Wednesday, June 3, 2020

A Time for Heeling

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We hope you enjoy the cartoon above because it's about all we're capable of giving you today. In complete candor, we're nursing a splitting headache (and jaw ache and neck ache) which we believe is related to our allergy to bullshit. And there's way more of that in the air than ragweed or mountain cedar pollen.

We have friends on the Left (beggars can't be choosers) who are inundating their social media with sniffy sentiments like "if you have to say you're not a racist, then you are one," that the violence (not just the protesting) in the streets is entirely understandable and appropriate, while simultaneously claiming that we are now officially living in a police state because Orange Man has brought down the full force of the American military on the citizenry. Which, frankly, is a news story we seem to have missed.

Whether from individuals, the media, or the PR Department of Soros World Domination Inc, there is  a choking pollution of lies that has us gasping for a BS95 mask capable of filtering the stench.

But here is a bit of fresh air from Monday night's broadcast by Tucker Carlson. It's 26 minutes long, but the time flies by as Carlson gives us his truthful, thorough, and insightful analysis of the riots burning through our nation. It will inform you, anger you, and hopefully inspire you. That's certainly what it did for us.


ckrhodes said...

jaw , neck and headache are indicators of serious heart problems, believe me, been there, done that and got a crappy t-shirt. The pain you describe is the same that I had before a particularly nasty heart attack.

Fish Out of Water said...

Just have one quibble about the Lefty Lucy strip. These aren't protesters. They are a mob of arsonists, looters, terrorists and the spawn of 8 years of sown poison by the administration whose Orwellian slogan was "Hope and Change", not protesters.

As to the democrats who have for decades mismanaged and otherwise ruined once were great cities (fill in the blank if you'd like), I can only say, you've made your bed, now sleep in it.

Roger Myers said...

I'm pleased that you linked to Tucker Carlson's monologue, it is the best media comment I've seen.

Bobo the Hobo said...

As reported by Target, Inc, the only things not stolen in Minneapolis were work boots. Hope you feel better, Stilt

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Feel free to share the "Antifa Lego Set"...

TrickyRicky said...

This past week has devolved into nothing less than a well organized, nationwide attempt to overthrow our government. The use of overwhelming force to put it down is not only justified, but an immediate necessity. I'm not talking about mowing hundreds down with machine guns. I'm talking about thousands of well trained, disciplined and heavily armed troops on the ground, rounding these Brownshirt wannabes up and getting them off of the streets.

Looting is bad enough. When people are being dragged out of cars and beaten to pulp and nothing is apparently being done by the authorities, our thin veneer of civilization is very close to collapse. I know that if I were to shoot and kill any members of a mob beating in the windows of my car with lead pipes I would be ruined by court costs and perhaps spend time in jail. Be that as it may, I will not be a timid or easily taken victim.

Snark said...

I am both blessed and thankful that what I thought was an inopportune forced relocation by the state DOT has resulted in moving to an even more remote area than 2 years ago. While I doubt that the violence will make it this far out, I'm still paranoid enough to prepare for it.

I'm also thankful that we have a president who has the balls to confront these anarchists/communists/progressives with what is required - overwhelming force. I can't think of a single politician who would do what is necessary to protect our country. Of course he isn't a trained politician so he doesn't have that pablum, milk toast mindset.

The irony is that Pelousi, et al have been calling him a dictator and tyrant since he was elected while he has been the exact opposite. Unfortunately a benevolent dictator is about what we need (the mere action of typing that turns my stomach.) The deterioration of a republic into a dictatorship has been forecast for decades. If we have to go through such I would MUCH prefer it be a Donald Trump than ANY of the leftist/progressive/communist assholes that have been slobbering over the opportunity to turn our nation into a gulag. While I have been aware that the leftist mindset has been prevalent in our colleges and universities, I wasn't aware that so many of our elected officials also possess that condition of brain rot. Perhaps the revolution HAS begun. If so, at least most of us conservatives are better armed than the leftists. Let them bring a club to a gunfight.

John D. Egbert said...

It's interesting, but not surprising, that the worst rioting is occurring in the same cities/states with the worst Corvidiocy problems and the loudest cries for "bailout."

I've heard/seen/read other places that PDJT should let said states go bankrupt; that this would cause them to lose their statehood and revert to Territorial status. Just think, no U.S. Senators or Representatives from said newly-recreated territories. The possibilities are endless . . .

Snark said...

@Tricky - I'd rather be tried by twelve than carried by six.

Boligat said...

