Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Call Waiting

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With all of the hot air currently circulating in Washington, it's a wonder that little Greta "How Dare You!" Thunberg isn't calling for a mass extinction of politicians before the icecaps melt.

There is feverish talk among Democrats of impeaching the President for the heinous and totally unacceptable sin of making a phone call to Ukraine's leader which they don't really know the contents of, but they're pretty sure must be treasonous because an anonymous whistleblower who hasn't heard the actual call says so. Plus, and this can't be overstated, Orange Man bad.

It is believed that during the phone call, Donald Trump asked the Ukrainians to look into allegations that Vice President Biden, while in office, improperly used governmental power and funds to force Ukraine to end a corruption investigation of the company that employed (by which we mean "stuffed his well-connected pockets with money") Biden's drug-using, widowed sister-in-law-banging son, Hunter.

By the way, these "allegations" were raised by Joe Biden himself, who actually bragged about his wrongdoing on camera. Because he is an idiot.

In any event, the Democrats want to impeach Trump for investigating Biden's self-admitted corruption, and they're hanging their hopes on the mysterious phone call reported by a "whistleblower." And they've been making a lot of theater out of the fact that the call's contents were "secret."

However Trump, being Trump, is releasing an unredacted transcript of the call in question today just to clear the air and, more importantly, screw with everyone's minds.

Where all of this will end up, we have no idea - but it's not unlikely that when the smoke clears, Trump will still be standing, Joe Biden will be forced out of the Presidential race, and Greta Thunberg will be blissfully forgotten.


Sometimes we have more than one possible way to go with a picture. Here's the one that came in second today...

"Wasn't he the boss on the Mary Tyler Moore Show?"


mamafrog said...

Pelosi did not sound very happy when she announced it, either, positively glum I would say. I think he's baiting them to make them look like idiots, as some of the pundits are saying. AOC is crowing around and she's heading for a slap down, another one of the squad is being investigated for impropriety of a major kind and the rest of them are sounding like bigger dummies than I imagined. Schiff and Schumer are slavering for this and are clutching at straws. Biden should be seating but he's too senile to realize he's finally screwed himself this time.

Sortahwitte said...

I am again amazed at the total ineptness of the dimocratic party. Isn't there one in that crowd of representative clowns who will say: "C'mon guys, give it a rest. We can't be introducing articles of impeachment every other day. We need to pull together and find a presidential candidate that is less goofy than Sylvester the Cat. At this moment, we haven't done any of the work we were elected to do. The voters should send us all packing."
Nahhhhh. I have yet to hear from one of them that is in touch with reality. One of them said, tearfully that Trump was a dictator. Nooooo, he's never seen a real dictator. He must have been sick with the dumbass when world history was taught.

Gee M said...

the irony here is that they would all have long ago been dragged away to dank smelly bubba-infested cells if he was a dictator...which is where they deserve to be...except trump is following the laws of the Republic which allows them to tap dance right up to the edge of law-breaking!
i mean...pretend impeachment? double-secret impeachment? all that's left is for that dead horse the dems keep beating to be found in the oval office...reality will officially have crossed over into way stranger than some very familiar fiction.

Fish Out of Water said...

How does this saying go? Those the Gods wish to destroy they first make angry?

Jim Irre said...

Pelosi looked half in the bag when she announced impeachment proceedings yesterday. Oh, and she needs to stop having the screw on the back of her head tightened to pull the wrinkles out. Before we know it she'll have a goatee and be walking around saying, "Why do I always smell fish?"

Jason Anyone said...

Fast forward to around the end of 2024, when a modern-day "Dahmer" was finally arrested. The distraught parents insisted they hadn't seen any signs that there were problems in the life of, who would come to be known as "Greta the beheader."

Snark said...

These clowns have succeeded in making Pelosi look like the intelligent moderate of the dummycrat party. @Mamafrog - it certainly didn't take much bait, plus they don't just look like idiots, they ARE idiots. Where is Peter Sellers when we really need him? He could blend his Inspector Clouseau with his Chauncey Gardiner and portray Biden perfectly. Nadler the Hutt and Pencil Neck are slobbering for the opportunity to reveal the dirt they have on Trump - which wouldn't fill a coke spoon - AOC and the Squids make Chicken Little look like a Nobel candidate, (Wait! Obozo got one so maybe they could be Nobel candidates. Don't they put Nobel prizes in Cracker Jack boxes now?) The perfect irony would be for Trump to get impeached, found guilty in the Senate (won't happen, I know) run again and get re-elected. THAT resulting eruption would make the pending Yellowstone event seem like a non starter. Dummycrat heads would pop like balloons. Or maybe pimples, the contents are quite similar.

