Friday, June 11, 2021

Sitting On Attacks

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Dr. Anthony "Satan's Little Helper" Fauci spoke out Wednesday against his growing legion of critics, saying that an attack on him is really an attack on science.

"A lot of what you're seeing as attacks on me, quite frankly, are attacks on science," whined the man who helped bankroll the pandemic, "because all of the things that I have spoken about consistently from the very beginning have been fundamentally based on science."

(We pause in our commentary to express our hopes that the word "fundamentally" will fully recover from being savagely pummeled beyond recognition.)

"People want to fire me or put me in jail for what I've done," Fauci said accurately, until adding, "namely, follow the science."

Which makes us think that he's a little unclear on the whole concept of "following"...

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, fauci, coronavirus, science, follow, Covid-19, Wuhan, funding

And speaking of things that are hard to follow, we're feeling confused about two seemingly conflicting statements recently issued by the Biden administration. His ironically named intelligence agencies recently declared that the greatest threat to our nation is posed by White Supremacists, assuming that any can eventually be found. Yet Biden himself declared that the greatest threat to our nation (and the world!) comes from climate change.

Hopefully, some good old-fashioned investigative journalism can help sort out this contradiction soon...

stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, biden, threat, security, climate change, white supremacy, terror, bullshit


JustaJeepGuy said...

Look at for a video of fauci from 18 years ago, saying he shouldn't step down because of some other disease he helped to spread. The arrogance of that guy is unmatched, except by Barack Hussein.

Sortahwitte said...

I don't think my beliefs mirror those of a white supremacist. However, the more the morons run off at the mouth, the more I identify as one. I'm a vigilante, also.

Jim Irre said...

"Fundamental", in all it's iterations, will never recover from the political pummelling it takes from politicians. Guessing no one has ever tallied how many times during an election season it is used and abused. If anyone ever did we would all be astounded. Similar to the word "existential." Ask a politician to define existential. You'll be met with a blank, vacuous stare.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Wilful ignorance is the greatest existential threat facing the USA...

Snark said...

@3M- Either willful ignorance or willful stupidity. You can fix ignorance.

Sonny Cuomo and Dr. Faux Chi are being called to resign. I think they should be charged with at least manslaughter. Leftists like to hide behind "science" when they are actually promulgating ideology. "Science" doesn't lie, ideology - especially leftist ideology - is based upon lies. Like all ideologists, they keep making the lie bigger and louder to try to make people believe it. Those who do are willfully stupid.

Mike aka Proof said...

“Science is a short ugly liar “ “Following from the front “.
We’ll call you “Kaiser “ because you’re on a roll!

Jay Dee said...

I am reminded of a favorite Robert Heinlein quote.

“There are but two ways of forming an opinion in science. One is the scientific method; the other, the scholastic. One can judge from experiment, or one can blindly accept authority. To the scientific mind, experimental proof is all important, and theory merely a convenience in description, to be junked when it no longer fits. To the academic mind, authority is everything and facts are junked when they do not fit theory laid down by authority” – Robert A. Heinlein in the short story Life-Line.

Fauci appears to be in the scholastic side.

American Cowboy said...

The greatest threat to our nation can be White Supremacists and Climate Change at the exact same time.

Climate change includes cooling, cooling (in my part of the country) can produce snow, and here it comes. . .wait for it. . .snow is WHITE. Snow is therefore racist.

It didn't even take a multi-million dollar study to come up with that "explanation". Wonder when I will get my check from the gubmint for that theory?

DougM said...

The Bidenist administration is confused about the greatest threat to America, because Trump isn't in the Oval Office

Phil said...

Wow, this guy can really spew out a steaming pile of it.

Be sure to Fauci twice to get it down the loo!

Fred Ciampi said...

I remember 40,017 years ago the ice shelf was over a mile thick where I stand and in many other places. The ocean levels were so low that folks were able to walk from Asia to Alaska, although those two places weren't named that at that time. I think that were called "Ooogg" and "Marf" then. Of course then the nice folks populated both continents with native Americans and then the ice melted and the oceans rose. If that's not climate chance nothing is. Someone should tell that to Buck Fiden. And that's your history and science lesson for today. Test at 11.

TrickyRicky said...

@3M- Spot on.