@John D. Egbert: I did a quick search and I didn't find anything about bankrupt states reverting to territorial status. Can you give us some links for something about that? I really do like the idea, though. Think of all that we would lose if California went bankrupt. Pelosi would be gone. Schiff would be gone. The Dems majority would be gone. Of course we would lose some good people on our side of the fence, too, but it would be worth it.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@ckrhodes- Sorry you went through all that, but glad you recovered! All of my symptoms were at the "annoying" level rather than anything that felt symptomatic of more than stress. In the end, acetaminophen, a prescription tranquilizer, and turning off Facebook pretty much put things right.

@Fish Out of Water- In writing the strip, I thought about the protesters/rioters distinction. I went with "protesters" because the words were coming from Lefty Lucy - and in my own limited experience, I have yet to hear a liberal use any word stronger than "protesters" to label even the most heinous of these young criminals.

And I agree sympathetically with your thought that these Democrat-led cities deserves what they're getting, bit it's the poor and hard-working that are taking the brunt of the damage rather than the elites. Tucker shared a heart-breaking video of an older black woman in tears because every store in her neighborhood had been burned or looted. She had nowhere to go for her needs, no transportation, and little hope that her neighborhood would ever be restored.

@Roger Myers- I was blown away by this segment on Tucker's show. I don't always agree with the man (although I frequently do), but I always respect him and pay attention to what he has to say. I think he's exactly right in this case.

@Bobo the Hobo- Oh, I'm fine today, thanks. And I'm sure you're right about work boots not being high on the list of stolen items.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Nice! Pre-charred rubble! (I'm assuming that Antifa-types aren't familiar with the concept of building anything).

@TrickyRicky- I completely agree. If I was in my car and a crowd was bashing my windows with tire irons, I would probably start plowing through them - pedal to the metal. Not because auto body damage is more important than a human life, but because I would feel that MY human life was in immediate danger.

@Snark- I agree with your points and your unsettled feelings. And while I have real reservations about Trump, I unquestionably prefer having him in charge rather than any of the high-profile Leftists. How could they solve a problem they've been instrumental and intentional in creating?

@John D. Egbert- That's the first I've heard of the idea of states being returned to territorial status. It's a fascinating thought...

@Snark- Personally, I'd rather be drunk by five.

millard fillmore said...

When someone tries to falsely shame you for alleged racism,or even lack of a face mask,tell them you are too old to be shamed,and you don't care if that bothers them.Using,of course,your best 'Ron Swanson' voice of bored cynicism and disinterest.It confuses them and gives you time to find the meat counter.

Anonymous said...


Pat Cummings said...

@M. Mitchell Marmel: Black Legos Matter!

Colby Muenster said...

Mrs. Muenster and I usually watch Tucker Carlson once or twice per week, and I'm glad we tuned in that night. My mouth about dropped when he started criticizing BOTH sides of the political spectrum. If only CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, the NYT and yes even Fox News were to look at things this objectively, the political climate in this country would vastly improve.

@John D. Egbert and Boligat,
Now my interest is peaked too. Could this be for real? If so, it isn't only California at risk. You can put New York, New Jersey, Illinois and a few other states on that list. You'd think the "progressive" political hacks running these states would be keenly aware of such a law. Maybe they are, but think it could never happen the THEM because they are too IMPORTANT? I think Trump would totally let California go bankrupt if a "Save California" relief bill came across his desk.

Petercat said...

No, no, no...
It's "Let them walk a mile in your shoes"!

Fish Out of Water said...

If you haven't had your daily dose o TDS...

But besides the risiblity, it's a sobering reminder of how determined the Swamp is to totally eradicate Trump and what he has accomplished.

John the Econ said...

"...the violence (not just the protesting) in the streets is entirely understandable and appropriate..."

Unless, of course it gets a little too close to their own homes:

ESPN's Chris Martin Palmer Fine With Riots and Burning Things, As Long As They're Not His Things

Chris Martin Palmer, NBA reporter for ESPN cheers photos of a burning Minneapolis with "Burn that shit down. Burn it all down."

Of course, that's not his neighborhood burning down and it is all happening miles away from where he lives. But what does he think when the reality gets closer to his home?

"They just attacked our sister community down the street. It’s a gated community and they tried to climb the gates. They had to beat them back. Then destroyed a Starbucks and are now in front of my building. Get these animals TF out of my neighborhood. Go back to where you live."

...and then...

Tear up your own shit. Don't come to where we live at and tear our neighborhood up. We care about our community. If you don't care about yours I don't give a shit.

