Monday, May 17, 2021

Green and Bury It

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During a recent hearing, US Special Envoy for Climate (we don't know if there's also a Just Regular Envoy for Climate) John Kerry conceded that there's a tiny little problem with our nation's "Green New Deal" push to import millions of solar panels. And that tiny little problem is that some of those solar panels are manufactured by slaves (Uighurs, though saying that word aloud in the workplace can probably get you fired) in China. The country which, according to recent data, produces more planet-contaminating pollution than every other country on Earth combined

So sending them our money to create more pollution seems counterproductive at the very least. But more troubling is that whole "slave labor" thing, which you'd think would bother those on the Left at least a little. But apparently they're only interested in slavery which happened in the distant past and can be used for current political leverage.

To be fair, the enslaved Uighurs who are making those solar panels at gunpoint shouldn't complain; the non-enslaved Uighurs are being systematically murdered in a sweeping genocide effort by China. Although if their bodies are properly composted, it's likely considered a successful "green initiative" and net win for the Earth by the AOC-Biden administration.

Here's an idea for the Democrats who are currently running the show in Washington: how about immediately implementing policy which prohibits billions of our tax dollars going to support slavery, pollution, and genocide?

Failing that, perhaps John Kerry can escort James Taylor to China to sing "You've Got A Friend" at a Uighur prison camp.


stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, deceptive site, warning, fascism

For any who may have missed it (lucky you!) we had some excitement here on Friday. Readers coming to visit Stilton's Place were greeted with a heart-stopping red screen covered with exclamation points and human skulls and the warning that this is a dangerous, deceptive site, run by cyber-savvy terrorists intent on stealing your personal information, your life savings, and better scotch than we usually drink.

The warning came straight from Google and was, not surprisingly, complete and utter BS. Which we tried to make clear in a hastily-written email to everyone on our mailing list (which generated more email replies than we can even respond to, but all of which were read and greatly appreciated).

Further research showed that a lot of conservative blogs were getting the same roadblock, which made it look to be a pretty obvious "big brother" move targeting the Right. But it seems the warning also went up on liberal blogs, cooking blogs, dog grooming blogs, and every other kind of blog hosted on Google's "Blogspot" platform (as this blog is).

So it would appear that someone at Google Central simply flipped the wrong switch...and gave us all an important reminder that a flip of the switch is now all it takes to instantaneously cut off politically incorrect speech. 

For now, the problem seems to have been corrected, but that Sword of Damocles will continue hanging over our head here at Stilton's Place as long as the blog is hosted on Google's blogspot platform (we'll note that if you go to the archival Hope n' Change Cartoons site and/or try to do a content search, you'll get a similar warning that you can safely ignore). We'll be looking into alternatives.

But taking a glass-half-full approach (and trust us, ours usually is) this was probably a valuable reminder that all of the Hope n' Change and Stilton's Place posts (up through January of this year) can be downloaded in handy and totally free PDF ebook form using the links on this page. Get 'em while you can!


Mike aka Proof said...

The Red screen of death?
That's new!

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Might wanna consult fellow Texan Chris Muir. He's got "Day By Day" running on a private server and could probably offer advice...

Anonymous said...

A couple of other sites I read were also smacked with the red screen of death warnings, apparently. One blogger found that it seemed to only be seen by people using Firefox as a browser, although it did echoed back to Google as the responsible party. I use Brave as my browser and never got the warnings on any website. A change of browsers might help some viewers.

Love your website; have already downloaded every bit and have it hidden in an undisclosed location on an offline computer.

Judy in Ohio

Jay Dee said...

I missed it as well but I use the Brave and Dissenter browsers.

ruralbob said...

I feel slighted - I never got the warning. Could using DuckDuckGo as my search engine or Safari as my browser have anything to do with that? Ad blocking? Using an iPad? This is turning out to be quite a mystery. But it certainly lets us know that we need to find ways to get Google out of our lives. Interesting side note: My millennial daughter, who we had not seen since March of 2020, is visiting. She said one of her friends had worked for Google and had quit because it was a terrible place to work.

Fish Out of Water said...

My son recently bought a Google phone and I asked him, if he was comfortable with owning that phone and thereby giving Google access to pretty much everything that goes own in his life, to which he replied, 'Doesn't Google do that already?'

Erik said...

I use Firefox ESR 52.8. I didn't see any google warning on Friday. I have a direct link bookmarked both for Stilton's Place and HopeNChange.

I also leave Javascript and cookies turned off unless I want to post to the blog.

As for the backups of HopeNChange, I downloaded it and should still have it somewhere. I remembered that the online blog gives you a larger version of the graphics if you click on them. So, I used the pdf to locate all the Busty Ross pictures more quickly, then went to the online blog to get the larger versions. Stilton, if you want a copy to save yourself the effort of doing the same thing I can try to find them.

