Monday, November 21, 2022

The Old Man and The Sheesh

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Sunday, November 20th marked the 80th birthday of Joe Biden, the extremely oldest man to ever hold the office of president of the United States. Mr. Biden celebrated the occasion by sucking his wife's fingers, wandering aimlessly through the White House halls, then having an ice cream cake as balloons cascaded down on him. Balloons that had filled themselves to the bursting point thanks to inflation. 

And although I personally loathe the news these days, it's hard to ignore the fact that there has been a bunch of it lately - all of which I'm perfectly happy to be unclear on. 

One notable item is that Nancy Pelosi is stepping down from her Democrat leadership position in the House of Representatives, a role which she has held since the mid-Pleistocene Era. She is vacating her leadership responsibilities in order to spend more time with her family and definitely not in order to hire a less inept hammer-wielder than the one who klonked her husband on the noggin, nearly causing her to inherit the millions of dollars he's made through her illicit stock tips.

On a barely related note, I've been playing with some of the new Artificial Intelligence art generators because that keeps me off the streets and away from a life of crime (it's too cold to sell magazines door to door).  So if you were wondering what AI thinks a Norman Rockwell portrait of Nancy enjoying Thanksgiving with her very, very, very diverse group of friends would look like, here you go...

Also in the news (as far as I can tell from cultural osmosis), a major cryptocurrency, FTX, went bust making roughly gazillions of dollars disappear in a digital "poof!" This sudden poofery revealed a funny little scheme that went like this: Democrats sent billions of our tax dollars to Ukraine for "defense" (wink-wink, nudge-nudge). Ukraine then "invested" much of that money in FTX, making FTX's owner stinkingly rich. He, in turn, gave a significant part of this newfound fortune back to the Democrats (his donations were second only to those of George Soros) to help them defeat Republicans in the midterm elections. In other words, it was the traditional Washington circle-jerk kickback scheme but on an especially large and obvious scale.

Donald Trump announced that he was running for President again, because our national drug trip still appears to be a long way from over. Simultaneously, Merrick "I was told I'd get a robe" Garland has appointed a special investigator or prosecutor or interrogator or Witchfinder General or someone to persecute Donald Trump yet again. The media, and I use the term with revulsion and disdain, is absolutely sure that Trump will soon be indicted for his role in planning the nuclear explosion that leveled Washington DC on January 6th, killing millions and incinerating the paper records which tied Democrats to ownership stakes in FTX. Or maybe he'll be indicted for "using locker room language while not in a locker room," which has been unanimously ruled to be unprotected speech by the ladies of "The View."

Meanwhile, Thanksgiving is coming up on Thursday and I will be especially thankful once it's over. The holidays will be sheer torture for Daughter J and me this year. Kathy was the one who made the holiday magic around here and there's no "plan B." That being said, I'm nervously looking forward to doing Thanksgiving - for the first time since Covid hit - with my brother-in-law and his family. This will be the first time I've seen some of the family in years, as well as my first sit-down dinner with others while not wearing an N95 mask. And mind you, I DO wear an N95 in other public settings, but damn it - family is family. It is likely to be emotional.

I'll almost certainly not be posting again before Thanksgiving, so let me wish everyone the very best of meals, family, friends, and the spiritually nutritive practice of giving thanks.

After finishing this blog post, I need to dive back into working on the book project I've spoken about because it's really getting down to crunch time (I've promised copies to members of my grief support group on December 12th!) and time flies when night falls hours before you expect it to. But in the interim, here's a little sneak preview of the unfinished cover...

I'm looking forward to sharing the whole book (and Kathy's sense of humor) with you soon!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Stilt. You pretty much covered the entire "shit sandwich" we are all being forced to enjoy. Best to you and your family for a happy, mildly emotional, Thanksgiving.

Howard Johnson said...

Happy Thanksgiving Stilt and J

j said...

