Friday, April 24, 2020

The Jarlsberg Diaries: Feeling Sheepish

We've all been under considerable pressure lately and could stand to blow off a little steam. To help with that effort, we present this indescribably rare recording of the legendary "Red Rooster Band" live in concert, complete with onscreen lyrics for your singalong pleasure...

The Backstory: Okay, this was my band many eons ago. "Red Rooster and the Crimson Cocks" didn't play many gigs, but when we did we stomped the hell out of the joint. Audiences loved us because they were drunk, we were drunk, and all of our songs were deliberately tasteless (albeit performed with great enthusiasm).

I'm the lead singer who is so desperately in need of auto-tune, a sense of shame, or both. My non-identical twin brother (honest!) in the scarlet wig is Red Rooster. We co-wrote all the songs, then rounded up a wildly talented group of players who - like us - enjoyed doing something flat out stupid from time to time. Ah, youth.

All of this predates personal video cameras, so we really didn't have a way to capture a live performance. Fortunately, a friend shot a handful of 35mm slides (remember those?) which we were able to combine with a cassette recording to create this video.

Interesting fact: if you're nursing a blood alcohol limit above 0.08 it is literally impossible not to sing along with the "Bah-bah-bah" chorus. And if you doubt me, well, it's Friday - so knock down a few drinks and put it to the test!


Yesterday was the beginning of Ramadan - a perfect time to look back and reflect on things like what a complete ass-hat our last president was...

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(6/17/15) As if one couldn't tell by the throngs of shoppers at the malls, the beloved songs on the radio, and the twinkle in every child's eye, today marks the beginning of Ramadan - a sacred, month-long Islamic holiday marked by fasting, prayer, and (as the president just impishly proved) "some surprises."

In this case, the surprise was Obama's barely reported release of six more Al Qaeda detainees from Guantanamo Bay, including three of Osama Bin Laden's bodyguards.

The prisoners, all of whom were classified as "high risk" by US intelligence in 2008, were reclassified as harmless (if not downright cuddly!) by Obama's "Periodic Review Board," which is charged with "finding a way to empty Gitmo - period."

To accomplish this, the Review Board takes into account things like whether the jihadists have been good about attending taxpayer-funded yoga classes designed to curb their violent impulses, and the detainees' expressed desires to return to the war torn Middle East only for the purpose of starting "milk and honey farms."  No, really.

Oh sure, skeptics are going to point to the fact that nearly 30% of detainees released from Gitmo go back to killing on the battlefield. But shouldn't the holidays be a time to set aside skepticism and simply believe wholeheartedly in peace on Earth and good will to enemy combatants?

Apparently Barack Hussein Obama thinks so.


Actually, we are going to get completely serious for just a moment. It will come as no surprise to anyone here that a lot of what we're hearing about coronavirus/Covid19 is highly politicized bullcrap, MSM spin, or just plain stupidity. But we don't have to settle for that.

Dr. Chris Martenson, a pathologist and economist, has been posting near-daily Youtube videos (usually between 30 and 40 minutes) for three months now. It's the single best, smartest, least political, and most accurate source of coronavirus news that we've found. You can see his latest video at this link, and you should hit that "subscribe" button to stay weeks ahead of everyone else.

For instance, you may have seen recent stories from Reuters, the AP, NY Times, Fox News and more that hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drug touted by President Trump, is not only ineffective but actually harmful to patients per a Stanford study. And it's shameful the amount of glee most "news" sources exhibited when snuffing out this ray of hope, because they'd rather Trump be wrong than have an actual treatment for Covid19. But here's the thing...

They were lying. Or, charitably, idiots.

Dr. Martenson breaks down the real information flowing in from around the world, and it seems likely that hydroxychloroquine (when administered at the right time, and with an antibiotic and mineral combo) is actually tremendously effective in treating Covid19. And it pisses us off that such potentially good news is being buried (although it won't stay buried for long). You can get the full scientific breakdown from Dr. Martenson in this video.

