Friday, June 18, 2021

Too Much Truth

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Okay, we WANTED to take today off, but some things just can't pass without comment - although that seems to be exactly what our mainstream media is doing.

Specifically, we have a monumental problem with Joe Biden's statement in Geneva in which he explained to the world how rights work in the United States: "We don't derive our rights from the government. We possess them because we're born. Period. And we yield them to a government."

No, Joe, we don't yield our rights to the government or anyone else. That's rather the whole point of our nation, our history, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. But now, the president of the United States has spoken a little too much truth about how he and his political party view things: citizens have rights, but those rights must be surrendered to government authority. At which point, it's not so much "authority" as it is totalitarianism and oppression.

Of course, every Democrat in Washington knows that, but most of them also know not to ever say it out loud.

This wasn't one of Biden's typical gaffes or verbal tossed salads. There has been no "clarification" issued, and no apology for what should be considered a wildly incendiary statement. He just announced to the world that the United States is now under an authoritarian regime.

Despite the media blackout on this story, people need to hear about it, share it, and then make it very, very clear to those in Washington DC that real Americans have no intention of "yielding" to Marxist power plays.


Mike aka Proof said...

Never in the history of the Republic have we had such an empty suit as Joe Biden in the Oval Office.

Graham McDonald said...

He's off the teleprompter again. In any part of the world that allows its people to study history they know the basics of the "American Experiment". For a President to come out with such a misstatement - it's not going to help our image one little bit. Any world leader who negotiates with our 'top man' won't know from one minute to the next just what to expect. (But his understudy would be even worse.)

JustaJeepGuy said...

The number of Demo_Rats who don't believe what Gropey Joe said can be counted on the fingers of one finger. Even the few who have read and understand the Constitution believe it, of that I have no doubt.

OnTheTrumpTrain said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who heard that!!! The Brainwashing continues

rickn8or said...

I'll not surrender my rights Joe; you're going to have to come take them.

μολὼν λαβέ

Your move...

WESF said...

I hereby inform President Biden that I have never, do not now, will never surrender my
God given rights to anyone! Certainly not the Government!

How in the world can a man with 50 years in government have such a simple truth so wrong? Come on Man!

Fritzchen said...

Did Biden's parents have any children born live?
On his best days he's a drooling CRETIN!
May God have mercy on our nation!

Elbarto said...


Jim Irre said...

Every leader of every oppressive regime in the world just sat straight up in his/her chair with that statement. Bring it, Joe.

Neil Smith said...

I've lived 80 years under a different understanding, I don't YEILD.

Bobo the Hobo said...

Nasty Nancy and the onanistic retards of the gun-grabbing Left be damned, things are gonna get spicy this summer.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

I will simply point to my prediction at the beginning of the year...and, alas, it does seem to be inching closer and closer to bloody civil war by year's end. :/

Anonymous said...

Good post and cartoon for today.

To change color of text in a bubble, double-click to highlight now how to change color?

Scott said...

Reminds me of that MTV interview where Bill Clinton said it was the government's job to limit "too much" freedom. It's the mindset alright.

TrickyRicky said...

Well, it seems that Slow Joe has said the quiet part out loud. The silence from the left is deafening. We yield our God Given Rights to no one. As stated several times above:


Fred Ciampi said...

If I say what I am feeling right now the black SUVs will be on my driveway in less than four minutes and 17 seconds. So I will just be quite and go buy more ammo. OWILHOWWRNH?

Snark said...

This year, due to the CCP bio-weapon, our rights were not yielded, rather they were forcibly wrenched away from us by despotic dhimicrat governors and bureaucrats, sanctioned by spineless judges and not opposed by rino legislatures convinced by lying "medical professionals" that Armageddon was upon us. Complicit media (certainly no relationship to 'journalists') conspired with the other socialists to instill fear and terror among the populace. Now we are burdened with a moronic, feeble-minded president who even as a senator was barely able to assemble a coherent sentence.

