Wednesday, June 17, 2020

News Flasher

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I'm taking a rapid fire (as opposed to a Wendy's fire) approach to the news today because of the last item in the cartoon above. Daughter Jarlsberg's dog, Ladybug, who currently resides at stately Jarlsberg Manor, has to be taken to the vet today because an anal gland has swollen painfully and the resulting butt bubble looks way too much like Jerry Nadler's face for us to ignore. And though she should be just fine, I worry anyway - because I currently like dogs more than I like people, and nothing in today's news has done anything to change that.

FDA bans hydroxychloroquine - Medical data from around the world shows that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), when administered early and with a zinc supplement, is a highly effective treatment for Covid19. Plus, it's safe (millions of doses over decades of use) and cheaper than dirt. But now the FDA has withdrawn their emergency approval of the drug because, in their view, HCQ isn't effective and may be dangerous according to a completely fraudulent study which has already been withdrawn by the con artists who wrote it. So if I know the study was a fraud, why doesn't the FDA?

Clearly, it's because A) they hate Trump and B) they aren't going to get bribed for approving a cheap remedy when the "official" approved drug is Remdesivir at $1000 a dose. The FDA also tells doctors not to give HCQ together with Remdesivir because it may reduce Remdesivir's beneficial effects. Oh, really? Because Remdesivir has no effect whatsoever on reducing mortality and may, at best, reduce hospital stays for those who would have lived anyway by a few days.

The fix is in, and those who are getting their pockets lined or are operating out of political hatred should pay for the innocent lives they're happily sacrificing.

And as long as I'm pissed off about everything related to Covid19, I should mention that we'll never know how many protesters and rioters caught the illness in New York, because Bill de Blasio has ordered healthcare works not to ask if people who test positive were at the protests. Because politics will always be more important than pandemics or public health.

And one more thing (as Columbo used to say when approaching a door): one of the reasons there's so much confusion now about whether or not masks should be worn to help fight Covid19 is that Dr. Fauci now admits lying his ass off originally so medical professionals could grab what few masks were available. The truth: masks were always important and they're still important.

Atlanta rioters burn Wendy's after new police shooting - (Truth in journalism: since creating the cartoon, I haven't been able to absolutely confirm that the business owner is black.)

I think everyone can pretty much agree that George Floyd's death under a police officer's knee deserves thorough investigation and, if warranted, tough criminal charges. But the police shooting of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta isn't even vaguely the same. Despite headlines like "Police Kill Black Man For Being Asleep at Wendy's" and media/political accusations that this was murder, the facts - and the video - don't support it.

The police officers treated Brooks with respect and a calm demeanor. When he was found to be legally intoxicated after a breathalyzer test, they asked him to put his hands behind his back to be handcuffed. That's when Brooks erupted into a furious fighting machine (he had a criminal history of violence, including violence against his own children), wrestling with and repeatedly punching the officers before grabbing one of their taser pistols and running. Here's what happened next...

All of this is absolutely clear in the video. Not shown here is that the cop who was fired upon then pitched to one side and fell against that red car as Brooks continue running. So what the second cop saw was that the man who had just violently attacked him had raised a weapon, there was a bang and a muzzle flash, and his partner staggered - perhaps injured. The second officer then shot and ended the situation before it could escalate farther.

(Update/Correction/Apologia: I got an important part of the sequence wrong in my summary above. It was not the second cop who shot Brooks, it was the one closest to him - who had just dodged the Taser shot. Sorry about the error!)

Here's a helpful tip to bad guys of every race, creed, and color: if you don't want to die, don't shoot anything at the police. And a tip for rioters: burning down a business that had nothing to do with the incident doesn't help your cause.

• Obama to join Biden for online fundraiser - I can only imagine that Barry is praising Allah for Covid19, because it means he won't ever have to actually share a stage with Joe Biden. Nor will Obama have to be wearing pants with a nice crease during the event. In fact, he may not wear pants at all - who's to know?

I don't really have anything clever to say about this "event." Obama still sucks, Biden is still the world's most prolific gaffe machine, and I sure as heck won't be watching.