Some of what Dr. Martenson shares is scary, because truth can be scary. But that's a price worth paying to avoid being misinformed during a time of crisis.


mamafrog said...

So, I remember a news story several years ago about a Ramadan celebrant destroying a restaurant in France because people were daring to have fun and eat when he wasn't. And I do wonder what his idea of fun was, you know. Nothing like a bunch of hungry, or hangry, Muslims who can't stand other people not doing what they want them to. Sounds like a recipe for serious problems to me. I try so hard not to be racist or anti stuff but it gets harder to do all the time, ya know?

Howard Johnson said...

I've been watchin him recently and he's really good and REALLY does his homework.

If you have the time and want the information, you can't find better information.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Gotta say, Stilton, that song ain't half baaaaaa-d.

Bobo the Hobo said...

Ewe had me at “mutton”. I don’t understand how the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame hasn’t called yet. FREEBIRD! 🤩

Gorgon Zola said...

Well, Lynyrd Skynyrd you definitely ain't, but wonderful just the same! Three thumbs up!

dtree 25 said...

not up to .08 (yet) but I can see that going over pretty good at the bars I go to

Alfonso Bedoya said...

As for Ramadan, the Islamic "religion" is nothing but an organization of hate that promotes beheading of Christians, child molestation, torture and complete control of those who don't believe in their "religion." They continue to live in their sordid past and I hope that the Europeans who have welcomed them hook-line-sinker are enjoying their antics.....especially in Sweden.

Sad that Hussein Obama had opened the doors to our country to appease the Muslim scourge, and those who opposed the activist who did more harm to our country than can be imagined are labeled as "RACIST?" I so, I am proud to wear that label---especially when I hear of middle-aged Muslims using the excuse that "Allah" has condoned their marrying 8-year-old girls.

Snark said...

@Alfonso Bedoya: Islam is an ideology, not a religion. It uses elements of worship to masquerade as a religion. The biggest fraud ever perpetuated upon humanity.

A "study" of anything is not the same as a trial. The difference is like comparing "Womyn's Studies" to Chemical Engineering. Yet the Fake News mob relegates them to be the same as long as some institute or organization with an impressive background puts their name on it. Using junk science parading as valid information is the norm for what passes for journalism these days. (Confession: I have a degree in Journalism. Forgive me Father for I have sinned....) Even pre-Watergate most reporters were guilty of not digging deeply enough but at least then there were a small group of investigating journalists who actually did do the research and eventually some actual truth might emerge. Today the alphabet channels believe that truth, facts and objectiveness are outdated vestiges of uselessness that should be ignored for the sake of presenting "Wokeness".

And lives are lost due to this gross misrepresentation. At the least negligent homicide is committed. In the quest to prove "Orange Man Bad" the TDS afflicted have no regards for the damage done nor lives lost. I can only hope that the ones who refuse treatment on ideological or political grounds get their just reward.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@mamafrog- I can't trash the basic idea behind Ramadan, because I have Muslim acquaintances who observe it as a time of personal sacrifice and service to others. One on one, these are good folks - and I have no doubt there are many more. But as a political movement, which Islam inextricably is, I dislike the whole shebang (can I say "bang" when talking about Islamists?).

@Howard Johnson- I've been watching Dr. Martenson for three months and can vouch for his accuracy in a world of bullshit. I don't want to even hear from Fauci, Birx, or Trump. I will not sully my ears listening to Cuomos (either of them), Pelosi, Schumer, or the mainstream media. And don't even START me on the tidal wave of crap bouncing around the Internet on Facebook, Twitter, and whatever the hell other services are out there.

This is a serious time, with serious problems and consequences. Which is why I prefer to listen to a medically trained, economically schooled adult to help plot my family's path into an odd new future.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Oh, ewe!

@Bobo the Hobo- Is there another song that even mentions "mutton?" I think not.