Surely Putin and Xi will high five at their next meeting, making plans to divy up the former United States while our "woke" military collars themselves to their new master's chains.

Aye, @3M, while primers be in short supply, gather what ammunition can be found. I agree, the admonition of our Declaration of Independence seems to be nigh.

American Cowboy said...

Two things patriotic legal Americans can, and should do.

1. Flood your representatives and senators with emails, letters, and phone calls calling this statement out and demanding that they take appropriate action.

2. Buy plenty of nails, clean and oil your hammers, practice your swing, and get ready to build a new barn!

(Tip of my hat to a previous poster here who speaks of hammers and nails.)

Igor the Obscure said...

Another example of his fraudulancy speaking a truth about the left.
Similar to his speech before the election where he admitted that they had "the biggest election fraud organization" in history.

rickn8or said...


Alan said...

"We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, and are endowed BY THEIR CREATOR with certain unalienable rights. . ."Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776

Fred Ciampi said...

@rick8or, here's a hint; oh where is ........ need him?

rickn8or said...

Yokay. Got it.

John the Econ said...

I'm sorry. Can someone please show me the document where I signed to "yield" my rights to these abject morons?

A couple of other "gaffes" from the week:

At Biden's presser after his meeting with Putin (which did not include a joint press conference with Putin for obvious reasons) Biden says, "As usual, they gave me a list of people I'm going to call on..."

...with the pre-written questions from Biden-friendly non-journalists. Could you imagine the media furor had Trump done this?

And the one that as an IT professional most torqued me: Biden gives Putin a list of 16 off-limits targets for cyberattacks. I'm pretty sure that since I haven't been a buyer at any of Hunter's art showings that my company and those of any of my clients are not on that list.

This is like telling rapists that as long as they don't rape any nuns, the authorities won't go out of their way to punish them.

Could this be Biden's "Red Line"?

Speaking of Hunter's "art", have you noticed how the mainstream media is totally fawning over his work product which is at best equal to that of your average 6th grader?

Sortahwitte said...

Primers may be hard to find, but, if you're not into reloading, it's almost too late. Retardo Joe says it out loud and there's not much reaction from the left? The kimchee is deep and wide. Is it time for the second shot heard 'round the world?

SteveO said...

As Doc Holliday would say, "In dementiae veritas."

Murphy(AZ) said...

And people wonder why pissed-off citizens are willing to chance everything and march on Washington D.C.?

If President* wants my rights, he'd better come and try to take them. I will not give them up, even if he asks nicely. I will not give them up as long as these lungs breathe free air and my hands can hold a weapon.

Colby Muenster said...

Perhaps it was just a slip of the tongue? If so, it was a Freudian one.


2nd shot heard around the world? It could happen if the libs keep it up. I think the so called Capitol Riots were just a tiny glimpse of what could happen if the lefties continue stomping our our God given rights. Their goal is to make the U.S. citizens complacent and subjected. Yes, there are some who are, right now, fully willing to let the gubmint control their lives, but I'm betting that number is WAAAAY smaller than the lefties think.

Bill from Wood-Ridge said...

Should we call him Comrade or Citizen Biden?

Fish Out of Water said...

Remember ISIS? Seems the Obama sock puppet president is going to repeat the same mistake the worst electoral mistake since the peanut farmer from Plain, Ga, did in Iraq.

But the Biden is the Obama sock puppet president

KanB said...

@John, isn't "Biden gives Putin a list of 16 off-limits targets for cyberattacks" also kind of like saying "Here's our most vulnerable areas if you're interested."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Mike aka Proof- I agree. Granted, Barry didn't bring much to the table, but he had certain skills and an agenda. Biden is just a bird trained to say certain things in order to be rewarded with a bit of cracker.

@Graham McDonald- I HOPE he was off teleprompter; if the remark was scripted it's exponentially worse. And I'm sure this display of confusion about our core principles is disconcerting to our allies and encouraging to our enemies.