Seattle gives "CHOP" concrete barricades for their imaginary kingdom - Confirming that Seattle is now officially The Dumbest Place On Earth, city officials are giving the occupying protesters concrete barricades to replace the old wooden and plastic ones. While not specifically stated, I assume that this was done as a public safety measure, because protesters who fire AK-47s at police will be much less likely to get hurt if they can hide behind rebar-enforced concrete.


Ladybug is home and doing fine now that her anal gland, much like a Seattle protester, has been able to express itself. She'll be on antibiotics for a couple of weeks, then get rechecked.

But clearly she's feeling better already. Now that her backdoor Nadler face has been drained, she was finally able to scurry into the backyard and take a big, healthy Schiff.


Anonymous said...

Here's a helpful tip to bad guys of every race, creed, and color: if you don't want to die, don't shoot anything at the police. And a tip for rioters: burning down a business that had nothing to do with the incident doesn't help your cause.

When the cuffs come out, you're going to jail, either upright and walking, or in pieces. The choice is yours.

Also, when you run, then turn and point something (anything) at a police officer, you're going to get lead coming your way.

Never fight with a cop on the street; when he starts losing, he calls for more of his buddies and will continue to do so until he wins. Fight with him in the courtroom, where the playing field is level and you've got somebody with you to insure that the cops play the game by the rules.

Michael said...

I'm 72 and I've been arrested once in my life. I very quietly let them arrest me and paid close attention to what was going on. I used the information I collected that night to defeat them in court. I still wonder why I hired a lawyer. I kept telling him what to ask.

j said...

Just to say happy that your precious pup is better now.

John25mm said...

The most important thing first. I am very glad to hear that your pup dog is doing well. Lets face it I like my dog more that I like most people. As the meme goes "I would push you in front of the zombies to save my dog." The crazy thing is some people think I'm kidding.

I am sorry the guy got shot and died but things were for all practical purposes going ok till he got stupid in a no stupid zone. As rickn8or and Michael allude to above do what the cop says, go to jail and be alive tomorrow.

As to whether the business is black owned or not a, They didn't have anything to do with him getting shot except calling the cops and b, Odds are they just put a fair number of minorities out of work.

Again glad your dog/family member is doing well.

Fish Out of Water said...

First, in an atmosphere of mass madness, fact, the truth fall by the wayside.

I admit I am not up on contemporary French history as others may be, but do recall some 50 years ago in 1968, when France (or was it just Paris?) seemed to be gripped by the same mass madness we see erupting in our own country, the turning point seemed to be when the grater majority of the French had had enough and turned out in a mass march of counter protest,which allowed de Gaulle to finally put an end to it all.

So instead of grinding the teeth in rage over what is happening before us and calling for these punks, pukes, wreckers, would-be commissars over the rest of us, and wishing the would be shot, arrested, made to move out of their parent;s basement, etc. Why doesn't the greater body of this country do the same as the French did 50 years ago?

And speaking of 50 years ago, a re-post of a comment from yesterday about news head line that said Americans are at a level of unhappiness that hasn't been seen in the past 50 years.

50 years ago would be that general waste of a decade (at least the latter half), the 60's and given what is going on about and around us, I'd say we are seeing a rerun of such( that or witnessing our version of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution) .

Interesting question is, instead of counter protesting as the French did, might the disgust over all this play out on election day? Will the democrats be given a through 'thumping (as Bush II put it) or will it serve to spoil Trump's re-election by those who for some nebulous reason believe that turning him out will make 'everything' magically go away?

And while this could be all spontaneous, might have the tinder been set by those believing "she" should have won?

Oh and speaking of 'she', we may have not yet heard the last of Fauxahontas. There's buzz she now wants to be incoherent Joe's running mate.

Jason said...

FDA bans hydroxychloroquine

Isn't it amazing that the FDA has absolute credibility on this with the same people who ignore the federal ban on cannabis so they can sell (and tax) "medical marijuana?" Self educated, self declared Dr. Feelgood "prescribing" treatments that have not been tested in clinical trials and have no FDA oversight or controls in manufacture.

Our national and state governments should either enforce the law or change the law, but it seems we departed from that 'rule of law' thing a while ago.