@Jay Dee- Perfect quote from the great Heinlein. The deeply flawed climate models which cannot even match actual temperatures observed over the last 3 decades are never modified. Instead the data are fudged to match the desired outcome. Does anyone remember the East Anglia emails? "Hide the Decline" indeed.

John the Econ said...

What Fauci represents definitely is not "science". "Idolatry", perhaps. Or the worst aspects of religion. But not science.

For one thing, science is completely transparent. And if the whole Wuhan Flu fiasco we've been made to live through for the last 16 months lacks anything, it's transparency.

Just like "climate science".

This morning while going through my news spew, I came across this in the Washington Compost:

The media called the 'lab leak' story a 'conspiracy theory.' Now it's prompted corrections - and serious new reporting.

Now that the bad orange man is gone, they can finally do "serious new reporting" on what they previously decreed was only a "conspiracy theory". For an additional dose if ironic unawareness, the banner above this story says "Democracy Dies in Darkness". Indeed.

Where are all these "white supremacists" they keep warning me about?: I live smack in the middle of supposed "white supremacist" country, and you'd think I'd have gotten my embossed invitation to join by now. Quite frankly, if I really wanted to join a white supremacist coven, I honestly don't know how or where I'd go to do it. Considering all the rhetoric as to what a threat these people are, you'd think it would be much easier for a straight, white gun-owning male non-Progressive to get involved.

But seriously, I do foresee a real white supremacist movement about a dozen or so years out. Ironically, it will be one fomented by what they think white supremacy is today, but a pushback against the insanity of the critical race theory movement imposed upon today's children who are going to grow up resentful, pissed off, and totally over it. It won't be pretty. Think of a '60s-like anti-establishment upheaval without the drugs.

KanB said...

Not only Funded, but Profited. A lot of people died while a lot of other people made a lot of money from this thing.

White Supremacist, a word cooked up by Lib/Dem/Communists to smear their Conservative opposites. It became obvious that "Nazi" was a ridiculous label to try tagging on people of this country so they came up with a new smear, while they work to divide the races and groups while attempting to set them against each other. "Divide and Conquer".

Colby Muenster said...

I don't know what worries me more, Buck Fiden and Fauci, or the people who still trust them.

@Stilton said, "(We pause in our commentary to express our hopes that the word "fundamentally" will fully recover from being savagely pummeled beyond recognition.)"

I'd add the word "science" to the been savagely pummeled beyond recognition pile. This seems to be the new liberal way to "prove" what they are saying is absolutely non-debatable.

Shelly said...

If you want to identify a true fraud, look no more than who the MSM and late night "comedy" shows elevate to celebrity status. They glorify thugs and all other dregs of society for political gain. Michael Avenatti anyone? He will be going to prison but all the Democrat thugs in government who work diligently to ruin our lives for their own power and greed will never see the inside of a cell, pay a fine, lose their jobs or suffer any consequences whatsoever. Until that happens, we can never trust the government, the media, academia, entertainment and, most importantly, the corporate titans and tech moguls.

Greg said...

A most excellent comment thread above. The only thing I want to add is to highlight once again the distinction between 'science' and 'scientism'.
Science is little more that a method, a working tool, and enormously successful over the last several hundred years. The worship of 'scientism', on the other hand, is simply a political cudgel to batter opposing opinion with.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@JustaJeepGuy I read where he had also misrepresented the communicability of AIDS while with the NIH. ANd all of his misrepresentations have long since been proven farcical - but there was this drug that surged to the fore for treatment, likely being approved and distributed due to the fear of Fauci's "theories" instilled in the great unwashed public - much like these alleged vaccines...

It's a pattern with this guy, and you *KNOW* that he's profiting from it.

Rod said...

Overall: Look at the bright side: We're less than 5 months into this ridiculous farce Biden / Harris term; the shit is hitting the fan pretty much everywhere around the world and all through our economies; we have an invasion going on for which the Constitution is very clear (Article IV Section 4); and it's also clear that mandated defense again Invasion is not happening so something will soon have to happen. And in fact it has: Texas will build their border wall. The FBI is doing legitimate work again and busting cartels. The jig is about up with the COVID scare; this Democrat shit-show is already coming apart; and Wow! do they have a lot of sensible, fed up people really pissed-off. The SCOTUS is 6 to 3. The WOKERS, BLMs, Communists, Nazis, useless scholars, RINOs and other nothing to show but talk or bust a cute move entertainers (my ass), dependents & activists had better start shutting up & taking cover; or it could be a real tough rest of the year for them.