@JustaJeepGuy- The Dems DO believe what Joe said. They may reluctantly admit that our rights don't come from the government, but will maintain that such rights can only be exercised to the extent that it pleases the government.

@OnTheTrumpTrain- By brain pretty much exploded when I heard Joe...and then exploded again when I realized that almost no one was talking about it. Google News gave you no way to find the story, but DuckDuckGo did.

@rickn8or- Amen, brother.

@Sambo- I admire both your succinctness and accuracy.

@WESF- I think that Biden believes what he said BECAUSE of his 50 years in government. He knows that our rights get stepped on all the time - and he's for it.

@Fritzchen- I really look at Biden like the costumed mascot of a sports team, revving everyone up and representing the team, while others do all of the real work and strategizing.

@jpb252- It's hard to go wrong with the classics.

@Jim Irre- Those other leaders are probably going to accuse Uncle Joe of plagiarism again!

@Neil Smith- In this case, I think Joe's use of the word "yield" is synonymous with "surrender." None of us should be happy about that (and clearly, around here none of us are).

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Bobo the Hobo- For some reason, in my mind I hear one of those big-voiced announcers reading your comment like it's an upcoming movie trailer!

@M. Mitchell Marmel- I still hope you're wrong, but there seems to be a quickening to the madness.

@Anonymous- Assuming you're talking about ComicLife, you write your text in the word balloon then select the text itself (not the balloon). Near the top of your work screen (and just beneath the buttons that show your text name, style, and size) is a little rectangle with a color in it. It's black by default. Click on it, and you'll get oodles of choices for changing the color of your selected text. That's how I sometimes emphasize just a word or two in red.

@Scott- I'd forgotten that! "Too much freedom," indeed.

@TrickyRicky- I believe you just got a number of "Amens!" from the gallery.

@Fred Ciampi- I couldn't decode your anagram, but I'm betting I agree with the sentiments.

@Snark- I agree with your assessment of how this played out to other heads of state. Which is to say, "not well."

@American Cowboy- Sound advice!

@Igor the Obscure- Despite a half-century of mendacity, Joe accidentally lets a little truth slip out from time to time.

@rikn8or- You know, "RHINO HOWL" (wink-wink, nudge-nudge)

@Alan- Sounds pretty damn clear to me!

@Fred Ciampi- OHHHhhhhhhhh!

@rickn8or- "WOW, OWL HINRH!"

@John the Econ- Fine albeit utterly distressing points. Biden gave Putin a list of 16 industries that were "off limits" to attack, opening the door to all the others. If Trump offered that deal to Putin, he would have been impeached a couple more times.

And Hunter's art is a joke. It's not "art" at all - it's "craft" of the sort that can be taught to school kids, seniors with dementia and, oh yeah, the sons and daughters of privilege who go to rehab clinics rather than jail cells.

@Sortahwitte- There's nothing I enjoy more than good entirely metaphorical rhetoric like that.

@SteveO- Damn, that's perfect!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Murphy(AZ)- The recent March on Washington was just that: a march. I want all 10,000 hours (or more) of security videos to be released to show the American people what really happened that day. We sure as sh*t haven't gotten the real story so far.

@Colby Muenster- I don't think it was a slip of the tongue. I think he was clumsily expressing exactly what he believes: every American has rights, but real Americans subordinate their rights to the whims of whoever is in charge.

@Bill from Wood-Ridge- Let's go with "Citizen Biden." He's no comrade of mine.

@Fish Out of Water- Joe, Obama, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett and the rest of the cabal would like nothing better than a robust rise in ISIS and/or Al Qaeda. Their goal is for things to get so screwed up in the Middle East that Iran will be "forced" to take dramatic action and take control of the whole region.


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Snark- More alcohol, indeed!

rickn8or said...