Bobo the Hobo said...

With all of the insanity happening right now, a recent article I read tells me the left is about to get theirs. Olympia Mayor Cheryl Selby’s home was vandalized by protesters. “I’m really trying to process this,” she told The Olympian over the phone Saturday. “It’s like domestic terrorism. It’s unfair.” [Insert Robespierre jpeg here]

Welcome to Thunderdome, Cheryl!

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Here's a helpful tip: Whenever I see an article or posting with an Antifa or BLM fundraiser, I post this...

Say! Next time you do a fundraiser, would you be so kind as to put in a plug for this?

It's for an SF/mystery bookstore looted and burned by rioters in Minneapolis.

Thanks! :D

To date, the only reaction I've gotten is blessed silence... ;D

Fred Ciampi said...

And now with that nice fellow (he carries an AK-47) handing out AR-15s from the trunk of his electric automobile to any terro..... oops, I mean protesters. No police officer in the world will go in to quell the violence when (and if) they are asked to by the inept and corrupt officials. Now, it will take a battalion of Marines with armor. (The thought and visual of that gets me so hot.)

It is difficult to imagine how this will end. If it continues the way it is going, it will take no less than the military to restore law and order. I fear for the innocents who will get caught up in the mayhem. I also feel for my great grand children for their grand children will still be paying for all this foolishness.

Ahhh, time for some Clan MacMoonshine.

Neighbor Dave said...

Good to hear Ladybug will soon be able to drag her Nadler across the carpet in comfort soon.

As to the masks thing, even though I don't believe ANYTHING False Fauci says, the New England Journal of Medicine has a good paper on them, the second paragraph is the important one for individuals.


Snark said...

I glad the pup is doing better. Our oldest cat is suffering chronic (total) constipation. He feels your pain.

Cops are like yellow jackets - swat one and the whole nest will come after you. Desperation can lead to instant stupidity; when dealing with cops it can be a terminal condition. It's a job I've witnessed many times up close, I appreciate it but you can't run fast enough to make me do it.

Yes, racism is an ugly fact of our society. In fact it is an ugly fact in ALL mixed societies. Rioting, looting and shooting cops will NOT improve the situation.

Sharpton, Jackson and the other instigators unfortunately will not be on the receiving end of what they so richly deserve. BLM is supplanting the dummycrats as a political party. I don't foresee a good result from that.

Mike Porter said...

It would appear that despite all of his recent bluster, the Cheeto Jeezus is simply going let those children of the corn in Seattle unintentionally teach their progressive enablers a harsh and long overdue lesson. Of course, a capacity to learn being the primary requirement here, it’s a safe bet that the point will be entirely missed. At this juncture, it becomes somewhat clear that the only safe haven for my 401k portfolio is in popcorn futures. Gads.

Charles Martel said...

I think Chris Rock nails it with the very helpful public service video: "How not to get your ass kicked by the police!"

Anonymous said...

I heard a recent "news" spot of a woman whining that "no one should be shot for sleeping at the drive-thru". A typical, but totally wrong, irrelevant, stupid, nonsensical, wrong, dumb, and did I say wrong, remark. But, of all the things I'm sure were said, that's what was reported. Just like all the others in the pantheon of martyrs (Trayvon, Michael Brown, Freddie, Floyd, etc. etc. etc.) Rashard was stupid and he got what he deserved.

Charles Martel nailed it with his link to the Chris Rock video. This video should be mandatory viewing for everyone every morning of every day for all eternity. It should be played, FOR THE JURY, at every trial involving charges of "police brutality". Every "journalism class" should start and end with this video.

TrickyRicky said...

As a dog lover, I am very glad everything is going well for your little buddy.

As to the rest of it, I am really reaching saturation with the crap going on in the world today. BLM, COVID-1984, lying treasonous lefties, on and on ad nauseam. I am truly fed up with the whole damn shit show. At this point, all I can do is wait to vote in November and hope no Antifa clown breaks into my house because of my white privilege. I really don't want to have to clean up that bloody mess.

