...

Wonderful birthday tribute to Jim. He has earned and deserves all the accolades that we can heap upon his worthy shoulders. Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám Jim.

Walter L. Stafford said...

I can hardly wait for Father's Day in June. It's the time of mass confusion in the streets and places highly enriched with ghetto moms...who be yo daddy, little Tyrone axes his bro, Jerome?

John the Econ said...

Chelsea Clinton: A year or so it was obvious that they were grooming her for Congress. Have they given up on that? She literally is the transparently unaware poster child for "privilege".

Jim Hlavac is still around? Haven't seen his comments here for years and have missed them. Happy Birthday Jim!

Fred Ciampi said...

John the Econ, Jim had to change his farqbook page a few years ago. Send him a friend's request before he leaves us forever. His new picture has him looking at the camera sideways.

Anonymous said...

Got the hips, not sure about the lips.

George said...

Happy Birthday Jim. I also celebrate a birthday on May 13th. Hope you're well.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- Sadly, I've never developed a taste for crawfish - mostly because I don't like dissecting my food or ending up with legs and feelers on my plate. Yeah, I'm kind of a wuss that way (grin).

I agree that it seems like Chelsea is keeping a little distance from Hillary in expectation that Mom may be going down hard in the near future. But Chelsea herself strikes me as being corrupt, over-privileged, and sharing the same monomania that is characterized by her parents (even though I still don't believe that Bill is her biological father).

@james daily- Clearly it's a good day for birthdays and fancy eating! As far as the ladies in today's post go, I haven't a pleasant thing to say about any of them.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Some opportunities are just too good to pass up!

@Fred Ciampi- Jim Hlavac is easily one of the most colorful personalities I've ever encountered, with a long, long list of impressive accomplishments and amazing anecdotes. It only seemed right to celebrate this big day here!

@Walter L. Stafford- At the point "baby mama" and "baby daddy" became actual terms in our language, I knew we were f*cked. I'm not getting any younger, but I sure hope I live long enough to see the slaves freed from the Democrats again. And Candace Owens is doing a great job of getting that ball rolling!

@John the Econ- I don't think they've given up on grooming Chelsea...they're just giving her "plausible deniability" distance from Ma Barker until they know how Barr's investigations play out.

And yes, Jim Hlavac is very much around though doesn't tend to comment on political blogs very much. He's busy composing music and writing books and traveling. He's currently living in Mexico...and he has a gift for thriving wherever he happens to be.

@Fred Ciampi- Yep, Jim Hlavac is on Facebook and that's the best way to keep up with him these days. I'm sure he'd be happy to hear from any of the crew here!

@Anonymous- I'm not a big conspiracy theory guy, but...yeah.

@George- Well Happy Birthday to you, too, sir!

Chris said...

Web Hubble's baby girl is all grown up, Mike is still mad a Barry, and Happy Birthday Jim!

NVRick said...

As for Chelsea: Oh, what a tangled Webb we weave...

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for the DNA results.

Anonymous said...

Also want the DNA from "Obama's" kids.

Jim Hlavac said...

My dear friends of Stilton -- I have withdrawn from the political scene mostly (well, I still got 2 cents!) -- I am alive and not so well in Mazatlan Mexico now (build a wall! keep the Progressives out!) I am dying of "it" - AIDS as you know it -- but continue to trundle on. "They" told me 40 years ago "you got a year or two to live" - and I beat the bastards! But now it striking hard. I won my big battle -- for decency for Gay Guys -- which you all now have (not for all of 'em, some are idiots, egads!) but I won my war. And I have retired from most of public life. I am posting a lot of music to my youtube channel at my name Jim Hlavac. I have this wondrous apartment with an incredible vista and a slew of good people, friends, who consider me a "Mazataleco" - someone from Mazatlan. I am protected by the "hotel" where I live (I have a very separate apt. 2 blocks from the front desk) 2 cops and a Sergeant in the Mexican Army. Anyone come near me without permission -- eh, can't be done. I am in good hands here. I just turned 61 as the post notes -- it will probably be my last birthday. If you wish to be Faboo friends - come find me - I will welcome you all! You might have to say "Friends of Stilton."