John the Econ said...

You may want to take a big swig of your Clan MacGregor before you read this one:

Half of the pandemic's unemployment money may have been stolen

Criminals may have stolen as much as half of the unemployment benefits the U.S. has been pumping out over the past year, some experts say. Blake Hall, CEO of, a service that tries to prevent this kind of fraud, tells Axios that America has lost more than $400 billion to fraudulent claims. As much as 50% of all unemployment monies might have been stolen, he says.

Haywood Talcove, the CEO of LexisNexis Risk Solutions, estimates that at least 70% of the money stolen by impostors ultimately left the country, much of it ending up in the hands of criminal syndicates in China, Nigeria, Russia and elsewhere.

"These groups are definitely backed by the state," Talcove tells Axios.

Much of the rest of the money was stolen by street gangs domestically, who have made up a greater share of the fraudsters in recent months.

Can't wait until these people are running my health care.

Graham McDonald said...

Sergio said...
"How many Wuhan-domiciled people have the means to travel to other continents to spread the virus? Clearly government sponsored."

If I recall correctly Wuhan was the site for a multi-national military exercise (on paper/sandbox whatever) in late 2019. It wasn't 'local' peasants who did the spreading worldwide, there was a ready-made group of foreign military personnel available to unknowingly carry the virus far and wide.

A search with DuckDuckGo on: "Military exercise" "2019" "Wuhan" is quite interesting.

Michael Riles said...

Some colonoscopy humor.

I'm getting ready for the colonoscopy today. My parody

To the tune White Christmas

I'm dreaming of a RED ROBIN burger.
And kaboobs, gyros at "the grill". *
Then there's Kung Pao chicken
I'll be lickin
A slice
of Eli's all my own.

I'm dreaming of some I Hop pancakes
Maple syrup, bacon coffee.
I am normal not really
a foody.
But when you fast
drink Golytely
you tend to

*Mediterranean Grill on Clairmont and North Decatur Road in Atlanta

Well readers, I am now fasting for my next day colonoscopy. Taking the stool pills and will be taking the “Mt. Vesuvius powder” at 5 PM – the real COLON BLOW. Getting ready for the Gatorade hate fest. Anybody out there with biology degrees---if you
can come up with a better way to test for and get rid of colon polyps, you will be in a mansion twice the size of Bill Gates---anywhere you want on planet earth.

Vet in hospital: "Once again we are allowing the government to SHOVE IT UP OUR ASS."
Me: "Is it me or does that scope they use look like the long neck of those alien's from Mars that attacked Gene Barry in the 50's version of War of the Worlds."

Yes, I have a tune.

To the tune Come Saturday Morning

Come Tuesday at noon,
Junior will drive wife and me
to a place in Tucker, Georgia
where I'll FEAST!

Mediterranean Grill
You will see my thrill
as I shout HIP HORRAY!

It will be ALL MINE!

Kabobs and Gyro meat,
I'll be GREEK or A-RAB
that day.

Then that evening,
that's me that you'll see
La Parrilla

Enchiladas for me,
keep the salsa and chips
on the table

Margarita I'll try.

Then the next day,
on my PLATE.

“Red Robin---hummmm!”
The ad jingle I keep hearing during the great fast.

Michael Riles said...

Then: Old west saloons the scenes of gun violence.
Later: American public schools
Now: Gas stations

Then: Crime causing start up firms in American cities where home security is monitored.
Now: A startup called Yoshi that delivers gas to people's cars for a monthly fee of $20. Yoshi, which is competing with several companies billing themselves as the "Uber for gas," has been backed by Exxon Mobil and General Motors. It currently operates in 16 cities, including Chicago, Los Angeles, and Boston. The reason?

FOGS? Fear Of Gas Stations (as incidents of shootings there rise)

To the tune Say┼Źnara

The time has come to call
have gas delivered.
Psychos with guns at gas stations now.
The thought of slug in cranium
makes me shiver.
As I go down, stare at sky,
and then bleed out.

I remember
time when this
was impossible.

If people whacked---
was people they knew.

Now living in this country
very very tense now.

Like Hitler's Reich
and I am a practicing