As for Paris-style counter protests, if they happen I will be there. Kipling's Wrath Of The Awakened Saxon comes to mind.

Sortahwitte said...

So glad Ladybug is on the mend. Give me a dog to lay their head on me and that surpasses all the billions of dollars paid to billions of therapists. Not all by me, you understand.
I helped a friend build a swimming pool over 30 years ago. So, I have a free pass to swim at will. We took two of our grands over to swim last evening. They have three very different dogs, but they are fun to be around. It led me to repeat one of my foundations for life:
I love humanity, it's people I can't stand.

Alfonso Bedoya said...

I know how Ladybug feels. I feel the same way after reading about BLM and Antifa week-after-week. I keep myself close to the bathroom at any given time.....especially after getting doses of CNN or MSNBC. Must be a new condition: the Gastro-MSM reflex.

Elbarto said...

The same Amazon that won't allow a rebel flag to be sold on their site is now offering "Blue Lives Murder" T-Shirts. Isn't that special.

pookie18 said...

John the Econ said...

Your rapid-fire news beats the dumpster fire that we actually get from the MSM.

Hydroxychloroquine: Hydroxychloroquine is actually just a form of quinine, which not only has been a widely used anti-malaria drug for centuries, but is actually commonly included in tonic water and soft drinks in many parts of the world. I learned this about 30 years ago when I met some relatives of a friend of mine who were sailors on a cargo ship that was in town and this is what we had to drink. (An interesting story in itself considering that at the moment of our visit, the country that the cargo ship was flagged under was enduring a civil war) Considering that these sailors traveled all over the world including ports in tropical areas, consuming drinks with anti-malarial properties made a lot of sense.

Of course, the conspiracy theorists are convinced that besides the obvious attempt to prove Trump wrong, that this is a pharmaceutical industry attempt to divert attention from a cheap and available centuries-old medicine to something that can be sold for $1,000-a-dose. I'm not big into grand conspiracy theories, but these days who knows? For example, we do now know as a fact that we were lied to by the supposedly trusted "experts" that masks were ineffective so that the available supply could be diverted to health care workers and others who were in the know. Well, isn't that the problem with exposed liars? So who will be the fool the next time these same experts tell us something as gospel?

Atlanta rioters burn Wendy's: Why not? Burning down other people's property is now de rigueur in our major cities any time a politically hot event takes place.

I certainly do share your sentiment regarding the difference between the Floyd & Brooks shooting. Once again, Progressive Monday morning quarterbacks think they could do the job better. I just wish they really would.

And why are the media and protesters focusing on the deaths of George Floyd & Rayshard Brooks instead of the far more egregious killing of Breonna Taylor at the conclusion of a botched no-knock warrant raid on her home? Could it be because the Progressive establishment would much rather that American's be divided by race than divided by those who favor unfettered government power to barge in on you unannounced versus those who see this as extreme overreach?

Biden: You called that right. The Wuhan Flu is absolutely the best thing that could have happened to the Biden campaign. Finding an excuse to keeping him holed up in his basement until November otherwise would have been problematic. Am I the only one who sees a potential Biden presidency as resembling Max Headroom?

The Dumbest Place On Earth: So if this is indeed an "autonomous zone", why do they need "emergency service vehicles" from outside, and why is the city of Seattle even providing them? Everything about this is simply insane. I fully expect the next mayor of Seattle to be Herbert Camacho.

The only upside to any of the above is this: This is Progressive America, brought to you exclusively by Democrats and anarchists, not that it's possible to tell the difference anymore.

John the Econ said...

You know who has been silent lately? The gun control zealotry: It's not hard to understand why. Allegedly, the only people lately who have been mishandling guns (not counting all people who have been killed in Chicago, but we already know that those black lives don't matter) have been the only people who are supposed to have the guns in the perfect Progressive society, agents of the state. Meanwhile, protests where participants openly carry have been totally peaceful. Go figure.

But imagine this: A white adult walking on the street handing out AR-15s to kids. Could you imagine the uproar? Well, here you can see an supposed adult doing just that, but you'll have to imagine the Progressive uproar because that certainly won't happen. Guess this is okay to do you're a Tesla-driving rap thug. Talk about privilege!