As for Louisiana -- in the next day or so I hope to publish as much as of my memories as I can. For folks - what I did in Louisiana in 25 years -- will blow every away -- when one day the biography is written! And someone will eventually write it - I did too much - it would take a book to recount all. I didn't have a job - I created the Modern State - as some sort of weird Czech Gay NYC Printer -- who went there on my birthday in 1985. The story is so astonishing -- there's no way to post it here -- nope. Look up just Czechs in Louisiana -- or Amazon and you'll be "whoa" - I hate to boast -- no one got a clue.

Cheers - Merry to all - be well, carry on- and tally ho!

Jim Hlavac said...

well, the short drift of me and Hlouisiana is -- I created 200 or so Cajun and Creole food company logos, business plans, marketing -- packaging -- all of it! Then I helped found the Louisiana Crawfish Farmers Association, Alligator Farmers Association, hooked up Rayne and their frog lets with the French. Then I created the first state wide music directory (hasn't change but fonts and cover art) then I created some 25 African American museums and got every one of 200 plantation homes to pay honor and homage to those good fine folks who built and ran the places. Then I created the Louisiana Czech & Slovak Museum! I found Czechs there in the 1720s -- I am somewhat internationally famous for having done so. I also played piano for 20 years there. I created an Indian Casino and ran their Pow Wow Website for years. I don't pay a dime there! I did - eh - there's so much more - it becomes a book -- soon to be on Amazon - give me a day or two -- thanks

When I am done explaining me and Hlouisiana the world will be amazed.

The best thing? Because I owned NY State companies which didn't make a dime in NYC or its reciprocal states -- I didn't owe them a dime! And because I earned money in Louisiana as a New York State Corporation -- Louisiana wouldn't tax me!

The two states hated each other! -- I call it the accidental tax dodge! -- for 25 years I owned NY State entities which made money in Louisiana -- and neither state wanted a dime from me. :) I am no slouch -- hahahaha oosh

It was a very amazing life - thank you all for awaiting my return - and I might yet still.

Anonymous said...

Harumph!! Seems you forgot to add bloviate to your list of self identified accomplishments.

Old Cannonballs said...

Spotlight on Hillary for mother's day -- sheer genius! A true exemplar of a real "mother..." (okay, technically that's only half a word, but let's not quibble).

Geoff King said...

R.I.P. Tim Conway, Doris Day, & Peggy Lipton.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Tim Conway? Tch. A shame.

I'll always fondly remember him from "The Elephant Story":

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Chris- I would SO pay for the DNA test to compare Chelsea and Webb Hubble. I'm 90% sure she's his.

@NVRick- Okay, you get bonus points for that one.

@NSF- If Webb won't cooperate, then just compare Chelsea's DNA to Monica's blue (and incredibly moldy) dress. As far as Barry's kids go, yeah - I'm a bit suspicious there, too.

@Jim Hlavac- And here's the man himself! Good having you on these pages again and sharing some of your backstory with readers old and new!

@Anonymous- I'm pretty sure that bloviation is allowed on birthdays. Plus, the sonofagun seems able to back up his many claims of accomplishment!

@Old Cannonballs- Yeah, I think we're working on the same definition of "mother..." for Hillary.

@Geoff King- Well damn. Conway was a comic genius with amazing timing. Doris Day was a fine actress - whether doing comedy or drama. Peggy Lipton was, for me, not quite on their plane - but had some good roles over the years. All will be missed.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- There is flat out nothing funnier than watching Tim Conway trying to break up Harvey Korman. I'd like to think they're getting the act back together now.

Geoff King said...

Tim Conway at his absolute best:

Geoff King said...

Or maybe this is his best. When he can make Dick Van Dyke roll on the floor laughing (possibly the origin of ROFL), it has to be good: