Monday, August 26, 2019

Koch Knocker

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There's no way we can actually make this funny today, but some things are so appalling that we just can't let them go by without comment.

In this case, we're talking about Bill "world's unfunniest man" Maher's remarks regarding billionaire philanthropist David Koch's death from cancer. Koch, a Libertarian who took a liberal stance on many social issues, also held many conservative beliefs and made financial contributions to people and causes (like legitimate climate studies) that Bill Maher hates passionately.

Which is why on "Real Time with Bill Maher," the obnoxious comic celebrated David Koch's passing with the following monologue (repeated here verbatim):

Fuck him...I'm glad he's dead!
(pause for laughs)
He was 79, but his family says they wish it could be longer. But at least he lived long enough to see the Amazon catch fire.
(pause for laughs)
Condolences poured in from all the politicians he owned, and mourners are being asked in lieu of flowers to just leave their car engine running.
(pause for laughs)
As for his remains, he has asked to be cremated and have his ashes blown into a child's lungs.
(pause for laughs - then it's time to get serious)
He and his brother have done more than anybody to fund climate science deniers for decades, so fuck him. The Amazon is burning up. I'm glad he's dead and I hope the end was painful.

It's not rare to hear Leftists like Maher puke up naked hate speech, but to actually celebrate the pain that someone felt while dying of cancer is a new low.

We would never wish for the death or illness of anyone, and certainly not take pleasure from the pain someone experienced during an agonizing death. But if and when such a fate befalls Bill Maher personally, we're willing to make an exception to our rule.

This humorless bastard needs to start worrying a lot less about climate change, and a lot more about Karma.


David Koch once told the Wall Street Journal that he'd rather donate money to a good cause rather than "use it on buying a bigger house or a $150 million painting." Unlike the Obama family, clearly.

So to whom did David Koch donate?

$185 Million - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for cancer research, childcare center, biology building, and school of chemical engineering.

$150 Million - Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. The biggest gift the center ever received.

$128 Million - New York Presbyterian Hospital

$100 Million - New York State Theater at Lincoln Center

$66.7 Million - Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

$65 Million - The Metropolitan Museum of Art

$35 Million - Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History

$26.5 Million - M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

$26.2 Million - The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York

$20 Million - American Museum of Natural History

$20 Million - Johns Hopkins University, for a cancer research center.

None of this remarkable and selfless generosity matters, of course, to those on the Left who defined David Koch as one of the worst of the "evil rich," and someone who "doesn't pay his fair share."

We look at it differently, and with the utmost in respect and gratitude. Rest In Peace, Mr. Koch, and thank you.


Sortahwitte said...

Thank you, Mr. Koch. You put your money where it could do some good. And you didn't brag about it. When herr maher croaks, I would like to piss on his grave. However, once I left the Marines, I swore I would never stand in line again.

Doctor Deadhead said...

Very sad that Mr. Koch died such a death, even sadder that Bill Maher could not have lived his pain for even a day. No empathy in his soul. I have treated so many cancer patients and death can be so agonizing for them and their families that the release of suffering is a blessing. Just proves once again what an absolute asshole Maher is! I have a hard time accepting that my once beloved country has stooped to a level where such talk is even acceptable... it is a lack of regard for other people because of self-centered immaturity. That is probably the result of poor bowel training in childhood. Bless you for your commentary Sir Jarlsberg

John25mm said...

Actually I don't believe the vultures wouldn't feast on him because of professional curtesy but more to there being things that even vultures know that if you eat (watch) them will make you sick. To me when Maher makes comments like this he is just showing that he is a very immature individual like a little child who is saying things just to get attention. He is just throwing a temper tantrum to be the media darling right now with the leftist.
The more adult like voice in my head agrees with you Stilton in that I don't want to wish him dead but if he did die I think the only way I will shed a tear is if he dies in a plane crash and there are innocents on board with him and the tear won't be for him. I believe in the 1st Amendment and believe you can say whatever you want and I don't even mind crass humor on occasion but one ought to have some sense of dignity/decency with what you put out there. If I ever have the bad luck to run into him(and not with a truck) I believe I will use a quote from John Wayne in the movie Chisholm "I don't normally favor talkin to vermin but I will just this once." I think this cuts straight to the chase when dealing with people like him. That or as Tyrus on the Gutfeld said to deal with people like him just yell "Good day sir." and force them to walk away. You give them nothing to work with. No profanity and in a sense you were polite to them but still put them in their place.
PS I really hate your "I am not a robot" validator.