Speaking of "Privilege": How is it possible to have over 100 arrests at still be walking free on our streets? How can we ever hope to return to a "polite" society where people can feel safe in their neighborhoods if people like this are allowed to repeatedly and freely behave this way with minimal consequence? Maybe the anarchists do have a point. Because in supposed "lawless" times, people like this were weeded out.

Ladybug: Glad you are home and well.

Colby Muenster said...

Of course the FDA banned hydroxychloroquine. Trump admitted using it. Maybe that's how you get cannabis "un"legalized; just have Trump say he smokes weed. The Babylon Bee had a post about Trump saying he's gay, so he couldn't be fired.

I think, at some point, folks are going to get fed up with antifa and politicians that refuse to do anything about them, and take matters into their own hands. Least ways, where I live that could be the case. I know a lot of people who have mini arsenals in their house, and NC has a castle law. so.... These scumbags are real brave with their widdle masks, hoodies and guns, so I hope to see a few of them get what they deserve, and the rest re-think their somewhat ambiguous "cause."

I'm glad Ladybug is on the mend, but please do not insult anal glands again by comparing them to Jerry Nadler.

John the Econ said...

@rickn8or, funny that. People who don't challenge the police don't seem to have these problems. (With certain exceptions anyway, but we aren't supposed to get upset about those, are we?)

@Michael, I've never been arrested, but should the possibility arise I'd certainly take your tack. I know I have no chance of winning on their turf, so I won't even try. The effective warrior knows where and when to strike on more favorable turf.

@Fish Out of Water, the most effective "mass protest" will be when the citizens of these communities that have been run exclusively by far-left Progressives for generations figure it out and start voting for some real "diversity" for a change. Beyond that, I don't see much hope. Yeah, millions of non-leftist citizens can hit the streets, but the media will just focus the cameras on the handful of Confederate flag and gun-carrying rednecks and go on about the rising threat of "white supremacy". In fact, that's already been happening.

@Anonymous, my casual observance has been that a large part of not most of the vandalism and violence has been the work of young, white people who usually do not live in these neighborhoods. Again, there's your real "white privilege".

@Jason, as I mentioned a few days ago, our society is being held hostage by a caste of "experts" who are not only frequently wrong, but are politically instead of scientifically driven. This is why the "climate change" crusaders are running scared right now, because the whole Wuhan Flu fiasco has waken people up to this madness.

@Bobo the Hobo, that was my first belly-laugh of the morning. Typical Progressive. Just like that ESPN writer a few weeks ago, chaos and destruction is "Justice!" when it happens in someone else's neighborhood, but when it happens to them? Then all of a sudden it's "Terrorism!". Hypocrites! She should be voted out based on this alone as well.

@M. Mitchell Marmel, again with Progressives it's always up to someone else to do the real work and/or pay for it.

@Fred Ciampi, didn't see your post before I made mine. Insane. But like I said, this is the world created exclusively by far-left Progressivism.

@Charles Martel, I was thinking about that but had lost the link. Classic! And so simple. It makes once think that perhaps today's chaos is not really about bad behaving police at all.

@Brie Camembert, perhaps endlessly spending money is the point. It's an industry now with lots of otherwise economically useless people making 6-figures or better off of it.

@jpb252, funny that. Speaking of Amazon, if I was an Amazon employee who owned a place in Seattle, (outside of the CHAZ anyway) I'd have it on the market right now. I don't think your job is going to be there very much longer and I'd want to beat the market crash when your fellow Amazonians figure that out.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

"@M. Mitchell Marmel, again with Progressives it's always up to someone else to do the real work and/or pay for it."

Yep. But mashing their faces in it, HARD, at the very leaat gains you precious silence.

Velveeta Processed Cheese Food said...

@ECON: I've been taking 50mg zinc along with a small dose of tonic water (quinine) since this started. Hydroxychloroquine is an ionophore, that is, opens a channel into cells to allow the passage of zinc inside, where it suppresses viral reproduction. I have no idea if quinine is also an ionophore, but the treatment is harmless and cheap, so why not? Even if it isn't, taking the zinc will get some of it into cells just by mass action (if there's a lot of something, more of it's going to wind up everywhere). Don't overdo the zinc, too much can cause a copper deficiency.

