Friday, September 20, 2019

True D'OH!!!

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He's also rumored to have bragged about grabbing beavers.
We actually couldn't give a flying fart in a cyclone about Canadian Prime Minister (and ultra-liberal) Justin Trudeau having worn "brown face" at an "Arabian Nights" costume party 18 years ago.

What's more interesting to consider is the way today's "woke" media is handling this non-event. CNN and CNBC flat out declare a snapshot of Trudeau in costume to be a "racist photo." The Washington Post and others are saying that Trudeau "must be dumped" from high office. And even Elizabeth Warren isn't buying Trudeau's claim to be 1/1024th Arabic.

But does an old photo in and of itself really make someone a full-blown and unforgivable "racist?" And is there really no gradation between being accidentally offensive once upon a time, and being an actual cross-burning, lynching, active bigot?

When even minor infractions are deemed to be ultimate and unforgivable, the Left de-incentivizes people to change their attitudes about racial issues or "evolve." But then, that's not really even what the Left wants. Rather, they want to use their indignation as a cudgel to bring down anyone whose ideology doesn't pass their new "racial purity" test.


Just for fun, and in the interest of filling additional space, let's enjoy a Friday edition of...

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, earwigs, kangaroo, caption


Elbarto said...

While it's truly "much ado about nothing," can't help feeling a bit of schadenfreude at seeing an arrogant liberal douche like Trudeau being hoist by his own petard.

Pat Cummings said...

It took far too long for Professor Macquarrie Saundders' "Homo Australensis" skeleton to be revealed as a fraud. By then, his grant money spent, Saundders had absconded to Bora Bora.

Kay said...

I read two books by Obama (or whomever wrote them for him). He went to a few Arab (ian) nights parties also, pictures included, the real thing. Just sain'.

Fish Out of Water said...

Y'know, I can't decide if I am being forced to relive the 60's, or am living in a redo of 17th century New England (i.e., the Puritans) or some other historical period of self-righteous, bigoted, straitjacketed fanaticism/hysteria.

Jess said...

The headlines proclaimed Canadians were "shocked" by the photo. Maybe so, but I have a feeling the only people shocked are the journalists that don't play by the rules and end up in the company dungeon.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

"Krikey, Mate! ..." wins the internet today!

Per Prime Minister Centerfold, Ralph Northam, et al being hoisted with their own petard: I have no pity. But to those who would cry foul over such harmless minutia as a costume, I pose a question: isn't imitation supposed to be the highest form of flattery?

TrickyRicky said...

"No, I said the DINGOS ate me baby!"

I am with the "don't give a damn, but really, really love the schadenfreude camp" when it comes to Justine's tribulations with the jackals and hyenas of the uber-left.

Studebaker Hauk said...

Talk about a slow news day up d'ere in de Nort! I'll never again hear "Oh, Canada" without the echos of "Mammie" creeping in to the final refrain. Mooseburgers are forever off the menu.

Fish Out of Water said...

Slow news day? The fraud currently serving as NYC mayor has ended his presidential bid, saying 'clearly it's not my time" talk about holy understatement....

AmyH said...

Wheres the liberal outrage? Megyn Kelly was run out of town because she asked about black face.

John the Econ said...

Alinsky #4 is a bitch.

Many of my conservative friends have argued that we should let stuff like this pass. I think they're wrong. We should be unrelenting in making Progressives live up to the insane rules that they've set for the rest of society. Does anyone really think that letting Justin off for this stupidity will spare the next conservative who gets caught with stupidity in his/her past? Of course not.

Not that I expect this to hurt Justin on the long run. After all, one of my maxims is that there is nothing a Progressive can do to permanently destroy their career as long as they are faithful to the Progressive agenda. If he gets the boot, it will either be be for the consistent shallow and patronizing insipidness or the corruption.

I've gone as far as to suggest that the corruption (pressuring his justice department to back off on prosecuting a political ally for bribery) is actually a boost to his campaign, in that this level of corruption actually makes him look like an adult.

Meanwhile, I note that that governor of Virginia is still in office, something that would never be had he been a Republican.

Another observation: Do note how the media emphasizes that Justin was in "brown face" as opposed to "black face" as though that makes any difference.

Colby Muenster said...

"But, it was a loooong time ago." "We need to let bygones be bygones." "Ancient history." "Let's judge him by what he does today, not some minor kerfuffle in the distant past when he was young and impetuous." ...said the socialists about the other socialist.

Folks, who among us hasn't done stupid crap in their youth. The only thing that chafes my ass is, when something like this pops up in a conservative's past, the liberals start rounding up pitchforks and torches. If its Northam or Trudeau, meh...