Anonymous said...

I also think this will blow up in Biden's face, but it is on purpose. The DNC is looking to get rid of Biden (so many missteps and mispoken words), but are unwilling to do the dirty work because he represents the sane Democrats, few that they are. The DNC removing Biden themselves would smell too much like Hillary bumping off Bernie Sanders in 2016 - remember ? The Progs haven't forgotten and want a Prog as the Democrat choice this time. So the DNC are attempting to set up Trump for being Bad Guy to remove a martyred Biden and take the fall.

At least that is my thought, but I haven't had my morning coffee yet.

wendybar said...

Nancy was just placating her progressive children. They have been doing an informal impeachment inquiry since he got elected. They didn't change that yesterday....just announced it to the know nothings that are all excited today...."What Pelosi accomplished, he argued, was to placate the progressive wing of the party while protecting moderates by not actually moving forward with a formal impeachment vote."

wendybar said...

Oppps...forgot the link...

TrickyRicky said...

I am in the camp that believes this whole "whistle blower" charade is meant to harm Trump, if possible, but mainly to dump Biden. I mean really, how could they not know that opening this can of worms spells the end of Sleepy Joe?

As for Greta, to me she represents fingernails on a chalkboard, in the depths of hell, for all eternity. But that's just me.

Geoff King said...

I, for one, am hoping for impeachment.
The Senate will never go along with it anyway, and maybe after the clown show is over congress can actually get to the business they were elected to do.

Studebaker Hauk said...

Ah, Nancy never fails to provide memorable quotes:
"We have to pass the bill to see what's in the bill"
"We have to impeach the President to see what he's done..."
"We have to go to Hell in order to see what it's like there"
Have a nice trip Nancy.

Rod said...

Regarding this batch of Democrats, it make me wonder about something else an inquiring mind wants to know:

When you see a ball of Fireants crowded onto a log floating in a flood; or sometimes even just a ball of ants floating downstream like that: What all might happen to them? They're not swimming or steering. Sure they might land somewhere and be OK (that's the general idea), but don't they also sometimes just get washed on downriver and out to sea? Eventually, dead or alive, they become fish food or crab meal. Then I imagined Trump has a boat & a stick. He can splash them off his stick and he's having fun keeping them in the main current.

Then this reminded me I gotta' get the canoe out; it's been a long time. And THAT reminded me of when we came alongside a good sized Western Diamondback Rattler, also rolling and floating down the center of Guadalupe River in a flood. There are some Dems like that too.

Boligat said...

I certainly hope that Trump consults with the president of Ukraine first and gets his permission to release the transcript of the phone call. And, I hope that Trump announces that he is releasing the transcript with that permission. The last thing we need is to send a message that the crazies in the USA have made it impossible to ever trust anyone in the US government again.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

It occurs to me that a mass extinction of politicians on general principles might be good for the world in general. Alas, not much chance of that 'consummation to be greatly desired,' I suppose.

I wish the Democrats all the luck in the world with their impeachment attempt. Ten years of Pence/Haley, followed by eight years of Haley/Cruz and so forth would be even better for the nation...

Don in Oregon said...

Pelosi has picked sides: she's with Warren. The impeachment is meant to damage Trump and also eliminate Biden.

rickn8or said...

I'm with anonymous and TrickyRicky. I'd say the torpedo that's going to sink the Biden campaign is running hot, straight and normal.

Pat Cummings said...

@wendybar— Tip: you can leave out anything in a link text from a "?" right... It still works, and makes your link less (cu)cumbersome. Ditto (usually) the "#" character:

@rod— Your floating ant ball is closer to Dem politics than you think! The ants on the outside drown/are eaten/perish to keep the ants in the inside safe. And all of them are just floating in the shallows with the perceived current, oblivious to the wider, deeper stream that carries the President.

@everyone— Greta who?

Alfonso Bedoya said...

@Pat Cummings: Re Greta WHO; I had the same question, but then again I've been out of the loop for a while, trying to weed and level a small patch of ground for placement a motor home carport.

The name "Greta Thunberg" reminds me of a Swedish movie star who must have appeared as the "heavy," opposite Arthur Lake in "Blondie Performs her Tricks." Then again, busting my arse with garden tools has always had a negative effect on my frontal lobes.
The name could also be applied to a wife-from-hell or to the head of the national LGBT association....or maybe a German olympic weightlifter?