Mike aka Proof said...

The Koch brothers were always a bogeyman to the Left. They never knew exactly why or how, but the talking point was out there, so it became an article of faith, like abortion- good, NRA -bad.

Anonymous said...

The nastiness of the Left over the past few years has resulted in my believing the left are good for only ONE thing: fighting global warming by fertilizing our forests. A healthy tree, growing strong, produces a large volume of oxygen while eating vast quantities of Co2.

It's never a pleasure to see someone suffer as they meet death, but to see someone realize the true value of private wealth, that is awesome! Mr. Koch proved himself to be a man of the highest order, a true citizen of this world. Hopefully the scientists and doctors can use his wealth to stop the suffering of thousands of others.

Rod said...

Thank you Stilton for informing us of this. For years, I have not watched nor listened to Bill Maher for more than the few seconds it might take to turn him off or leave; and I won't do it now to determine his show's sponsors. I was (and still am) hoping there might be a website that lists the sponsors for most TV programs; but did not find that in a quick look.

That would be a useful thing on many occasions.

Fish Out of Water said...

This sort of vile, disgusting and puerile commentary by this 'comedian' and others is a backhanded tribute to how effective the late Mr. Koch was and how impotent they are.

Still in shock over the depth of the level of cruelity said...

Thank you Stilton for reminding us of the wonderful good that lots of money in the right hands can be the salvation of the world and help promote the suffering of many into miraculous cures for thousands and perhaps even millions. We can only wish and hope that bill maher (I would not even give him the honor of using capital letters in his name) will find his karma in a loong and unrelenting suffering. Just when you believe the left has reached the lowest and vilest level possible for the lowest human being, along comes something that could not even reach to the level to wipe the tail end of a caring and giving person like Mr. KOCH who has given so much to this world.
I really hate to see vultures degraded by comparing them to something that could give a small tribute or respect to such a terrible ratings seeking piece of garbage. I would rather have seen them tearing off a hunk of his flesh while juggling an eyeball or maybe his lying tongue.

Bobo the Hobo said...

Along with her fellow luminaries, Bette Midler had a less-than-charming farewell for Mr Koch -

Even his support for abortion, same-sex marriage, and prison reform does not entitle him to a peaceful passing. The jejune vulgarity of the Left is tedious.

Doc said...

I wouldn't cross the street to PISS on Maher if his head was on fire 👎👎👎👎😠😠😠😠😵😵😵😵

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Unlike Maher, Koch's name will live on after his death.

Maher will be forgotten a month after he expires some years from now.

RIP. Mr. Koch. You were one of the good ones.

Alej said...

The only thing more disgusting than Maher is his audience.

She’s A Beauty said...

@Rod Maher is on HBO, so you wouldn’t see any “sponsors” on his show, per se. Just know that the network itself sponsors his disgusting bile masquerading as comedy simply by airing him. HBO is the culprit here.

Grana said...

Who is bill maher?

Unknown said...

Maher is, and always has been, a classless halfwit, devoid of decency. If I were a close relative of Mr. Koch, I would go to whatever lengths necessary to teach Maher his final lesson. In pace requiescat, Mr. Koch, and may God bless your soul for eternity.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Sortahwitte- The trick to beating the line is to visit Maher when he's still in intensive care.

@Doctor Deadhead- It stuns me that anyone who has ever experienced the death of a friend or loved one from cancer (and isn't that all of us?) can be so callous, heartless and sadistic. There is very genuinely something seriously wrong with Maher - and with HBO for giving him a soapbox.

@John25mm- I should make clear that it is my policy to not wish death or illness to anyone, but that being said, I'm perfectly willing to be pleased when an actual asshole takes the dirt nap. But that's not remotely the same as what Maher's done here. And wow, if Tyrus gets in your face and says "Good day sir!" then the conversation is well and truly over! Regarding the "I am not a robot" validator, I apologize - I've got it turned off in the settings, but it still seems to be there. I'll try again.

@Mike aka Proof- You're right that the Left didn't know why the Kochs were bad...they just accepted it (as they do everything else) on faith. Which is why they think so highly of kindly old Nazi and Leftist Santa Claus, George Soros.