And I'll second what Emmantaler said! Krikey!

james daily said...

It behooves me that these liberals continue to hold descendants responsible for the actions of their predecessors. As far as Trudeau and his artistic endeavor to achieve a different ethnic perspective, it was a complete failure as we recognized him thru the mask. Al Jolson comes to mind but we recognized him also. Enough satire. Econ has it right, as there is no act or action a liberal can do that will not enhance their resume. If I remember right, didn't I see a pic of Slick Willie in blackface? Oh, that is why they are using the new term, brown face. Somehow, I surely hope this disparaging will come back to haunt them.

Shelly said...

Everyone knows the cancel culture only applies to conservatives. Their hypocrisy demands it. What disturbed me most this week is how Saturday Night Live cancelled a comedian joining the show this year because the cancel culture drug up a racist joke from his past. SNL used to be the place to go for cutting edge humor and definitely not PC. I find it amusing that Eddie Murphy is going to host one of the shows this year. He is known for his racist comments and anti-gay slurs. I used to watch SNL until Trump won and every show became the same put down joke on him. Same thing with the late night comics. It was actually quite liberating to be done with them.

Rastapopoulos said...

Justin the Chameleon Trudeau appropriates other cultures and personas to gain advantage while concealing his own weak nature.

Whether in Brownfaced Arabian, Blackface, Indian Headdress, Cowboy Hat, Justin conceals his own persona by attempting to make it disappear beneath what he has appropriated.

Now that he is a fully grown up communist he’s learned to appropriate stronger personalities in plain sight. Hence the glue on Stalin eyebrows!

While Justin continues to play his life long dress up/make up games will Canada move to adopt genuine people as their future leaders?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@jpb252- Oh, I enjoy seeing the Left eat their own too!

@Pat Cummings- "Grant Money" sounds like a 1950's movie star.

@Kay- And was it "cultural appropriation" for Obama to eat dogs Indonesian-style? I just can't keep up with the rules anymore.

@Fish Out of Water- Personally, I liken our historical precedent to the French Revolution. And feel free to insert your own "the peasants are revolting" joke here.

@Jess- I not only wasn't "shocked," I wan't even interested. If the world leader who has his finger on the button of the maple syrup industry wants to dress up as Aladdin, I couldn't care less.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- You just reminded me of the great old Tex Avery cartoon in which a cat mouse, dog, and canary (if I remember right) take turns drinking from a bottle of growth serum with hilarious chaos ensuing.

@Emmentaler Limburger- Apparently, imitation is now the lowest form of racism.

@TrickRicky- I love the dingos caption! And can we use the word "schadenfreude" without offending Germans who don't want us to appropriate it?

@Studebaker Hauk- Question: How ironic would it be for a Canadian Mountie to arrest Trudeau for wearing a ridiculous costume?

@Fish Out of Water- DeBlasio's departure from the race didn't exactly stun anyone. Except New Yorkers, who'll now have to put up with him again.

@AmyH- As the saying goes, if the Left didn't have double standards they'd have no standards at all.

@John the Econ- I agree that it makes sense to invoke Alinsky #4 on the Progressives, but I don't know how to manufacture enough fake outrage. Still, might be worth trying. And regarding black face and brown face, I'm now wondering how much of a tan I can get before I'm committing a hate crime? For that matter, I've already got dark-pigmented freckles...or should I call them micro-aggressions? Confusing times.

@Colby Muenster- I'm pretty sure ALL of us have done stupid crap in our youth. Or, uh, more recently. To make youthful indiscretions a permanent liability is to destroy the value of personal growth over time. Idiots.

And Mrs. J liked the "Crikey, Mate!" caption best, too.

@james daily- I don't think there's a picture of Slick Willy in blackface, but there's a picture that's been passed around a LOT which appears to show a college-aged Bill Clinton dressed as a hayseed and Hillary wearing blackface. Sadly, it turns out that the picture is not the Clintons.

@Shelly- I agree on the SNL firing. And semantically, I'm tired of the fact that "racial" and "racist" are used so interchangeably these days (though deliberate conditioning). Is a "racial" joke always a "racist" joke? I don't think so.

@Rastapopoulos- Good observations, all. And calling Trudeau a chameleon is perfect!

Anonymous said...

I am offended this article. This is supposed to be a humor site. Slyly inserting truth and common sense assuming nobody will notice is an affront to humorists everywhere. You're ruining it for everybody.

Shameful, I tell ya. Shameful.