I wish you and all whom you love, a blessed Thanksgiving. I, too, know that emptiness but we carry on to honor those who cannot be with us any longer. I will happily spend the day with my dog and cats. God bless us every one.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Stilt, I hope you survive your Thanksgiving with your sense of humor intact and I hope you can share the doings of the day with us. I'm sure it will be interesting. I personally expect to indulge in the traditional Thanksgiving peanut butter and jelly sandwich with all the trimmings. I usually cook a turkey but this year I just don't feel like it, so it's Plan B for me.

I'm sure the new book will be a very fun read, too. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Let us know when the book comes out.
Hope you are surrounded by love this Thanksgiving.
RE: The politics. "Curiouser and Curiouser. "

DougM said...

I hope the new book has pictures.
As I get on in years, my 'tl' in tl;dr is getting shorter.

Bobo the Hobo said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and daughter J, Stilt.

Anonymous said...

While in my particular case I would not recommend spending Thanksgiving with family (the police are busy enough, so why clog up the courts, right,) there are those who suggest "doing" holidays with a group.

I tried spending a past Thanksgiving with my bartender, but he just wanted to watch the football game. I hope your week goes better.

Thoughts and prayers for you and Daughter J, young man. Thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Stilt, all the best!
Always enjoy your posts

Bruce Bleu said...

in June of 2020 I went to a cardiothoracic surgeon who said, when he entered the examination room, "You can take that stupid thing (mask) off, if you'd like". When I went in for a follow up visit I was still required by the hospital (and a butt-pilot Governor) to wear a mask, so before the Doc came in I put it on the crown of my head and referred to it as my "Yarmaska"!
I told the Doc, "I'd tell you a covid joke, but there's a 98.7% chance you won't get it", which made me his new best friend!

Anonymous said...

Good summation of what is going in in politics USA. I still can't figure out with the years of investigation into Trump's dealings by people who were committed to 'get him', what new revelations will be found this time.

Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Stilton. I hope the holiday is peaceful, with good food and great company at the table.

Anonymous said...

Every day is a skool day; I hadn't realised that there were any ladies on 'The View'.

Happy Thanksgiving Stilt.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

@Bruce: You win the comments so far. :D I'll have to remember the 98.7% joke... ;-)

Snark said...

The problem with politics these days is that it's all so political. The dhimicrats can't take a joke and the republicans are one.

I hope this Thanksgiving is a joyous (or at least a peacefully entertaining) celebration for you, Stilt and daughter J, as well as the rest of this cast of characters who frequent here.

Be well, everyone.

Anonymous said...

Stilt, as hard as this Thanksgiving will be, celebrate all that your lives have been with her. We are here for such a short time and many don't have the special ones in their lives.

Buck said...

Slilt, Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy time with Family and friends, and don't let the bastards get you down. Remember, when in doubt, single malt your way thru it all!

Keep Moving!

Semper Fidelis, Buck

Patrick said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Cousin!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Thanks for the good thoughts and Thanksgiving wishes!

@DougM- The book is mostly pictures with just a tiny but tasty bit of text. I can't promise it will set the bestseller lists ablaze, but I can promise that no one will think it's "too long."

@Bruce Bleu- I dislike wearing a mask (and mask mandates) but I'm personally sticking with my N95s for now as I continue to follow the actual science (which has no relation to what the propaganda machines churn out). Over-cautious? Quite likely, but I sure know a lot of people who got ass-kicked by the Fauci/Wuhan lab leak.

@Buck- Oddly, it's now been a long time since I've had single malt, Clan MacGregor, or any other hard liquor. Just a weird side-effect of my circumstances.

JohnF said...

Keep daughter J close throughout the holidays, you will need her, and vice versa. It's a very good time to strengthen your bond. We did the 1st thanksgiving dinner at home at it was a monumentally bad idea, hopefully with in-laws is better. This year we decided to toss tradition and are making spaghetti! But keeping pumpkin pie for dessert!

Happy Thanksgiving!

TrickyRicky said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here at Stilton's Place!

It is difficult to celebrate the holidays when one compares them to memories of holidays past, when our families were so much larger, with parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles still in our lives.