Wealthy Progressives are happy to cheer on the chaos as long as it's not directly impacting their lives in any material way. But once it gets close to their homes? Then it's get TF out, go back to where YOU live.

Thanks, Chris for your transparency. How absolutely awful that they scared you and destroyed your Starbucks and have inconvenienced you so. Also for demonstrating that this really isn't so much about racism. At least in this case, it's about you feeling good at the expense of people do don't know and couldn't care less about, at least until there was a threat that it might be your building that burned next.

It's also another great example of the Progressive War on the Middle Class: The rioters get to do whatever they please with a relatively low chance of meaningful consequence. Wealthy people like Chris Palmer get to live in their gated and/or guarded communities, safely insulated from the riff-raff who are told to stay back where they live. The rest of us have to deal with the danger and collateral damage. Oh, and then get lectured about our "privilege".

Really want to know what "privilege" is? Being a successful, wealthy black man who can tell the riff-raff to "go back where you live". If a white person were to say that, they'd be worse than Hitler.

Remember, these cities and police departments have been wholly run by Progressive Democrats for generations. These same Progressives also lecture us that there is absolutely no reason for us to be armed. But when the stuff starts hitting the fan, the police departments they run tell their officers to stand down, and even faithful Progressives like Chris Palmer have to fear for their safety.

And why are Democrats so muted regarding these criminals? Tucker Carlson makes a great point: Because these are their voters!

Let the left own these people.

Anonymous said...

You do realize don't you that the term "racist" was coined by Leon Trotsky.
Before then it didn't exist.

Colby, Jack said...

Anybody else notice that when a lot of people say "understandable" these days they're really saying "excusable?"

Sorry, I can't excuse burning down a chunk of a majority African-American neighborhood's business district in response to George Floyd's murder. It's not excusable. It smells of appeasement to me, actually. But who is being appeased? Definitely not the residents of that neighborhood; they're largely NOT the ones doing the burning, pillaging and looting.

The appeasement is of the organized anarchists, that's who. Many of whom are white, most of whom are young and all are opportunists. Think they're going to quit here? If the economy starts to pick itself up off the canvas after the Covid-19/urban rioting left/right combination punches, expect another round of anarchy by... mid-October. The cause then? Who knows. But it's being worked on right now, while everyone else tut-tuts and dithers.

Fish Out of Water said...

Interesting to see Soros, who besides the vile, unfit, unworthy and unqualified POTUS candidate since Henry Wallace, would also like to destroy President Trump, can still pay for minions overseas to express their paid for outrage.

Sortahwitte said...

Oh my. I must have had a brain fart. Is Chairman Xi's Woohan wet bat oopsie flu still around?
Asking for me.

Boligat said...

RE: States reverting to territory status in the event of bankruptcy.

I don't know if this is true or not, but certainly it would seem to me to be more than fair for the fed to require the governor and the entire state legislature to resign before any money is spent on a bailout. I think I would require all the top people in the state department of revenue and the heads of every other department that has a budget starting with the department of education.

Another version of this would be that the office holders would have to give up their offices to their opponents in the last election.

Fish Out of Water said...

@ John:

As to the left owning these people:

PCBytown said...

Only thing not boots.

John the Econ said...

Former official said alleged firebomber is her 'best friend'

Hardly a surprise from a former Obama official. We always knew they kept great company.

@Fish Out of Water, apparently bailing rioters out of jail has become the hip thing to do for wealthy Progressives.

Also for the staff of Presidential candidates:

Biden campaign staffers donate to group that bails out jailed Minneapolis protesters

I actually saw some genuine "White Privilege": While I was downtown running some errands yesterday in my Progressive university town, I was passed by a couple late-teen white girls carrying "No Justice, No Peace" signs. They were excited, smiling and giggling like they were 13-year-olds on their way to their first "boy-girl" party. I really had to resist the urge to stop them and ask, "Or what?". Are they going to loot and burn downtown if some undefined "justice" doesn't happen? Or is the capital damage supposed to happen to someone else somewhere else far away?

On my drive home, I saw more almost exclusively white people walking and biking down the main drag with similarly-themed signage and enthusiasm; Certainly lacking the solemnity that the deliberate deprivation of civil rights and life itself by agents of the state deserves.

The notion that this is all a fun and exciting thing to do as a social endevour is even more offensive than the lazy virtue signalling.

Colby Muenster said...

