Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Dazed Dreaming

We're enjoying the midweek fantasy above to help carry us through yet another day of media (and stomach) churn. As of this writing, the actual honest-to-gosh state of President Trump's health is unknown and, apparently, unknowable. Mike Pence and Kamala Harris are still scheduled to debate, and we fully expect Kamala to accuse Pence of racism, extreme white privilege, homophobia, and masterminding the gang rape of young girls in High School. Hey, it got her on the media's radar once already, right?

Mail-in ballots (solicited, not mailed out willy-nilly) have arrived at the Jarlsberg household, and we'll probably get them mailed out within 24 hours. We'll be treating them as "get well" cards for the President and, hopefully, our nation.


Michelle Obama recently posted a Youtube rant in which she flat out calls Donald Trump a racist. Which made it seem appropriate for us to raid the vault for this old cartoon that reminds us why we never liked her and never will...

(from July 27, 2016)

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The Democratic convention is in full swing which, through Herculean effort, we will not use as a set up for a joke involving nooses. Oh sure, it would be funny - but (to quote Richard Nixon) "it would be wrong, that's for sure."

Especially since one of the opening evening's speakers was Michelle Obama, the wife of our nation's first half-white black president, there to give a ringing endorsement to Hillary Clinton - the wife of our nation's first all-white black president.

Choosing, as ever, to take the high road, Michelle whined for the umpteenth time that she wakes up each day in a house built by slaves - which she apparently finds more upsetting than having her pricey wardrobe, dozens of personal "assistants," and luxury 5-star vacations paid for by slaves.


G Cooper said...

Hey Stilton - it is worth a trip to hand carry your ballet to the office of your election supervisor. Then you know for sure it arrives.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Which reminds me of this Joan Rivers classic:

Mike aka Proof said...

I'm in California. My Vote by mail ballot arrived today, but it's not a typical absentee ballot. I'm still waiting to see if the last two owners of this house, who still receive mail here from time to time, will receive ballots, too.

Pat Cummings said...

People—especially politicians—don't change. Ms O is just as vile and nasty as she ever was when she lived in that "house built by slaves." IMO, some large percentage of TDS is because the POTUS refuses to take its sufferers on the face value they present themselves with. He won't credit them with righteous indignation for their butt-hurts! (The rest comes from the sinking feeling that his draining of the Washington swamp is eroding their familiar, lucrative environment.)

@G Cooper: Far safer for Stilt to hand the ballots to someone he can trust to deliver them, G! See previous blog entry...

GeneV said...

Stilton, I am so sick and tired of all these "one-line" accusations thrown around against President Trump.

ie: Trump is a raciest without one word of backup, ie: Statements that remind me of that old standby, "When are you going to stop beating your wife?" Anyone can make a statement of any
kind and nobody says "Prove it. What proven facts do you have to substantiate that statement?"

Just listen to the Dumbocrats blaver on saying anything they want to. It just makes my blood boil!!!

REM1875 said...

Just thought I would 'swing' on by and 'hang' out .......... no noose is good noose ???

Fish Out of Water said...

As we are now less than 30 days from deciding whether to stay the course or elect to live in total chaos 'led' by a strawman 'President', I wonder should the Democrats get thumped as badly as my dreams hope they will. Will they then turn inward and deal with the progressive infestation that has turned so many people off?

Jim Irre said...

@Fish - you give them waaaay too much credit for thoughtfulness. Ain't gonna happen . . . ever.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Fish: There is a school of thought saying the (J)s are deliberately throwing the election in order to purge the Woke in the wake of an electoral disaster.

Gorgon Zola said...

So...Busty's in the office and Stilt is looking at the computer??!! A raging case of misplaced priorities.

Edam Wensleydale said...

@Gorgon: Given Stilt is looking at an ACTIVE missile silo, one has to wonder about that. ;D

Boligat said...

@Fish: Actually, I think that if Biden wins, all the idiocy will stop. There will be some that will pile on Trump saying, "See, this proves that Trump caused all of the unrest." First of all, the lockdown will stop and the economy will improve at least a little bit. But, though it will be claimed as proof that Biden "got the job done", it will happen because it's the natural order of things. Second, for some inexplicable reason, the MSM will stop blathering about the infection rates for the Wuhan flu. They may very well go through the roof, but the MSM will stop reporting it. The riots will stop, or at least the MSM will stop talking about them.

The last is the key. The MSM will not report anything that might even appear to have anything negative attached to Biden & Co.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting early, but in person. If they plan to steal my vote, it will have to be done digitally and not just thrown in a trash bin like mail can be. I will definitely vote early too, election night voting will be a goat rodeo for sure.

Jess said...