John the Econ said...

So let me get this straight: The Democrats are now going to proceed with impeaching Trump now not because he supposedly colluded with Russia, but because of a call with a country that Russia was at war with where he supposedly discusses an investigation into how members of the Obama Administration were threatening to withhold aid money as a threat to stop an criminal investigation into a company that was paying a son of member of the Obama Administration millions of dollars for no obvious reason.

Or in other words, they want to impeach Trump over suspicions that he did what Biden actually did.

Got it.

So I sat down at my desk this morning and turned on the business news expecting the predictable wall-to-wall "Orange man bad - Must be impeached!" coverage regarding their anticipated smoking gun. Instead I see a boring speech by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani droning on. So I can only assume that the phone call transcripts were another giant nothingburger that only vindicated Trump. Again.

Best comment I've seen so far: Nancy Pelosi was "Catfished".

Still not tired of the "winning".

But we now have confirmation of a few facts:

First, the adults in the Democrat Party know that beyond "Orange Man Bad", they've got nothing. Their candidates have since gone well beyond the "Make America 2009 Again" and are now at "Repeal the 20th Century!". In other words, they've got nothing to offer America other than removing Trump.

Second, Biden is done. It's been obvious for quite some time to the behind-the-scenes Democratic establishment that Biden would be toast when he goes head-to-head with Trump. He can barely present himself as coherent when in front of friendly audiences. He'll be toast when finally made to answer difficult questions in forums where the moderators will not be holding his hands.

Third, it seems that behind the scenes, the Clintons are still relevant. It's been suggested that Hillary used Ukraine to keep Biden from challenging her for the 2016 nomination. We also know that Liz Warren has been chummy with Hillary.

Fourth, this makes Liz the fascist the frontrunner.

Climate Change is getting tiresome: So last night I go to a candidates forum for those running for the city council of my small city. I live in a university town, and these things are overwhelmingly attended by aging hippies. Roughly a third of the questions that came from attendees had to do with "climate change". Other stupid questions have to do with "affordable housing" followed shortly later by demands for policy that can only make housing more expensive.

All I want people to realize is that our government can't deal with potholes. If government is incapable of managing pavement, I really don't understand how any sentient being can expect them to be able to take on bigger and frankly impossible challenges like changing the climate.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

"...and Greta Thunberg will be blissfully forgotten."

Oh! You mean, like, Jeffrey Epstein?

james daily said...

It appears President Trump is doing his Rope-a-Dope again especially when there are 235 Dopeacrats. Why these people cannot see that President Trump has them right where he wants them, an old idiot as their incompetent leader, chairmanships filled with extreme liberals that have no idea what they are doing and a do-nothing congress. This morning with the transcript released, it changed nothing as there was nothing in it. As far as mentioning the idiot Biden, that was basically a security issue since tax-payer funds were involved.
Now, we learn that the Biden meeting was set up before the trip, dope addict Hunter had been installed on the Board before the trip and after the trip, he pulls down $166,000 a month. However, what is not said in the conversation is that President Zelenskyy will look into the Hillary Pay to Play also and she just about sheit a brick this morning over the emails and money.
This investigation has legs and it will rope in a lot more than just the Bidens and Clintons as President Zelenskyy will find Obamas fingerprints also.

rickn8or said...

It would be truly delicious if Slow Joe's penchant for telling stories about Shit That Didn't Happen was what took him out of the running because he told one about Something That Did.

So he's out, and suddenly Screeches With Fist's playing fast and loose with her ethnicity will be a major issue.

Old Cannonballs said...

So now the Champion of the Left, who will be fawned over by legions of Social Justice Warriors, is a white person who has made a career out of passing as a person of color to fraudulently take advantage of programs set up to help minorities. I wonder how that's going to work out?

Colby Muenster said...

Proof that most of the Dims are idiots: Trump trolls them over and over and over and over and.... And they still don't learn. Actually, I think Pelosi drug her feet on this impeachment pipe dream knowing that it could only help her adversary, but then either had to cave to the podium pounders or risk losing her Speakership. I think she's going to lose her Speakership anyway. I am fervently praying for the mother of all landslides next year.

Yes, Crazy Uncle Joe is toast, and his own party threw him under the bus. He best just go home and count his Ukrainian money.

Poor widdle, misguided and brainwashed Greta. I have relatives in Sweden, and will vouch that their youth are all this way. Nary a friggin' clue what real life is like. My 71 year old brother has mellowed and learned to blend in, but the youth are victims of decades of socialist BS and anti-American crap.