@Anonymous- Koch's legacy is genuinely inspiring, and I really felt it was important to share the information about some of his donations (he gave billions in total) in order to make tangible the depths of Maher's cruel depravity.

@Rod- I won't watch Maher at any time for any reason. He's said too many unforgivable things - plus, he seems like a genuinely terrible person. Spend a little time on Google and you'll read that he frequents a high end LA sex club that has dues of $75k a year or a lifetime pass for $1m. He's also been accused more than once of dating (wink-wink nudge-nudge) black women and being physically and emotionally abusive.

@Fish Out of Water- Absolutely right. When you stack up the importance of "doing things" versus "saying things," Maher's hypocrisy and impotence become completely obvious. Although to be fair, you can easily look up Maher's political donations. DNC, Bernie, Kamala Harris, etc.

@Still in shock- I was genuinely taken aback by Maher's remarks, and I have a pretty thick skin by now. Maybe Maher should hear from some of the tens of thousands of cancer stricken families who've been helped by Mr. Koch's generosity.

@Bobo the Hobo- Yeah, I read Bette Midler's tweet, and similar ones from other celebs. These are genuinely horrible people. And if they had even an ounce of self-awareness, they might realize that one of the reasons the Right feels so strongly about the 2nd Amendment is that we can see the cruel and soulless hatred of those on the Left, who would cheer as we were sent to the camps and ovens.

@Doc- I would if I'd been drinking lighter fluid.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Maher will leave nothing behind. Well, nothing that air freshener won't take care of.

@Alej- To hear that audience applaud and laugh puts me in mind of the group madness of "Lord of the Flies." And I shouldn't even refer to that group of people as an "audience" - they're a mob, pure and simple.

@Section147- You're right that the only way to boycott Maher is to boycott HBO. Which I'm happy to do.

@Grana- It pleases me that the majority of decent human beings are unable to answer that question.

@Unknown- Maher's whole schtick is to be "outrageous," which doesn't really take a buttload of talent. And I don't know that he needs to be taught a lesson; rather, we can just enjoy witnessing his impotent agony every day that Trump is in office.

Fish Out of Water said...

While I standby my earlier comment, a reminder that this 'comedian ' is on the side of the Angel's as far as Israel and the 'squad' goes and would probably relish him fricasseeing Talib on his show if she has the balls to appear. As one of FDR's Vice Presidents once said, 'politics is funny, son'.

Dan said...

So he's a member of a "high end LA sex club," huh? Is that the same as a house of ill repute? I thought those places were illegal pretty much throughout the US 'cepting for areas of Nevada.

John the Econ said...

Bill Maher is just another example of how the left has little left but hate to bind them.

You are right-on regarding David Koch being a model citizen who spent his money on more than just megayachts and megamansions.

As for David Koch's various charitable donations, don't expect to get any respect from the left over that. After all, that's all money that should have been seized via taxes and redistributed by government to recipients more suited to Progressive tastes.

Oh, and speaking of the Amazon on fire:

Stop Sharing Those Viral Photos of the Amazon Burning

The Amazon is on fire, but the photos you’re seeing on social media don’t show it. Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, included one of the misleading viral photos in a tweet Thursday. It has been retweeted more than 40,000 times and was embedded in a New York Times article about the fire. We learned since originally publishing that the photo was taken by Loren McIntyre, who died in 2003.

As it turns out, the Amazon is no more on fire than usual. Most of the fires are farmers clearing their fields that have long since been removed from the rain forest. The need the space to replace the corn that we now use to fulfill our pointless ethanol mandate.

Speaking of mansions: Clearly the Obama's are no longer as concerned about "climate change" and catastrophic storms and rising sea levels as they purportedly used to be.

AmyH said...

Im like you, dont wish death or bodily harm on anyone, no matter how horrible they hurt me because Karma is a horrible ass. If I wish something bad against someone, Karma wont come to me, it will affect my SO, my children, my father, my aunt. That is worse. Seeing your family member suffer because of something you wished upon someone else.

Walter L. Stafford said...

Karma is the GREAT equalizer in life. Maher is just a sack of shit waiting for the tumble bugs/scarab beetles to do their work. Maher will never know what hit him...maybe a truck!

TrickyRicky said...