@Gorgon Zola- Musically speaking, I was far and away the least talented guy on that stage. And, during a performance, the least sober (I had/have terrible stage fright, so would prime the pump before performing).

@dtree 25- Oh, the song was a crowd pleaser, no question. And the band was a comedy act with jokes and bits between the songs. A good time was had by all!

@Alfonso Bedoya- Like I said, I like a number of Muslims individually, but don't like the collective politics and barbarism inherent in the faith. Beheadings, subjugation of women, and rampant kiddy-diddling have no place in the 21st century.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Snark- Great points. The coronavirus story is certainly the biggest of our lifetime, and quite likely the biggest since our nation's founding. Accurate information and solid reporting are critically important, but the (ahem) "journalists" have turned it into a complete fustercluck. Grabbing eyeballs (or clicks) is all that counts now, which is why truth in reporting has gone out the window. And it's a dangerous game: misinformed people make bad choices, and the current consequences are life and death.

TrickyRicky said...

How will the media/progressive combine spin the new data coming out of California and New York indicating a much, much larger infection rate?

This question is important because these data indicate a death rate below 1%, in line with a normal flu season. These numbers also argue for quarantine of infected and highly at risk persons (what an actual quarantine does BTW), and for a relaxation of social distancing hysteria in the general public so a herd immunity can be in place to blunt the second wave in the fall.

TrickyRicky said...

Oh, awesome band footage Stilton. Looks like a rocking good time. Sometimes I miss my honky tonk days.

Sortahwitte said...

Well, Dick, I gave it a score of 80. It was a rockin' song, easy to dance to, but the lyrics made me want to go out and buy a fifth of Woolite. Baaaaaa.

igor said...

Gee, who'da thunk it that the MSM (the Politboro of the Dumbocrat Nazi Party) would lie about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquin? Oh, yeah, because Orange Man Bad.

On a serious note, listening to your band (as such) cause me to think, "Gee, I can hear Weird Al doing something like this..." - it was scary. Although, Al can carry a tune AND sound like the original artist most of the time. Which, in your case, wouldn't be a stretch for his vocal cords. Just sayin'


John the Econ said...

Okay. That provided a much-needed end-of-week chuckle. Really is a shame that there was no film of that. @Stilton, you are indeed a man of so many talents.

Releasing bad people: If there is any aspect of Progressivism that truly baffles the mind and stands out as proof that liberalism really is a mental disorder, it has to be their inclination towards setting transparently bad people people free to prey on ordered society.

Think about the ill-logic of it this way: Progressives hate individual freedom, especially economic freedom, and demand political, social, and moral conformity. And yet at the same time they suffer an irrational compassion towards people who celebrate extreme freedom from any semblance of morality or social norms.

As bad as Obama releasing Bin Laden's acolytes back into the wild, is it really any worse than Progressives now demanding that the prisons be emptied in the name of the Wuhan Flu? People are already dying due to this insanity instead of the virus.

(At least some people realize that it might be a good idea to keep some violent felons behind bars. Is Paul Manafort still locked up?

Speaking of Ramadan - This explains so much:


Pregnant muslim women who fast during Ramadan are likely to have smaller babies who will be more prone to learning disabilities in adulthood, according to new research.

Hydroxychloroquine: Hydroxychloroquine has to fail, because Trump.

I just wish that Trump would announce that we've got an even bigger existential crisis than Chicom-19, "Climate Change", and announce a $50-trillion remediation plan while demanding that the lights be turned off to save the planet. Just to hear the leftist media proclaim that the President is an idiot and what a scam it would be.

Bobo said...

“Are ewe my da-a-a-a-addy?”

Gonzo'57 said...

Stiton, Do you know the difference between the Rolling Stones and a Scottish sheep herder?

The Rolling Stones say "Hey you, get off of my cloud" and the Scottish sheep herder says "Hey, McCloud get off of my ewe!".

Rod said...