My personal idea about guaranteeing the election requires Trump to send his special forces to kidnap Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Bette Midler until next year. Of course we'd have to get NASA to make some realistic aliens to convince them of who kidnapped them.

Why Better Midler? I give them one baseball bat, Bette an out of tune piano, and wait for the show. After a few days of that, I think her fellow kidnap victims would either use the bat, or beg for an anal probe.

Fish Out of Water said...

@MM: Interesting theory, but don't see the democrats having learned anything from past Presidential shellacings, McGovern, Dukais (?).

Snark said...

Stilt: I thought the missile silos were interesting too, until I saw the amount of work it would take to refurb one. Of course, having one that is still functional could go a long way to correcting some of the dhimicrat party's shenanigans. Give POTUS a 48 hour notice and REALLY drain that swamp.

Anything that either of the Obozo's write, record, print or in any way dissiminate is equivalent to the contents of a large septic tank.

I, too, will be voting early and in person. I will not trust my vote to a Postal Union member.

@Fish: I agree with @JI - the Kool-Aid these idiots have drunk is terminally toxic. While I agree that we cannot sacrifice our liberty for safety, I think we can sacrifice THEIR liberty for a few dozen years to "re-educate and rehabilitate" those who have perpetrated this rot upon our Republic. I would gladly see our tax dollars being spent on a few hundred - or thousand - prison cells to accommodate these vermin.

I find it interesting that since the release of the formerly classified documents that those who will be revealed are describing them as "baseless conspiracy theories." C'MON Durham! Let's see some indictments! I want to see all these treasonous assholes perp walked to jail. I will gladly volunteer to weld the cell doors shut.

Anonymous said...

Stilton, the Postal Workers' union has endorsed Biden and the Democrat platform. We're already seeing cases of discarded ballots. Mr. Postman is not your friend and disapproves of the way you vote.

If you mail your ballot, it will be handled by a couple dozen postal workers and campaign workers, none of whom wish you well.

Take the damned ballot to the polls on Election Day. And while you're there, check to see if you've already voted. This ain't about voting for Class President, and it ain't for children.

Old Navy said...

Was great to see Busty, had not seen her in too many days....

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

For my part, I plan to vote early and in person.

And, as is my custom, I have examined the candidates, their records, their positions...and I'll vote for whoever my barber tells me to.

(This, incidentally, is not quite as silly as it may sound at first blush. My barber is a retired county commissioner, whose barbershop is informally known as the City Hall Annex.)

TrickyRicky said...

I live in a state where one can only vote by mail. So I drive to the library and place the ballot in a collection bin, it will not be handled by USPS workers.

Good to see Busty again. I can only dream of shacking up in a silo with her and her twin ICBMs.

Alej said...

"... The Democratic convention is in full swing which, through Herculean effort, we will not use as a set up for a joke involving nooses. "

As in, "Mississippi wind chimes?"

Pete (Detroit) said...

Mooch Sucks. No way around it. Then again, if I were married to bitter lying weasel like Gay Barry, I might be a bit disgruntled about it too..

Missile Silos - Brother spent a few years in Minot, watching 'em, when he couldn't get a temp somewhere (ANY where! PLEASE!) else... seems restful. Would be fun to buy up a complex and turn it into live action D&D venue. Seems to me, at one time there were *4* Nike ABM bases here in Metro D - wonder what happened to them? Were they collapsed, or just sealed up?

Drew458 said...

Oooh, I think I get it. "not abandoned" must mean the same thing as "go long" from Tickles the pedoclown the other day. With Busty around, any guy could get to Defcon 4 in a big hurry.

Colby Muenster said...

That devil in the blue dress should be hung for treason. Does anybody doubt where all the division in this country started? How many innocent lives have been destroyed or even ended due to her (and BO's) disdain for freedom? But, I have hope that the USA will eventually recover despite the Obammy's efforts to destroy it. When Dimocrat's usual efforts to harm their enemies fail, they resort to calling their opponents racists. Us folks with the ability to think for ourselves all know who the real racists are, Michelle!

Missile silos... I watched one of those prepper shows on TV a few times. One of the dudes acquired an old Minuteman silo and planned on making that his fortress for when the zombies attack. It had about a zillion gallons of water in it (a good thing for long term survival), but I couldn't help but think about that one little door that was the only way in and out of a giant hole in the ground.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@G Cooper- I'll look into doing that!

@M. Mitchell Marmel- The lesson here is never bad mouth the Obamas before having elective surgery.

@Mike aka Proof- I haven't opened my absentee ballot yet, but it all looks terribly official. Of course, that makes it easier for people to screw with it once it's out of my hands...