Until now I have not had a great opinion of the Koch brothers, as I believe them to be illegal immigration supporters along, with the US Chamber of Commerce, while hiding behind their libertarian dogma. After seeing your amazing list of philanthropic donations, I have a very different attitude toward them.

I still seethe when the left or the right or the damn middle for that matter advocate for the end of our national sovereignty. That is not negotiable.

Shelly said...

The word smarmy was invented to describe Bill Maher. Nothing is worse than someone wishing for a recession to achieve a misguided political aim. He doesn't give a crap about working families losing their jobs or homes because he's safe from it. I despise his ugly mug.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Well written, Stilt - not that you need to hear it from me. I've never had use for Maher, specifically, or comedy central, in general. I would happily hear from either or both of them no longer.

@Alej: his audience isn't as disgusting as they are frightening...

@Shelly: Yep. And the rest of 'im, too...

james daily said...

The more I hear from the liberals, the more I see them like feral animals. They attack any and all as long as they have the numbers, they eat their own, destroy their wounded and have no regard for anything but themselves. In their putrid minds, the ends justify the means. Laws are not for them unless they are used for their advantage. Surely this will be rectified at some time in the future.

Joseph ET said...

Perhaps Karma could cause Bill Maher’s teeth to leave his mouth in some memorable way. All except one. That way he can still enjoy a tooth ache, frequently.

Rastapopoulos said...

It seems that the Kochs are "fiscally conservative and socially MYOB."

And the donations and legacies show a willingness to take the walk that matches their talk.

Even if you don't agree with a person's talk, when they take the walk you should show respect.

As for the vile pain-wishes of what's his name on Home Blowheart Office TV (you may substitute that smelly f-word for "heart" BTW and it then makes even more sense), it is truly a question every person need to ask themselves "If someone that vile as to wish pain on a fellow human being was a relative, most of us would throw them out of our houses. So whay do we PAY to have such vile insults delivered to our living rooms?" Why do we do it??!

Now for some skinny, some caught up in the liberal tide of nonsense truly think they have good intentions personally, and can be redeemed eventually. A lot of work as they have been not only brainwashed but indoctrinated that liberal brainwashing is "good brainwashing." The, like the clowns on their tickets, have been conditioned to the cognitive dissonance their holding their reframed ideas face when contrasted with actual truth.

They truly have drunk their fill of "milk-plus."
They see their "ultra-violence" as right.

But the the only cure has to come from within them. There is no "Ludovico technique" to tone them down, and as the story goes it doesn't stick as a cure.

They have to have their reframed alternative world unraveled - and in the case of conduits like Home Blowfart Office TV that means taking away their funding buy not participating in buying their wares. The strong invisible hand of the free market can move things better than we can arguing.

Before Karma can claim its pound of flesh, we should claim our from Mr BM's first.

And boys and girls that includes not supporting the horse he rode in on, or the dog that followed.

Otherwise we honestly deserve the punishment we are paying for.

Rod said...

We switched from AT&T U-verse in the bundle to their Direct TV a while back: Picture better, Cost less, but Channels mostly still lousy and a local storm WILL jamb the signal. I've been so busy have not mastered the channel guide yet but just checked to be sure: We do not have any HBO channels and we will not. Very small victory.

Colby Muenster said...

Assholes actually serve an extremely vital purpose to us humans. Maher, not so much.

Mrs. Muenster and myself kicked cable and satellite TV to the curb about a year ago. Absolutely NO regrets! Thank you Amazon. And if y'all didn't know, both cable and satellite providers compress their signals so they can fit more bandwidth in. An antenna will get you true HDTV, uncompressed, and in all it's wonderful HD glory. The downside is, most of it is NBC, CBS, PBS and ABC.

And speaking of Bernie Sanders, He and Princess "Shouts at Trump" are pulling ahead of Uncle Joe in the polls (not that polls are accurate mind you). I am nearly giddy at the thought of a series of Trump/Sanders debates for the presidency.

Anonymous said...

Since they are/were "never Trumpers" I'm no fan of the Kochs. Still, Maher is a ludicrous pig who deserves all the scorn, malice, ridicule and torment that can be heaped upon him.

Anonymous said...

Maher is so heinous that I once read an article that stated he had to hire escorts to accompany him to Hollyweird events. The only thing uglier than his visage is his soul.

On a positive note, when leftist scum like Maher bare their true inner selves, it repels those with some modicum of civility/sanity/rationality from their tribe.