LOL. Oh man, you were right. I should have waited until Friday night and been drinkin' for a while. What a show-band. How did you miss being in "The Blues Brothers"? Did you ever play any joints that had chicken wire strung up in front of the stage? And Who are Ewe? Please give us a time stamp.

Rod said...

OK never mind. I reread your intro; no time stamp required. Add what? About 45 years, a full white beard & Clan MacGregor? We'd know you anywhere; but wouldn't tell anyone. [grinning]

JohnF said...

Watched the Dr. Chris Martenson vid earlier today, excellent info but he does tend to drone on a bit. Could have been 15 minutes instead of 40. Tried to share it though and now the link jumps to today's edition! Not the one on the bogus VA study.
Oh, I might be a Covid-19 denier though. Way too politicized and way too hard to weed through all the fake news. Maybe wishful thinking but I believe this will be over sooner than later!

JohnF said...

this link seems to work...

American Cowboy said...

@ TrickyRicky said...How will the media/progressive combine spin the new data coming out of California and New York indicating a much, much larger infection rate?
This question is important because these numbers also argue for a relaxation of social distancing hysteria in the general public.

I agree, however IMO that is something that flies in the face of what I believe is an intentional agenda using this virus, perpetrated on the general public by globalists like bill gates, the leftist democrats, and their useful tools in a complicit media. I believe they will do everything in their power to not only keep, but intensify the fear and panic being foisted on a public that seems too comfortable allowing themselves to be used in this manner.

Call me a radical, or a conspiracy theorist if you will, I do not think my mind can be changed.

Rick Nigh said...

(To the tune of "Scotland the Brave"
Scotland Depraved

Give me some whiskey mother,
I'm feeling frisky mother.
I need a sheep to keep me warm through the night.

I need a lover mother,
No, not my other brother.
I need a sheep to keep me warm through the night.

Sheep never talk about it,
They never ever doubt it.
They're so trusting,
Complaisant and nice.
I love that lanolin better than flannolyn!
I need a sheep to keep me warm through the night.

Hamsters don't make it mother,
They just can't take it mother.
I need a sheep to keep me warm through the night.
No not my sister Mary,
Her legs are way too hairy!
I need a sheep to keep me warm through the night.


There are many more verses, but I think my point has been made.

DougM said...

I see the reason you guys didn't make it big…
you enunciated, so I understood every word.

Good puns, good puns,
but you missed an opportunity to rhyme 'deceased'

JustaJeepGuy said...


Have you got any more recordings from the Red Rooster Band? That was pretty good and I don't even drink! It kept my mind off the Wuhan flu for........3 minutes and 22 seconds.

Once again I will point out that the MSM's "reporting" on the Wuhan flu is just their latest coup attempt to get rid of President Trump. They're trying desperately to make him look bad so enough people won't vote for him in November. The fact that the eastern liberal establishment, both Demo_Rat and RINO, still absolutely hate the guy makes me want to copy the Demo_Rats and vote early and often to re-elect President Trump. And since we had vote-by-mail foisted on us here in Colorado by the Demo_Rat invaders, it should be easy to do. Maybe I'll go to the local Demo_Rat HQ, pretend to be one of them, and ask how it's done. I'll be sure to let them think I'm one of them by not mentioning that I'm employed. I can pretend to be homeless, but I don't think I could pretend to be an illegal alien...

Principal Poop said...

Many years back, I read a review of the band Ram Jam, in which the author, a Rolling Stone magazine critic, described their entire repertoire as "Mindless gut bucket boogie." Being a serious man, that was the kindest thing he had to say about them in his article. Although your lyrics are understandable and very clever, Ram Jam may have met their match. “Older generations are living proof that younger generations can survive their lunacy.” Cullen Hightower.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@TrickyRicky- Actually the death rate for Covid19 is likely 20 to 40 times higher than the flu. The media is making comparisons between two different measures- the case fatality rate (CFR) and the infection fatality rate (IFR) - as if they were interchangeable. They're not. When you compare CFR against CFR, or IFR against IFR, you get the numbers I cited above. I wish that wasn't the case, but it is.