@Geoff King,
Wouldn't it be awesome!? But, I'll speculate that a sizeable chunk of the Congress-critters don't have a single clue what they were elected to do. And sadly, their constituents could likely give a rat's patootie what they do as long as those food stamps keep rollin' in.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@John the Econ said... He'll be toast when finally made to answer difficult questions in forums where the moderators will not be holding his hands.

Wait...Last time I checked, Biden was still a democrat. It goes without saying that the moderators of any debate would be holding his hands, defending his every utterance, and would very likely even answer for him.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Colby Muenster...But, I'll speculate that a sizeable chunk of the Congress-critters don't have a single clue what they were elected to do.

SPot on - and a point I lament every time I hear one of our alleged representatives talk about how they had to vote THEIR conscience...

Rastapopoulos said...

The Democrap's circular-firing-squad appears to have been unleashed.

Was it to wash out their Thief Candidate Joe?

Or is a back-off warning to the Pennsylvania Avenue Imposture Barry-O and the Clinton Gang?

So many appear to have hands deep into any cookie jar they could find, and any nookie jar they could, leaving them all highly compromised and vulnerable.

Is the 2020 election really going to have no more substance than the Democraps complaining that our President Mr Trump aggressively works against corruption?

Think about it - they are complaining that Groper-Joe with his bag man son should have some sort of immunity just because the (very elderly) senior wants to show off his fresh face lift running for his party's nomination? Really??!! Crazy and obviously the d-craps have no intention to give anyone other than their own a pass.

Predictions - Joe is washed up and will be out soon, but to avoid going to prison will give up more important examples of corruption. The mud thrown at Trump will hose off. A couple people will get Arkancied or be found in their locked suitcases. A couple key figures will disappear to places unknown hiding from extradition. Some of our three-letter-agencies will be discovered to have more rogue elements making Iran-Contra look like the rehearsal dinner.

Yup, it is going to get messy for a bit. May be some unintended consequences not making any of us very happy.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@mamafrog- Pelosi did a very professional job of lying her butt off, and making people think they were hearing something other than what she really said. Every news organization is talking about impeachment today, even though no impeachment vote was held (or likely ever will be). I stand by my prediction that Biden is going to get hurt worse by all this than Trump will be.

@Sortahwitte- Yes, the Dems are idiots. They're pursuing this because they have nothing to run on other than making Trump into a Boogeyman. And you're right that any nitwit calling Trump a dictator clearly has no understanding at all of what dictators really do.

@Gee M- "Double secret impeachment" sums this lunacy up nicely.

@Fish Out of Water- In that case, I wish the old gods would cut out the foreplay and just get down to the business of destroying.

@Jim Irre- To stay wrinkly-free, I'm pretty sure that Nancy must have a knot of pulled skin the size of a softball on the back of her head.

@Jason Anyone- I could see her going that direction. It's my understanding that she's claimed she can actually see CO2 around us and in the atmosphere, which certainly hints that her nuttiness may run deep.

Snark- Good (and funny!) observations all!

@Anonymous- I think the DNC does want to get rid of Joe, because he isn't radical enough and doesn't kindle voter enthusiasm. And this Ukraine business might well knock him out of the race. Mind you, he'll never admit wrongdoing - he'll step down rather than allow the "unjustified attacks" on his son to continue. You read it here first.

@wendybar- Good summary! Pelosi gave the appearance of throwing a bone to the most wild-eyed members of her party, but didn't actually give them anything at all. I dislike the woman, but I can't deny she's good at what she does.

@TrickyRicky- I find Greta to be enormously annoying, but she also saddens me. She has psychological/mental conditions which make her singularly vulnerable to propaganda, and she's had the imminent "end of the world" pounded into her. I believe that she's actually terrified, and that's a terrible thing for anyone to have done to a child.

@Geoff King- I agree with your sentiments in general, but I'm skeptical that Congress will EVER do the business they were elected to do no matter what the circumstances.

rickn8or said...

Slipping Slow Joe the questions beforehand, but he gets out of synch with his answers.

"What are your views on immigration?"

"Yes, I believe we need to get these guns off the streets."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Studebaker Hauk- If it will help speed her on her way, I'll donate a handbasket for Nancy!

@Rod- The fire ant analogy really works for me. Although since I already hate fire ants, it was a short leap. (grin)

@Boligat- I, too, worry about how the release of this transcript may affect Presidential communications with other world leaders. On the other hand, now that precedent has been set, I wouldn't mind seeing transcripts of the conversation in which Obama agree to ship Iran giant pallets of cash in the middle of the night.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- The problem with mass extinctions is the unintended consequences. The dinosaurs got wiped out, but the smaller mammals survived to evolve into weasels and, eventually, politicians.

