Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Many Happy Returns?

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Just a quick one, owing to the fact that I'm completely pooped. But not for any particular reason, as the day’s medical stuff went well. Granted, that’s with air quotes around “well,” but you get the idea.

Kathy’s blood numbers were very good - her platelet count has tripled in a week, which is great. Other numbers are moving in the right direction.

So this more or less spells success for the “induction” phase of leukemia treatment when they throw everything at a patient to keep them (mostly) alive. Next will be the “consolidation” phase, in which they try to clean up any straggler cancer cells in her body. 

The process will continue to be challenging: she’ll check into the hospital a week from now and be given chemo for 3 days instead of the 5 days she got last time. Then, rather than spend 3 weeks in the hospital trying to recover, she’ll be sent HOME and try to recover while I monitor her vitals and generally have a panic-stricken look on my face. Twice a week, I’ll also take her to the hospital for blood tests which will tell us if she needs a blood transfusion, platelets, or other treatment she can't get at home (in other words, anything other than an ice bag). And every 4-6 weeks, we’ll repeat the whole cycle - over and over - until such time as we may be eligible for a stem cell transplant, which is not a non-risky procedure. 

In the interim, her immune system is somewhat less than half of what it would normally be, and all of her vaccinations and natural immunities have been wiped clean. She'll need to start from scratch after that transplant, and in the meanwhile obsessive hygiene will be the rule in the Jarlsberg household.

We continue to take one step at a time and the path we’re on - however challenging - is the only path that can potentially lead to a good long-term outcome. So all in all, this was a good day and one I wanted to share with you.

And I also want to share that with Halloween right around the corner, Kathy dressed in black for her appointment today - including a t-shirt which created the illusion of her having a skeletal rib cage enclosing a hot pink heart. A bold choice to wear to a crowded oncology clinic, but that's one of many reasons that I love her.


M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Hee! My mother, when she was undergoing chemo two decades back, insisted her slogan was "Better Living Through Chemistry!"

A sensayuma definitely helps. :D

TVAG said...

Hear! Hear!

(With less of the worn out "Conga Line" shtick.)


Sergio said...

Wasn't Kareem O'Wheat an NBA Center for the Lakers?

Mike aka Proof said...

Things are sounding good!
"obsessive hygiene" - sounds like a reality TV show or CSI - Hand Sanitizer!

HankJ said...

Glad that she's doing better and your sense of humor is still intact.

May your tail winds keep blowing.

Bobo said...

Great and wonderful news! YOU GO GIRL!!

Jee said...

Ah, so sweet! What a wonderful example of the love and devotion that sustain a marriage.

Dan said...

Eyes too blurry (it's late) to completely read / follow your update, but I'm glad that things are looking up.
Praise God. May Mrs J keep improving, and may you, Stilton, not collapse from the strain.

JRMD said...

Dear Stilt & Kathy,

So glad to hear that things are looking better. Still praying for you.

Best wishes,

mjshee1049 said...

Yo, Stilt!

Really appreciate the status reports ... they DO make a difference.

Stay strong!

Paul Donohue said...

You and Kathy remind me of another couple that I know who are going through the same situation. You are lucky to have each other. I am happy to hear this good news and I will continue to pray that you both will come through this successfully and with as little pain as is possible. God bless you both.

Maoz said...

Stilt - that panic-stricken look on your face... seriously, is that any different from how you looked *before* this all erupted?

Kathy - love your fashion sense!

Way to go, team!

Jim Irre said...

"Obsessive hygiene" was Felix Ungar's nickname!

Keep the faith, Stilt!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a doctor, but it sounds like her T-shirt wearing indicates she is feeling better about her situation. I'm glad to hear of your good news and hope it continues. Cancer survivors are warriors.

M said...

We are glad things are looking up! We will keep praying for your strength and health (for you, Kathy, and your whole family)

Nancy Dickerson said...

Wonderful to hear that some things are getting better. Blessings of peace and healing to you and yours. May Kathy continue to have a neat attitude!

Bobo the Hobo said...

If she is in the mood, Mrs J can test her oncologist’s sense of humor by placing a nerf ball on her back under her shirt and ask about side effects.

PaBlum said...

Let's Go Brandon! Ooops, I mean Kathy.

Snark said...

MORE Good News! Isn't it amazing how stuff like president moron, Black Lies Matter, and LGBTQRSTUV riots seem to fade into the woodwork (or under the rug) when truly life altering important things happen? Just keep doing the important stuff of supporting Kathy, driving her to wherever and pressure washing the house with bleach. We'll be here, watching the idiots, giving good cheer and offering prayers. CHEERS!

Hammer said...