As one or more already commented above, celebrate now to honor those with whom we have celebrated so many times before.

Mesquite Country said...

Blessings of good memories to you and Daughter J, Stilton. This time of year seems harder than any other season. But we can make new memories each day. Let us look forward to loving others.

Phil said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, Stilton. You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wayne in Indiana

Dan said...

Have a good Thanksgiving, Stilt & Daughter J, and all your relatives, and all those peeking in here. God bless you and yours.

Oh -- if there's a lot of pictures, will that make your book a graphic novel?

Anonymous said...


ringgo1 said...

We tried having a penguin instead of a turkey one Thanksgiving. 'Tasted kinda fishy, so we never did THAT again. This Thanksgiving, it looks like just me and my pit bull, "Punky". Ruff!

John the Econ said...

Ah, the Democratic Party, the party of youth and vitality!

Pelosi steps down: Hardly a surprise. After being top dog, it's not much fun being demoted. Add the fact that she's about as popular as dog s*** on the bottom of your shoe. Without near-absolute power in the house, she's not worth much.

FTX: FTX is going to (or should) replace Enron as the standard-bearer for corporate malfeasance and regulatory capture corruption. Except it probably won't since it was almost exclusively Democrats who benefited from their relation with wunderkind SBF.

Early next year, I'd like to see the new GOP house majority conduct some hearings on the FTX/Ukraine/Democrat funding loop. Won't be holding my breath.

Also it should be noted that wunderkind SBF was the proponent of a new popular Progressive notion called "effective altruism", where it was his stated goal to give most of his money away. This is the logical progression of the kind of Progressivism that arose in the wake of the Clinton administration, where it suddenly became okay to be a fabulously wealthy Progressive as long as you spouted politically correct rhetoric. Of course, it's all total BS, as SBF clearly stated last week. If anything should put a final nail in the ESG coffin, the fall of FTX (which had a very high ESG score) should do it.

Also consider that SBF's parents are two Progressive Professors at Stanford. It raises the question of what kind of sociopaths Progressivism is creating for the world. These kids are stupid, they all know that ESG, "effective altruism" and most of the other Progressive shibboleths are complete BS, and are acting accordingly with self-righteous abandon.

Thanks Merrick Garland for confirming what we all already knew: The prosecution of Trump was and is entirely political. So he's proceeding with his case now because Trump has declared he's going to run in '24? If Trump is a criminal, why didn't you proceed before? That he's running again has no bearing on whether he's innocent or guilty, right? Or does the government now only prosecute people who are a threat to Democrats?

The holidays: I am so sorry, @Stilton, for what you're now facing. All I can say is that you will need to re-invent what the holidays are for you. Mrs. Econ & I were talking about this yesterday, about how our holidays have evolved over the decades as cherished old traditions and routines die out as families age and evolve, and how we've had re-invent what we did multiple times. Don't struggle to re-create the past. You can't. Try to look to the future and create new traditions and memories.

Find a new Happy Thanksgiving.

M. Mitchell Marmel said...

Have some classic Thanksgiving cheer from Stan "The Man" Freberg! :D

(includes "Take An Indian To Lunch", "The First Thanksgiving" and, as a bonus, "Top Hat, White Feather and Tails"!)

Shelly said...

I am truly confused by the Department of (In)Justice's latest investigation of Trump. All of the other investigations before, that were desperately looking for a crime, turned up zilch. Isn't investigating for a crime illegal? Meanwhile, they choose to not investigate the multitudinous crimes of the Clintons. This is why I hate leftists.

I hope you and your daughter can enjoy the holidays. I know it is tough. But you still have your wonderful memories of Kathy. I hope they sustain you.

jayjay said...

Wishing you and daughter J all the blessings of a Happy Thanksgiving.
Enjoy re-connecting with family and making new memories. I am sure that your dear Kathy will be with you in spirit.

Paul Donohue said...

Good afternoon, Stilt.

Just checking in to let you know how much I appreciate your posts. I'm looking forward to the new book.