The whole exercise may be pointless, as my entire county has seen 7 cases, probably only 3 of which are active now, but I started this back when we were all going to die, and I'm old and fat, have some issues and my lungs are trashed from standing around in clouds of smoke for 30 years. But anyway, so far so good.

Drew458 said...

Stilt, you got the FDA HCQ EUA BS thing wrong, like most of the MSM. I think the FDA played us all, again.

Go read the actual FDA statement. It's short but really slickly written. And they also "pulled a Mueller" trying to frighten everyone with the QT extension and arrhythmia bit, both of which are extremely rare unless the patient has a major pre-existing heart condition.

The rescinded EUA was specifically about only using the federal stockpile of HCQ specifically for late stage hospital patients who were not part of an official clinical trial. And they found it didn't do much good, which is what everybody already knew for those patients at that point in the illness.

BUT what the FDA actually did, in rescinding it, was to allow those stockpiles to be sold on the common medical market ... so now there's plenty of it available, now that the virus is waning. Gee thanks. They have NOT removed the "off label" approval for its use in common medical practice.

If you know the backstory and read between the lines, the FDA is almost admitting an error. Nose out of joint "whistleblower" Dr. Rick Bright is the guy behind the original EUA, which was a Get Trump "compromise" move to limit public use of the medication - of which we had tens of millions of pills and could easily get hundreds of millions more - because our President wanted it used by everyone. So the sold out FDA(to china, Big Pharma) aka Dr. Bright, issued the EUA knowing full well their conditions would fail, but that could buy time for Big Pharma to find something expensive that would work.

Geoff King said...

So, which chapter of Revelations are we on today?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@rickn80r- Excellent advice. Cops do not lose in the streets. Save your strength (and quite possibly your ass) for the court date.

@Michael- You played it smart. I've never been arrested, but in the presence of the police I become the sweetest, gentlest, most polite and slowest-moving person in the world. Something I learned from watching COPS, back when that was still possible.

@j- I had little doubt that she'd be fine. But...she's family, so I wasn't comfortable until she was home again.

@John25mm- I truly and deeply love dogs, while people can be...problematic. Case in point, the officer who shot Brooks has now been charged with felony murder (and more), facing possible sentences of life in prison or the death penalty. That's insane, and is only going to cause more cops to quit their jobs.

@Fish Out of Water- I agree that madness is spreading faster than Covid19 these days (and is even more dangerous). That being said, I wouldn't be surprised to see an uprising of the too-silent majority saying "enough!" Regarding people being the "most unhappy in 50 years," I will suggest it's because too many people now are candy asses who take masochistic pleasure from microaggressions.

@Anonymous- It seems to me that there are a lot of spoiled young white anarchists who don't actually care as much about racial justice as just burning things down. Such people, when caught, should be made examples of.

@Jason- I agree with you across the board.

@Bobo the Hobo- Now THAT'S a delightful article! The mayor allows these derelicts to seize multiple city blocks at gunpoint, but it's "domestic terrorism" and "unfair" when her house gets spraypainted?

@M. Mitchell Marmel- You outed yourself as an enemy by defending "books."

@Fred Ciampi- At this point, I'm guessing the Seattle Ratbags will be allowed to occupy the space until they get bored. If the mayor and governor don't care, and if the police are restrained from acting, then to Hell with Seattle. I would, however, like to see all possible Federal funds to the area cut off.

@Neighbor Dave- Ladybug's rear end looks much better today, with her Nadler bump shrunken and withered enough to look more like Nancy Pelosi. As far as that article goes, I'll take some exception to that second paragraph because of what they don't say. Yes, wearing a non-medical grade mask will do very little to protect the wearer from catching Covid19. BUT, the mask on someone else's face is highly effective in keeping them from spreading Covid19 to you. So wearing masks is essential: if 80% of us wear masks in public, the virus will get tamed. If will be here for a long time.

ringgo1 said...