"And Hunter's art is a joke. It's not "art" at all - it's "craft" ..."

You misspelled "graft".

Skip said...

Once again thanks for the answer to my font color question with Comic Life, much appreciated.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Colby Muenster, the lefties found out pretty well how few people are willing to let the gubmint control their lives on Election night last year. That's why they cheated even more than they had planned to cheat. They also found out that President Trump was vastly more popular than they had thought. They had begun to believe their own lies about how disliked President Trump was and were almost unprepared to cheat enough to get Gropey Joe in the White House. (Gropey Joe didn't "win". CHEATING ISN'T WINNING!!! But we all know that!)

Perry said...

At least he doesn’t believe that the government gives us our rights, as so many in D.C. seem to.

Dan said...

I didn't realize it was possible, but I'm thinking less of Biden and his henchpersons every day. (I was gonna say minions, but they're cute and I've liked them in the movies -- partly because they remind me of Hostess Twinkies.)

Navyvet said...

Yeah. This was all over the news. NOT!!!

Bruce said...


Michael Riles said...

Libtard tweet from a guy named Dave

Nope, the RepubliCONS want to keep WE THE PEOPLE from exercising our RIGHT to vote. Fascist Redcoat elites, they are.

My reply

So the way elections were that gave us Clinton twice and Obama twice were flawed? Who programmed you to belt out that 19th century, IWW (Google them) bromide crap? Some guy w/a ponytail down to his anal crack. Fascist Redcoat elites? WTF is that??? You need to read the book BOSS by Mike Royko. It's about DEMONCRAP Richard J Daley of CHICAGO. So, the election of JFK over Nixon in 1960 was flawed???

Newsflash: A man jumped another man in Atlanta and bit his ear off. He then pulled a knife on him. Police know about this homeless psycho WHO SHOULD BE IN A RUBBER ROOM AND MEDICATED and not have the folk song army running to their defense.

NY Times Tweet

Take a look at our neighborhood-level map of election results from the first round of New York City's mayoral race.

My reply

NYC Mayoral election or "which liberal democrat do we want who will feel sorry for the muggers, rapists, thugs and thieves?"

After I send these replies the libtards in question curl up in a ball and block me.

Newsflash: Afghan forces were caught giving weapons to the Taliban as America leaves.

Then: Vietnam
Soon: Afghanistan

To the tune Hey Hey Good Bye

At first we blamed them,
went in to CHANGE them,
Should have passed,
shoved it up our ASS.

Should have isolated.
Instead of placated.
They would have killed
themselves OFF.

Michael Riles said...

A San Diego-area school district has apologized for an incident in which tortillas were hurled at a basketball team from a mostly Latino high school after a championship game. The tortillas were thrown at players from Orange Glen High after they lost a hard-fought game to a team from mostly white Coronado High School on Saturday, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported. According to video shared on social media, at least two Coronado players threw tortillas.

To the tune El Paso

At a basketball game they we're flinging tortillas
two indulged asshole kids having their way.

LOOK AT THE HATE as news anchors SAL-I-VATE
This is an example of whites who just hate.

Now this is the big news not bullets that fly.
Hispanics shot dead by black gangs hey good bye.

we see them flying
tortillas spinning in AIRRRRRRRRR.

Race pimps shout RIGHT ON
After toking their HASH bongs.
This nation is done
close the casket
so long.

Michael Riles said...

Me having fun with a LIB TARD on twitter by burying him as he claims the the new voting laws are fascist.

Fascism--a form of far-right, authoritarian ultra-nationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, strong regimentation of society & of the economy, which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. ----- Go to a college with a MAGA hat.

I live in Stone Mountain where the LIB FASCISTS gerrymandered out Cong. John Linder for a Marxist wet dream named Cynthia McKinney. Dave one day you will realized it's all flawed and geared to acquiring a 6 digest paycheck without a time clock.