@Don in Oregon- I agree!

@rickn8or- Yep!

@Pat Cummings- Good points.

@Alfonso Bedoya- To me, "Greta Thunberg" sounds like she should be the star of "Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS." Which is a real movie, albeit not a real good movie.

@John the Econ- Great summation of the impeachment nonsense AND climate change nonsense!

@Emmentaler Limburger- Who? (wry grin)

@james daily- I genuinely believe that this will end up as a win for Trump. Those who like him and those who hate him will both find their opinions unchanged. But some folks in the middle are going to be so put off by the Dems that they'll move toward Trump.

@rickn8or- I think it's a real possibility that Biden's bragging story might itself be a complete fiction. "Reality" ain't what it used to be.

@Old Cannonballs- It'll work fine as long as she promises enough free crap. But the white woman speaks with forked tongue...

@Colby Muenster- Good points!

@Emmentaler Limburger- I agree that Biden will get kid glove treatment from any debate moderators (well, unless they're from Fox News).

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@rickn8or- That would be fun to watch!

Anonymous said...

Maybe irrelevant, but Biden appears to be wearing the same suit I donated to Good Will three decades ago.

JustaJeepGuy said...

Somehow, I found a Twitchy thread about Greta Thunberg and (one of) her mental conditions:

Her parents need to be punished for what they've done to the child.

I also think the Demo_Rats are throwing Gropey Joe Biden under the bus because they know he can't be elected. Sadly, the Demo_Rats think Lieawatha Fauxcahontas Warren CAN be elected. Or else they're going to let Hitlary run again. Maybe they're thinking "Third time's a charm!"

Rastapopoulos said...

Reading the transcript it is easy to take away an agreement that the mysteriously missing DNC server is in the Ukranian?

Is Geritol Joe collateral damage for the really important strike? Tell me about Crowdstrike?

Did the Democraps panic?

Are we enjoying watching President Trump let his opposition skewer themselves over and over?

And are we learning how he maneuvers them do have little choice but to fall on their own sword?

Anonymous said...

We want a shrubbery. Not too big, not too small. ( If I remember this correctly.)

Unhy Uftz.

Fish Out of Water said...

Hey, told ya all...

Pat Cummings said...

@John the Econ: "...our government can't deal with potholes. [A government] incapable of managing pavement [won't be] able to take on bigger and frankly impossible challenges like changing the climate." BRAVO! I'm stealing this for my email signature...

@Fish Out of Water: You can ditch everything from the "?" onward to the end in a link and it still works. (And it avoids revealing the path you took to uncover the linked material.)

I will continue to say "Nie!" to anyone who suggests otherwise...

John the Econ said...

@Old Cannonballs, just imagine it: America's first "Woman President of Color" will be a woman more white than at least half of the white population of America!

Would this not make her the first officially "white supremacist" President?

@Colby Muenster said "...the youth are victims of decades of socialist BS and anti-American crap."

Such is what state-wide welfare does to a nation.

@Emmentaler Limburger, yes, the media swamp-dwellers will be hands-off. But as time goes on, the question will get harder, and sooner or later Biden would have to meet up with Trump himself.

@JustaJeepGuy, at some point Greta will grow up and will be just another shrill voice in the Climate Industrial Complex. At that point, she'll no longer possess the novelty of being a child and will just be another annoying extremist like the rest. In order to garner attention above the noise, she'll have to find new ways to be annoying. Her life will be a mess. Sad.

@Fish Out of Water, worst appeal to authority.

@Pat Cummings, for the better part of a decade the stretch of interstate that passes through my town was an abysmal, potholed mess. I was considering getting some friends together before the election next year to rent a billboard along that stretch that said:

Government can't even manage the pavement you are on. What makes you think they can manage anything more complex than asphalt?

Alas, word must have gotten out because the DOT finally re-paved it this summer.

John the Econ said...

Greta is little more than a robot. Not only does she not have a clue about what she's talking about, she's much like Obama when not pre-programmed with a script of provided a teleprompter:

KanB said...

Saying that they're pursuing this because they have nothing to run on other than making Trump into a Boogeyman and dumping him isn't 100% accurate, yes they ARE strongly advocating for, "Make America Venezuela". Wouldn't surprise me to see a sea of blue hats with that logo blazed across the front.