Ladybug reminds me of my Pit Bull, Punky, only not as dark. What breed is Ladybug? I also like dogs better than people. Woof!

NVRick said...

January 27,1999.
That is the day I retired after 30 years on a major city's police department.
Since then, there have been times when I missed working with fine officers, both black and white, male and female.
I no longer, nor ever will, again miss wearing a badge. There was little support for the police back then, and none today.
Atlanta's mayor didn't even wait to get a preliminary report regarding the shooting before firing that officer. Will this encourage others to just say f*ck it and slow walk their response to crimes in progress? See "The Ferguson Effect" for your answer.
The hardest decisions about remaining an officer will be on those who are in their thirties. They will have too much time in to consider quitting, but not enough time in service to retire. Older officers will have an easy choice if they are fed up--they can retire. Younger officers who don't have too many years invested can just say adios amigos and find a less stressful way of making a living.
What this will mean for law enforcement in the future cannot be told right now, but I don't think it will be a very positive future.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Snark- Sorry about your cat. I hope his/her condition improves! You make fine points on police, racism, and BLM becoming the dominant Democrat force. And no, nothing good can come of it.

@Mike Porter- I hope a beneficial lesson will be learned, but so far I think the "lesson" that's penetrating these thick skulls is that this kind of anarchy and violence can actually win in our sick modern culture.

@Charles Martel- I love that Chris Rock bit! Besides being hilarious ("He got weed!") it has real satiric power - skewering both the police and the jackasses who get out of line. We need more of that comedic courage now.

@Anonymous- What's depressing is that the woman you refer to may very well be a fine person who doesn't know that she's being lied to by the media. I really think that's the case for most people these days to have onerous ideas: they're good people making judgments with bad information.

And I agree that the Chris Rock video should be mandatory viewing.

@TrickyRicky- Now I'm trying to figure out how I can make a tattoo out of "I am truly fed up with the whole damn shit show."

@Sortahwitte- I sometimes say that dogs have "communicable Zen." I can lay my hand on a dog and just be in the moment instead of fretting about things.

@Brie Camembert- I don't know how all racism (or any other bad human quality) can be erased entirely. I do think that real progress (on top of already great progress) can be made by ending the government programs which have destroyed black family structure.

@Alfonso Bedoya- It could be career-ending for me to respond by saying "BM's matter," so I definitely won't do that.

@jpb252- I just looked at the "Blue Lives Murder" shirts and Amazon SHOULD be ashamed. Granted, Amazon just provides the platform for independent creators (I can create t-shirts on Amazon, too) but that design is incendiary enough that Amazon should pull it. And they've had time to do so, and clearly decided not to.

@pookie18- There was no other explanation for Brooks suddenly turning violent.

@John the Econ- I really dislike conspiracy theories, but sometimes conspiracies actually happen. I think that's the case with HCQ, and I'm damned unhappy about it.

The Breonna Taylor incident is horrifying on every level. If strangers crash through my door in the middle of the night, I'd likely start shooting just like she did. But you're right that the Left doesn't want to throw out the potential to use such deadly force for their own purposes.

And the clip of that asshole slugging an old woman for the fun of it - and being on the street after 100+ arrests - just infuriates me. There's pretty much nothing anyone could say which would convince me that the world wouldn't be a better place with that waste of space in a shallow grave.

@Colby Muenster- Someday, somewhere, the antifa types are going to think they can invade Armed America, and they're going to go down hard. I don't want to see that happen, but if good cops keep being demonized with bad cops, it's going to be inevitable.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- You paint a lovely picture.

@Velveeta Processed Cheese Food- I've been taking quite a few supplements to beef up my immune system, too. Vitamin D seems to be important, as is Vitamin C. We're all doing what we can.

@Drew458- Wow, thanks for the clarification! That's fascinating and makes sense. So let's see, today I got the "black owner of Wendy's" potentially wrong, I misidentified which cop did the shooting in Atlanta, and I got the real thrust of the FDA story wrong because I read media reports (shame on me!) instead of the original report. In the future, I'll just take the day off when I'm worried about my dogs rather than muck things up here (wry grin).