John Galt said...

I moved my blog to an offshore host that ignores US subpoenas and takedown notices, registered the domain privately, and use a Protonmail account and VPN for admin. Trying to make it difficult (but probably not impossible) to shut me up or even find me IRL.

Anonymous said...

Everything worked fine for me using Firefox. A number of other places I surf daily had something going on as well. They all were fine on my computer. Couldn't open Yahoo at various times during the day, & nothing worked at all a time or two. It was probably a test run for when they decide to shut down dissent completely. I'm not paranoid... & dont you say that I am.

2ABill said...

I would love to know how you did that. Any chance you could elaborate?

MAJ Arkay said...

I use Brave browser and DuckDuckGo search engine on an old iMac. I've heard about these issues, but not encountered them here.

My backup browsers are Safari and Firefox, and nothing popped up there, either.

I do have AdBlock Plus and some pretty hefty Norton anti-virus software, so between all that, and avoiding Google itself wherever possible, I guess I lucked out.

Yahoo was very slow at one point, but I really didn't need to read anything there right then, so I just wandered off elsewhere. Yahoo was running fine later.

I have to say I'm pretty darn impressed with Brave so far.

John the Econ said...

I have to admit to being somewhat shocked upon hearing Kerry's criticism of China regarding solar panels. I mean, what could be the strategy behind this uncharacteristically un-nuanced message from the usually hear no evil, be the evil Kerry? How can we possibly achieve Biden's Green New Steal goals of 50% carbon reductions without cheap Chinese solar panels?

Unless the eco-fascists have their eyes on a new slave class. Perhaps a closer-to-home class.

"Mr. President, the deplorables are revolting!"

"Yes they are! Let them build solar panels!"

Red Screen of Doom:

"...this is a dangerous, deceptive site, run by cyber-savvy terrorists intent on stealing your personal information, your life savings, and better scotch than we usually drink."

You mean Google?

Mrs. Econ & myself were once again on the road camping ("glamping" really, in our mobile command post) visiting friends in parts of the country where self-sufficiency is still the assumption and the view of big government is dim at best and disrespectful as a norm. (People are still cruising the main drag in their ATVs flying Trump flags) The best signal I was able to get on my cell phone couldn't be called a "bar", but a dot. So I missed out on the red screen episode beyond checking after getting the unexpected weekend e-mail.

It's just a reminder that Russian hackers are not the biggest threat we face in our digital existence.

Of course, after they shut down the remaining coal, gas & nuclear plants, few of us will have digital existences anyway.

FredLewers said...

I use duck duck go and I got the warning at several sites. It's time.

Bobo said...

Perhaps Mr Kerry tried to holdup the CCP for a share of that Hunter B’s $$$, and the CCP balked at his threat to speak ill-will about China. Now, if he changes his stance, check his bank account and follow the money. He is, you know, a politician.

Murphy(AZ) said...

Over the range of my many years, occasionally some wonky little simp in a windowless office hits the wrong button and launches the Armageddon Program. We've all heard of it, some have been lucky enough to actually see it. Suddenly regular broadcasting goes away and is replaced by warnings of impending doom. Earthquakes, tidal waves, avalanches, total launches of Russian ICBM's, Madonna releases another album. The broadcasts instruct us to head for safe shelter or higher ground, or get under a desk and bend over to kiss our asses goodbye. As for Madonna, the only deterrent is playing old Hank Williams records at high volume.

It is obvious to me that your recent encounter with the Alternate Red Screen of Death was just such a mistake. One accidental keystroke launched an "end of the world" broadcast from Giggle, intent on shutting everything and everyone down when the real Doomsday hits.

DougM said...

Now, let's hear the glass-now-empty plan

(Puns, Friday, were top-notch)

Fish Out of Water said...

Speaking of being canceled....

JustAn Aubie said...

A friend posted the warning as a normal post. I read what you said and since I like living life on the edge (how sad is my life huh?), I threw caution to the wind and said f' it, I'm going in. Much to my I am sans the fiery pits of hell warning from the overlords.

I feel somewhat cheated.....

Michael Riles said...

Some chants for the peasants from me

Defund police
so we can sell
those Latin drugs
that give folks HELL.

No cops
want crime
crime pays

I want to rob and rape and kill.
If cops around, there goes the thrill.

Like the wealthy
COPS are low.
We're like rich folks
hate word NO

“My condo will be in Berlin.“
Email to a lottery partner who dreams of a house in Covington, Georgia if we win the
Mega game. Told him my dream.

To the tune Imagine

Imagine going to a concert.
Or a ballet too.
A Wagnerian opera.
Eating schnitzel food.

Imagine not getting carjacked
Shot/beaten in broad daylight.


That is my only dream now.
If the numbers they come in.
If that happens you can join me.
In a town they used to call