@Pat Cummings- I agree, Michelle has ALWAYS been a pain in the ass. Did you ever read her thesis from Princeton? It's all about how alienated she was because she was black, even though everyone around her was doing everything possible to make her comfortable and treat her with equality and respect. The thesis, besides being pointless navel-gazing, is ineptly written. And in her Youtube rant, she bitched about the systemic racism in the country keeping blacks from getting job promotions. Not true if you look at HER resume...especially the big bump in her salary for a non-job after Barry got some power in Chicago.

@GeneV- Michelle hates Trump and Michelle is black. Ergo Trump is a racist - right? Seriously, I completely agree. All the Lefties say Trump is horrible, but when you ask them for specifics they just start calling you names.

@REM1875- Ah! A little gallows humor!

@Fish Out of Water- I'd love to see the Dems decisively beaten and then start consuming their own. I'm not confident that it will happen, but I'm hopeful!

@Jim Irre- And I have to agree with you.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Interesting...

@Gorgon Zola- I'll have you know that I'm a married man and so don't steal furtive glances at those in the office. Much.

@Edam Wensleydale- Well, if the Earth has to be repopulated...

@Boligat- I agree that if Biden wins, we'll see less street violence from the anarchists. Because they will have won. And if Biden wins, I fully expect the media to (almost) universally refer to Covid-19 as the "Trump Virus" in all news reports.

@Anonymous- I'd like to vote early at a polling place and there's still a chance I might. But there are health considerations which make that unsure at the moment (not mine - I'm healthy as a somewhat healthy old horse).

@Jess- I like the way you think.

@Fish Out of Water- Democrats don't learn, they simply regroup.

@Snark- I'm sure refurbing a missile silo would be a big undertaking. Still, there's a "cool" factor that appeals to me.

Regarding the newly declassified documents, I HOPE they stimulate some indictments but I just don't know anymore. And it's too late for actual documented facts to change a single mind on the Left.

@Anonymous- I'll take all of that into consideration, thanks!

@Old Navy- I agree. She really should visit more often.

@M. Mitchell Marmel- Hey, I'd definitely listen to your barber! (I don't have one, being follicularly impaired).

@TrickyRicky- Hey, I need to drop some things off at the library anyway. Maybe I'll combine trips!

@Alej- I'm not familiar with that term, but the meaning is clear enough. Yikes!

@Pete (Detroit)- I like the idea for the D&D venue. As long as you don't drop your dice down a 10-story deep hole.

@Drew458- Actually that wasn't the intent of the cartoon, though I can understand your desire to make that connection (grin).

@Colby Muenster- Well said about effing Hillary and her cohorts. The damage they've done is inconceivable, and I'm betting that all the bastards get away with it. Life ain't fair.

Regarding missile silos, I think it IS hard to keep water out. That's why in one case someone bought one (I forget where) and completely flooded it up to the top. Now they charge people to practice skindiving there!

Sam L. said...

You are OUT OF LUCK on any abandoned missile launch sites. I had 8 years as a Missile Launch Officer, 5 in 18 Titan IIs around Tucson, and 3 more in 15 Minuteman-Modernized around Knob Noster, MO. One Titan site, 571-7, is a museum site now, and one MMM launch control center, Oscar-1, is a museum site under Whiteman AFB, MO. The missile silos have been blown in. The other deactivated wings, I think have only two museum sites, so far as I know. Could be three.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Stilt, if as you say you're "(I don't have one, being follicularly impaired)", how come the pics of you behind the computer or the wheel of Jarlsberg show plenty of follicular activity?? What's going on here????

Joseph ET said...

The leadership of the USPS Union like most other Unions support democrats. Union members DO NOT vote in lockstep with their Union leaders. Of course, there are bad apples within any origination.
When you mail your ballot back it will largely go untouched by humans, because the system is mostly automated. If an individual decides to trash ballots there will be no way they can tell which party they are trashing. My ballot came with a Business Reply envelope (first class). The USPS gets paid for each one of these. They are collected as soon as they arrive and taken to the collections section where the money transaction is completed and the mail is transferred directly to the customer.

The weakness is in the ballots going out to the voter as a letter carrier could trash ballots. But there’s no way to differentiate republican or democrat.

BTW, I retired from the USPS as an Electronics Technician. It was my job to keep the equipment running. And I never joined the union.

udaman said...

With all the fraud involving mail in ballots I am surprised that you would trust your vote to the USPS. Unless you are physically incapable of getting to the polls, of course.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Joseph ET, the Demo_Rat "operative" who spilled the beans about New Jersey elections made it perfectly clear that it doesn't matter at all that "But there’s no way to differentiate republican or democrat." The letter carriers who are in cahoots with the Demo_Rats will make sure that ALL ballots are Demo_Rat ballots.