Well SJ, my old man used to say, "Keeo your dauber (sp) up." To which I always asked myself, "What's a dauber?" Anyway, keep your dauber up and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your Kathy, and keep the good news coming!

Patrick said...

So good to hear! I pray that the healing continues!

Baker52 said...

Glad that she is continuing to improve and that you are somehow always able to raise our spirits as you both slog through the marathon that is prolonged chemotherapy. Hope you both can keep your spirits up, thanks for keeping all your followers updated!!

Average Joe said...

Day-by-day, Stilt. Stay strong for her and tell her you've a lot of people in her corner praying.

TrickyRicky said...

Here's to keeping the good results coming. Love that Kathy seems to have a sense of humor that can keep up with yours.

Alej said...

" A bold choice to wear to a crowded oncology clinic, but that's one of many reasons that I love her."

I can imagine... your household must rock with the same laughter Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman's antics evoked. Bless your happy hearts.

VideomanSS said...

Thanks for keeping us updated Stilt. A long and tiring procedure but know the outcome can be positive. Hang in there and we will keep the prayers coming.

Publius Americanus said...

Twice with the wife, breast cancer. You have my sympathy and support.
If the wife needs the 24 hour later meds, use the one they stick on so there is no need for a follow up visit. It helps. Can’t remember the name.
Do not forget that YOU need rest and support. Yes, your wife is the one with the disease, but your energy needs maintaining to help her. Take care of yourself too.
The Chemo may affect her taste buds. Watch out for hot or spicy stuff.
Weed helps. Makes her hungry, helps pain and helps sleep. Don’t moralize it, use it.
We’re all praying(for you, in a non-denominational way, wink wink) you both, use as as resources. You’ve always been here for us.

2ABuddha said...

We you and Kathy our love and prayers, brother.

CenTexTim said...

Great news! Very happy for you and Kathy. Hopefully the upward trend will continue. We'll keep the good thoughts and prayers coming.

Just curious - how much longer until you can put "R N" after your name...?

John Griffin said...

I know how difficult it is to take the time to write what is happening with Kathy and yourself. Your humor and word choice lets us see the struggles and the fear with understanding. Thank you for taking the time to update your fans and fellow Texans.

Colby Muenster said...

I can only imagine that you're more pooped than Jerry Nadler's pants, so many thanks for taking time to update us Stilton's Placers!

Us Muensters are still a prayin'!

Ole Scrapper said...

Thanks for update info, good news in the face of ongoing responsiblities. Stay strong and give your lady a special hug for the courage and fortitude to push back. Love your posts and consider you 'friend'.

Greg said...

Just a tip from a "been there done that". Pay special attention to whatever parameter they give you for her temperature. My wife's oncologist sent her home with instructions that any temp of 100.4 or greater was a panic value, and to call it in immediately. We had a nurse friend visiting, and she checked her temp and it was exactly that. We called the Dr.s hotline, and the Dr. herself answered the call. She just said: "Get to ER NOW. I'll meet you there". Admitted her then and there for two days of IV antibiotics.
Bottom line: Because her immune system is trashed, the numbers and symptoms to watch for are different than for any of the rest of us.
Prayers and best wishes for both of you. Keep yourself well taken care of; you're no good to anyone else if you melt down.

Shelly said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds like a daunting regimen for the near future. I know you will face it one day at a time, but remember to take care of yourself too as she needs you right now. If you need to call in home health, do so because if you get down what will happen then? God bless you and Kathy.

John the Econ said...

Stem cell transplant? Don't you know that's for horses? What kind of fringe, weirdo, right-wing witchdoctor medicine are you inflicting on this poor woman?

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Keep up the good cheer as she needs it as much now as ever. Our prayers remain with you all.

Radar1972 said...

Hang in there. Lots of prayers are being offered for Kathy and you.

LenSatic said...

Awesome choice, Kathy! Pretty good choice on hubby, too. ;)

Mikey said...

Sorry for the late comment, just checked my email. Anyway, still hoping and praying for the best for you and Kathy. Being of Irish heritage it is in my nature to never give up and keep fighting no matter what, so I pass those thoughts on to you.

Anonymous said...

So proud of you Stilton. You are doing a great job taking care of Kathy. You are honest about it all. You give us all hope. At least me. You show me how I should treat my spouse if he gets ill. I bet Kathy is so proud of you too. Love the shirt she wore. Sometimes laughter is the only medicine that works. Keep on keeping on.

Hyzenthlay said...

Going down a similar road myself, and it sounds like you've got fantastic news, there! I read your latest post, as well, and it's clear that God is taking care of you both, which is what we're praying for! You're doing a great job! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news. You make me smile when you write about how happy you both are to be together at home. Praise GOD for some more good news for Kathy. Yes those HIPPA Laws are a pain in the back side.

pjl said...

praying for you.

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