@Geoff King- Now THAT would make a fine t-shirt!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@ringgo1- Ladybug is a mixed breed (as in, very mixed) but Pit Bull is most pronounced. She's the first "pitty" I've been close to, and she's an absolute lover.

@NVRick- I appreciate your expert perspective, but you're accurately describing a very sad situation...and one that doesn't look good for the future. For some of those officers considering career change, I think there's about to be a major boom in private security firms.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Glad to hear Ladybug's outlook has improved, and she's relieved as well.
In defense of Berri O'Bummer, since the whole work from home plague hit mid March, I've rarely worn pants, well, at least since it's been warm enough to give 'em a pass.
Can't say I'm looking forward to Super Casual Thursday, going forward... (You know the ad I mean)

Meanwhile, while searching, found this... (low res, worksafe)

JustaJeepGuy said...

I'm not a big fan of dogs because they're way too emotionally needy. Plus they slobber all over everything.

Someone once said "Dogs have masters, cats have staff". It's true.

Pete (Detroit) said...

JJGuy - diff b/n Cats, and Dogs...
you feed a Dog "This being is bringing me food - it MUST be a God!"
you feed a Cat "This being is bringing me food - I MUST be a God!"

Cat guy all my life, grew up w/ one, have one now, if dogs could be litter trained I'd think about it - but having to walk 'em all the time, sorry, just too lazy...

As for BLM, riots, et all... I would love, just LOVE someone to be on major media, and insist they tell the effing TRUTH... How many unarmed Black Men were killed by cops last year? 10? How many were killed by LIGHTNING last year? 9?
Are black people afraid of being hit by LIGHTNING???
Why the hell NOT???
Oh, selective outrage, and shit.
Fmeh. I'm done w/ that shit...

Bruce Bleu said...

Just as a point of clarity about black businesses being burned by rioters, when a business is completely torched it becomes a BLACK BUSINESS, so with the integrity equal to CBS, PBS, ABS, NBS, MSNBS, CNBS AND CNNBS you can confidently say they were black businesses, because all that is left is completely black.

Pat Cummings said...

@Pete: me too on the cat v. dog question. We've had dogs at times—heck, in South Africa, we had Great Danes for years—but we've always had cats when we could have pets at all. It's not true that cats can't be trained, either. But sometimes they just ignore the training and do as they please instead... which makes cats true Libertarians!

Shareene said...

glad you pet is good now ;)


Rod said...

After the big, big, really big news yesterday: somewhere in all the yet unsorted estate stuff I think we still have several brown glass "molded sculpture" syrup bottles. I wish they were Aunt Jemima but I think they're Mrs. Butterworth. Aunt J's would be a gold mine now, but wait; Keep them on display of an early black lady success story. The search begins.

This has to be one of the most ridiculous USA political years ever.

John the Econ said...

Abolish the Police: For all practical purposes, it's already happening:

Atlanta police call in sick to protest murder charge against officer who shot Rayshard Brooks

"Hours after the Fulton County district attorney announced felony murder and other charges against the former Atlanta police officer who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks, a 27-year-old black man, in the back, a number of Atlanta police officers called in sick just before a shift change Wednesday evening. The city was left scrambling to cover absences as the Atlanta Police Department tried to tamp down rumors of a mass police walkout that spread widely on social media."

And who can blame them? I'm a bit more certain than @NVRick above. The future of law enforcement is dismal. Who are we going to get to do this job? Certainly not the kind of intelligent, honorable people we got in the past. Who wants to be a professional target for abuse by a thuggish population who knows there's no significant consequence for abusing them?

The left doesn't need to do anything to formally abolish policing in our cities. The police themselves will no longer want anything to do with the job.

Drew458 said...

But hey, the FDA HCQ thing is properly explained in the media ... on the other side of the world. Funny how our MSM kind of missed that.

Glad your dog is better. Pity you didn't get a picture of him during the procedure. My dog used to have to get her glands cleaned out every couple years, and when the vet went in there with the lubed up glove and started squeezing, her eyes just about bugged out of her head. Poor doggy, but her expression was hysterical.

JC said...

Got a pencil? Pats pockets. Sure I had a pencil here