@John the Econ,
I saw some “protesters” being street interviewed on the nooze getting questions about what, exactly, it was they wanted. The interviewer told each one that the policemen who were involved had all been arrested, and one charged with 2nd degree murder. “not good enough” they all said, ‘We want more.” So, exactly what is it you want, I asked myself. Would they stop destroying, and stealing if the cops were just paraded out and publicly hung? I doubt it. This is totally not about those cops anymore; it’s nothing more than pecker-heads wanting to behave badly and get away with it.

Fish Out of Water said...

@John: Your description of the otherwise clueless progs reminds me of 2 cousins of mine who use the words fascist and racist often. I don't believe they'd be able to recognize either even if one danced naked in front of them.

Second, has it occurred to anyone that the knee on the neck could very well be a part of police training on how to control a uncooperative suspect, only in this case it went horribly wrong?

American Cowboy said...

Knee on the neck?

I am sure that I am not the only one who has used that means of control with livestock. For those who may not have, a grown horse can be immobilized on the ground by even an average sized teen with nothing more than a knee on the neck. When branding, a knee on the neck of the critter (along with the second person holding the hind legs) goes a long way toward immobilizing them while they are branded, in the case of bull calves castrated, and other needed duties of the chore.

I do not know, but I would guess that the same thing is true of a knee on the neck of a criminal trying to get to their feet and run or worse would also apply.

As the comment above, in this case it went wrong. That does not excuse or justify the thuggish criminal element from using it to get mo' free stuffs though.

John the Econ said...

@Colby Muenster, they want some ethereal thing called "social justice". The thing is, nobody can define it or exactly how to get it. (beyond massive government spending to the usual suspects, anyway)

It reminds me of a funny exchange with George W Bush back during the 2000 election. The left was trying to make hay promoting the phony narrative regarding Matthew Shepard who was brutally murdered because he was gay and as a reason we needed "hate crime" laws. Bush pointed out that even without any federal hate crime laws, Shepard's murderers were already on death row. It's really hard to punish them any more than that.

The cops have been arrested. At least one will likely go down for murder. There is no real pro-killing George constituency to fight against. I think much of what we are seeing is "outrage porn" that is attractive to bored people who have been locked up for months and need to feel something relevant in their lives. They haven't really thought that hard about any of this.

And of course, there are the thugs just looking for cover to be thugs. And there is the minority who want to cause chaos for their own political agendas. America is waking up from the Wuhan Flu shutdown and people are discovering that they don't have to be scared anymore. And the last thing the left wants to see before November is any kind of economic revival.

@Fish Out of Water, I've had countless discussions with supposedly very educated people who don't have a clue what the words mean. If there's an upside, it's that just as printing tens-of-trillions of dollars will render our money worthless, the left's mindless overuse of these terms have stripped them of any use as invective. Leftists have been calling me a racist, fascist, sexist and countless other formerly awful terms for decades now and it doesn't bother or stop me a bit.

Geoff King said...

I don't suppose George Floyd's autopsy showing 3 times the legal limit of alcohol, Fentanyl, Crystal Meth, and Covid 19 (a known respiratory ailment) in his system in any way hastened his death by asphyxiation, did it?
Nah, he was a model citizen....other than those few times he went to prison for assault, drugs, and holding a gun against a pregnant woman's stomach while his buddies robbed her apartment.
Don't get me wrong, the cop in question is rightiously in jail facing murder charges, but Mr. Floyd was no innocent model of society and a Martyr worth destroying neighborhoods, cities, and perhaps an entire country over.

Fish Out of Water said...

On the local CBS affiliate was a spot, created by the affiliate highlighting a person in DC, who opened his doors to 50 of the protesters, as a hero.

Ok, it's a CBS affiliate so what else would one expect, it is far beyond what I at least could imagine in terms of showing their true swamp colors.

Second, Mueller failed, the dossier failed, the court battles have largely come up short and last but not least the democrat-led coup d'etat failed.

Now I wonder if those who have tried to geld, compromise or make this President un-reelectable have found traction.

ringgo1 said...

The left thinks this will all be bad for Trump. They badly miscalculated this one. The election should be VERY interesting. I don't think the leftists will like the outcome. Too bad for them.

John the Econ said...

@ringgo1, the left has forgotten that the social chaos of the late-'60s made Ronald Reagan a star.

ringgo1 said...

@John the Econ, yep, the lefties believe what they want to be true, while ignoring history. All of the destruction and rioting in (mostly) Dhimmi run cities will not go unnoticed by moderates of all political persuasions; if they want more of this chaos, then just vote for the Dhimmis. We shall see, whether we like it or not...