I know---this means showing up and proving you are who you are. --------------------------- One of the biggest changes in the GA GOP bill would expand early voting access 4 most counties, adding an additional mandatory Saturday& formally codifying Sunday voting hours as optional.

Like I said, they will want uber escorts w/ice cream --------------------------------- Counties can have early voting open as long as 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., or 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Inner city you will have an extra weekend day, and your weekday early voting hours will likely be longer.

Heard someone on the radio here say we need subsidized Ubers to go to and from the polls. I'll pass that to Stacy Abrams and watch it become a talking point.

So, in your world Nixon won over JFK in 1960 because all the elections in the past were flawed and the DEM LIB fascists then rigged it? RFK to Daley 1960. How many votes do we have in Cook County. Daley to RFK: How many do you need. Enjoy your world.

Anonymous said...

Some people will do anything just for Kix.

Michael Riles said...

Did you “hear the people sing” in Florida over the issue of physical males wanting to play women's soccer on women's team? And the schools “politburo” walked out on them. Two tunes.

To the tune Do You Hear the People Sing.

In the Sunshine state they sang
over folks that have a WANG
wanting to play on the girls teams
since Joe Biden's odd harangues.

The presidium walked out
as the people scream and shout
because physical males
will KNOCK petite girls OUT.

But alas this is a blessing
wrapped inside a nice surprise.
Watch what happens in three years
You won't believe your eyes

a leader
That makes Trump look like

So continue the TWERKING
Trans men on girls soccer teams.
Stroke off Putin
Who both will be HACKING

Claim the BAT virus was NATURE
feast your eyes on legislatures
that will be one hundred percent

To the tune I Am Woman

I'm a he
but really a she
ignore that appendage
dangling from me.
And the democrats they have the right priorities.

On girls soccer
I will play
as I plow into a Jill or Jane
as the EMT's take Jill and Jane away.

Yes it is all about me
Deserve MY trans priority.

If I want to shower with girls,
You say no,

they have
the right priorities.
Yes I'm strong,
YOU NEOCONS are wrong.
Better hear----MY SONG.

Alan Donelson said...

24 June 2021 Joe got this one perfectly right! Or left. Both wings work the same. This one's for Ripley's Believe It or Not.

Those of you that take advantage of the research and wisdom of Anna Von Reitz ( will know what Joe stated was absolute gospel truth -- according to The Power$ That Be and in the context of US, Inc.

Only if you have returned to the land and soil of your birth as an American and declared yourself so, would what Joe said be untrue -- for you! For all who self-identify as "US citizens", what Joe said was true indeed!

At, look up articles and posts dealing with "birth certificates" to begin to "fact check" my assertions above -- if you care to.

Michael Riles said...

Newsflash: Police officers are leaving police forces in record numbers.

“Gee I wonder why?” My wife

“I get no respect---no respect at all.” Comic Rodney Dangerfield

To the tune Officer Krupke from West Side Story

Every day they deal with,
Psychos and addicts,
Upper-class minorities,
that toss their shit and piss.
Get shot at by drug dealers,
and gang-bangers at night.
That's why they're leaving.
This land's now such a fright.

Hey officer's in blue,
Ya gotta admit.
You stand resilient,
when assholes throw fits.
But laws today ignored.
And people hate you.
It's like that Reich with Hitler,
and you are the new JEW.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Michsel: Just a brief word of appreciation for all your fine filks. Well parodied! You are truly the Weird Al of Stilton's Place! :D

Michael Riles said...

Reality is like lily pad---it sucks swamp water.  Bob Newhart

Newsflash: The DOJ is suing GA for making it easier to vote, if you have a FREE ID, if you can get to a poll and SHOW YOURSELF within TWO WEEKS INCLUDINGTHE WEEKENDS.

“When I was secretary of state I sued the Obama government twice and won. This will be 3 for 3.” Governor Kemp of GA.

“I don't vote. I owe child support in two states.” Young Black man on MARTA bus in ATL