Hopefully Thanksgiving will be a day for you and Daughter J. to be thankful for each other and for the years that you were privileged to be with Kathy. I'll be with Annie, celebrating our final Thanksgiving.

I've kind of decided to ignore politics as much as I can. Let's see how that works out.

At any rate, I'm too exhausted lately to summon up any pithy comments or appropriate comedy.

Still praying for you.

Sharon D. said...

I think you read my mind. Not a very happy Thanksgiving this year. Just getting too old for the games people in the family play because they have panic attacks. Oh well, I hope it is a Wonderful Thanksgiving for the majority of people. I guess we all have to put on our big boy/girl panties and smile and get through it.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Paul Donohue- Good to hear from you and I promise I think of you every day. I'm galloping as fast as I can go on the book project and just clicked a button on Amazon to order a proof copy to look at. There's still a tiny bit of writing left to do, but I figured that I can do that when the proof is on the way then update the files on Amazon. If you give me a mailing address (here or at Stilton (at) Cutcheese (dot) com) I'll make sure a copy is winging its way to you the instant it's available! For now, please accept my wishes for the best possible Thanksgiving you can have, my friend.

John25mm said...

As to the hammer wielder in Ca I'm wondering if Hillary is going to stand behind her commitment to her customers "Guaranteed death or the next ones free."

As to the N95s I have no problem if it's your choice and not mandated. For all I know you have some issues that no one else knows about and that little bit of protection might help or at least give you comfort. If nothing else, you can stick your tongue out at people without them noticing it.

Concerning "traditions" I recently heard they were nothing more than peer pressure from dead people. I told that to one of my Rectors at church and I thought he was going to lose it laughing. He immediately pulled out his tablet and put it in for his next sermon.

Stilt my prayers for you and daughter J to have peace and happy memories both during the holidays and in the future of all the happy times y'all shared.

One last request to one and all please say a Prayer of Thanksgiving for the first responders and service members out there that won't be able to share this day with their families and that they may stay safe during their shift/duty.

Thanksgiving Blessings to one and all.


Velveeta Processed Cheese Food said...

Stilt, I'm glad you are going to see some long lost family on Turkey Day. That's what it's really all about.
I was looking at spending TDay alone, but got an invite from my baby sister (who somehow has 10 grandkids). She had been trying to reach me, and I had been trying to reach her on another matter, but for some unknown reason our cell phones won't talk to each other and land lines went out with Disco. It's a hundred mile drive each way, but I need to get out in the country anyway. Oddly the weather has been glorious and will remain so, after an unseasonable cold snap. And I'll camp at their place TDAY night so I don't have to both legs in one day. There'll be some little kids there, which is always the best part.
I'm thankful for an unexpected gift today, a giant pile of enormous mulberry logs dumped in front of my house. I'm looking at a good supply of fire wood (I heat with wood) two winters hence, and wacking it up will get me off my fat butt and some needed exercise.

Colby Muenster said...

Late to the party as usual, Stilton... but glad to hear you are getting on with your life despite the many setbacks and aggravations.

I have many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving:

1) We had dinner at my (conservative) daughter's house, and my lefty (or so I thought) son and family were there. All seven grandkids too. It was a very pleasant day with very little political conversatin' other than my son shocking the crap out of me by bashing Slow Joe and declaring, "At least Trump had our economy strong!" Maybe there's hope for him!

2) Nasty Pelosi is soon to be a goner! Nadler, Omar and Shiff will no longer be on committees. I know there will be a mad lame duck scramble until January, but hopefully it will mostly backfire. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

3) I think I finally got used to the sun going down mid afternoon.

4) Elon Musk continues making libtard heads explode.

Now I'm praying (but simultaneously not holding my breath) that the House Repubs don't turn all squishy like they usually do, and actually launch some investigations into "Crack Pipe" Biden, the FBI, the Dept. of "Justice," voter fraud along with Soros backed voting machines, FTX's links to the DNC, and hopefully everybody on the asinine "January 6" Committee, that is doing absolutely nothing but trying to get Trump.