@Sortahwitte- Yeah, the song is pretty flocked up (grin).

@Igor- I'm a big fan of Weird Al. And I once had a song that was played on Dr. Demento's national show! But that's a story for another day.

@John the Econ- I've read about felons who were "compassionately" released who immediately committed new crimes, got arrested, and then were released from prison again because of Covid19. WTF doesn't even begin to cover it.

Hilarious observation about Ramadan and, yes, it could explain a lot. And good observation about Trump using reverse psychology!

@Bobo- No ifs, ands, or headbutts about it!

@Gonzo'57- I am standing at my desk applauding right now.

@Rod- We didn't play any chicken wire bars, but on at least one occasion it would have been handy when someone threw a heavy glass ashtray at me!

@JohnF- That particular video is a bit more drone-y than usual. That being said, I don't mind spending extra time on Martenson's videos because I'm not wasting time on all the other crap out there. And personally, I don't think this is going to be truly over any time remotely soon if ever, but I'd love to be wrong!

@American Cowboy- I think the power brokers will always be manipulating things to their benefit, but for the most part I think this is health crisis is genuinely, incredibly serious. There's no point in the powerful having total control of a populace which will soon be starving and impoverished and living in a collapsed society...and all of that is within headlight distance if we don't make some radical changes to allow people (wearing masks) to start doing something like work.

@Rick Nigh- I'm calling the band! We're getting together again just to do this song!

@DougM- I actually over-enunciated because I wanted to sell the puns. And in the age of coronavirus, I definitely would've gotten "deceased" in there.

@JustaJeepGuy- I think I have another recording or two of the Red Rooster Band, though I'm not sure I should make them public in the era of political correctness. For instance, one of the songs is called "Jailbait" and was performed onstage with a bicycle bell in the mix.

And I agree that MSM reporting is so desperate to sting Trump that they're ignoring and distorting some of the most important information of our lifetimes. Assholes.

@Principal Poop- I love the quote about younger generations and their lunacy. In my case, however, I'm not sure the lunacy has entirely passed...

Rod said...

@ Stilt: Yes I think the "Jailbait" number could get you in trouble now. Scouting has learned that. Back when hen trying to do the right things and keeping records of abusers they caught and tossed out; they kept the list so those bad guys could not get in again somewhere else. Then there were "legal" in quotes (because I wonder about the legality) 1-2 punchs that have put the national organization of Scouting in jeopardy of surviving... even though their youth protection program NOW without doubt leads the field as a model for child protections for many agencies who serve youth. First: a court ordered them to release the list. Second State legislatures more recently rolled back or eliminated Statutes of Limits for these things ... so now the search is on by money-grubbing lawyers for those who where or claim to be "abused" as far back as the 50 and 60's in some cases, and may have never reported it either. And now there's another question: Was it rape or was it some knucklehead got cussed out? It's all "Abuse" now. The BSA bankruptcy is a common, often used legal, legitimate and proven business tactic to try to finacially survive the proven and ongoing threat of huge sums of "award" money being granted "ad infinitum" by judges & juries. BSA is not trying to "GET AWAY" with anything; in fact they are leaders in addressing the problem. PS: You will not see this overall situation reported this way in MSM. And thank-you for allowing this post here.

Rick Nigh said...

Why do Scotsmen wear kilts?

Because sheep can hear zippers!

Now, Why do Irishmen wear kilts?

Because Scotsman can hear zippers!

I caused a smallish riot aboard a Brit submarine with that one. I love my job!!

Pete (Detroit) said...

Way late to the party here, so won't reply to any comments, other than Stilton - pretty sure I paid a $2 cover to hear worse, bitd. Including my buddy Corrie (Need to hook you two up) who gigged bars in College Station as revenue enhancement / rent money.
One of his popular bits was Stairway to Gilligan's Island (yes, the scanscion WORKS, *disturbingly* well)